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'Friends of Syria' conference in Tunis examines Syrian crisis



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The "Friends of Syria" conference kicked off Friday (February 24th) in Tunis to examine ways of delivering humanitarian aid and reviving the Arab League's plan for peaceful transition in the country, AFP reported.

Representatives of more than 60 countries, including Arab foreign ministers, EU countries, the United States, Turkey and representatives of the Syrian opposition are attending the session. Russia and China, however, are not attending.

Tunisia's Foreign Minister Rafik Abdel-Salam said in a statement to Tunisia's al-Sabah daily that the content of the Tunis conference's closing statement "will not be different from the decisions taken by the Arab League".

An international panel investigating rights violations in Syria for the UN said on Thursday it had compiled a list of regime officials suspected of crimes against humanity.

At the opening of the meeting, host President Moncef Marzouki and Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani called for an Arab peacekeeping force for Syria.

Participants are expected to demand the Syrian government enact an immediate ceasefire and allow international humanitarian organisations access to affected populations.



    ابو فارس


    Whoever seeks to know the horrible crimes of the invading regime in Syria against its people should search Google for “Al-Qawqa’ah Novel”, which was written by a Christian who was arrested on charges of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. Dear brothers, this issue is almost finished and it is only a matter of time. The Tunisian revolution was quick and it ended with the escape of Zain Al-Abidin. Then, the Egyptian revolution was slower and ended with trying Mubarak. The Libyan revolution was slower than the Egyptian revolution and we all know the end of Gadhafi.The Yemeni revolution sent the Yemeni dictator Ali Saleh into exile and he is very close to international trial. Please be patient and you will see that the Syrian revolution will eventually succeed and what will happen to Bashar and his thugs. Of course, their destination will be worse than the destination of Gadhafi.

  • حافظ حمد


    The series of demonstrations and uprisings which brought about the regime change occurring in the Arab world is known as the Arab spring. It became prominent after Tunisia’s revolution resulted in the dismissal of President Zine El Abidine‘s long regime. The Arab spring usually arose through strikes, demonstrations, marches, and rallies, and also through media in order to aid the country to get out of political and economic turmoil caused by the government. However, these revolutionary groups do encounter violent responses from administrations. This unique phenomenon rising in the Arab countries is reflected as an extensive roar demanding a democratic state. These uprisings have stimulated countries like Iran to go to the streets and have peaceful or violent marches just to show their demands. The Yemeni uprising, Syrian uprising, and Bahraini uprising were recent events in the Arab spring. This series of revolutions are usually against poor living conditions imposed by the administration, corruption, fraud, food inflation, economic suffering, absence of freedom of speech, and high unemployment. However, when this revolutionary wave turns out to be violent and ferocious, they cost countless innocent lives and disrupt the peace in country.

  • حسن سعيد


    What is all this hypocrisy? Don’t you feel ashamed? When the Qatari and Gulf people speak, you think that the killing operations only take place in Syria. There are no more calamities in Egypt and there are no disasters in Yemen. Aside from that, there is no killing, torture, or abuse in Bahrain. Hypocrites. There is no media. In the past, we said that we had free media. Nowadays, we want the media to be neutral. In fact, the Gulf countries have a lot of oil money while the Bahraini Revolution still continues and the prisoners have revolted behind bars without paying attention to the torture and killing. We all hope that the Bahraini, Syrian, and Yemeni people will regain their rights and each will decide their own destiny.

  • نور محمود


    What happened in the Levant land is the beginning of the collapse of the Al-Assad regime. This regime has fettered the Syrians, the Arab, and the Islamic Nation for more than four decades. Today, we are witnessing that in Al-Ghouta, which is the land of epics according to the precious speeches of the prophet. May peace be upon him. In fact, what our ancestors did against the French has proven the extent of the wonderful Syrians’ insistence on toppling the tyrant regime of Al-Assad. All of the rural areas of Damascus and Aleppo have revolted. Yesterday, the battles were near the airport of Damascus and the barricades were deployed around the presidential palace. This has reflected the extent of the Syrians’ horror. Yesterday, Aleppo was under siege by tanks while Rastan and Khan Chikhoun were dominated by the free Syrian Army. Therefore, the nation will resume its glory thanks to the free Syrian youth with the will of God Almighty.