Iraqi officials accuse Al-Qaeda of killing leading Sahwa figure



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Six Iraqis were killed and seven were wounded in terrorist attacks in the two provinces of Babil and Baghdad Wednesday (November 9th).

Gunmen wearing military uniforms attacked the house of Khalaf Moghier, a leading Sahwa figure in the Haswa area of Babil, and opened fire on everyone at the house.

"Moghier and two of his children were killed in the attack, while his wife, mother and three of his children were wounded," Maj. Jassim Swaid of Babil provincial police told Al-Shorfa.

Swaid accused al-Qaeda of carrying out the attack.

Meanwhile, Baghdad police spokesperson Lt. Col. Mushtaq Talib said that three policemen were killed and two others were wounded when an improvised explosive device exploded in Abu Ghraib.

"The blast targeted a police patrol," Talib told Al-Shorfa. "This is a cowardly terrorist attack aimed at destabilising security in town."



    وسى جعفر


    The Iraqi government has repudiated the sons of the Awakening groups that have contributed to the eradication of terrorism. In fact, the Awakening Forces have not been joined to the army and police. Besides, the government has prosecuted the leaders of the Awakening Forces. Thus, the terrorists have exploited this point in order to get the members of the Awakening Forces to join their ranks. In fact, the youth of the Awakening Forces have been the fortified dam against terrorism, because they have taken an interest in protecting their provinces from the destructive groups. Thus, these groups have felt the governmental humiliation. That’s why they have abandoned their noble mission of protecting their cities and provinces, especially since they have become aware of the governmental prosecution. In fact, they have abandoned the security mission. Thus, the terrorists have become able to move and to deceive the security forces that have been assigned to these provinces. That’s why I ask the government to deal positively with the Awakening Forces, who are able to fight the accursed terrorism.