Thousands mark 'Membership Freeze Friday' in Syria



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Thousands of demonstrators gathered in several Syrian cities Friday (November 11th) to participate in "Membership Freeze Friday", a reference to Syria's membership in the Arab League, al-Arabiya television reported.

Demonstrators raised banners demanding the ouster of President Bashar Assad and called for the establishment of a democratic government. They also demanded the Arab League freeze Syria's membership in the league.

According to al-Arabiya, security and army forces, military vehicles and equipment were deployed at the entrances of multiple cities including Homs, Daraa, Rif Damascus, Hama and Harasta, and many roads were sealed off.

The Syrian Revolution General Commission said Friday that Syrian security forces killed 38 citizens the day prior.

"The army, security forces and the thugs shot dead 32 people, mostly in Homs and Idlib province in north-western Syria. Six other people died of wounds sustained during Wednesday protests," the commission said in a statement.

The statement said that a baby boy and an eight-year-old girl were among those killed in Homs.

Ambassador Youssef Ahmed, Syria's permanent representative to the Arab League, said he submitted an official memo to the Arab League's Secretary General Friday morning outlining Syria's full co-operation with the Arab League's plan to end hostilities ahead of the league's Saturday visit.

According to Syria's official news agency (SANA), Ahmed said, "Syria is committed to the Arab work plan that the Arab League has approved. It is serious about implementing the plan items and has already implemented most of them."



    عمران حسين


    Dream on, Bashar! These are the same words that you said in the past. You said the situation would be under control in Ramadan. Now, three months after Ramadan, the revolution and the will of the people are stronger than ever. People do not care about your words. What people want, especially the Syrian people, is for you to step down. The fall of the regime is inevitable. The revolution will continue on the same road that it started on until victory, God willing. We all know this regime and its tactics! It is time for you, Bashar, to understand that the Syrians do not bow to anyone except Almighty God. I told you before: I was born and I am ready for this day, the day when I purify Islam from someone like you, Hassan - he means Hassan Nasrallah - and Khamina'i.

  • الستري


    The action of freezing the Syrian membership in the Arab League has been taken as a result of what is happening in Syria in terms of disturbing measures by the Syrian government against the Syrian people, its work on the persecution and the murdering of the innocent people, and its work on the torture and the imprisonment of anyone who tries to stand against the government. The government is working on carrying out great public suppression, and the world has witnessed what happened in terms of military operations against the Syrian citizens. It is a matter that has a lot of negative results, and this is its beginning. The action of freezing the Syrian membership in the Arab League is not a good thing.

  • فواد علي


    Unfortunately, some employees have responded to the regime’s demands due to their fear of being expelled from their work. However, some others have not feared death and they have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country. In fact, some people feared losing their posts and some others have not feared death. Thus, what is greater, losing one’s post or one’s life? I would like to ask the employees, “Don’t your brothers deserve your cooperation?” In fact, you must participate in the demonstrations in order to support them, even if you will lose your posts, because this is better than losing the other innocent people’s lives. In fact, many people have sacrificed their lives and the employees have refused to lose their posts, which can be restored after the fall of the corrupt regime. Thus, if you do not participate in the support demonstrations, you will support killing and criminality.

  • سامي


    The Syrian president must respond to all the Syrians’ demands and requirements, in order to leave power in a way that suits a head of state. This is also in order to avoid being insulted, ridiculed, or tortured and killed, as was the case of Gaddafi and other Arab presidents who have committed crimes against their people through using dictatorial methods. Thus, the decision that will give a pardon to the prisoners must be honest. In fact, the Syrian government must be trustworthy. And the end of Bashar Al-Assad is very near. Thus, he must not leave power in a shameful way. That’s why he must not use force against the Syrian people, because this will not be beneficial, because even if he kills half of the people, the rest of the people will remain, and he will leave.

  • رراضي حسيب


    It is important to issue decisions that will work on taking interest in the Syrian citizens. It is also important to prevent putting pressure and taking revenge on the innocent citizens. In fact, this will not benefit Bashar Al-Assad and his army. The Syrian people have been divided because some citizens have supported the Syrian president and some others have opposed his staying in power. In fact, this has inflamed the situation. And up to now we still do not know the results. Thus, we ask the government to be honest in making the decisions that concern issuing amnesty for detainees. These prisoners have called for their violated rights because they are in need of governmental interest and care. In fact, this is the government’s duty toward these poor classes of citizens.

  • بديع محسن


    The Syrian government is now under much pressure from different parties, namely the opposition and the international community. In fact, the excessive use of force exercised by the Syrian army and regime against Syrian cities and unarmed civilians is widely denounced. The regime of Bashar al-Assad has ill-treated demonstrators and has not dealt humanely with those people who took to the streets to voice their rejection of the international silence towards their continued suffering and oppression. However, the government's decision may be correct and its implementation could be an attempt to contain the fury of the masses and to comfort them. We hope that the government will manage to contain this great wrath, try to make the appropriate reforms, and take the sting out of the loss. In fact, there is a crisis in confidence between the two parties: the opposition and the Syrian government. It is high time, and the administration of the Syrian government must not miss the opportunity to restore the confidence of the Syrian citizens.

  • حماد سالم


    It is important to fight all the dictatorial regimes in the Arab world, because this is the only way to get rid of them. In fact, we must use all the methods and means to get rid of all the dictatorial and tyrannical regimes that have used violence, cruelty, injustice and oppression against their people. Thus, the Arab people must fight all those who have tried to harm them through rejecting their existence, especially since these rulers have not performed their duty in a real and effective way. In fact, they have exploited their position in order to impose the harshest sanctions on people. This is in addition to the use of repression, violence and criminality in order to silence people’s voices by force. In fact, the Arab world has witnessed a tragic situation due to the tyrannical and oppressive rulers who have repressed people. These rulers have tried to stay in power by force, despite the people’s rejection. Thus, the Arab people must cooperate and join their efforts in order to get rid of all the tyrannical, corrupt and dictatorial leaders. In fact, the Arab people have been exposed to significant suffering and pain in the last thirty years. Thus, they have faced many challenges and obstacles and they have endured injustice, murder, repression, hunger, corruption, poverty, ignorance, backwardness and diseases. That’s why it is important to put an end to this suffering as quickly as possible, because the rulers don’t know the meaning of humanity and mercy. In fact, they only know how to suck people’s blood and wealth, because they are monsters who have imposed their tyranny on the land. Thus, it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible, in order to let Arabs enjoy peace.

  • صطفى احمد بري


    Frankly speaking, I think that the Arab people must call for the Arab League’s support. They must use its decisions against the dictatorial regimes. They must also call for the international community’s support. In fact, this will help with the success of the Arab revolutions that have toppled many dictatorial regimes in the Arab region. I think that there are some means that can help the Arab countries to get rid of the oppressive regimes that have been ruling for decades.