UAE Red Crescent provides aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan



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Red Crescent convoys continue to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Jordanian provinces, Jordan's al-Dostur reported Thursday (March 1st).

According to the newspaper, UAE Red Crescent is conducting several humanitarian missions for Syrian refugees under an agreement with the Jordanian Red Crescent.

The two sides recently agreed to provide humanitarian aid following a field survey that a UAE delegation conducted on the border areas where displaced Syrians were residing to review the conditions under which they were living.

The UAE organisation developed a plan that would include access to all areas wherever displaced Syrians are residing in coordination with its humanitarian partners in Jordan and the UAE embassy in Amman.



    ابو ياسر الحمصي


    Do you know my dear sir that the hospital which the UAE built for Syrians are serving the Jordanians more than Syrians. 35% of patients are from Syria and 65% from Jordan. Until now, it is not my turn to receive treatment due to crowdedness.

  • خليل ابراهيم


    I say to you Arabs for the thousandth time, Al Assad will not be brought down and I say to the Syrian people to fear God. You have destroyed Syria. A few months ago, we envied you on the safe life that you enjoy. What have you done other than bringing destruction? Do you think even if al-Assad dropped according to your dreams that you will gain freedom? They are ready for you. The Salafists and other communities will demand independence and some will demand a State. Wake up before it is too late. Allah is nicer towards the nation of your prophet. There is no power but with God.

  • بشير


    I want every Syrian, who up to now defends Bashar, except for those who have benefited from his presence like his groups and his remnants, to go back to their consciousness. You should know that Bashar is an enemy and not a friend, oppressive and not oppressed, stupid and not clever, a criminal and not an innocent, ignorant and not educated, loyal to his community and not to the nation, malignant and not good, governed by his family, and I see him as a traitor governor rather than a national. I ask you, did you not see the scenes of dead bodies and destruction in my country Homs? Did it move you? I am from Aleppo. What is the value of living if the relatives are killed, the children and men are crying, and the women humiliated? It is you who helped the offenders kill people because you did not say to them to stop oppressing your people and fear God.