Clashes between al-Qaeda and Yemeni army leave 20 dead



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Clashes between al-Qaeda militants and the Yemeni army on the outskirts of Zinjibar left 20 people dead, mostly militants, as soldiers advanced towards the city, AFP reported Friday (April 20th).

"Eighteen al-Qaeda militants were killed and dozens wounded while the rest fled" the clashes that broke out late Thursday, the ministry's website said.

Two soldiers were also killed while seven others were wounded, the website said.

Yemeni troops have been trying to retake Zinjibar, which is controlled by al-Qaeda-affiliated Ansar al-Sharia, since May 2011. The latest advance was a "major advance […] driving out the terrorist al-Qaeda elements from several positions they held", the ministry said.



    لقمان حسين


    We observed a while ago, during the rule of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, especially during the uprising, a remarkable amount of al-Qaeda activity there. Also, we have seen him coming out boasting that the army and its special teams were able to kill the al-Qaeda leader in Yemen. Believe me; no one knows the reality, especially those who do not have some of the strings. Only those who have some of the strings in anything are the ones who can discern the truth by using these strings. Other than that, all are speculations and attempts to extrapolate and understand what is happening. It is known that al-Qaeda’s activity in Yemen has increased in alarming and controversial ways, and in the past few months, the killing and targeting has increased in almost all parts of Yemen. So, targeting is no longer restricted to specific institutions such as the army or police, but extends to include all in Yemen. In the last weeks and months, we are used to hearing the news of the targeting of a school in Yemen, a suicide bombing in a certain place, the targeting a military base here, and the targeting of civilians there. All people have become a target; the murder and its consequences has become a daily tax paid by the Yemeni people. You ask me what would happen if the al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen are eliminated: will the murder, which happens every day, be reduced and cease to exist or what? The answer is real and convincing. No one knows, but the almost logical answer that can be discerned is that murder will probably be reduced in Yemen. When you cut off the head, the body dies and maybe also, when you cut the head, the body would erupt and flop to the right and left, declaring its anger or declaring the word of its last breath after which it naturally rests fully and calms down.