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Free Syrian Army 'tactically' withdraws from Baba Amr



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Syrian forces overran the Baba Amr district of Homs on Thursday after rebels retreated, AFP reported.

As Free Syrian Army fighters pulled back, the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) warned of a "massacre" in the neighbourhood by Syrian forces, while aid agencies said they would try to deliver aid and evacuate the wounded as early as Friday.

According to Col. Riyad al-Asaad of the Free Syrian Army, the army deserters had pulled out "tactically" from Baba Amr after nearly two days of an all-out assault by the Fourth Armoured Division, led by a younger brother of President Bashar Assad, Maher, following 27 straight days of shelling.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 21 people were killed in Homs on Thursday, including 17 civilians caught up in the battle for control of Baba Amr.

In total, 39 people, including eight Syrian army loyalists and seven deserters, were killed in violence across Syria on Thursday, the Observatory said.



    شهلة محمد


    The fierce campaign carried out by the treacherous gangs still exist in Zamalka and the cities surrounding it, in terms of setting up blockades that cut the town apart and the accurate inspection of it, along with the spreading out and roaming of the tanks. This is accompanied by the thugs and the elements of treachery and the snipers climbing on the roofs of the high buildings, as well as occupying some buildings and houses and converting them into military barracks. The arrests and attacks are still continuing till now, along with the barbaric breaking into the houses and stealing what is in them, and kidnapping the youth brutally with assault and torture. All kinds of communications are cut in the town, along with the electricity being cut for long periods. The behavior of the thug army proves its failure and revenge. Here, I will mention a simple practical example: when a group of youth plays the “blackjack” game, or “Al-shedda” in the dialect of Homs, and in a way where each one of them is challenging the other, i.e. the revolutionists’ team and the thugs’ team, and one team continuously loses, at the end of the game or before the end you find it tearing the papers "because of the severity of its hatred, failure and desire to take revenge that will not change anything about the reality of its loss in front of the enemy,” and trying to break everything in front of it. This situation applies to the state of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and his mercenaries, who lost and are still losing, and they cannot do anything but to sabotage, destroy and take revenge, but this will not benefit them in any way.

  • أمل سعاد


    Syria will not fall into the hands of the traitors and whoever wants evil to spread in Syria, God will judge him. Syria is an objective state and will not associate with the Zionist enemy. Syria supported the opposition forces such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and defended the dignity of the Arabs and Muslims. When did the U.S. want what is good for us? You resorted to the Council of the injustice that had eradicated the Arabs since 1948. As for the defection of the so-called free army, it is just mutiny pouring oil on the fire. Which opposition are you speaking of? Is it about selling Syria to the Americans and offering credentials and satisfying Israel and America? You want something bad to be done to Syria and I swear that Algeria has not received support. The Syrian Revolution is taking its last breath after starting the process of "military decision". Unfortunately, all of the regret is for the civilian Syrians. “And Allah puts forward the example of a township (Makkah) that dwelt secure and well content. Its provisions coming to it in abundance from every place, but its people denied the Favours of Allah with ungratefulness. So Allah made it taste the extreme hunger (famine) and fear because of evil (i.e. denying Prophet Muhammad SAW), which its people used to do.” I advise those who will remain with the Syrians to obey the ruler even if you consider him unjust because Allah and His Messenger recommended that in order to avoid sedition. Do not disobey Allah and His Messenger. Do not indulge in sedition or cause corruption on earth and I advise you to read the Quran. May peace be upon you.

  • مها سمير


    Are you not satisfied with the killing, Bashar? Is your mother Anissa Makhlouf not satisfied with the theft? This is the chair in which your mother wants you to sit on and massacre like what your dead father did in Hama. Which patriotism , resistance, religion, do you and your mother belong to? You do not understand and it is useless to talk to you and your clan. Do you want to be oppressed? Have you ever heard of a regime that prevents the burial of the martyrs even in the cemeteries? Have you ever heard of a regime that prevents the defenseless and injured from having treatment? A regime that is worse than Israel and the rest of the colonists. Even in Israel, when the Israeli Security Forces injure a Palestinian, they either treat him or allow his treatment, but this system kills the doctors and the injured. The Syrian people are demanding urgent international protection and that was only the tip of the ice-berg.

  • توفيق عدنان


    What you hear from the Syrian media does not have any link to the truth on the ground of reality. Violence begets violence and the terrorist groups that are described by the Syrian media are not terrorists but are defending themselves and their honor, as some friends have told me. These groups are kidnapping and asking for the followers of the system. The ransom was paid and they bought weapons for the revolution to defend themselves.