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Yemeni forces on the lookout for three car bombs

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The Yemeni Ministry of Interior disclosed Wednesday (February 29th) the threat of possible terrorist operations by al-Qaeda in several Yemeni cities where the government is battling the organisation's presence, the Yemen Post reported.

Al-Qaeda members kidnapped Ahmed Jaafal, a Yemeni general, in Abyan Wednesday after ambushing his convoy, according to the Yemen Post.

The Interior Ministry said on its website that its forces "are tracking three car bombs that were supposed to target government departments in Sanaa, like the suicide operation that targeted the presidential palace Saturday in al-Mukalla, where scores of republican guards were killed".

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the bombing on Thursday, according to AFP.

The ministry said it circulated the descriptions of suspicious vehicles to various security checkpoints. Officials said they asked security departments in provinces to be on the alert, tighten measures at vital facilities, and take appropriate actions to fend off any possible terrorist threat.

Security agencies urged citizens to report any "suspicious terrorist elements and suspicious vehicles, and to provide any information on terrorist activities that pose a threat to Yemen's security and stability".