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Iraqi delegation holds talks with Assad; violence continues in Syria



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An Iraqi delegation is heading to Cairo following talks with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus to end a stalemate over the Arab League plan to solve the Syrian crisis, AFP reported Saturday (December 17th).

"We are heading to Cairo today after we held positive talks with President Assad in Syria," said Iraqi National Security Advisor Faleh al-Fayadh, head of the delegation, which will hold meetings with Arab League officials in Cairo.

The Arab League has threatened to take Syria to the United Nations over its deadly crackdown, but al-Fayadh had been in Damascus until Saturday to diffuse the tension.

"We explained Iraq's position about finding peaceful solutions that would preserve the Syrian people's ambitions for democratic change away from foreign intervention and sectarian strife," he said.

The Syrian Revolution General Commission said Saturday that 22 people have now been killed in Friday's demonstrations, billed as "The Arab League is killing us", in Homs, Rif Dimashq and Daraa. The number increased after people wounded by Syrian security forces' fire died Saturday morning in different hospitals across the country.

The Saudi-owned Elaph newspaper cited the commission as saying that women and children were among those killed. Syria's official news agency reported that the army denied that anyone was killed or wounded in Friday's clashes, as no hospitals "received any killed or wounded people".



    جلال الشاوش


    In the Name of God! The Syrian regime is a tyrant one; it is a regime of killing! This regime will not rule Syria forever, by the Will of God Almighty! God says: "To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged; and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid" (Qur'an: al-Hajj: 39). Victory is the ally of the monotheistic Syrians, by the Will of God! God willing, we support you with our money and souls! We pray to God to give you victory! Your brother!

  • كمال الحلبي


    I consider the Iraqi initiative to be more contempt for the Syrian people. Is it possible that this guy dares to say that it is an initiative meditation between the regime and opposition? I need to know who the criminals and Bashar’s followers are who will represent the opposition, as what I have heard is that they are some members of the authority of coordination. I swear to God that it is shame on the Syrian people if they call for executing them before the president. To sum it up, my brother, if the liberation of Syria from Al-Assad is through Al-Maliki, we don’t want that liberation.

  • طاهر


    O Syrians! Won’t you wake up and get rid of those who insult and accuse you of bringing occupation to Syria, after they killed you and assaulted the honor of your women and shed your blood? The helpless will now emerge to say what they will of you after they were hiding like mice? I asked a lot of them and said, “Why you don’t comment on the Syrian pages to ease their burden?” It is a tough time when a man should support his brother. The Syrians don’t have NATO, and they said they don’t want to be deceived, to get into the pages of Libya to have info, so as not to be shocked after that, and not to be unfair to anyone.

  • ازاد


    Declaration: After the issuance of the presidential decree to restore the nationality of the Kurds who have been deprived of Syrian nationality, strict instructions have been issued to the recently nationalized Kurds regarding the necessity to join the education service immediately, without studying the ages of the people who will join the army, according to an initiative from the Union Tenseekiyet, of young Kurds in Syria, i.e. Tenseekiyet Terbeh Sabee. All the Kurdish youth have gathered and the Arab youth in the region cooperated with them, and they moved from the city center holding signs demanding: 1-That all those who have reached the age of commissioning at the time the decree of restoring nationality was issued be exempted from performing compulsory service. 2- Compensating the families of Haska foreigners for the oppression they have received during the previous periods, as they were deprived of all the civil and political rights and they have confirmed their refusal to join the army. Currently, the guns have been pointed at the chests of the peaceful demonstrators in the Syrian cities, as the demonstrators have gone on strike in front of the Recruitment Division for more than one hour, after they had handed a written memorandum to the Recruitment Division at Terbeh Sabee, Union Tenseekiet young Kurds in Syria, Tenseekiyet Terbeh Sabee.

  • سعدون


    May Bashar Al Assad and those around him understand that their time has come to an end and that it is about to reach this stage, and then they can seek to be rescued and leave Syria for its people. Their staying in power will mean foreign intervention sooner or later, which will destroy them first and destroy Syria after that, and then thirdly, it will destroy the region and expose it to the corruption of the foreign sides. Moreover, there is the possibility of dividing Syria and creating reserves in it, and this is supposedly even if the Al Assad regime continues for a long or a short period.

  • F.A


    Today, I accidently passed by one of the schools in Damascus that is supposed to be an elections center. I was surprised to see a big truck standing and some people were getting the voting boxes ready for the Local Administration elections taking place in a few days. I came closer to the boxes to see with more clarity, and I saw that the boxes were stamped and filled with papers! This means they are ready and no one needs to vote, because the result is already determined. I couldn’t get a picture till I got a bit closer. Find here what I was able to photograph from a distance, in order not to be arrested. Anyway, I have posted the pictures I took on line.

  • ناظم سلمان


    The Syrian regime has revealed its ugly face in these incidents. It proved that it is a bloody regime. What else can we call a regime that kills its people and attacks them in such a violent way?! The crimes committed in Syria are genocide that we must not be silent about. We should punish all the criminals. Many residential areas in Syria are collectively punished, leading to a great deal of misery for the Syrian people, due to the practices of suppression against them.