Three suspected al-Qaeda members arrested in central Mosul



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Three suspected al-Qaeda members were arrested in a raid on a building in central Mosul, Ninawa military command said Thursday (March 1st).

"An Iraqi army force, supported by police, raided the industrial district in central Mosul after receiving information about terrorist activities there," Ninawa military command spokesperson Lt. Col. Abdul Rahim al-Atwani told Al-Shorfa.

The Iraqi army and police forces found three wanted gunmen "with a car bomb set for detonation in their possession," he said.

Al-Atwani confirmed that the car bomb was dismantled by a specialized technical unit and that the three detainees were transferred to a temporary detention facility pending their referral to the Iraqi judiciary.

"One of the detainees armed car and motorcycle bombs in the province," he said.



    سمير علي


    Arresting these leaders of al-Qaeda will frighten them a great deal, and it will certainly make them very weak. We want these efforts by the police and the army to continue, to detain more suspects. Whenever there are more detainees, there will be more tension among those terrorists, and that is what we seek, to frighten them, as they did to us. May God help us against those who were unfair to Iraq, and who spread killing, destruction and bombing in the streets of Iraq and its cities without mercy. It is dirty terrorism; those leaders must be judged without mercy, and there must be a severe punishment for them. I hate terrorism in every way and I hope a terrorist government will deal with them without mercy and with no compassion, just as they didn't have mercy on any one of the Iraqi people, whether a child or an old man. In conclusion, the Iraqi people suffered a lot of pain and bloodshed and lost loved ones. It is the time now for the punishment to be announced in front of all the people. We will never be satisfied with arresting them; we want to see them hanged in the square in Mosul, and we want them to stay in front of us, so we can see them as long as possible, as they separated us from our loved ones. Which one of us didn't lose one of his loved ones? I bet that every family in Baghdad, as well as in Mosul, Anbar, Najaf and every place in Iraq, was affected by this terrorism, and we must have the right to get even with them. What we want is revenge, even if those leaders didn't do anything themselves; they helped and planned, and their hearts were full of grudge and hatred for the Iraqi people.

  • فارس


    I would like to bless the Iraqi security forces, which are doing their job as accurately as possible and following-up and doing what is necessary in order to impose security, stability and tranquility in the region, and making safety, security and rest prevail after everything that the Iraqi people experienced, especially in Mosul. The security forces in Iraq have a lot of victories against the terrorists in Mosul. They are great and very efficient and are performing their duty as required of them, and they have proved that they are trustworthy in carrying the heavy burden. They are the brave and honorable people of Iraq who have served their country honorably, faithfully and impartially, and they have thwarted a lot of attempts made by terrorist groups. These include malicious terrorist operations and working on depriving the rights of people, causing the shedding of much innocent blood, and also doing the bombings and trapping, kidnappings, assassinations, torture, slaughter and suicide bombings. Iraq needs a lot of these security forces, and it needs them to be the hand that is working on hitting the cowardly terrorist groups that promote the spread of terrorism, sabotage, tampering and destruction. They need to be pursued everywhere, and we need to get rid of them by arresting them, capturing them and bringing them to justice in order for them to get their real and fair punishment, so that the Iraqi people can finally live in freedom and peace, stability and security, God willing. This is the hope of every honorable Iraqi citizen who wants the best for his country, and who wants Iraq to be free from any violence, crime and terrorism. We offer our thanks again to the Iraqi security forces in Mosul for the efforts they have made and what they have provided for the people of the province.

  • ايهاب العبيدي


    We are confident in you that you will destroy terrorism in Mosul completely. We praise God for his victory and we thank God for your safety, O valiant men, O heroes of Iraq. May God have mercy on the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the safety of security and stability in Mosul, and may God have compassion for them and patience and solace to their families. God bless you and I congratulate you on this feat, which encouraged the issuance of all the Iraqi people.