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Yemeni army takes back control of government offices and facilities in Zinjibar



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Yemeni armed forces have "dealt a heavy blow to al-Qaeda" in Zinjibar, re-taking control of a number of government offices and facilities, AFP reported Yemen's Interior Ministry as saying Tuesday (April 24th) in a statement.

According to the Interior Ministry, at least 52 suspected terrorists have been killed in Abyan and Shabwa provinces in the last two days in clashes between the armed forces and militants.

The Yemeni Defence Ministry's also reported that "the full cleansing of Zinjibar of these criminal elements has become a matter of time".



    شاهر جابر


    The Yemeni government must cooperate with the Yemeni tribal leaders in their war against these deviant movements. They should enlighten their youth not to join the ranks of these destructive groups to weaken them and help Yemen in getting rid of the terrorists soon. Finally, I ask God to save the Yemenis from these crimes soon and to protect Yemen from all evils.

  • هيثم


    There is a kind of terrorism that is called “terrorism, the tendency of the lower human,” when a number of people exercise their influence with their financial capital and those in positions of power, and practice terrorism against society according to the whims of personal evil stemming from the ego and love of self, and the instinct to acquire others and vent a hateful and diseased nature, by the bloody spread of terror in the hearts of innocent people, through intimidation and malicious accusations and the preparation of fake and false lawsuits for imposing the will of the exception, and gagged purposes or for the purposes of political assassination or political rivalries.