Syrian assembly petitions Arab League for deterrent force



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The Syrian national assembly called on Tuesday (November 15th) for the Arab League to form an "Arab military deterrent force" to protect civilians during demonstrations demanding President Bashar Assad step down, al-Arabiya reported.

"The assembly has officially asked the Arab League to form a military deterrent force, similar to that which was sent to Lebanon in the 1980s, to protect civilians and stop the blind killing machine which the Syrian people are being exposed to," assembly spokesperson Marah al-Baqai told al-Arabiya.

"The killings that Assad's forces are employing against civilians must be stopped," she added. "All other forms of violence against peaceful demonstrators in streets across Syria must be stopped as well."

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 16 Syrians were killed in various areas of the country Monday evening.

The observatory said the victims were killed in clashes with the army and government forces in Bosr al-Harir, Nahta, Mleiha al-Sharqiya and Mleihat al-Atash in Daraa province.

The observatory also said that at least 19 Syrian army and police members were killed in the same area "in clashes with gunmen believed to be defectors. In addition, military vehicles belonging to the regular army were destroyed."





    It is essential for the international community to intervene and stop the Syrian regime's crimes and destruction perpetrated against its own people in order to remain in power. Is governance and power more important than the people's life? The Syrian regime is an oppressive regime, which must be stopped at reined; the international community has a lot of duties and obligations and the era of dictatorships has no longer a place in our Arab countries and this is what the people wants: they want democracy and a decent life away from the language of terrorism and gagging which only resulted in destruction and pushed the people to rise against their rulers.

  • ثامر حكيم


    I would like to advise the Syrians not to believe the Syrian government and cling to their demands. They should remember every drop of blood that flowed on the land of Syria for the sake of ousting the tyrant. Thus, I call on them not to abandon the blood of the martyrs and not to be deceived by the government’s promises, given that it has always made promises but it has never carried them out. The last of its promises was made to the Arab ministerial delegation, which agreed with the Syrian government to stop violence and murdering people. However, one day later after the deal, the government exceeded and increased oppression and murder, whereby it violated its promise to the Arab League and Ministers. The latter have come for mediation in order to stop the murder of Syrians since the eruption of the Syrian Revolution. Therefore, I do not trust the decision of the government that consists in granting amnesty to the arrested people. I also think that it will never fulfill this promise.

  • نبيل فوزي


    The Syrian government must be honest and it must work on achieving the Syrians’ wellbeing. This is in order to serve the Syrians’ interest. Besides, this government must admit that it has made many mistakes and committed many crimes against the innocent Syrians, who have been exposed to the criminal operations of killing, torturing and attacking. It is also important that the government respond immediately to the Syrians’ requirements, because the people must enjoy all their legitimate rights. In fact, Syrians have long been deprived even of their basic rights. That’s why they have been suffering from poverty, hunger and unemployment. Besides, it is important to issue the decision to pardon detainees as it is a priority that must be achieved in order not to exacerbate the situation, which is already bad. Now it is the turn of the Syrian president, after the toppling of Gaddafi.

  • فواد امين


    The Baath party has adopted the same oppressive and deviant belief system in both Iraq and Syria. In fact, Syrians have been exposed to significant repression and to mass killing. That’s why they have revolted against the oppressive government of Bashar al-Assad. In fact, the criminal approach of the Baath party remains the same, despite the change of the names and leaders. Thank God that we have gotten rid of al-Baath in Iraq forever. And we want Syria to be liberated from the restrictions of al-Baath that has practiced repression against all those who have opposed its beliefs. In fact, Saddam and his party claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people during the days of uprising in the nineties of the previous century. This uprising witnessed the use of tanks and aircraft. This is in addition to the military forces that were used in order to attack Iraqis and to quell their uprising. They claimed Kurds’ lives by attacking their villages with chemical weapons. Now, the same scene is being repeated today in Syria. However, the only difference is the leader, Bashar al-Assad. This criminal has followed the approach of his father, Hafez al-Assad, who quelled the revolutions of the Syrian people thirty years ago. He killed many Syrians under the pretext of treason and some other accusations that were prepared by the Baathists, who considered themselves as the only right people, and they considered the others enemies who had to be killed.