At least 133 killed in fighting between al-Qaeda and Yemeni army



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At least 133 people have been killed in two days of deadly battles between Yemeni security forces and al-Qaeda militants, AFP reported Tuesday (April 10th).

The toll, which was confirmed by tribal sources, comprises 102 al-Qaeda militants -- among them 12 Somalis and many Saudis -- 14 soldiers, and eight tribesmen fighting alongside the army, according to AFP.

An attack launched by al-Qaeda militants on Tuesday at dawn killed nine soldiers and wounded eight others.

The attack took place after dawn prayers on a makeshift military post in a desert area on a road between Marib and Hadramout provinces.

Meanwhile, in clashes Monday between al-Qaeda and the Yemeni army in the city of Loder, Abyan province, at least 78 people were killed. By Tuesday, al-Qaeda had surrounded the area in preparation for complete takeover of the town, AFP reported.

The fighting in Loder followed airstrikes Monday that killed 24 suspected al-Qaeda militants.



    نسرين عياض


    I call on the Yemeni to get committed in the response to the terrorists. They should not let them operate freely in their country. In fact, the terrorists have weakened significantly. They are no longer strong as they receive less and less support. Indeed, many parties had let them down. Therefore, the Yemeni tribes are supposed to show more determination in supporting righteousness. Yemen must restore its past position and make more progress. The situation in this country has deteriorated significantly. In fact, Yemen is in dire need for financial support in order to enhance investment and restore the achievements destroyed by the terrorists. Besides, the Yemeni people should lead better lives.

  • قتيبة هياد


    It is thought that the recent armed events in Yemen have totally destroyed the country. Therefore, the current government is supposed to strive in order to enhance investment which could develop Yemen, set the Yemeni economy on its feet again, restore its past position, and help it make progress. Thus, I call on the Yemenis to contribute to the reconstruction of their country, to enjoy their lives and to live in peace and safety. They should bear in mind that the rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh is over and the situation has changed. In fact, change is inevitable. I supplicate Allah to grant them success and well-being for they have suffered so much. Indeed, the number of paupers has increased in an incredible way. The Yemenis need to live in much better conditions.

  • أسماء


    The Yemenis have to think about the future in order to improve the conditions of their state. The government must lead them towards this purpose. We need to think much about the events in Yemen and the temporary government must do its best to ensure that employees will return to their workplaces and that the students return to their schools in order to restore the educational process in Yemen to its normal pace. We should also never ignore the problem of terrorism and the terrorists who control many important locations in Yemen and there are areas that came under their full control with regret. However, we will seek God’s support and retrieve these areas from them no matter what it takes, because the Yemeni tribes are determined to make Yemen an important state and expel all terrorists from its lands because we do not wish to see corruption dominating Yemen. The terrorists want Yemen to be one of their strongholds to use in their cowardly and stupid acts. However, the Yemeni people will never give them this chance, and Yemen will never turn back no matter what happens. I see that the Yemeni tribes should be armed in a stronger way and I encourage them, given their good services to their beloved country. They are strong, by God’s permission and they will defeat the terrorists, God willing. O God! Protect Yemen and the Arab states from all evils and the dirty terrorist acts that are carried out by al-Qaeda. Amen.

  • رجاء النقاش


    Yemen suffered much pains and worries and is currently experiencing very difficult conditions. We have to think about this issue and I see that the situation in Yemen is not good because as long as the terrorists work what they want there; Yemen will not witness any stability or progress as to the economy and construction. There will be no progress or parietal stability whatsoever and the current conditions of the country provide the best evidence of this view.

  • صبحي عبد النور


    I want all people to realize that Al-Qaeda is retarded and do not know what to do. All they want is to commit some crimes and we have to confront it through adherence to our religion, which will be stronger than Al-Qaeda. The Arabs must use the weapon of knowledge and science in addition to heavy arms to confront the crimes of Al-Qaeda because we cannot remain silent in the face of these crimes anymore