Qatar has world's highest rate of traffic fatalities, study reports



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Qatar has the world's highest fatality rate resulting from traffic accidents relative to its population, according to a study released February 22nd by Qatar University.

Despite new measures undertaken by local authorities to curb daily traffic accidents, the number of registered traffic accidents in Qatar remains high, the study reported. The study, funded by the Qatar National Research Fund and conducted in collaboration with the Qatari Traffic Department and the Qatari Statistics Authority, predicted the number of traffic accidents in the country will near 220,000 annually by 2015.

"Despite an abundance of programs, awareness campaigns on how to drive more carefully, as well as studies and seminars, traffic accidents and the injuries and deaths resulting from them are on the rise. This has deeply affected many Qatari families and has been worrying all local institutions," said Dr. Mahmoud bou Tafnoushat, supervisor of the study and head of the Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics Department at Qatar University.

The yearlong study showed that lack of concentration, miscalculation and speeding are behind half of all traffic accidents in Qatar.

Officials from the Traffic Department said an increasing number of vehicles as well construction projects on roads throughout Qatar have also affected the rise in traffic jams and accidents. There were 814,373 registered vehicles in Qatar in 2011 compared with 771,325 in 2010, according to Lt. Abdullah al-Mirri, a Traffic Department employee.

"There is no doubt road accidents are high despite the fact relevant authorities are doing everything possible to ensure safety on the road," he said. "However, certain factors that increase the number of road accidents [like construction and the number of vehicles on the road] are out of the control of the official authorities."

Still, 2011 witnessed a slight drop in the number of fatalities resulting from traffic accidents compared with the previous year, al-Mirri said. Ministry of Interior statistics showed the number of deaths reached 205 in 2011, compared with 226 deaths in 2010.

Al-Mirri said stricter traffic laws were the reason behind the drop, including a 2007 traffic law that introduced new regulations, toughened penalties for offenders, and enforced on-the-spot fines for traffic violations.

The study also reported that 50% of accidents are caused by drivers who have less than six years of driving experience. Abdullah Fayez, a public relations director at a driving school in Qatar, denied the claim that driving schools turn out drivers who are ignorant of many of the traffic rules, as well as the ethics of driving.

"It is common knowledge that obtaining a driver's license in Qatar is one of the most difficult issues facing a citizen or a resident," Fayez said. "We rely on very strict teaching method and the driving test is extremely difficult. You might be a skilled driver in your country but fail the test in Qatar".

"There might be some driving schools that are lax when it comes to teaching the basic traffic principles, but you will inevitably be tested by traffic officers and it would not be possible to pass if you do not know how to drive," he said.

Talal al-Amiri, a Qatari national who works at Qatar University, lost one of his legs in a road accident he blamed on his own reckless driving.

"I was driving on the North Road coming from Doha at ten o'clock in the evening and the road was empty," al-Amiri told Al-Shorfa. "After passing the traffic camera, I increased my speed up to 200 kilometres."

Al-Amiri said a pothole that had not been there earlier in the day took him by surprise.

"I tried to lower my speed," he said. "But I fell into the hole and lost control of the steering wheel as I crashed into a concrete barrier."





    In the name of God the Most Merciful the ever Merciful. First, these are some real causes of this disaster. Speed, mobile phone, safety belt, disrespect for the traffic laws, wine, drugs, neglect of careful inspection of the vehicles. As I work in the field of monitoring the roads, and I know well that when the police vehicle is in official mission, they turn on the blue lights, and if they were is ordinary missions and exceeded the allowed speed, and they would be fined. The same thing applies to the officials of the state. The Minister of roads here in Germany resigned because of the excessive speed and he was detected by surveillance cameras. This is an introduction to find the radical solution to the road problems. It is the awareness of the citizen regarding the necessity of respecting the laws and dealing strictly and fairly with all people, in addition to the self-criticism. The civilization cannot be bought with money, but with serious work and sublime treatment and justice. All these values are found in our religion. However, we did not implement it sorrowfully. The human soul is more precious than anything in this world is.

  • عبد الرحمن ماجد


    The rate of car accidents caused the loss of life and injuries. It is one of the most important problems that the Gulf suffers from and this problem is due to excessive speed, lack of respect for traffic signs, lack of focus, and using the phone while driving. Since the Gulf is a large region in nature, that is considered a reason for the cause of very high car accident rates. They include a large proportion of cars and the lack of good driving conduct such as not wearing seat belts or driving with psychological problems with regards to the driver or in a state of intoxication. It will lead to deterioration due to the lack of visual acuity for the driver and his control of the steering wheel which weakens his efficiency and, thus, causes a traffic accident. From my point of view, the reasons for the high rate of car accidents in the Gulf are divided into three sections. First, the quality of the roads and paths may be bumpy or uneven. Second, the mechanical disruption of the vehicle such as damage to the engine or the wheels has an essential role in the cause of accidents such as the skidding of the car or loss of control. Third and most important of them is the human errors such as the neglect of the importance of the road and the lack of respect for the laws as he is rushed to do his duties which may cause his death. In spite of the multiple reasons, they cannot be other than the previous elements according to their importance in the Gulf.

  • عيسى حمد ناصر


    The Gulf countries and the traffic directorates should intensify the programs through which the definition of the dangers of lack of obedience to directions of the traffic police, and also pass laws that are more assertive to anyone who violates the guidelines and directives of the traffic authorities, such as the lack of obedience to traffic lights or not wearing a seat belt because such things are seen by some as very simple, knowing that they are among the first causes of the large number of accidents. However, many car drivers do not wear seat belts. Also, many of them use a mobile phone while driving their personal car, making them absent-minded and not fully attentive, thereby causing accidents. These are among the causes that lead to all these traffic disasters and accidents that we see in the Gulf States.

  • حاتم الراقي


    I attribute the high number of motor vehicle accidents in the Gulf countries to the car drivers who do not pay any attention to the instructions, guidelines and laws of the General Traffic Directorate in the Gulf countries. The traffic directorates always recommend exercising the highest degree of prudence and caution when driving the cars, but no one responded to such guidance. Therefore, many segments of the Gulf society, especially the young people, had been notorious for speeding when driving their vehicles in the main roads, causing a lot of accidents that result in claiming the lives of the drivers and innocent passers-by. The lack of obedience to light signals at intersections and obedience to traffic signs and guidelines that are prevalent in the public streets are also among the reasons that lead to an increase in the number of traffic accidents, which rose significantly in the Gulf countries where these incidents had a significant impact in terms of civilian casualties and material losses. Therefore, I believe that a lot of the blame lies in the citizen and if everyone obeyed the light signals and took into account the sanctity of the streets, the traffic accidents and run-over accidents would not have reached today a significant number that causes all these annual losses for the Gulf countries.

  • بشير قادر


    Car accidents have caused losses of life and injuries. They are one of the problems that Gulf States suffer the most. This problem is due to over-speeding, the disrespect for traffic signs or using the phone while driving. Since the Gulf is a large area, that constitutes one of the causes behind the high rate of car accidents. There are a huge number of cars in which people drive without buckling up, or when they are in a bad mood, or when they are drunk. These circumstances blur their visions, make then unable to control the steering wheel and ultimately cause traffic accidents. So, in my point of view, the reasons behind the high rate of car accidents in the Gulf are divided into three sub-reasons. First is the quality of roads and paths that may be zigzagged or skewed. The second reason is when a mechanical breakdown takes place as a result of engine or tire failure, which is a main cause of accidents, as the car skids and goes out of control. The third reason refers to human mistakes as a result of the negligence of the importance of road safety and the disrespect for traffic laws, for example driving beyond road speed limits, which may result in his death. Several reasons for car accidents may not be mentioned but they are not excluded from the abovementioned factors according to their importance in the Gulf.

  • خلود


    The drivers in the Gulf States are famous for driving at high speed because they have modern cars. This tempts many of them to drive in a fast, reckless way, causing all those painful accidents and leading to the death of many innocent souls. Many of the drivers get distracted with other things, so they become inattentive to the road. Other reasons for accidents also include the lack of regular maintenance of the vehicles, failure to check the brakes and other safety measures. Many of the vehicle drivers do not put on the seat-belts and they do not take all the precautions to stay safe and avoid traffic accidents. So, I think the lack of commitment, driving awareness and non-compliance with traffic directions and signals at the intersections are additional reasons for accidents that cost the Gulf States a lot of losses, whether in people or money, all year long.

  • أحمد الشنواني


    I think the traffic accidents nowadays represent one of the main problems in the Gulf States. They take place because of the traffic violations that happen while driving. The losses include the death of people, whether they are drivers or passersby on the roads. Traffic accidents lead to many financial losses as well in the Gulf States. I think there are many reasons for this problem that happens quite often, leading to the deaths of many victims in the Gulf States due to car accidents. One of the causes of the accidents is the young age of the drivers, who do not have any awareness of the rules of safety and principles that they should adhere to while driving. Also, the families in the Gulf States are usually wealthy, and this is why they do not follow up on their young children who drive joyfully and recklessly in the main streets, causing many accidents. This is why I think driving in the streets should be at a reasonable speed, so that we can deal with any emergency and control the vehicle at the right time.

  • ابو خالد


    The fact that the driver is the rational subject who controls the vehicles on the road also shoulders the largest part of the responsibility for avoiding the car accidents. Hence, the officials concerned with the traffic safety should conduct researches and studies to find solutions to help the drivers in avoiding the traffic accidents.

  • نسيم كمال


    Some of the Most Important Reasons for Car Accidents Tiredness and overwork, distraction from driving, non-compliance with traffic regulations, reckless driving, lack of maintenance and routine of checking the car (vehicle), road conditions (road repair), dangerous curves and lack of safety factors and weather conditions (rain, fog, sand) can cause car accidents. Statistics and numbers of accidents and traffic violations give a picture of the traffic situation in the Gulf States in the past years. They confirm the responsibility of the human element in the traffic problems such as accidents and violations which occur on the roads of this precious country. A great deal of accidents is caused by an irresponsible driver. An analytical study was conducted by the traffic department of the holy city to point out the reasons for accidents considered to be major ones. It was found out that the reasons behind 85% of traffic accidents is, but not limited to what most researchers and observers of traffic problems have agreed upon, are linked to the human element. Most of these elements that lead to traffic accidents are: exceeding the speed limit, lack of driving efficiency, lack of efficiency and preparation of the vehicle, traffic violation, lack of attention focus from the driver, driving in unsuitable weather conditions, and driving under strong emotional and psychological instability.

  • سليم رفاعي


    The estimations of the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that the world is losing about 700 thousand lives every year, in addition to 15 million people who are injured in car accidents. The consequences of car accidents affect the individual, family and the whole society including the economic and social structure. This is because they leave behind cases of dependency and disability of the injured. It also causes: delay in work, financial expenses to cure the victims and repair of damages in the roads, facilities and vehicles.

  • نادر عاجز


    There are several reasons behind the increase in car accidents in the Gulf. Most common of them is the use of mobile phones by drivers while driving. This should be banned and enforced by imposing fines on anyone who uses a mobile phone while driving, because the driver loses concentration in the street, does not pay attention to other vehicles, and thus causes tragic accidents that may lead to serious injuries among passengers and economic damage resulting from the crash of the vehicle. Moreover, we see a lot of reckless people in the Gulf States, comprised mostly of the youth who drive the latest model cars and organize speed races with each other without heeding the instructions of safe driving. As a result, accidents occur frequently in those countries. I think the solution is that traffic departments should create plans to address these phenomena. For example, they can start special classes for those applying for a driver’s license. These classes should teach driving instructions and traffic signs. It is necessary to grant the license after passing a serious and real test. Also, it is necessary to impose strict laws to protect the lives of people from such reckless people and take away the driving license from anyone who violates those traffic laws more than once. Authorities should imprison anyone who drives without a license, because the lives of people are more important than a moment of fun sought by this reckless young man driving crazily.

  • عبد داود


    Supposedly, there will be protection of traffic by those responsible for public traffic in the Gulf States. Congestion constitutes a great danger to the lives of the citizens. There are many accidents that are taking place recently. Those issues are difficult and it is unimaginable. In my mind, there should be a traffic administration so that we would not have accidents happening. However, this issue is difficult. There should be clear traffic signs for all the citizens in order to prevent accidents. Such a large proportion constitutes great danger to the lives of thousands of people who go out to work, school and university every day. Such an accident rate is difficult to understand. We must find a solution to that problem and the officials of the General Traffic Directorate must take measures to save the citizens from these significant problems. I think that this is not that dangerous, but the risk ratio is greater than before. It is the duty of the directorates to develop new plans in order to completely maintain the life of the citizens. There should be notices and signs in the streets and cameras that record violations in order to hold accountable every abuser. There should be fines so that there will be no repetition of those situations. In my view, those issues can be solved very quickly and this is what we hope for. I pray to God that there would be no dangers to the lives of the peaceful citizens. At this rate, we have to work on finding a solution for them in order to increase the possibility of tranquility.

  • اسعد عبداللطيف


    There are a number of factors that lead to a high rate of car accidents in the countries of the Persian Gulf; the most important is speeding by teenagers and affluent youngsters in the region living high standards of life, leading to increased traffic accidents that kill a large number of Gulf people. The problem is in fact one of the most serious problems in the region due to the high proportion of the population where teenagers and young people use modern cars and four-wheel drives, which are characterized by high-speed capabilities, such as sports cars and others. The use of these vehicles is not natural in most cases, especially if there is a number of young people in a particular place and challenges take place in car racing or performing a range of fast acrobatic moves or other games in car speed racing, making it vulnerable to crash or collision, in a way which makes it one of the sources for taking the lives of others in addition to the lives of the drivers. Also, some of these young people abuse drugs or intoxicants while driving, which lead to definite death of the drivers of these fast cars, in addition to destroying many of the infrastructures of city streets, shops or other things near the streets. These actions are evidences of disregard by these young people and the lack of a sense of responsibility towards others and towards themselves because their actions lead to social damages and economic losses.

  • فواد عزيز


    The majority of the deaths in the Gulf States is because of car accidents, which exceed the deaths due to criminal acts and epidemics and even the natural disasters, according to the most recent statistics of the World Health Organization. Excessive speed and human errors remain the main causes of the traffic accidents worldwide in general and in the Gulf States in particular. This requires more serious preparations and precautions to avoid this large number of deaths and injuries in the region.

  • مصعب غانم


    The road accidents in the Gulf countries are too many and are rising continuously in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and other Gulf countries. The reason for that, in my opinion, is the great luxury that the young Khaliji people live in. Therefore, they are motivated to be irresponsible. They do not care about anything, whether for their lives or the lives of others. There is also a lack of punishment for the violators of traffic laws that is supposed to be applied to everyone, whether they are citizens or residents. The citizen does not have the right to do everything that he wants, especially those incidents that caused the loss of many innocent lives. However, there are those who boast about the car that they are driving because it is quick or modern. Then, they start a race and show their speed in the street as if they are on a race track and forget that they are in a public street where there are a lot of cars and people. I think that the lack of awareness and appropriate penalties for everyone who violates the safety laws in driving the car among other things also had a role in this. Certain conditions must be obeyed and adhered to, for instance, not eating while driving, drinking or talking on the phone. Those things are really happening and because of them, accidents become frequent, especially in our Gulf countries. These things make the driver lose his concentration and make him commit more mistakes because his reaction comes too late. The traffic departments should work more on expanding the education programs via television or seminars. They can also provide tips for the drivers as well as monitor the mistakes in order to preserve the lives of the innocent people and reduce car accidents.

  • قصي ز يدان


    The reasons for the high rates of accidents of vehicles in the Gulf countries are because of speed, recklessness and irresponsibility in driving the vehicles. Many young people have been killed as a result of their reckless driving and the increase in speed causes the highest percentage of accidents and death in the Gulf countries. Also, racing carried out by the young people in order to show off their luxurious and fast cars led to the death of many. Therefore, these reasons led to the increase in the proportion of car accidents in the Gulf. We should not forget that the accidents had caused the deaths of the innocent citizens who are present in the streets. They were victims of reckless driving, which is considered a violation of the laws that were supposed to be adhered to by all the drivers, especially the young people, and that is what is happening. They are skilled drivers and have experience, but they do not know how to drive safely. The driver has to prove his degree of ethics because driving is an art. Exceeding these things is considered immoral and the recklessness of the young people made the accident rates increase to some extent. For this reason, the government should pass laws that limit this phenomenon and it should monitor all the streets through the Traffic Department and hold accountable as well as punish all the violators and transgressors who are over-speeding. There would be complete and strict control in order to prevent any violation of the driving laws in the Gulf States.

  • سالم عبود


    Unfortunately, the rate of car accidents has increased in some of the Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones, even some of the countries like the UAE, for example. The accident rate there has exceeded the global rates, according to what is published in the most recent statistics. Mostly the reason behind those accidents is the indifference of the youth to the traffic and safety laws during driving and the insane speeds that some of them drive at, as well as not obeying the traffic rules and ethics, and also the unawareness of some drivers of the victims of those accidents, as well as the nature and the emotions of the drivers, especially the young ones among them. Moreover, the video games’ impact on the behaviors of some drivers among the youth is one of the factors that should be considered. In addition, there is also a tangible shortening by some driver training schools concerning their role in educating and teaching the drivers; some of those schools do not pay attention, except for collecting the payment for the education, in exchange for facilitating getting the driving license for the driver. And also among the important reasons is not applying the traffic system to all the violations and the limitation of these violations to the speed violation only, which creates a kind of indifference towards the violation committed by the driver. All these factors and more would create a maximum importance to putting together a book including the rules and the ethics of driving and requiring all drivers to study it, and also raising the age of driving, so as not to allow those who are not fully aware to drive cars and cause accidents.

  • ماك عبود


    Cars and vehicles are considered one of the most important causes of accidents in the Gulf States. Although the laws of the UAE allow a top speed of 120 km / h, no one has obliged car manufacturers or importers to manufacture or import cars that do not exceed this speed, taking into account some exceptions, namely lifesaving cars, ambulances and civil defense cars. Indeed, some drivers are increasing the speed of their cars above that which is determined by the factory. I wonder why car manufacturers otherwise do not take into account states’ laws, just as they take into account the circumstances of their products for shopping, through manufacturing cars that do not exceed the speed which is allowed in a particular country. In this respect, it would be suitable here to oblige car manufacturers and importers to comply with this law or to subject the imported cars to technical processes to reduce the available speed limits and ban any vehicle that has not been designed to do so.

  • صالح المرعي


    The problem of the increasing road accidents in the Gulf is not a duplicate of the same problem anywhere else in the world. In fact, this case has deeper and deadlier dimensions in the Arab world. Although the figures and statistics that estimate the number of traffic accidents and their losses are different and vary widely, depending on the party which has prepared it and the mechanisms used in data collection, all the data are in favor of an important fact; namely, that the Gulf states have maintained their positions at the top of the statistics that have dealt with this phenomenon and its devastating effects. Perhaps one of the most important causes of the aggravation of this phenomenon in the Gulf States is the vast expanses of the Arab world and the long distances between the Arab cities. For instance, the distance between the city of Mecca and Riyadh is about 900 km. Such long distances exhaust drivers. The weather also plays an important role in this phenomenon, since the hot climate in the Gulf region has a significant impact on the mood and health of drivers. This would cause them fatigue because of the long distance. In addition, the population growth in the Gulf countries is also a major reason. Indeed, the population doubles once every 20 years, which means a greater density in urban communities and an accumulation of inhabitants, leading to traffic congestion that contributes to the aggravation of the crisis. Besides, we should add another main reason to the previous ones, namely the significant improvement of the economic conditions of citizens in the Gulf States. The latter has led to the increased rates of ownership of private vehicles, which have increased in cities and in rural areas, because of their importance for all citizens. Furthermore, the number of farmers who have private trucks to help them with farming has also increased; thereby the problem of traffic accidents has increased in rural areas as well.

  • قادر محمود جياد


    Among the main reasons that lead to road accidents in the country is the lack of compliance with the rules of the road, lack of attention while driving, speed which exceeds the maximum allowed, use of cell phones and the preoccupation with them while driving, frequent exposure of children in the car, and absence of a safety seat belt for children under the age of five years. Thus, we must consider having programs for traffic awareness about the importance of using seatbelts, car seats for children, proper planning of urban complexes, establishment of a network of safe roads, pathways for the pedestrians, cyclists and others, improvement of roads, quality of vision day and night, examining the ethics of traffic behavior of the road users, and educational materials for the regulations of traffic that would be taught in driving schools and would be applied to all the drivers. The traffic enforcer is eligible to be a role model for the rest of the drivers, thus compelling manufacturers and importers to comply with the already set speed limits or subject the imported cars for the technical processes in the reduction of the speed limits available, and not to allow the licensing of any vehicle that did not adhere to this.

  • محسن الشويلي


    Vehicles are considered among the most important causes of accidents in the Gulf States. However, the specifications of the cars do not fit with the conditions, nature and topography of the Gulf States. The manufacturers of cars or any other do not take into account the circumstances of their products to market them and the laws of the State regarding the speed. In fact, nobody can oblige the car manufacturers or importers not to manufacture or import vehicles exceeding the speed limit set by the state, taking into account some exceptions to the cars such as rescue, ambulance and civil defense vehicles, not to apply the rules and the ethics of traffic. The Driving Schools did not do their role in raising the awareness of the drivers and applying the traffic system for all the offenses. There is also the lack of maintenance and inspection of the vehicle. The road conditions including the acts that may be on the road, the dangerous curves, the absence of safety factors, the unsuitable weather, or climate are also causes for accidents.

  • شريف احمد بلال


    Road accidents became a significant concern and anxiety for all members of the society. This became one of the most important problems that drained the financial and human resources as well as targeting societies. The most important life constituent is the human factor in addition to the incurred social and psychological problems, and huge financial losses. The Gulf countries suffer from these problems because of the economic situation, the increasing commercial and industrial activity, and the large percentage of employment in these countries. There are common elements and factors that are interrelated in the responsibility for causing road accidents and one of those is the human element, which is the driver. However, the driver is the rational element and the master in dealing with the vehicle and the road. The greatest responsibility lies with him in avoiding an accident, especially the young people who lack awareness. Video games have an impact on the behavior of some young drivers. Fatigue or the preoccupation experienced by the driver from driving may cause reckless driving as well as serious psychological and emotional situations for some drivers that will make them increase the speed of their cars.

  • فتحي سعيد


    It is surprising that the Gulf States are witnessing a rise in the proportion of car accidents with regard to the small number of their inhabitants. While these states are aspiring to achieve development and progress, these accidents are likely to hinder their efforts to achieve more progress. In fact, car accidents are causing significant losses to those countries, both in money and lives, which could otherwise be a great support for development. Chief among the causes of those accidents is human error, because drivers do not comply with the traffic rules and they speed up. In fact, the youth in the Gulf are racing in the roads as a kind of competition, which causes the loss of many lives. The young people in particular are the victims of more and more dangerous car accidents. The carelessness and the distractedness of these young people make them drive frivolousy. On the other hand, we should not overlook the climatic factor in the Gulf States, where sudden dust storms are very frequent. The dust storms play a major role in car accidents. Besides, the geographic nature of these states is characterized by mismatched mountain roads and off-road driving, which are partly the cause of accidents. However, human errors represent the number one cause of accidents, including the behavior of drivers, the use of mobile phones while driving, and the failure to scrupulously check the vehicle before traveling. In this respect, the other reasons include neglect, indifference and the lack of concentration while driving, not to mention the lack of safety belts, the underestimation of the risk, fatigue, sleepiness and the destructive effects of alcohol and drugs.

  • فريد غسان


    Unfortunately, the reason behind accidents is that those who encounter such accidents are always under the influence of alcohol or drugs and that is unacceptable by all traffic laws and driving rules in all countries around the world. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue and prevent any driver from driving while being out of consciousness because most accidents take place among teenagers who always tend to break rules of safety by eating, talking on cell phones, or breaking speed limits. Young people at this age are always characterized by their tendency for challenges, courage, recklessness and impatience.

  • ابو صالح


    I think that this is due to the recklessness of young people who drive cars in the Gulf States and are trying to show off amongst themselves by driving fast. The recklessness and lack of awareness among young people in the Gulf States are the reasons behind the continuous rise in car accidents in the Gulf region in general. Some of them never care about safety, such as not talking on mobile phones or to a friend, or not buckling seat belts while driving. The young generation needs to be aware of such things in order to avoid committing breaches. Also, it is necessary to further activate the supervisory role of the traffic services, monitor violations and impose more fines, including imprisonment, in order for young people to learn some lessons and reduce the rate of accidents because of which we lose so many people, most of whom are young people, who cause losses and grief to their families as a result of losing their lives in traffic accidents due to the lack of awareness of the risks of driving in a crazy way for fun. Driving is not fun or for entertainment, but rather the driver must be aware of the consequences if he causes an accident. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers do not have the slightest knowledge of traffic and safety laws and importance of traffic signals.