Seven suspected al-Qaeda members arrested in Ninawa



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Seven suspected al-Qaeda members were arrested during a security operation carried in eastern Mosul, Iraqi police in Ninawa province said Monday (April 16th).

Ninawa police spokesperson Col. Khalid al-Hamdani said in a press conference that "a joint army-police force carried out a raid and search operation Monday morning in al-Sahel al-Aysar, in eastern Mosul, and arrested seven terrorist suspects".

Al-Hamdani said the detainees include "a prominent al-Qaeda member".

He said that during the operation, the force found a weapons cache containing four improvised explosive devices, one 82-mm mortar and 20 kilogrammes of C4 explosive.





    After the successive losses sustained by al-Qaeda on the ground of Afghanistan and Iraq, the attention of the members of al-Qaeda and its leaders have been directed towards the change at the center of al-Qaeda and have chosen another land to implement the schemes of terrorism in it after failing in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have chosen Yemen for its rugged territories and the nature of its complex geography overlooking the sea to make their escape by sea and send and receive combatants and weapons to and from Yemen. They also moved to Yemen because they thought that there is a tribal community which is easy to penetrate and shred through the dissemination of differential ideas among the people and inciting them against their national government, thus damaging the natural reality experienced by Yemen, and because there are armed groups known as the Houthi, who are originally another face of terrorism. However, they derive from al-Qaeda and those who funded it as well as their potential and their full support. Therefore, the terrorist leaders went to Yemen in order to breach the security and destroy the interests of the Yemeni people, and make Yemen a riven country lacking security because al-Qaeda and its supporters do not want any of the people to live in peace and security. However, the courage shown by the Yemeni Government, when they felt the threat of terrorism and declared war on the terrorist al-Qaeda and all the other criminal gangs on the territory of Yemen, made al-Qaeda’s leaders and all its elements personnel disappointed and defeated because they found a strong government and a cohesive people that stood up with their government in order to reduce the threat of terrorism and its elements, which contributed to the killing and the capture of many elements of al-Qaeda as well as its leaders on the Yemeni territory, thus making the terrorists live in the most difficult conditions because there is no country that accepts that its land would be affected by the terrorists and their criminal acts against humanity without mercy.

  • خالد


    What al-Qaeda has done since its arrival in Iraq are criminal matters and attacks against the innocent people. They are their victims and this scenario has become clear and open. They do not know the meaning of the word Jihad and they do not know what the Islamic teachings are. They know only one thing, which is they should target the largest possible number of civilians and innocent people. This is what Iraq has lived with for nine years, since the fall of the previous regime until today. Iraq suffers and has provided millions of martyrs in the most heinous crimes that could be mentioned in history. The reason is this terrorist infidel organization is located on the land of our beloved home country. These attacks that they carried out are done in order to try to control Iraq and make it a source of pressure in order to give them the country and abandon it. The issue of Iraq would be in their hands, but in spite of everything and all the sacrifices made by the people of Iraq, the whole people rejected this idea and the principle of control by force. They went to the ballot and held elections, and supported the political process in the country in order to succeed and become stronger with the passage of time and support the simple poor Iraqi citizens. I think that the government today is strong and able to hunt down any organization or anyone who supports this organization doing those crimes. For this reason, the people have played the role expected of them. Today, it is the role of the government, in order to protect the people and keep them away from the problems, differences and directions, to only protect themselves and their interests. They must prevent al-Qaeda from committing further crimes and punish everyone who has worked with this organization and killed the Iraqis. They must follow their every movement and arrest them. Enough of the bloody days, booby traps and explosions. We want a stable life in the country.