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At least 38 killed in violence in Syria



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At least 38 people, half of them civilians, were killed on Thursday (April 5th) as violence continued across Syria, AFP reported.

Shelling in the town of Rastan in Homs province killed four civilians, including two children, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Eight members of Syrian government forces were killed and dozens wounded in fighting in Hom. Additionally, four civilians were killed there by Shabiha (thugs), or armed regime forces.

In Kfar Sousa, a neighbourhood of Damascus, two young men were killed by security forces.

At least eight civilians and six government forces were killed in Idlib, and five soldiers were killed in two separate attacks in Deraa.

Syrian army helicopters also shelled the towns of Andan, Haritan, Hayyan and Atarib in Rif Aleppo after shutting off communications in the area.

The bombardment has caused a wave of displacement in most cities and villages in the area, Al-Jazeera reported.

Activists also spoke about a major security alert in Bab, a city in Rif Aleppo, amid news about defections and clashes at a military training school.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government claimed Thursday that it has partially withdrawn troops from Idlib, Zabadani and Deraa, but UN-Arab League special envoy to Syria Kofi Annan said "alarming" casualties are still being reported despite this claim.



    نامق الركابي


    O God! Make all what is happening to the people of Syria purification for them from all sins. O God! You do not accept injustice, as You are the Just. O God! destroy Bashar and his supporters and eliminate them. O God! disgrace those criminals in this world and hereafter. The Syrian people demand their rights but none of the Arab states supported them. they all remained silent in the face of the oppression of Bashar. The Syrian people remained alone face to face with the tankers and military machines that annihilate everything. the brave Syrian people are being shelled everyday as if they are not humans or as if they are in real war against their people, despite the fact that they belong to the same people and land and they have the same blood. O God! protect the Syrians from all evils and blind all the soldiers of Bashar who want to harm the Syrian people. O God! have mercy upon their martyrs and strengthen them. O God! provide them with the patience and endurance. Our last call is All praise be to Allah.

  • عياض العمري


    The Yemeni street is witnessing great anger and worsening, after the Karam Al Zaytoun massacre at Homs that was carried out by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, as well as the gangs affiliated to it that claimed the lives of about 85 martyrs of women, children and elderly, amid the international indifference and protection from the largest countries that are permanent members in the international security council. Revolutionary elements in the strike arenas have condemned the acts that are practiced by Bashar Al-Assad’s forces and gangs against the isolated civilians in several Syrian regions and cities and the excessive use of military force without paying attention to the Syrian human rights.

  • مهيمن عبد النور


    I have not seen in my lifetime an army killing its people in this horrible way, killing the women, the children, the youth and the elderly and burning the houses and slaughtering the people in the streets. Where have your minds gone, O Syrian army soldiers? These are your people. I swear by God that you will not be safe from the punishment of the Syrian people, no matter how long it takes.