Gulf states expel Syrian ambassadors



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Gulf Arab states decided to expel Syrian ambassadors from their countries and withdraw their own from Syria, AFP reported Tuesday (February 7th).

The Gulf Co-operative Council (GCC) issued a statement saying there was "no point in them staying after the Syrian regime rejected all attempts and aborted all honest Arab efforts to solve this crisis and end the bloodshed".

The GCC condemned the Syrian regime's "mass slaughter against the unarmed Syrian people".

The council urged other Arab states to use an Arab League meeting next week to adopt "all decisive measures in response to this dangerous escalation against the Syrian people."

Meanwhile, clashes continued throughout Syria Tuesday as 21 civilians and four soldiers were killed, according to AFP. Most of the casualties were reported in Homs.

The Syrian army was shelling Homs with artillery fire and residents were fleeing the city Tuesday, according to BBC.

At least 128 civilians were killed Monday, including 19 children and 15 women, in the most violent conflict since protests began against President Bashar Assad, according to the Syrian Revolution General Commission.

The commission stated that the areas of Bayadhiya, Inshaat, and Baba Amr are being targeted by a constant bombardment in which all types of weapons and rocket launchers are being used.

In related news, Assad said Tuesday after meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that he was ready to co-operate with all efforts toward stability in his country.

"The president reiterated Syria's willingness to work with all efforts towards stability in Syria," the state news agency SANA said.



    محمد عيسى واحد


    Lavrov is coming to change al-Assad’s regime and the director of Russian intelligence came to particularly convince al-Assad and appoint an alternative, but gradually, to guarantee that the Syrian regime coming along with it will remain in power to prevent the American dream of extending a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. Therefore, Russia will remain the main source of gas for Europe (the old continent). If we suppose that Russia had not used the veto yesterday and America and its allies won the round, any officer, either Alawite or non-Alawite, would have become a temporary or permanent president after the al-Assad regime, and the American dream of extending a gas pipeline would not have been a disappointment or else it would have attributed to al-Assad’s dethroned regime.

  • جميل جمال مغازي


    After all the amendments were proposed on the project, Russia put the blame on the West for the failure in voting to cover up its disgraceful act, which will stigmatize this opportunist country. It is unfortunate to see that the Soviet Union with its great history has turned into a handful of mercenaries and gangsters. As for China, I say it is based on the principle of imitation. Russia, China

  • عارف عويجي


    I do not know how I remembered what Imam Malik said, which was: “A despot is better than schism lasting for years.” Of course, Imam Malik does not refer to those rulers who show disbelief in public like the Syrian regime does. If it remains in power, this will flung the people of Sham into schism. The man wants to be worshiped instead of God. Al-Hajjaj was a Muslim, but he was the most unjust of all rulers and he committed more heinous acts than Mubarak did. However, the grandsons of the companions and the followers did not revolt against him. Instead, they remained patient until the just caliph Omer Bin Abdul Aziz followed. There was only the strife of Ibn al-Ashaath that took place during the al-Hajjaj era and it had a disastrous impact on the nation.

  • حازم حويجي


    The Russian people suffered from the injustice of Emperors, Nazis, and Communists. They are most considerate of other people’s suffering and oppression. It was expected that the Russian Government would support the Syrian revolution against al-Assad’s regime, but it is moving on and offering a political and diplomatic cover-up. These movements may contribute to the breakdown of the international efforts to prevent using violence, such a movement that costs a high price for the Syrian blood. The well-established fact is that the Russian veto will not save the bloody regime. The ongoing developments on the ground indicate its inevitable collapse. The people will never give up demanding the prosecution of criminals, their accomplices, and allies. This is a Russian, Iranian, Shiite and Alawite war against the West, America, Arabs, and Sunnis on the land of Syria. Russia wanted or still wants the missile shield in Syria and the discussions between America and Russia for the shield failed, and led to the Chinese and Russian veto. What is the solution? Have steadfastness, heroes. You are the ones with heroism and dignity. Victory will be yours, with God’s will.

  • راغب رؤوف


    The Russians and their allies do not want a military intervention or an Arab peaceful resolution for a transfer of power, or to see people defend themselves. What do they want then? They want Syria to be destroyed. The Arab initiative did not stipulate to transfer power to the opposition or to Burhan Ghalion, but to the Vice President, who was assigned by al-Assad himself, in a peaceful and quiet move that would maintain Syria and its people. What do Russia and Bashar al-Assad want? They want to destroy Syria. They want to see a civil war and flagrant interference, but only after thousands of martyrs have fallen, in order to convince the world that this regime is prepared to exterminate its entire people to remain in power. Therefore, Russia is an accomplice. Russia and China are distancing themselves internationally, just like Algeria did when it distanced itself from the Arabs. Is there an Arab leader who has the courage to summon his ambassador from Moscow and Beijing, the capitals of dictatorship and shame, for consultation? Is there anyone who can reconsider the trade agreements? Will you be angry with the continuing slaughter of the Syrian people? History and your people are waiting for you to show a position of honor. Our revolution will triumph with the help of God and our hands. May God have mercy on our righteous martyrs.