102 Syrians killed in clashes nationwide



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A hundred and two Syrians were killed Tuesday (February 28th) by Syrian security forces in mostly Homs and Hama, al-Jazeera reported the Local Coordination Committees of Syria as saying.

Forces from the 4th Division, an elite force led by President Bashar al-Assad's brother Maher, arrived in Homs and entered the main streets around the southern district of Baba Amr, according to the news agency.

The Syrian Revolution General Commision said 138 people were killed yesterday by the security forces, mostly in Baba Amr, al-Jazeera reported.

Al-Arabiya television cited a commission statement as saying that the number of victims in Baba Amr district alone was 96 people, and that they were killed in artillery shelling on a number of residential buildings in town. Other victims were killed in Idlib, Aleppo, Rif Dimashq and Al-Hasakah provinces.

The commission said that 64 Syrian citizens who left Homs last Sunday evening were kidnapped during a mass exodus of Baba Amr residents who departed from their district out of fear.

According to the statement, residents were stopped at a security checkpoint and were then taken on four buses under the pretext of transporting them to safe areas. Groups known as shabiha that are affiliated with the government's security forces removed the elderly midway through the trip and killed all young travelers on the four buses. They also kidnapped women and took them to an unknown location.

The Syrian government denied any knowledge of such news and described it as part of media war campaign against Syria.

Syria's state-run television cited an Interior Ministry statement which stated that "no such accident took place".

"Terrorist armed groups are carrying out heinous killings against innocent people as they did in the past and are then blaming such killings on the regular government forces," the ministry statement read.





    Voting is still continuing on one of the Syrian channels, as a kind of expression of thanks to Russia and China. The number of the voters is thirty-three million persons who vote. The referenda have remembered the farce related to the president. They say yes; the living, the dead, the expatriates, the prisoners and the soldiers.

  • نضال سعد الشمري


    How annoyed are my family and I with what is happening in Syria, especially since we know that our government supports this Assadi system. However, it is not strange for a system which kills its people to trample on other people that have nothing to do with it. Everyone in Iran is with the Syrian people and we wish you the immediate victory, and that the Almighty God avenges the blood of children, women, elders, and youth as well as the dignity of the people which was violated by those corrupt people. In the end, whoever was killed in Syria, is not only a Syrian or an Arab, he is also the brother, sister, son, or daughter to all Muslims, and whatever happens to you breaks our hearts.

  • سعيد ال ياسين


    Iran's mullahs are still sending armed gangs from Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon to Syria in order to support the criminal gangs of Al-Assad in the killing of the great Syrian people who decided to be free. All the money of Iran's mullahs are polluted by the blood of the poor Iranian people and with the blood of the free Syrians and the blood of free Iraqis. The life of these gangs will not be that long, but will accelerate the fall of this criminal regime very soon.