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Six gunmen accused of carrying out terrorist operations arrested in Basra



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Iraqi security forces arrested six individuals wanted by the Iraqi judiciary for their involvement in various violent acts, Iraqi police in Basra province said Saturday (April 21st).

Security forces raided a number of suspected houses south and west of Basra and arrested the individuals, a statement issued by the Iraqi police and obtained by Al-Shorfa said. The men were wanted because they joined armed groups that violate laws and undermine the public order.

The operation also led to the seizure of various light weapons and a quantity of explosives -- weighing about 400 kilogrammes -- according to the statement.



    يعقوب محمد


    It is very important to eliminate all these ideas of terrorism that incite violence, crime, ugliness, cruelty brutality, hatred and distortion to the image of the Islamic religion. That is the only means through which the terrorist elements deployed all their ideas. Therefore, it is very necessary for the clergy to do their duty towards all the Islamic and Arab nations in order to eliminate and get rid of all these terrorist ideas, and to confront and combat terrorist ideology through the media, which plays an important and a very large role in the lives of the citizens, as well as many other aspects that have an impact on human thoughts, which confront the terrorist ideology because it does not have the meaning of humanity, compassion, conscience, or noble and honorable morality. Thus, the terrorist ideology is totally unacceptable and must be fought, by all means and methods available to everyone so a great tragedy does not happen, as the consequences will be very serious.