Iraqi army finds large weapons cache south of Baghdad

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Iraqi army forces found a large weapons cache Tuesday (February 28th) that they suspect was being used by al-Qaeda for operations in Baghdad and its vicinity.

Army forces arrested eight suspects who were guarding the site, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence said.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, the Ministry of Defence's official spokesperson, said forces from the Iraqi army's 7th Division stormed a private farm in al-Madain south of Baghdad after obtaining intelligence. Security forces used a canine unit and explosives detectors to find a large underground cache near a sheep barn.

"The cache contained about three tons of explosives and ammunition belonging to al-Qaeda, including 1,800 kg of the highly explosive C4 and TNT materials, 22 Katyushas, 14 RPG-7s, 67 mortars and ammunition for light and medium weapons," al-Askari added.

"The cache had a carefully camouflaged door under the sheep barn where the materials were taken out," he said. "It would be closed without any neighbours noticing anything."

"Investigations are underway with the detainees," al-Askari said. "Inflammatory leaflets, books and flags of the Islamic State of Iraq, and a computer containing a lot of information we hope will be useful in our war on terrorism were found in their possession."