Egypt court halts constitution-drafting panel



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Egypt's administrative court ruled Tuesday (April 10th) to suspend the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly tasked with drafting the country's new constitution, AFP reported.

The court said that the ruling has immediate effect even if challenged before the High Administrative Court.

The court did not explain the reasons for the move, but lawyers and liberal political parties had filed a complaint accusing the Islamist-majority parliament, which formed the panel, of having abused its powers.

The 100-member panel, which is evenly divided between parliamentarians and public figures, was elected by the parliament. But most of its members are from the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist fundamentalists who hold the majority in both houses of parliament.



    غسان عبد العزيز


    Humans must be respected and appreciated and all who work to create the Egyptian constitution must learn a lesson from what happened to the former regime and how the people rejected its existence as a result of injustice, oppression, abuse, tyranny, dictatorship and enforcement of the unjust and cruel law on a lot of people. Everyone's respect and appreciation contributes to the success of the government regardless of their identity, whether Muslim or secular. The importance of all of this is to get the solutions that will satisfy all the Egyptian people and not be unfair to anyone. The Egyptian people must recognize the reality of the situation in which they lived previously and not get themselves back to the old time, and tolerance is the basis of what happens and it is very necessary to cooperate with the government in order to facilitate a lot of things, which are considered very tough and not easy in decision-making, because the efforts should not only be on the part of the government, but cooperation is also required from everyone and rejection is very easy, but acceptance of the idea of tolerance and cooperation must be done in dealings in order to move forward smoothly, easily and healthily and without any problems or difficulties which may get everyone into trouble, God forbid. Therefore, everyone should realize the difficulty of the matter and it is not something easy and no one could solve the matter alone, that’s why I must emphasize the cooperation of everyone and this will be determining the future of Egypt, whether it holds good for all or will be worse than the past, and this is what we do not want because we all wish the best for the State of Egypt, which have long witnessed the beauty and kindness of its people and their generosity. Egypt is one of the most beautiful Arab countries that everyone likes and many want to visit now, but we hope that it calms down and the situation stabilizes and that there is one system that everyone will follow with great satisfaction, tolerance, love and devotion.

  • عاصم مجيد


    I do not like the current situation in Egypt because it is worrisome and dubious. That is because those who will lose in the elections will take measures against the winner and this endless dispute will destroy Egypt. I want to say to the Egyptian people that what happened is enough and you must focus on building your country and getting a better chance to enjoy the riches and blessings of your country. The winner in the elections must think about the people and their cares. He must also be preoccupied with the future of the Egyptians and nothing else. When this happens, we will achieve development and move forward. The Egyptian youth will not give a chance to anyone to do whatever he wants in Egypt; rather, they will work on building a new powerful and thriving Egypt.

  • أيلاف سعيد


    The current situation in Egypt is worrisome and the citizens do not understand what is going on. However, we do not know to whom we should speak. Each party works in its own away from other parties. The current Egyptian government is temporary and we are still trying to define the party that truly won the elections. Egypt is suffered much and it should restore its normal activities again to move forward. I see that it is the duty of the Egyptian people to do their best in order to save Egypt from the current bad conditions. I also see that the current Egyptian government must support the people in every possible way so that things go well. The people need an honorable and good life, because they do not want to see the suffering that they faced under the rule of Mubarak again. The coming presidential elections in Egypt are very important and they should be organized well because the Egyptian citizens in general and the poor Egyptians in particular still suffer from the pains and the disasters. Hence, there must be a solution.