Northern Sinai governor says no terrorist organisations in province



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The governor of Egypt's northern Sinai denied that al-Qaeda has a presence in the province, saying that his region is free of terrorist organisations, Egypt's al-Ahram daily reported Tuesday (February 21st.)

In press statements made Tuesday during a meeting with new Shura Council members, Governor Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab Mabrouk said "there are no terrorist organisations, whether al-Qaeda or other groups, in the Sinai. The news that was reported by some media outlets in this regard is completely unfounded".

"Sinai is completely secure and free of terrorism, and security and stability prevail all over it," he said.

A group called Ansar al-Jihad in Sinai declared its allegiance to al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on January 23rd.

In recent months, armed groups have blown up pipelines that supply natural gas to Jordan and Israel, attacked the al-Arish police station, and conducted an operation that targeted Israeli soldiers in the city of Eilat.





    Egypt is a target because there are a lot of sneaking enemies. Egypt's distinguished location placed it in a very tense spot. There are the Arab-Israeli conflict, whose negative repercussions are a source of suffering to Egypt, the negative effects of the cessation of the peace process which make the eastern border threatened and highly tense; the situation in Sudan, the new state in the south, the conflict in Darfur and the smuggling of weapons to the south of Egypt, as well as instability on the western border because of what is happening in Libya and arms smuggling. All this makes Egypt a potential target due to its geographical location.

  • نوار عباس


    The Egyptian youth should pay attention to their situation, reorganize their things, and formally submit their demands to the Egyptian officials in order to keep their voice heard. No one can obliterate their rights, forget their sacrifices they offered in the time of the revolution, and deny them the right to express their opinions in a different way, which will enable them to prove to all the extent of awareness that they have and that they care about the future of their country.

  • سعيد ال ياسين


    If one traces how al-Qaeda was formed, he will realize that this terrorist organization first emerged in Afghanistan. This organization was founded and supplied with material, moral, and weaponry support in order to fight the army of the Soviet Union, which occupied Afghanistan then. Therefore, there were a lot of countries whose interests were threatened due to the presence of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Historically, we know what the situation was like between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, where competition is still at its zenith in producing all types of advanced weaponry and in dominating all the countries of the world, especially the Middle East, or the third world countries, as they were labeled previously. Thus, I believe that America played a big role in expelling the Soviet Army from the Afghan land by supporting the armed groups that were resisting the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. This material and military support enabled these armed groups to turn into one of the terrorist organizations later by means of the power they were gaining. Today, the entire world talks about this terrorist organization due to its criminal acts. Not only did al-Qaeda practiced its acts in Afghanistan, but it also exported its ideas and operations to all the countries of the world. This organization possessed so many capabilities, to the extent of threatening the security of the United States of America. It became the number one enemy of America. Therefore, the American Army started to collide with this organization as happened in Afghanistan after 9/11, which was one of the biggest security incidents the world has ever witnessed throughout history.