Iraq urges emigrant to return

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The Iraqi government launched a campaign Tuesday (January 3rd) to convince skilled workers and investors who emigrated from Iraq to return and take part in the country's reconstruction and development.

Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahrastani told Al-Shorfa that the government instructed the ministries of planning, higher education and scientific research, and displacement and migration to take part in the campaign.

"Iraq has thousands of well-educated professionals who have scientific expertise in various fields, as well as hundreds of owners of famous companies that operate overseas who emigrated from Iraq following the wave of terrorism," al-Shahrastai said.

Employees of participating ministries would meet with Iraqi emigrants and explain how much Iraq needs their expertise, said al-Shahrastai, adding that the campaign would focus on professors, doctors and researchers by offering them jobs, salaries, comfortable housing and annual raises commensurate with their standing.

"Today, now that the problems causing them to stay abroad are over, we are trying to benefit from them inside the country to stimulate development in Iraq," he said.