Terrorists use mentally challenged man to strike al-Sahwa members in Iraq



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Two bombings targeting al-Sahwa forces in Baghdad and Anbar killed 46 and wounded 54, Iraqi police said Sunday (July 18th).

Iraqi forces thwarted a third attack targeting citizens in Kirkuk.

Lt. Col. Hatim Ali of Baghdad police said a mentally challenged man wearing an explosives vest made his way through a crowd of al-Sahwa and Iraqi Army personnel Sunday morning in the town of al-Radhwaniyah, southwest of Baghdad. Al-Sahwa members were waiting to receive their salaries.

The bomb was detonated by remote control.

In the attack, 42 people were killed, including seven Iraqi Army personnel, and 47 were wounded, some in critical condition.

"The attack carries the fingerprints of al-Qaeda terrorist organization," said Capt. Hussain Khamees of the Iraqi Army's 2nd Regiment. He added al-Qaeda has been trying to use mentally challenged individuals to target crowds of al-Sahwa and police.

Khamees said the suicide bomber was 23-years-old and "is known in the area to be a mentally challenged person and everyone who sees him sympathizes with him. He is a loveable person, but the terrorists made him a prey for their evil intentions."

"We are at a continuous war against the terrorists and we will not retract for a single step in our war against them," said Sheikh Mohammed Abd, chief of al-Sahwa Council in al-Rahdwaniyah. "Today's bombing just strengthens our determination to uproot them from Iraq once and for all," said Sheikh Mohammed Abd, chief of al-Sahwa Council in al-Rahdwaniyah.

In Anbar, a suicide bomber wearing an explosives vest blew himself up at the headquarters of al-Sahwa forces in al-Qaim, near the Syrian border. Four al-Sahwa members were killed and seven others were wounded.

Meanwhile, the police command in Kirkuk province announced that its forces managed to thwart an attack from a suicide car bomb that was trying to enter a market in central Kirkuk. The car driver was arrested and confessed to being a member of al-Qaeda, police said.




    Mentally retarded! He sneaks around, wearing an explosive belt, and waits for the best time to kill the largest number! I believe that the truly insane people are Hatem Ali and Hussein Khamis, as well as whoever believes this nonsense through which the police tries to justify its failure and inability to stop these operations.

  • Farok


    Islam rejects such terrorist acts, as killing people is forbidden and prohibited by religion.

  • الله ينصر السنة والشيعة ..


    May God grant victory to the Sunnis and Shias…

  • Salama


    ‎‎May God protect Iraq and Iraqis from all evils. We can do nothing but to supplicate for our brothers in Iraq.

  • مشبب سعد


    By exploiting the mentally retarded people and blowing them up remotely, terrorists have lost all the meanings of humanity and turned into deadly bloody monsters that do not consider any human rights, and do not know anything about religion. Their criminal acts will not dissuade the Iraqis from continuing to move forward; in fact, they will increase the resolve of the heroic men of the Iraqi security forces to defeat terrorism and fight it until it is completely eradicated in Iraq. That day will come sooner than the terrorists and their supporters have imagined, and the land of Iraq will be a graveyard for those rotten brains of the dirty elements of al-Qaeda.



    The notion that terrorism has no religion is not baseless; it emerges from the reality experienced by Iraq, where the dirty terrorist groups have carried out the ugliest criminal acts against the Iraqi people, whether they were the personnel of the Iraqi security forces or civilians; these are shameful crimes against humanity. The shabbiness of those killers of criminal al-Qaeda has reached the summit, as they use mentally retarded people and make them wear explosive belts, sending them to places where individuals belonging to the Awakening forces and the Iraqi army gather at checkpoints or government departments, and blowing them up remotely, without any mercy for those needy people who do not know what they are carrying on their bodies, or what on earth is going on. This despicable act carried out by terrorist murderers is not far from their bias and the sick reality which they live. They adopt takfiri thought that does not accept the other, and they do not understand anything but the language of violence and killing. So, we are not surprised when they act this way. They have exploited children and forced them to do the same thing, and not even animals were spared. They booby-trapped the bodies of many animals, threw them on the roadsides and detonated them during the passage of the troops of Iraqi military forces, in attempts to kill the Iraqi heroes who gave their lives to save the homeland, whose soil was saturated with their pure blood on every inch of its land. I think that everyone now knows the reality of terrorism and that of the criminal al-Qaeda, and their acts which are irrelevant to Islam, closely or remotely. The falseness of their claim that they represent religion and are working to achieve the principles of Shari'a has been revealed, and all the masks behind which they hid to deceive people and win some supporters have dropped.

  • هادي


    The late Nouri Al-Said Pasha said in a private meeting, something in the meaning of; “After my departure, I see departing men, widows in black and displaced orphans”. May Allah have mercy upon the days of the monarchy and the young king. May Allah forgive our sins and misdeeds.

  • زهراء ابراهيم


    We must think about this issue before Iraq becomes divided into states where tribal clans are at war. If there is someone who accuses Al-Qaeda and Tunisians of committing the bombings of Baghdad, America will be responsible, since the terrorists infiltrated into Iraq with them. Was there an Al-Qaeda organization in Iraq before? Were there Tunisians in Iraq? What is their interest in this? Where are the American forces, who had assumed that post-Saddam Iraq would turn into an oasis of peace, security and welfare? Will we continue to believe the theory of America coveting Iraq’s wealth? I do not think that America is unable to impose security in Iraq, but it is afraid of peace. America knows that achieving peace in Iraq would mean her getting out of Iraq.

  • عبدالحميد


    The bombings that took place and still happen are directly caused by the occupation and those who came with it, whether on foot through Iran or any other way. Iran lies behind the destruction of Iraq and it won’t leave Iraq until it achieves all its goals. The most important of these goals is that the government of the capital of al-Rashid should be of Iranian origin. This is what happened; the Americans are fully aware of every detail and nothing happens apart from them, and they give a “black light” to the black operations in Iraq and in coordination with the Embassy of the c.

  • Jabar


    This criminal act cannot deviate from the similar hundreds of heinous practices committed by al-Qaeda, be they Arabs or Iraqis. The whole issue falls within the policy of putting pressure on the Iraqi government to prove the existence of al-Qaeda and the Baath. The Baath in particular can play this card if the Iraqi government will not engage in reconciliation. All other possibilities and expectations are also probable.