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Kadhafi killed in Sirte -- media reports



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Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi was killed on Thursday (October 20th) after opposition fighters entered his hometown of Sirte, wire agencies reported.

Kadhafi, 69, ruled Libya for 42 years.

National Transitional Council Deputy Chairman Abdelhafed Ghoga said that ousted Libyan leader died while attempting to flee Sirte. Libyan TV channel "Libya lil Ahrar" displayed graphic images of what is claimed to be his bullet-riddled corpse.

The defence minister in Kadhafi's regime, Abu Bakr Yunis, was also reportedly killed in the final battle for the besieged city. His body was identified at the field hospital where it was brought in a pick-up truck on Thursday, according to medical officials.

The news of Kadhafi's capture comes as NTC fighters were carrying out a mopping up operation in the city's Number Two residential neighbourhood, the last redoubt of his loyalists in all of Libya.

Some 40 vehicles carrying senior regime figures and pro-Kadhafi fighters reportedly broke out of the neighbourhood and NTC troops had given chase, commanders said. There was no word as to whether Kadhafi was part of the large vehicle convoy.

Earlier this week, eastern front operations chief Wesam bin Hamaibi said the NTC was sure that Kadhafi's son and national security chief Moatassim, his ousted defence minister Abu Bakr Yunis and even Kadhafi himself were inside the city.

"We have been waiting for this moment for a long time," said Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril.





    May God have mercy on you, Mummar Gaddafi! Damn anyone who hates you!

  • فضل يوسف


    Unfortunately, O rebels of Libya, your behavior toward the prisoners is really shameful, a cowardly act and a black imprint for you until you meet God, who will hold you accountable for all your acts which you have carried out without relying on the Quran, the Sunna or a scholar of the Shariaa. In so doing, you have tarnished your white banner in the end, because of this black act….. Yet, we have to say: “May God hold every unjust person accountable.” …If you do not appoint a wise person to govern you, you will never succeed. O God, do not hold us accountable for the acts of some foolish people…all of us know the right behavior in such matters.

  • فوزي طارق


    In my opinion, I think Libya got its freedom and got rid of the most repressive dictatorial regime in Africa. Now, the big mission facing Libyans is to preserve this historic victory for the Libyan people and to protect the revolution’s achievements through establishing a democratic, pluralistic regime based on respect for one another and tolerance, now that Qaddafi has been removed. We do not want the revolution to be manipulated by some groups that exploit these events. Consequently, such manipulation could turn Libya’s future from that of a free country that got rid of a filthy dictatorship, into that of a fundamentalist, extremist country, in case fundamentalist groups are successful in getting deep inside Libyan society. Of course, we all know that Libya is an Islamic country. The country’s constitution has to come from and go along with Islamic teachings. But there is a difference between Islam and its tolerant teachings on the one hand, and extremism and fundamentalism on the other hand. We warn against such fundamentalism. In general, I think that Libyan people tend to be religious, but they are far from extremism and fundamentalism. I am not afraid for Libya’s future after Qaddafi, because Libya is now going through labor until this crisis is completely overcome, after which we will see a clear image. The more important point in Libya is the pluralism of tribes and the presence of some kind of trouble between these tribes, which have been sown by Qaddafi’s regime. Here, we should focus on solving these problems. Libya should not be a tribal country ruled by tribes and clans. Positions and ministries and security ranks should not be granted according to tribal affiliation; but according to efficiency and academic worthiness. If this were achieved, there would be no fear for Libya’s future.

  • هاشم يحيى سلطان


    The end of Saleh and Bashar will be a cruel and more violent death than that of Muammar al-Qaddafi, God willing, because they disgrace Arabs as presidents. Silence should not be the response to their actions. The acts of Ali Abdullah Saleh toward the Yemeni people are unacceptable, and the conditions of Yemen do not show positive promise. His fate should like that of al-Qaddafi. When he came back to Yemen, he came back with the intention of taking revenge against the poor Yemenis. These people have suffered a lot from his rule. He is more cowardly that cowardliness itself, by God. The Yemeni people have suffered from hunger, injustice, oppression and tyranny. What does he want? He is a manipulative man. We Arabs should not be silent before hateful cowards who have no self-respect and who do not respect their people. If he had an ounce of self-respect and self-appreciation, he would have known that the Yemeni people do not want him to be president anymore. But he is a stupid fool who is supposed to respect himself and who should not lose his appreciation. He should step down in order to maintain a good and clean reputation, so that he could stay in Yemen and so that he could maintain the Yemenis’ respect, even if he has made many mistakes; the forgiving are generous. But he did not give himself the chance. Instead, he took al-Qaddafi’s path and this is his fate. I just want to know what happens to the Arab rulers; why do they do all these things and why are things so complicated? By God, this is shameful, for them to do this to their people without any respect. They are stupid; don’t they know that history records everything, and that the generation that is coming to life will hate them as well? The Arab rulers who do such things are considered worthless by everyone; but what do we say? God is Generous.

  • محمود المصرى


    This defames the image of Islam in the West, and it is absolutely rejected. Mutilation of the dead is prohibited. Yes to taking revenge upon the killers, but no to mutilation.

  • ابو مصعب


    It was not right to kill Gaddafi that way. The people who killed him are wrong, because they should not have treated him in the same criminal and violent way as he used to treat people. He should have been submitted to justice, to be tried publicly, to get his due punishment in front of all people and not be killed in this brutal way. That should not have happened, especially since we are Muslims and we have values that guide us to forgive even murderers, on the condition that they pay a fine. What Gaddafi’s killers have done is violent and cruel, and no matter what he did, he was a Head of State and he should have been tried in a manner worthy of those who are judging him, and not killed in his own violent and brutal manner.

  • سليمان عبدالكريم


    What happened to the former Libyan president is antithetical to the teachings and values of the Islamic religion, which forbids insulting people and which stipulates that criminals should be held accountable by fair and just people. His body shouldn’t have been left without being buried until it decomposes. He should have been buried immediately after his death, because Islam is a religion of mercy and forgiveness that calls for showing respect to the dead by burying them and not mutilating their bodies. I think that it is the anger of the Libyan people that made them kill him in this manner. Nonetheless, they should have been patient and reasonable and show that they are civilized, and not brutal and savage. What happened during the rule of former President Gaddafi made the Libyan people want to take revenge. They took revenge for the women who had been raped, but in a manner which is antithetical to the teachings of the Islamic religion. As a matter of fact, this is the end of every oppressor, tyrant and dictator who has oppressed people and treated them unfairly.

  • نديم علي


    The bitter truth that we gathered from the incidents of the Arab revolutions is that most officials in Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Tunisia did not abide by the rules and basics of opposition, because they killed, dragged and disfigured anyone who disagreed with them, this is why the revolutionists of Libya had a strong, violent reaction, as did the dictator of Libya, who was violent with his people. He killed about 55000 martyrs. Now we see the rulers of Syria and Yemen following the same path and method. The idea of shedding blood will always remain among the sons of Adam, till God takes the land and everything on it. God says in the Qur’an what can be translated as: Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: "And mention, O Muhammad, when your Lord said to the angels, ‘Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority.’ They said, "Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?" God said, "Indeed, I know that which you do not know." -Al-Baqarah: 30

  • نجيب صابر


    These are not the manners of Muslims. First, the way that the revolutionists of Libya dealt with Gaddafi has harmed Arabs and Muslims; this is not the proper way to deal with captives. Second, looking at many videos, showing how the revolutionists dealt with other captives, we can find that they were good to them; they did not do with them what they did to Gaddafi and his son, al-Mu'tasim, which shows that it was an individual behavior. Third, the pipe in which Gaddafi was hiding is not a sewage pipe; it is a pipe for rainwater drainage. I hope we always tell the truth, so as not to defame our reputation by lying, slander and falsification of the facts.

  • علاء سليمان


    Everybody knows that the man was a dictator, an oppressor and unjust. But, does what they did to him reflect the high manners of his killers? He was captured and killed while they were transferring him; they mutilated and dragged his bloodied body. Those who decided and ordered to end Gaddafi’s life are the same ones who described the way he was dealt with in that ugly way. Then, they showed the incident on the satellite channels, as if they were saying to people: “These are their manners.” Have you seen anything like what happened to Gaddafi and other rulers in the Arab world elsewhere? Did it ever happen in Latin or North America, Asia or Africa? God is the witness that they did not learn from the Qur’an, and that the prophetic teachings and manners of Muhammad, peace be upon him, did not change them. God is my witness that I disown them. You are sufficient for us!

  • نعيم عبدالله


    O people, the USA is the first party that is happy with the death of Gadhafi, and it congratulates the whole world. Who is left to defend the Arabs after the departure of Saddam, followed by Gadhafi? We now have no one but Bush and Obama! I swear that the day will come when you will regret it and wish that those leaders would return. Gadhafi foretold this four years ago, that the day would come when all the Arab rulers would fall. You will remember my words. He said so in Doha in 2008; you are the next. At that time, Bashar and Ali Saleh mocked him, and some people accused him of insanity, but you can learn wisdom from the sayings of the insane people.

  • علاء الدين


    Unfortunately, it is not a characteristic of Islam for killing to take place this way. Unfortunately, he gained the sympathy of many people with kind hearts. I cannot deny that I was happy when I heard the news, and that I was hurt by the videos. But the tyrant’s end had to come. He had a chance to retreat, escape or surrender from the 17th to the 20th of October. I believe it is reasonable to say that he chose this end.

  • عبيد


    May God bestow mercy upon you, Sheikh of Mujahideen, Muammar Al Ghaddafi, and may you go to the immortal paradise along with the martyrs and the good, sincere, faithful persons. I have a question for the transitional council: why don’t you give his body to his tribe? Anyway, you buried him in the desert or threw him into the sea; you left him dead. By God, the one God, my love, respect and appreciation are due to the martyr colonel, Mumar Al Ghaddafi and his love runs in my blood.

  • عوده الحسبان


    What is this farce? What kind of a cruel, demagogic people would bring children to look at the dead and their corpses? By God, this is shameful; this is a mockery. It is a triviality for Libyans to be proud of and brag about these scenes, because they reaffirm to the West's conception that the Muslims are butchers who put their corpses on display before their children. Where is their rationale? Where are the wise people? Where are the religious scholars? Where does Islam stand in relation to all this? Isn’t it true that honoring the dead is done through burying them? Or do we only hear about this in films? By God, this is strange. The revolution was respectable, but now, it has lost its respect, along with its men. The future will be dark. By God Almighty, I can’t believe I’m not dreaming; I must be dreaming and I will certainly wake up. No, it is just not possible. How can those so-called humans - humanity is innocent of them - do this to a war captive and kill him before the cameras? And after this, the so-called transitional council says he died in cross-fire. Today, they will say he will be buried at sea, and now they said he was buried in the desert. These are the acts of foolish, mad people. Even when a Palestinian blows himself up in the middle of Jews, they honor his body and give it to his people, while you take revenge on the dead? There is no power but from God. What kind of life is Libya going into? By God, I can see it will be a life of ruin and civil wars that won’t calm down for hundreds of years.

  • عويد الدبايبة


    First, we ask God to bestow mercy upon all the Muslim dead. Second, I find some people’s comments on Al Ghaddafi’s body after his assassination strange. The guy was killed, then put in a refrigerator and then washed, following the Islamic style and then buried in the desert. What more do you want? The transitional council didn’t molest the body; and if it displayed the body for a brief while, this is fine. How else would people learn their lesson from this example? Finally, we hope our Libyan brothers will have a bright future. May God bestow mercy upon Muslims.

  • بارق عمران


    Some people are proud of the brave descendants of Omar Al Mokhtar. Who are the descendants? Are they Qaddafi’s followers, mercy upon him, or the followers of the revolutionists? And if they are all his grandchildren, they should not claim this descent, because they fought each other brutally and they ignored the customs, morals and religion. Why has Qaddafi been killed? Wasn’t the electricity usage for free? Wasn’t the consumption of water for free? The price of a liter of gasoline is only 0.08 Euro. The citizen does not pay any taxes and the charge on the value added tax does not exist. Libya occupies the last ranks among the countries that have debts. The purchase price of cars in Libya is the same as the purchase price of the factories. Every student wants to complete his education abroad; the government paid him 1627 Euros per month. Each student who obtains a college degree gets a salary, even without having a job, and when he gets married, he obtains a free plot of land or a house. Every Libyan family gets 300 Euros monthly, so where is the injustice in Libya?

  • ناصر الحصيني


    Many people compare Saddam and Muammar, while the difference is clear. Muammar is great, while Saddam was mean. It is sufficient that Muammar did not drag his people into losing wars one after the other, and it is sufficient that he did not waste the Iraqi revolution with his insanity and cowardliness. It is sufficient that he was constructing the country; it is sufficient that he always put the Libyan citizen - in spite of the backwardness of the Libyan people - above all human beings. Saddam, on the other hand, wasted the dignity and respect of the Iraqis and made them beggars all over the world, after they had been masters, knowing that the Iraqi revolution exceeds the Libyan revolution many times. Everything that is happening in Iraq is the rain which comes after Saddam's clouds, as a result of his failed policy in everything; this rain is from this cloud.

  • مصطفى جبار


    In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. I have never seen such barbarism with which the Libyan people are being characterized; I mean precisely those who call themselves the revolutionists. What is the revolution you are talking about? You are barbaric people and you abuse the body of your leader. Even if he had committed what you are saying, Muammar Qaddafi will continue to be a symbol for all the world’s nations, because he has been killed by tyrant and barbaric bullets. You are the barbaric category in Libya. How can you kill a captive person after arresting him alive with his son? This is on one hand. On the other hand, you are talking about Qaddafi as if you will go to the state of well-being which you have been promised by France, Britain and the USA. You are stupid. The example is in front of all of you, Iraq. In Tunisia, we feel sorry for what the situation has come to in Libya, to the extent that we now fear the Libyan people, as their thirst for blood and revenge shakes their status inside us. May God protect us and our children. Our esteemed council, under the leadership of the Councilor Mustafa Abdul Galil, should secure the Libyan-Tunisian borders through cutting off the diplomatic relations with the neighboring country, Tunisia , so as to protect the Tunisians from the Libyans…

  • ثوار العار


    Shame on the rebels! Since February the 17th, we have seen on television how Qaddafi tried to murder them. However, you ended your revolution in a bad way, yes, very badly. Why will you not you tell the world where you will bury Qaddafi? Do you fear that people will visit his grave? Do you fear the Arabs will visit his grave? Why do you behave this way? Damn you! Is it a habit of the Prophet to conceal the place of the dead? You do not actually belong to Sunnis and the Prophet’s companions if you agree with that. Why do you not show his place if you say no? You pretend to be rebels, but in reality you are not. I greatly supect that you will fight against each other like wolves. Historians will show your truth. We thought that the transitional council behaved wisely. However, even after the death of Qaddafi and his son in such a barbaric way that contradicts Sharia and Arab ethics, this council is still making mistakes. In fact, they were mistaken when they dealt with the dead in a barbaric way. They buried them in the desert in an unknown place. They did not hand the corpses to their tribe. This is stupid and will cost Libyans many lives. Whom do you serve by burying Qaddafi in this way? Are they the instructors of others? Do you fear Qaddafi even after his death? God bless the soul of Qaddafi. He lived as a good man and he died as a martyr.

  • البياع


    We all agree that Gaddafi’s regime is one of the worst Arab regimes besides Saddam's. But when we complain about dictators and their behavior, we should expect better people who will not repeat their actions. How do we expect to be better than they were, while we repeat their actions and wild barbarity? Libya has lost its humanity because its rebels did not respect the values of Islam, humanity and morality. You failed in the first test, and God forbid the other tests. The other test is the State administration and the distribution of wealth. Despite the fact that the oil and water resources are concentrated in the south of Libya, this region had been marginalized in the era of Gaddafi, and the indicators have shown so far that this problem might be repeated again in this new era, under the neglect, disregard and ignorance of a clear representation of Southern Libya in the new government. I say to our people in the South, “Wake up before you lose your rights in the good things bestowed by God upon you. The northern cities will leave you nothing but the crumbs!” The tribes and the inhabitants of the South must unite in order to have a strong voice to represent them in a new and vulnerable democracy that cannot be trusted for now!

  • صادق


    I hope that our brothers will not talk about those, as if we were Amazigh people who translated Islam into Arabic. Our instinct is not stained by betrayal and humiliation that mark the rest of the Arabs. We are not plagued by the kind of barbarianism that Libyans showed. There is no might nor power but that which comes from Almighty God. I have never expected to see people taking photos with dead people. Ben Ali once said, “I understand you,” and today I understand why Gaddafi was a dictator. In fact, people who find justifications to commit such despicable deeds cannot be ruled except through the kind of firmness that Gaddafi showed. I regret supporting them in the beginning. I congratulate you for reproducing another Iraq. I congratulate the Arabs for their oil. Fear God when you deal with the dead. This is sinful. The man is already dead and his fate depends on God. Why this ill-treatment and why take pictures with the corpse? God does not accept this childish act. Gaddafi was killed and there is no reason to expose him in front of everyone. This is absolutely sinful, regardless of his deeds during 42 years. It is sinful to show off with a corpse which should be respected by everyone. Were he alive, I would support his trial in public so he would get his deserved punishment, even if it is execution. Tyrants will not stay forever. However, given that the rebels tortured and killed him, as we read in the newspapers, a scrupulous investigation should be made in order to bring his murderers to justice. God forbids defamation and showing off.

  • روني


    For a relatively long time, the death of Colonel Gaddafi will draw the interest of researchers and observers of the Arab and international issues. This is due to the acts of killing, intimidation and destruction carried out by this "leader" during his forty years. In fact, he used all methods of ill-treatment against the best categories of his own sons. He used to waste public funds in criminal and mafia-like deals in terrorist attacks. He also financed secessionist movements around the world. He was a pioneer in spreading the concept of terror and hell, instead of making the beautiful country of Libya a workshop for strategic projects. I would like to say to those who criticize the killing of Gaddafi and ignore the facts, that this man combated his own people and killed thousands. I understand the deeds of the Libyan youth, though I do not support them. Can you imagine that a brother, a father, a friend, an uncle, a neighbor or any other innocent person from your country is killed by Gaddafi or his gang and that his corpse is mutilated? The whole world watched Gaddafi’s soldiers while they were cutting off the heads of those who refused to say: “God and Muammar.” What would you do if ever you happen to meet a real criminal? The huge surprise would make you lose your wits and you would think of nothing but revenge for all the oppressed, and you would cut the criminal’s corpse into pieces. He is a true criminal. I would like to invite pretentious people to come to Libya and witness the tragedies concerning education, healthcare, and infrastructure. The latter were neglected by Gaddafi, while he and his sons spent millions on trivialities, such as Italian top models or celebrating a birthday in Monte Carlo, whose costs reached 18 million Euros. Or even taking down a plane with 2 billion dollars of the Libyan people's blood and 10 million dollars for each of the families of the victims. If you want to know more about the conditions of the Libyan people who have enough oil for all their Arab neighbors, go to the hospitals in Tunisia and ask our brotherly fellows in Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.

  • عاصم قاسم


    Oh my God! The scene provoked human emotions and enabled us to draw lessons. Gaddafi caught the attention of all people. He is the leader of the revolution, the father of all Libyans… Gaddafi is Libya and Libya is Gaddafi. The so-called State media used to fool citizens with operettas and songs that cost billions from public funds in order to make crude propaganda and glorify the President at the detriment of the nation and citizens. Meanwhile, citizens are living in poverty and corruption and they lack the basic services. The downfall of Gaddafi is a clear message for corrupt leaders who ruled for many decades under the pretext of honesty and guarantees, and pretended they had no lust for power.

  • عساف


    I was watching interviews on YouTube with people who were involved, by the frivolity of adolescence, with the supporters of Gaddafi and it caused me to comment on this website. It was painful to listen to them because it has never occurred to them that Gaddafi’s rule would end, and thus they would find themselves caught in a bad situation in front of the rebels’ cameras. It is actually sad to listen to someone who could have avoided the supporters of Gaddafi, but he was too stupid and greedy to do that. Look at them on YouTube, how they are weeping and how they show regret, but it is too late to regret. I hope that the brotherly Yemenis will not get drawn into this trap. We should learn. Those who learn from others are happy, and those who learn from themselves are unhappy.

  • عبدالقبوم سلطان


    God is the greatest and the Avenger. Gaddafi has destroyed the tomb of Martyr Omar Mukhtar and transferred his remnants to Sellouk city, so that no icon will share with him, his greatness and tyranny. Here we are today witnessing the preparation of bringing back the grave of Omar Mukhtar to Benghazi and burying the body of the Major King of Africa in an unknown place, after God has made him taste the torture of disgrace in this life … Wise people should take the lesson. It is likely that the supporters of Gaddafi are many in our Arab communities. This means that the Major King of Africa has managed to give birth to a generation of small tyrants among unwise people and even amid people who have suffered from tyranny and oppression, namely our brothers in Algeria. Oh gentlemen, Gaddafi has committed so many crimes that exceed his cruel assassination. In fact, if he had been able to defeat his opponents, he would have carried out unexpected things. Thus, I can see no harm if rebels have made of him an example for every unjust and tyrannical ruler. In fact, if God wanted him to be treated in a better way, He would have facilitated that. Is He not the Almighty who orders everything?

  • سرحان جميل


    I would like to ask the council of betrayal what they have brought to Libya, and I would like them to show just one good thing. In fact, God has made you fail in pretending about Qaddafi’s murder of his people! You have brought colonialism, division, oil thieves, destruction, poverty, death, insecurity, forced displacement and the cruel murder of Muslims that consists in cutting off heads and limbs, as well as displacement, burning and kicking hearts with feet… Indeed, all such acts have been carried out by your bloody gangs, the NATO rebels who have been trained by the Zionist Bernard Henry Levy, who is very hostile towards Islam. You only want to achieve despicable objectives, and get forbidden money and power. If only you had a political mentality and vision. What is even stranger is that you show the corpses in a slaughterhouse, in order to continue mutilating them while people come to take photos. For instance, some of the people stay next to his head and compete in composing rhymes, and another one pulls him by his hair in order to lift his head for a picture. These people have even idolized him over God the Almighty. This is really very disgusting to see them at the height of their brutality, barbarism, obscurity and deviance. Are they the new Zionists of Libya? When it is said to them, "Do not make mischief on earth," they say, "We make peace.” Do they violate the sanctity of his death and show him being shot? Is this the image of Islam that the entire world has seen? No matter how unjust and how much of a tyrant he was, our Prophet, peace be upon him, did not do things like this against those who combated him from among the infidels, let alone towards a Muslim person. We are really living in the era of deviance.

  • الجزائري


    As Algerians, we will never support NATO members, even if the State supports them, because we hate and despise traitors. If you had arrested Gaddafi and let the judiciary system take its course, we would have been able to make a deal and overcome differences, despite their depth. But, when you killed your President in this way, although he is guilty, we really will never forgive either you or the old Sheikh, Al-Qaradawi. Although you encouraged terrorism in Algeria in the early nineties and you also incited the murder of the innocent, Algerians have forgiven you. Today, however, you are not welcome amid us, given that you have proven that you are like the other decadent people who claim Islam and justice, while they are not for God.

  • مفيد


    Congratulations for your achievements and may God grant you victory over the tyrant Gaddafi. Go forward in a free, independent and united Libya, and you will set the example for all the honorable Arabs—Do not pay heed to the hatred of spiteful and envious people who are deprived of freedom. Go ahead, Libya, and all my prayers are for you.

  • اثير النمر


    To all those who feel pity for Qaddafi, I want to say what Yusuf bin Tashfin said concerning Al-Mutamid Ibn Abbad: “We must have mercy on this man because he is old, and his government has been toppled, and he has nothing now. In fact, he did not give up until he had claimed many lives, and he had caused our suffering more than the Romans and their army. Why do you remember the end of something and you do not remember the beginning? You remember the results and you forget the reasons, and you have said: “Have mercy on a humiliated man, because this will humiliate the whole nation.” Yusuf bin Tashfin humiliated Al-Mutamid Ibn Abbad, as happened to Gaddafi, despite the big difference between them. You must remember your brothers and your children, who have been killed due to the indiscriminate bombing by the tyrannical rulers’ soldiers. You must remember the mass graves that included innocent Libyans. You must remember all the martyrs who have been the victims, from the east of Libya to its west and from its north to the south. In fact, he has insisted on restoring what he has lost. You must remember the thousands of injured and handicapped who have not found solutions… You must remember the mothers and the brothers who have been suffering from the girls who were raped!!! You must remember your brothers and friends who have been arrested and tortured. And even those who are alive have become crazy after leaving the prison, due to the brutal torture!!! You must remember your lost brothers and friends who have worked on the country’s liberation for more than two months. You must remember your brothers and friends who have been killed by the snipers and mercenaries who have obtained money from Gaddafi for killing the Libyans.

  • اياد علي


    Thirty thousand Libyan Dinars have been used in investments. And 500 dinars have been given to every Libyan family every month. Every Libyan person owns a car. And every Libyan has the best house. Libyans have enjoyed respect in and outside Libya. The disabled have a salary. And there is no Libyan who works for the benefit of another Libyan. And the Libyan logo is known in Tripoli international airport. There is no Libyan woman who works as a servant. There are no employees… There are no needy people. Alcohol is forbidden in Libya. And the first decision that was made by Gaddafi after his coup against King Senussi was the prohibition of bribery. The Libyan banks have not dealt with “Riba.” The water and landlines are free of charge in Libya. Besides, the gasoline is cheaper than water in most of the other Arab countries. In Libya, the media is very conservative. The Libyan people have enjoyed respect and importance outside of Libya. In fact, Qaddafi achieved equality among Libyans. And he expelled the British and American forces from Libya after his coup against King Senussi. Libya is the only country that includes all of the Arab nationalities. It is the first country that has supported the Arabs, such as Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Yemen. Look at the Libyan investments in these countries. In fact, Italy has publicly apologized to Libya. And Libya has achieved victory in the Cold War over the West. Besides, Qaddafi saved his people from the terrible destiny of some countries like Iraq. That is why he has enjoyed international respect. You do not find beggars in Libya. In fact, the Arabs who live in Libya are the beggars.

  • محمد كريم


    May God bless Gaddafi. In fact, he was a supporter of women. And frankly speaking, he was the only person who allowed Arab women married to Libyan men to keep their children with them after a divorce. Besides, his Green Book says that the child must be raised up by his mother, and that houses are owned by their inhabitants, so there are no rents to be paid. And the oil, wealth and arms must be owned by the people. In fact, there are many Arab countries that deprive mothers of their children after a divorce; and the police have expelled them from the country, as if they were thieves. May God bless Gaddafi, and although I am in favor of the Libyan revolution, I condemn the brutal dealings with Gaddafi and his son. In fact, they are among the cleanest Muslims in the land. Besides, I haven't seen any minister or Sheikh expressing their condolences for Gaddafi’s death, although they have pretended to represent the country of a million Quran readers. May God protect us from being among the hypocrites in the world. Gaddafi committed many mistakes, killed many Libyans, and was a dictator. But, on the other hand, he has great achievements that helped the Libyans in particular, and the Arabs and Muslims in general. Does he deserve this end? Doesn't he at least deserve a funeral like the rest of the Muslims?

  • حبيب القذافي


    I have discovered that the Libyans have no mercy and they are cruel and savage. In fact, they have no minds. And Islam indicts their acts. This is not an Islamic behavior. And those who have been with Gaddafi have turned against him. What is all this hypocrisy? May God bless the king and the martyr, Muammar Gaddafi. Any honest person must defend his country. Now, the countries are without rulers. In fact, Gaddafi is a controversial figure, because he was an oppressive ruler. However, this is not an excuse to mutilate his corpse. And what is more controversial is his burial in a secret way. If the rebels think that Gaddafi has no popularity, why were they afraid of his burial? Gaddafi wanted his clothes to be buried with him without being washed. And the will of the deceased must be respected. Gaddafi has never been more reasonable and logical than at the time of writing his will. I want to say that it can be more acceptable to execute him than to mutilate his corpse in a savage way. They might also have prevented him from saying the Shahada.

  • معين جلال


    The brothers of the transitional council should not bother in burying Gaddafi… In fact, they are not Muslims and they do not know God, because they have killed thousands of people and they have bombed the mosque. They have also raped women and destroyed the country. This is in addition to their injustice and corruption. Is this logical? Can any Muslim carry out such things? In fact, Islam indicts such criminals. Thus, the citizens of Misrata are courageous people, because they have helped their children to learn courage from the cradle. Thus, their children have learned patriotism and sacrifice. That is why they have protected their country’s unity and they have endured these difficulties for 8 months. Besides, they have gotten rid of the tyrannical ruler. Thus, the citizens of Misrata are very courageous, and this is not strange for the descendants of Ramadan Al-Swehli, who has sacrificed his blood for the sake of his country.

  • طلال عادل


    What is this savage act against the dead? Are these the signs of the promised democracy??!! The Libyans must revolt against the savage rebels and against the transitional council before they kill all the people like the heroic Gaddafi. You will pay the price for these follies because the human being must be buried and not mutilated. Are you not ashamed when you have been asked by Gabriel, the foreign journalist, about the rebels’ lack of respect for the Islamic Sharia in dealing with Gaddafi? Have you returned to the reign of ignorance? I hope that you will not say “God is great” when you commit such savage acts. What the Libyan rebels have done against Gaddafi and his son, may God bless them, is to insult all of the Muslims and Arabs, especially since they have mutilated the dead bodies while saying “God is great.” In fact, they have carried out bloodshed operations under the name of Islam, which is the religion of tolerance and not violence. What makes us sad is the destiny of millions of Muslim Libyans due to this sedition. In fact, the Imam Malik, may God bless him, said, “An oppressive ruler is better than continuous sedition.” How can those who have called themselves rebels do these acts against Gaddafi’s corpse? Then they say that they have buried him according to the Islamic Sharia.

  • فلاح العربي


    Yes, Gadhafi did not lie when he described you as rats, because only rats do what you did to the corpses. You are accursed; because it is enough that Gadhafi did not escape from Libya and fought to the end. Gadhafi said that he is a fighter and a revolutionary, and that he would fight with his gun until he died on his land. Gadhafi has lived and died in our hearts. Even the Jews and the Americans do not mutilate the bodies of the dead, but they respect the corpses even of their bitterest enemies. However, in Libya, a reckless young man shouts with the corpse of 70-year-old Gadhafi under his feet. What is the source of this pathetic culture? Why did he make Takbeer as if he had liberated an occupied Islamic land from the hands of the Christians? The culture of raising the French and American flags accompanied by the Takbeer has defamed the reputation of the Libyan people. We saw the free people in Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria making history, but the opposite is taking place in Libya. Sarkozy and Cameron were received like heroes in this country, so you can expect anything.

  • انس عبيد


    Dear brothers, Gadhafi, according to the fatwas of many scholars, is an infidel, because he raised doubts about the Quran and he denied the obligation of Hijab from the Quran. Hence, he is an infidel, according to the opinion of the majority of the Muslims. This is certainly a bad end. The Libyan people are people of the Quran, and the president of the Libyan Transnational Council is the Minister of Justice and he is a knowledgeable man. So, please do not ask mercy for a tyrant who humiliated his people. The Libyans know him better and this tyrant did his best to destroy Islam and Muslims. Hence, he will go to hell. This tyrant has lynched the students in the public arenas and streets in front of the children and the elders. I was a young boy when he hanged the student Al-Mahdi Lyas in a public square in Tubruq near my house. Since then and despite my young age, I felt hatred for this ruler, and I will never forget the image of the martyr on that black day. This insane person thought that he would terrify his people and rule them through intimidation, lynching, mutilation, leaving the bodies hanged in the streets, killing the prisoners of Abou Slaim, burying the bodies in mass graves, and keeping some of them in the refrigerators of the hospitals. He got what he deserved.

  • خالص


    I remind you of what he said about the Surahs of Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and Al-Nas when he suggested removing the opening word “Say” from them, alleging that they were confined to Muhammad. He mentioned the Prophet, peace be upon him, by his bare name without invoking peace and blessings upon him. Of course, this is blatant disbelief and he killed Imaam Moussa Al-Sadr because he criticized him for this opinion and asked him to renew his Islam. We remind you of the verse in which God the Almighty said what can be translated as: “The only reward of those who make war upon God and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter, theirs will be an awful doom.” -Quran 5:33 All praise be to God. I advise all the rulers to remember not to oppress their peoples or treat them unfairly. I also remind all Muslims that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said that he ruler is just like his subjects. So, the wise people should be wise, because they will not live forever. O God! We dispute with each other and we ask you to judge between us. O God! The nations try to snatch us like the people who eat from a meal, so protect us because we have none but you. O God! Save the Islamic countries because the situation has become scary. There is no escape from God except to Him.

  • علي هلال


    What is the point of arresting him alive? The point is to detract the people with the useless courts and worthless investigations that would waste the people’s time and efforts to delay the construction of the state and the procession of the nation, as well as paralyzing the revolutionary tide, and wasting efforts. These trials also aim at making people feel bored and disappointed in the souls of the people. God The Almighty said what can be translated as: “The only reward of those who make war upon God and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom.” -Quran 5:33 Indeed, Islam is the religion of mercy and tolerance, but it is also strict when it comes to the criminals and the killers who create havoc on earth. Al-Gadhafi did not announce his repentance before being arrested, and thus he deserves this fate. I even claim that it would have been acceptable to crucify him until he died. Stop speaking like this about him, because you do not know him or his family. Many scholars have even raised doubts about the authenticity of his Islam; however, they offered him a funeral prayer as a precaution. Anyway, he deserved this treatment because of his injustice and aggression. This will deter the other dictators in our Islamic world. Long live Libya as a free country, and death and humiliation to all tyrants. God is the greatest and we seek His help against all oppressors.

  • ابن العراق


    O God! Send peace and blessing upon the Prophet, peace be upon him. O God! Forgive Qadhafi and his sons, as well as all the martyrs of Libya. O God! Provide them with the right answer, lighten their graves, and expand them. O God! Make their grave one of the gardens of Paradise. O God! They are now in your hands, so forgive and have mercy upon them. O God! Forgive their sins, multiply their good deeds, and make them among the happy people. O God! Make them drink from the basin of Your Prophet, peace be upon him. O God! Reward Qadhafi for his services to Islam, provide him with a better life, and make him join the martyrs and the righteous people. O God! Admit them to Paradise. Amen. I ask you to recite Al-Fatihah over their souls and to supplicate for them sincerely, hoping that we would find other people to supplicate for us after our death. It has become clear that by burying the corpse of the late leader in a secret place in the desert, the Libyan council of treachery and shame realizes that the Libyans will soon regret the loss of the leader, Muammar Qadhafi, and long for his days and the golden age, when Libya turns into a new Somalia or Iraq. They do not want his grave to turn into a shrine to be visited by the Libyans. However, I believe that the council decided to bury Qadhafi and his son in a secret location after killing them, to bury the secret with them.

  • مسلم


    There is no doubt that Gaddafi shed the blood of innocent people. He even killed thousands of people during the many decades of his rule. For this reason, his people were extremely hostile to him. They could not believe they had captured him. However, this does not justify the way he was killed by the Muslim people. In fact, the latter must abide by a fixed approach, for example, forgiving when you are able to retaliate.

  • مسلم


    There is no doubt that Gadhafi killed innocents and killed thousands of his people during his rule that lasted for many decades. Hence, the hearts of his people are full of hatred towards him; so once they caught him, they killed him immediately. However, this cannot justify killing him this way, because Muslims always forgive when they have the ability to punish.

  • tony


    Gaddafi serves as an example to the Arab tyrants, predicting that their fate will be determined without a public trial, given that the sentence has been issued in advance by the poor, tortured and murdered people. Thus, after witnessing this scene, the Arab rulers should learn their lesson and work on serving their people and granting them more interest as they would their children; otherwise there will come a day when you will repeat the words of Zain "El Haribin", i.e who ran away: //You see what I mean//. O Bashar, O Saleh, your turn has come.”

  • ثابت


    No comment can be suitable here. May God bless you.

  • sally


    This is the end of every oppressor. I hope the same happens to Bashar and Saleh.

  • الوائلية


    What happened is a barbaric action. It reflects the brutality of humans. This is a human being after all; he has rights, yet regretfully this is not what happened. I think the ones who appeared in the video are a group of mercenaries; I hope they are not Libyans, because the Libyan people are genuine. They would never forget someone who was their president!

  • عبد المنعم


    This criminal died; he left Libya in a state of retardation and backwardness. He will be judged severely by God.

  • هانى


    They are unjust people; they will be like the Iraqis.

  • hagahmad


    The revolutionaries of Libya have won and freedom has prevailed. The tyrant is finished and the paranoid man who denied the Sunnah was killed because of his injustice and oppression. This is a lesson to all the tyrants. This is the long-awaited end of all tyrants. This is the time for the tyrants to learn the lesson. The looted money of the Libyan people will not benefit them. This is the time for the rest of the peoples to be free of fear and to live honorably and freely, instead of living lives of slaves. This is the time for the peoples to restore their riches and get rid of the oppression, tyranny, and injustice. Congratulations to the Libyans.

  • ahmad yassin


    This is prohibited and I feel sorry for Gadhafi.

  • فرحان


    To the dunghill of history. The next one will be Saleh and the stupid dogs of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and…

  • mohamed


    He deserves what happened to him, because he committed horrible crimes against the Libyan people.

  • محمد حسن هريدى


    The news about the murder of Gadhafi came after much patience, because he ruled Libya with iron and fire for about 42 years and wrote the Green Book, which was like the Charter of Gamal Abd El-Nasser, as well as the Statement of March 30th. He used to consider Gamal Abd El-Nasser as his godfather. The tyrant is gone forever and he will not return. He will be judged in front of a just Commander for his mistakes.