Yemeni bomb experts disable car bomb



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After reclaiming Hota from al-Qaeda fighters, a Yemeni bomb squad defused a car bomb in the village, wire services reported Sunday (September 26).

The car was loaded with explosives and grenades, said a statement by the Ministry of Interior.

"The security services also found ownership documents on behalf of a person from Hadramout," the ministry said in the statement.

The bomb "seemed to have been prepared to be activated as the army entered Hota," said official Abdullah Ateq.

Yemeni security forces regained control of the town on Friday after days of clashes with al-Qaeda fighters that the interior ministry said resulted in the arrest of 32 suspects, the death of five al-Qaeda members and two security forces members.



    ابو صالح


    Yemen is one of the poor countries that suffer from many economic problems and face great difficulties in fighting terrorism and al-Qaeda, which receives support from many parties. Yemen is a poor country and it does not have the necessary funds to manage this war against terrorism, especially given that terrorism is very strong and requires several military campaigns to expel it from the country. Therefore, Yemen should get aid from many Arab and foreign countries to help it in its war on terrorism, particularly as terrorism not only threatens Yemen, but it also represents a threat to all the countries of the world. All parties realize the difficulties that face the Yemeni forces in its first war against the terrorists. The Yemeni forces engaged in guerrilla war and street wars with the terrorists, who hide and attack the country's infrastructure and the poor and innocent civilians. They change their positions from time to time to make it difficult for the Yemeni forces to find them. Moreover, Yemen does not have the necessary resources to enter successive wars. This is a guerrilla war, and Yemen needs help to get rid of the terrorists who want to destroy the country and its neighbors.