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Iraqi forces arrest 31 suspected terrorists

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Iraqi police arrested 31 suspected al-Qaeda members during security operations in Ninawa and Baghdad provinces, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced Thursday (October 27th).

In Ninawa, police arrested 28 individuals who were sought by the Iraqi judiciary during an operation dubbed "Hunt for Scorpions".

Maj. Gen. Mahdi Sobeih al-Gharrawi, commander of the federal police's 3rd division in Ninawa province, said during a press conference that the security operation started Wednesday morning (October 26th) in the Jazeera sub-district, west of the province.

"The security forces raided a building in the area and engaged the terrorists for more than an hour," al-Gharrawi said.

"Twenty-eight terrorists belonging to the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation were arrested and three others were killed."

Inside the building, the raiding forces found 150 light weapons, 68 improvised explosive devices (IEDs), 40 sticky bombs, seven surface-to-air rockets and anti-tank rockets.

In Baghdad, a police force arrested a suspected al-Qaeda leader and two of his aides on Thursday (October 27th).

"Security forces raided a residential building in the Amiriya area after obtaining intelligence indicating that terrorists were in the building. A terrorist, Abu Saddad al-Rubaie, was arrested, along with two of his aides," said Ministry of Interior spokesperson Maj. Gen. Adel Daham.

Daham told Al-Shorfa that al-Rubaie "is responsible for car bombing operations in the Karkh sector of Baghdad. He is a senior leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation".