Yemeni forces increase security in anticipation of al-Qaeda attacks



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Yemeni security forces uncovered an al-Qaeda plot to strike vital installations and key government facilities using car bombs in several provinces, the Yemeni Ministry of Interior said Monday (March 12th).

The ministry said in a statement that it is taking the threat seriously and have implemented security procedures to counter the plots.

The plots reflect al-Qaeda's state of hysteria and fear following the success of the presidential election, the ministry said.

The government also reaffirmed that it will continue its war on terrorism until it is eradicated nationwide.

"The Ministry of Interior will make every effort possible to preserve the country's stability and security," said Abdo al-Janadi, the deputy information minister. He said Yemen's security services will take every threat seriously, which will enable them to stay on top of their responsibilities.

According to al-Janadi, recent security precautions include the installation of cement protective barriers and fences around areas of vital importance, state facilities, and foreign embassies to prevent car bomb attacks.

"The entire community should be on security alert, and combating terrorism should be part of the community's culture so that all citizens participate in countering it," he said.

Yemen's naval security and coastal defence forces also increased security procedures in response to the threats.

Their commander, Staff Maj. Gen. Royce Moujawar, urged naval units during field visits Saturday on the Arab Sea and Red Sea to exercise vigilance, increase their security awareness, and raise the level of combat readiness to be able to respond to any terrorist threat.

"Raising the level of preparedness in the military and the security services and in provinces that are constantly threatened by al-Qaeda is in response to the car bomb attacks that the organisation carried out," said Col. Mohammed al-Maori, the interior minister's press secretary.

Al-Maori said security committees in all provinces tightened inspection procedures at city entrances, military checkpoints, and near government facilities to counter potential terrorist acts.

Al-Qaeda 'weakened to the point of exhaustion'

"The truth is the organisation has been besieged and weakened to the point of exhaustion, which is evident in the fact that the group could not avenge the killing of key leaders such as Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki," researcher Essam al-Qaisi told Al-Shorfa.

"If the security and military measures succeed in encircling the organisation in the southern regions, I believe that would spell the end of organisation in Yemen, and it could possibly flee to Africa," he added, alluding to Saudi Arabia's success combating al-Qaeda in its territory, which triggered the organisation's move to Yemen.

Meanwhile, Yemeni security forces have scored a number of recent successes.

Several missiles were seized from a truck transporting flour and foodstuffs during a security patrol, security services in Aden province said Tuesday (March 13th).

Army and security forces responded to a car bomb attack Tuesday in al-Bayda, leading to the killing of the province's al-Qaeda chief, Naser al-Dhafri, and another militant, AFP reported.

Al-Dhafri was the newly appointed local al-Qaeda commander in al-Bayda province, replacing Tariq al-Dahab, who was killed last month.

Security forces also captured last Saturday four Somalis suspected of being members of the Somali al-Qaeda-affiliated movement al-Shabaab, Yemen's Interior Ministry said.



    طه عبدالكريم


    It is necessary for the Yemeni people to be as one hand and to confront all the terrorist acts that instigate violence, criminality, murder, torture, kidnapping, assassinations, displacement, cruelty, and brutality. Hence, the Yemeni tribes must take all the necessary and precautionary measures to strengthen the cooperation between the Yemenis, because the unity is the best method to fight and confront the terrorist elements that try to tamper with the security of the country, in addition to the other important aspects. The Yemeni people must cooperate with the official authorities and the government that runs the country currently, because it is the only body that has the right to take care of the affairs of the state internally and externally, to eliminate all the terrorist elements that seek to harm the Yemenis. The current situation requires hard work and serious efforts to maintain the security and stability and to commence the service projects in the country. Yemen needs to witness real changes as to the construction and cooperation with leading companies in the field of the construction and development. The Yemeni people must enjoy many services that they have always missed under the former regime and they need them urgently.

  • عيسى داود


    The ideology of this terrorist organization is superficial and immature in reading the local and international scenes. They believe that Al-Qaeda started recovering and restoring its power after the fall of some suppressive regimes in Yemen, Libya, and Egypt. However, the idea of the Arab spring is the strongest weapon against the ideology of Al-Qaeda. Millions of youth took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations in all the Arab states demanding change and this indicates that the majority of the Arab youth believe in the charge through the ballot boxes not arms.