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Al-Qaeda's funding sources drying up

Osama bin Laden's death and the impact of the Arab Spring revolutions have caused funding problems for al-Qaeda's leader, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri. [Ho New/Reuters]

Osama bin Laden's death and the impact of the Arab Spring revolutions have caused funding problems for al-Qaeda's leader, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri. [Ho New/Reuters]



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When Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri succeeded slain al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in June 2011, it was clear that he faced a daunting task in rebuilding an organisation suffering from a severe depletion of its ranks as a result of the blows it received, particularly in the Afghanistan - Pakistan border areas.

It was also clear that al-Zawahiri needed to find a solution to the challenge posed by the Arab Spring revolutions. The strength of the demonstrations illustrated that the majority in the Arab street did not support al-Qaeda's policy of advocating change through violence, nor were they convinced of its justifications for attacking the West, as the West stood by the Arab peoples in their quest for greater political freedom.

And now it appears that al-Zawahiri needs to find a solution to another problem, one that most likely started years ago but has been exacerbated by the killing of Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan in May 2011; specifically, a shortfall in donor funds.

Nine months after Bin Laden's death, not one retaliatory attack has been carried out, which may be a result of the organisation's inability to conduct operations or its unpreparedness to do so at this time. Another reason may be that the myriad of security services in Western and Arab countries are on high alert to prevent possible attacks from occurring.

Another factor delaying or hindering the conduct of attacks could be a shortfall in donor funds to al-Qaeda. This lack of funds may be affecting its ability to make the necessary preparations for large operations that require substantial financing, in addition to the cost of recruiting and training operatives.

Shortfall in donor funds not new

The shortfall in donor funding for al-Qaeda in Waziristan is, in fact, not new. Frequent reports of funding shortfalls have been circulating for years. Al-Zawahiri highlighted the issue explicitly in a June 2005 letter to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former leader of al-Qaeda's branch in Iraq.

Al-Zawahiri requested that al-Zarqawi transfer a large sum of money ($100,000) to the leadership of the organisation. In his letter, al-Zawahri refers to an interruption in al-Qaeda's funding following the arrest of Abu Faraj al-Libi, a leader in the organisation, even though al-Zawahiri described the organisation's financial status as "good" in general, which means that some funds were still reaching al-Qaeda in Waziristan at the time.

It is not clear if donations to al-Qaeda, which come mostly from supporters in Gulf countries, declined further or increased in the years after this letter was written, but new information from Waziristan does not indicate that the organisation is in a better position militarily or financially.

An Afghani operative who fought alongside al-Qaeda said the organisation's presence in Waziristan has contracted significantly, their ranks thinning to no more than a few dozen individuals. The young Afghan, named Hafez Hanif, told Newsweek in an interview published January 2nd that he sought information about a group of al-Qaeda fighters that he had not heard from since the killing of Bin Laden and found out they were living in dire conditions with their ranks greatly depleted.

While Hanif said "money is a more significant problem [for al-Qaeda] than the thinning of its ranks", the fighter's uncle told the magazine his sources confirm that the organisation's donor funding, which used to be in the millions of dollars each year from Gulf donors, has dried up.

Donor funds go to other causes

It appears that donor funds now go to causes other than those of al-Qaeda's leadership, which has apparently become marginalised and isolated in its Waziristan hideout. Hanif's uncle said he thinks "Arab people now think the fight should be political at home and not terrorism aimed at the West", and that "the peaceful struggle on Arab streets has accomplished more than Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri ever have".

If the information provided by these Afghans is true, it would reinforce the widely held belief that the organisation is at risk of ceasing to be an effective force, as it was in Afghanistan in the years prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

This impression was reinforced during the Arab Spring demonstrations, and again following Bin Laden's death. Also, media reports confirmed al-Qaeda's loss of many of its leaders and members in air strikes and clashes with Pakistani forces.

Newsweek's report indicated that al-Qaeda, which once had hundreds of fighters in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border areas, now has no more than a few dozen left in the area, probably including al-Zawahiri and Abu Yahya al-Libi. This paltry number confirms that al-Qaeda has been reduced to a marginal role. The absence of al-Qaeda fighters in the battles being waged by the Pakistani and Afghan branches of the Taliban against the governments of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Western forces is another sign of its weakened position.

The fact that al-Qaeda is facing these problems in Waziristan does not mean the organisation is finished, and it could still carry out a suicide attack to avenge Bin Laden's killing. But even if al-Qaeda succeeds in carrying out a revenge attack, that would probably not signify a fundamental change in its status if the shortfall in fighters and funding continues, and if it remains marginalised amidst the mostly peaceful Arab Spring revolutions.



    حمادة الزيات


    May God have mercy on the Sheikh!

  • محمد مسعود


    If he is right, why he did not do something for Palestine and we did not hear that he fired a single bullet at Israel? He is an infiltrator and a traitor.

  • ابو سيف


    Listen well O servants of God, open the minds before toy open the eyes, is terrorism self-defense and right to live at home and right to practice religion, or it’s assault across the oceans and others - on innocent people in their country and sacking all that they have unjustly? – The history of freedom and democracy claimants; is not hidden from anyone.

  • فواد محمد السواري


    : 29 Brothers, stop being ignorant. Bin Laden is America's spoilt favorite child, because the funds were American. Now his role is over, and what remains is for America to gain control over the Arabian oil. Wake up, Arabs!

  • مع القاعده أين حلت وأرتحلت


    May God bless sheikh Osama's soul and have mercy on him; guide the wise sheikh Amir Ayman al-Zawahiri, preserve him and grant victory to him and his followers! As for those agents, employed by America in order to delude the nation into thinking that al-Qaeda has become weak and that it is finished: if al-Qaeda were really over with, why are they making such a fuss, urging people and stirring them up against al-Qaeda everywhere? If al-Qaeda has been defeated, how is it that they have control over Abyan, and many parts of Shabwa in Yemen? America was unable to chase and fight them. Al-Qaeda has been in control of Abyan for more than a year. If al-Qaeda's supporters and financiers used to do this for the sake of Sheikh Osama, I don't think that someone would risk his money for the sake of one person. I think all Muslims support al-Qaeda, and their support is not for an individual. Take for example the personalities that support al-Qaeda, like Sheikh Abu Mohammed al- Maqdessi, who is in jail in Jordan now, Doctor Sa'ud al-Hashimi, who is in prison in Saudi Arabia and has been sentenced to 30 years, and others who support al-Qaeda, such as Fareeda', out of a sense of duty, not because of a relationship with a person whom they follow, like Sheikh Osama, bless his soul, or Sheikh Doctor Ayman, may God keep him. Their support is not directed towards a certain person, just like jihad, which is not permitted for one person rather than others. If al-Qaeda is weak, and at the same time it was able to defeat the enemy in America and Europe, then what will happen if all Muslims united and took revenge on America? Believe me, they will invade America and Europe; moreover, they will work for the benefit of all Muslims. Peace be upon all those who follow Islam!

  • [email protected]


    Bin ladin is an American invention, and the Americans killed him.

  • hamdy aly


    Don't you know who created terrorism and terrorists? The Arab leaders did it and pit one group against another. They make one group like a beast and uncontrollable, and then its end comes at their hands. This is what happened with Sadat, who sold Egypt and the Arab cause. He threw away Abdel Nasser's inheritance and fell into the hands of the Americans. He sold Sinai. His successor followed him and bought his own interests in return for fighting the terrorists and terrorism against western targets, even if they fight tourists who control people's livelihoods. Through this attitude, corruption spread and grew up. The three sides don't want to destroy the others in order to make terrorism go on living, and the people die. We are from God and to Him we return.

  • lمصرى


    Some people live and others …

  • ابو امحمد


    What al Qaeda provided the enemies of Islam with, cannot be matched with the gold of the entire world, as far as mutilating the name of Islam is concerned! The insulting things against the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, connecting Islam and Muslims with terrorism, are all caused by al Qaeda scumbags!

  • samer


    Actually, my brother, they insulted religion, it was assumed that we would honor the Americans in Iraq and welcome them with flowers and herbs, rewarding them for the killing of the people of Palestine, giving gifts to their agents. They must help the Americans fully in their construction of new towers, as a reward to them for the destruction of Muslim countries, if they were originally Muslims. God bless Sheikh Osama and strengthen Sheikh Ayman's footsteps! Amen!

  • arab eco


    America will finance or give orders to any of the Gulf rulers to be financed, to help it commit terrorist operations somewhere; then America comes to chase it and occupy that country.

  • الكنج


    God is against the tyrant and He will punish him severely.

  • عابد


    Osama Bin Laden is an American toy that was exploited in the Cold War, and it resulted in the distortion of Islam, and it fell into the gutter. You will always find that "Al-Qaeda" supporters are owners of sacred money, rigid brains, hypocritical behavior and serious mental illnesses. After money increased with the citizen in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia, and after feeding his perverted sexual desires, he thought that he could win over the Lord by his money and sacrifice, so He would forgive him for that corruption that does not stop.

  • نور محمود


    Al-Qaeda and its criminal acts have to be stopped. We should know that what they are doing, including the work of the Muslims, is wrong. The Muslims are peaceful people and do not call for matters of war or fighting. The terrorists are doing this business and al-Qaeda is working in order to tarnish the reputation of the Islamic religion in any way. We Muslims must stand in front of that criminal group that is working for evil. The Arab world and the whole world have to know that the al-Qaeda wants only to distort the reputation of Islam and the Muslims. We must fight them in a variety of ways. We will confront them in order to stop them from harming us. O Lord, please protect your religion through your servants. O Lord, humiliate whoever does not want the goodness for Islam and the Muslims, Amen.

  • المشوش


    This talk is strange! How come Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, which host the biggest American base in their lands, finance Al-Qaeda? They support the Americans because they accept their presence on their lands. Fear God and don't say things which you are not sure of. May God bless our beloved Sheikh Bin Laden, if I think well of him and if he didn't kill an innocent person. May God guide the Gulf Emirs to the right route!

  • نامق الركابي


    All the countries must unite to eliminate the terrorist organization. They must gain access to this criminal named al-Zawahiri and eliminate him to end this terrorist organization, its crimes and its lies. Who is al-Zawahiri to set himself the ruler of the Muslims? Who gave him permission to fight for the sake of religion? There are senior scholars who have big names in the Islamic religion. Even if they want to reform the nation, they will give the commands. We should not forget that the Islamic religion is a religion of tolerance and problem solving in the best manner, not with blood, murder or bloodshed of the innocent people.

  • عمران


    Al-Qaeda is the most dangerous terrorist group in the whole Arab world.

  • مها


    Al Qaeda is carrying out the dirtiest crimes on this planet! In the event of every al-Qaeda terrorist attack, we discover a new sophisticated criminal technique. We would say that the latest operation is the most despicable ever. I pray to Almighty God to make al-Qaeda perish and to curse it forever. We, the helpless Iraqi people, are supplicating Almighty God to grant us triumph. We can do nothing but pray to God. No one will come to our rescue but God. We have begged all the people to help us, but to no avail. You are our only Helper. O Lord of the Worlds! Help us to prevail over al-Qaeda and all our enemies! Make your curse fall on the members and supporters of al-Qaeda sooner, and not later. Make it visible, and not hidden. O God! Help the military and police troops to track down al-Qaeda members. Make your believers in Iraq feel joy, happiness and tranquility through the quick elimination of all the members of this organization. O God.

  • سعد طه


    I wish all the men of the world were like al-Qaeda. Everyone would shut up. The al-Qaeda men are an example to follow. If Muslims thought like al-Qaeda, we wouldn't have war in Iraq, nor occupation in Palestine nor division in Sudan, nor what Bashaar is doing in Syria! All the good things are in God's Sharia, and then in the religious scholars.

  • سناء


    No doubt that its finances won't dry up, because whoever finances it wants it to survive, because his plans in the Arab region haven't ended, yet. By the presence of "al-Qaeda" their plans will be easily carried out, because America made it and promoted it. We have never seen any actions by "al-Qaeda" towards Zionists that occupy the first Qebla for Muslims. We haven't seen it targeting any establishment or any of the Zionist leaders anywhere. So their only task is to kill and slaughter Muslims and Arabs. These mercenaries are responsible for millions of victims. Therefore their mission hasn't ended yet, from the Pentagon and the Zionists' point of view.

  • سامي علي


    Al-Zawahiri participated in encouraging many of the youth who joined the al-Qaeda terrorist organization to carry out terrorist and malicious operations that harmed the reputation of Islam. They were always seeking to carry out bombings, suicide attacks, assassinations, and robberies in addition to their insistence on disassociating the people on sectarian and religious bases. He was also exploiting the chaos and unstable conditions of the state to increase turbulence, violence, and internal fighting.

  • رائد


    Al-Zawahiri recruited and instigated the youth to adopt violence and criminality and to foment sectarian strife among the Muslims. He always used the language of arms, violence, and terrorism to intimidate the people who suffer from tough conditions. He also exploits these conditions in order to spread the cells of al-Qaeda, especially in the countries that witnessed such conditions like Iraq, Afghanistan, and currently Yemen, which experiences a state of instability and chaos as a result of the popular demands to change the oppressive and corrupt governments. Al-Qaeda and al-Zawahiri exploit such circumstances to infiltrate the people and spread their thoughts and malicious beliefs among them depending on their religious emotions. They use Islam as a cover for all their criminal and horrible acts, in addition to their use of money to tempt the youth into joining the terrorist organization and carrying out terrorist operations against the innocent citizens. The latter method has a significant influence because the majority of the Arab people suffer from poverty, hunger, unemployment, deprivation, and corruption. Hence, al-Zawahiri and his group exploited this weakness in spreading the ideology of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization among the people and spreading destruction and death everywhere.

  • عبد الرحمن ماجد


    Al-Qaeda in Iraq is one of the criminal projects that are employed by some countries which have ambitions to take control of Iraq's wealth through targeting innocent civilians. They also aim to spread fear and panic in the country through murdering the largest possible number of the innocent and pushing others to run away to neighboring or other countries. In so doing, these criminal organizations will be able to take control of the country and the remaining people who support these Organizations, and show obedience and loyalty to them or those who do not present any danger to them. In fact, al-Qaeda has followed this criminal path in order to thwart the democratic experience in Iraq and try continuously to engage the country in a sectarian war that would burn everything. In so doing, al-Qaeda will manage to expand its power in the country and take full control with the least material and human losses which it is subjected to because Iraqis refuse its criminal acts.

  • ادهم العربي


    The financing of Al-Qaeda will not stop, because those intelligence agents will play different roles according to the nature of the geography of their workplace. We all notice the epidemic emergence of the so-called Islamists‎, who glorify Osama bin Laden in other offices, in the courtiers of the Arab Spring. Osama bin Laden made to expel the Soviets from Afghanistan, and the current role is to cause chaos in order to destroy the Arab states internally, as is the case in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Egypt, and politically, as a first phase of chaos. This is the new role of al-Qaeda, which is used by the west to mitigate the popular and economic costs of direct military interference. ‎

  • أبو أسامة المقدسي


    Al-Qaeda will continue vexing the hypocrites! O God! Have mercy upon the revered sheikh Osama bin Laden and save his followers. Amen.

  • أحمد الشنواني


    Since the U.S. occupation of Iraq under the pretext of eliminating the terrorist regime of Saddam - as described - numerous forms of terrorism have come into existence in the conservative Iraqi society, and hardly a day passes without a terrorist attack occurring, either in the market or a place of worship or a public facility or others. These forms of terrorism have also appeared among the religious communities together. Thus, the Iraqi forces should have intervened to combat terrorism in all its forms and should seek to spread safety and security throughout Iraq. The Iraqi forces do all they can with regard to combating terrorism. Some of the Iraqi forces are killed in order to deploy security and safety, but they should make more efforts and devote time and money to eliminating terrorism completely. The Iraqi forces must unite and be together more, and show cruelty in the face of terrorists and not to be tolerant with them in any way. They must secure the places of worship, markets and public buildings in a strong and tough way, as these places are always exposed to terrorist attacks. The Iraqi forces are required to comply fully with the requirements of Iraq, and not allow the enemies to intervene in any form under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

  • ليث زكريا


    God's curse on the groups of the terrorist al-Qaeda, who caused all these terrorist attacks and the spilling of much innocent blood. They were the cause of the deterioration of the situation in Iraq, as they caused the deaths of many people, they have displaced, made homeless, robbed and assaulted the people's rights and honor, and they split up the people through implanting sedition and sectarianism, as well as the creation of hatred and hostility among religions. They have also attacked the houses of God, mosques and churches, and also there have been attacks on departments, schools, hospitals and houses. They have caused destruction, sabotage, tampering, bombings, booby-trapping and suicide operations. For this reason, they are pariahs and malicious groups and that are working on the shedding of innocent blood, and they are also gangs and armed militias that constitute a risk, violence, horror and fear for the Iraqi people, and not the Iraqi people only, but many other countries which witnessed unstable and chaotic situations, and are void of security and stability. Therefore, the elimination of all the malignant terrorist elements must be accomplished, those who harm and damage people, because they are always trying to get money and also causing the image of the Islamic religion to be tarnished. This is what they deliberately did so that people will keep away from the Islamic religion, and that religion will be banished.

  • حميد الغراوي


    It would be better if there were a lot of organizations that work on the spreading of peace and the fight against terrorist ideology through communication and continuity with people and spreading the ideas that aim for goodness, tranquility and stability, in order to counter any terrorist attempts aimed at killing, violence and terrorism. This will enable a lot of people to understand the true nature of these elements and what the goal is behind all the activities that they do. They always seek to fight all the people without any exception, and they do not differentiate between people, whether children, women, elderly or young people, Muslims or Christians or Muslims of different sects. For them, all are equal and they do all this in order to spread their black terrorist thoughts, which aim for violence and bloodshed and having money and tarnishing the image of the true Islamic religion. For this reason, they must be fought through the spread of peace, and they must not be given any attention and they must be ignored. This is the best and the right solution.

  • علي شعبان


    Sheikh Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri do not depend on donations as much as they care about supporting Islam. Their faith is too strong to be weakened by the lack of donations and we are behind them.

  • اسد


    It seems that the begging hands of Al-Qaeda will reach all people, and I advise them to get rid of the cover of Islam and try something suitable to their deeds, such as prostitution or drug dealing.

  • ibrahem


    Whoever kills will be killed eventually. Whoever kills people with the sword, will be killed with the same sword.

  • iraq2000


    Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq with an iron fist, and he made Iraq enter into wars that destroyed the Iraqi economy. Were it not for his actions, the USA would have never thought of occupying Iraq.

  • جمال سالم الاخوانى


    We ask God to have mercy upon the heroic martyr and sheikh Osama bin Laden. I ask God to admit him to Paradise and to provide us with a similar end, while we perform jihad to restore the Al-Aqsa mosque, God willing.

  • شفيع ناصر


    The presence of the groups of Al-Qaeda proves strongly that they have supporters and financers who provide them with all that they need including land, money, arms, equipment, and youths to carry out all that is required from them. Hence, all people focus on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States as possible financiers of the groups of Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, which started controlling the Arab arena and behaving as they wish. These terrorist groups carry out all sorts of crimes including bombings, suicide attacks, kidnappings, torture, slaughter and many other countless terrorist crimes. Therefore, it is necessary that Saudi Arabia must stop all this terror and fear, and fight all those who finance the presence of these terrorist cells in the Arab arena especially the states that witness many disturbances, chaos, and instability because of the policies of the unsuccessful and dictatorial governments. Al-Qaeda works on exploiting such aspects to serve them and expand the scope of their activities through recruiting new youth who are being deceived by money or religion to be controlled and exploited in carrying out the terrorist attacks against the innocent Arab citizens. Iraq suffered from much bloodshed and terror and offered many martyrs from women, children, and elders. Hence, all those who support terrorism must stop immediately and suffice with what happened. Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf States must stop the operation of financing these terrorist groups.

  • الحر


    My brothers, stop being ignorant! Bin Laden was the spoiled child of the CIA, because the money that was sent to him was from America. Now, it is all over. They control the revenues of Arab oil. Wake up, Arabs!

  • جمال خباب


    Poverty does play a crucial role as an initiator of violence, but there is no direct connection between poverty and terrorism. I define poverty as when the income is unable to sustain the food, shelter, and clothing requirements. Poverty results in uneducated youth leading to generations who can easily believe in deviant teachings. Poverty can lead to the logic of social hostility, which could make people more likely join a terrorist group. However, a low level of political rights can also result in high chances of terrorism. The widening rift between government and citizens can also create circumstances that will prefer the extremists’ ideology. Usually when countries are victims of poverty, they are forced to accept any methods to earn money and fulfill the basic requirements of living. Suicide bombers and other small terrorist clans do give birth because they have no means to earn. It is also believed that remonstrations, ferocity, and even terrorism can aid the poor economic conditions of the country.

  • زياد


    I agree with the comment by the first one, brother Ekramah.

  • عباس


    Indeed, the righteous will be in pleasure, and indeed, the wicked will be in Hellfire. * O God, empower Islam and Muslims, and humiliate polytheism and polytheists! O God, destroy your enemies, the enemies of religion!

  • هانى محمحد فؤاد


    May God have mercy on Sheikh Osama!

  • نور


    May God have mercy on these people: 1- Omar al-Mokhtar 2- Saddam Hussein 3- Gamal Abdul Nasser 4- Abu Ghazalah and 5- Osama Bin Laden! They are the leaders of the Arabs; each one of them has a history with the west. So, I hope you will understand!

  • أبن العراق


    I direct my criticism to all of the Gulf countries and their practices, which I cannot help but describe as being an important part of terrorism, because they are the main financiers. I criticize Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries for supporting the work on destabilizing security in a lot of countries through terrorist acts that are committed by blasphemous criminals, who caused a lot of tragedies among the innocent civilians. The Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia on top of them, are among the most detrimental countries that caused harm to Iraq and other neighboring countries. Their support to al-Qaeda was not in the form of financial aid only, but they also supported it with weapons and also men who were easily crossing the borders into Iraq. This support is the reason behind all this destruction. In Iraq, we suffered so much as a result of the support al-Qaeda was receiving and then using it to commit hideous operations against Iraqis. This support was the reason that prolonged the lifespan of al-Qaeda in Iraq and many other countries, which also suffered from terrorism. Therefore, the Gulf countries deserved to be criticized very harshly. God bestowed on them wealth and bounties for man and not for supporting terrorism and killing the innocent.

  • عكرمة ابو خوصة


    You say Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization; and say the USA is the compassionate, soft-hearted country that does not kill, torture and rape in Iraq and Afghanistan?! The biggest example is Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. Yet, you left the whole world alone and you aimed at al-Qaeda. Don't you know that ever since the religion was revealed at the time of the great Messenger until now, religion for America has been terrorism? Yet, God is sufficient for us, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs. Wake up, Arabs! Isn't it time to live in freedom and kick the Jews and Americans out of the Arab countries? If a resistance emerges, then it is terrorism, such as Hamas, al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood, along with others.

  • عارف حسين


    My God have mercy on the striving leader, Sheikh Osama!

  • صبحي الياسري


    If one traces how al-Qaeda was formed, he will realize that this terrorist organization first emerged in Afghanistan. This organization was founded and supplied with material, moral, and weaponry support in order to fight the army of the Soviet Union, which occupied Afghanistan then. Therefore, there were a lot of countries whose interests would conflict due to the presence of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Historically, we know what the situation was like between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, where competition is still at its zenith in producing all types of advanced weaponry and in dominating all the countries of the world, especially the Middle East, or the third world countries, as they were labeled previously. Thus, I believe that America played a big role in expelling the Soviet Army from Afghani land by supporting the armed groups that were resisting the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. This material and military support enabled these armed groups to turn into one of the terrorist organizations later by means of the power they were gaining. Today, the entire world talks about this terrorist organization due to its criminal acts. Not only did al-Qaeda practice its acts in Afghanistan, but it also exported its ideas and operations to all the countries of the world. This organization possessed so many capabilities, to the extent of threatening the security of the United States of America. It became the number one enemy of America. Thus, the American Army started to collide with this organization as what happened in Afghanistan after 9/11, which was one of the biggest security incidents the world has ever witnessed throughout history.

  • علي نبيل


    It is better that there be a proper and accurate spread of the Islamic religion and this should be done at the hands of good people who really love their religion and what has been mentioned in it, not to be by force, killing, violence, terrorism and terrifying the people and obliging them to stick to the Islamic religion against the will of everybody, as well as killing all those who try not to be with them. This is an attack against humanity because God does not feel satisfied with oppression against his creatures; those who claim the Islamic religion should consider all the killing, bombings, explosions, suicide operations and claiming the innocent lives of women, children and Sheikhs that they have carried out. Where can they escape from God with all these crimes that have stained their hands with the blood of the innocent people? And where are they in relation to the Islamic religion that does not call for violence or shedding the blood of the Muslims and what they have carried out from honest and real calls as well as spreading goodness and love; did they consider this aspect at all? They have not used it at all and we did not hear one day that anyone from the al-Qaeda organization has gone out to the people and preached to them or advised and guided them into doing something good, but all they did was use war, killing, threatening and sowing differences between the peoples of the different religions as well as the various Islamic sects and made the Muslims fight among themselves. Which religion do they claim? The Islamic religion is the religion of goodness, peace, love, mercy and rubbing the heads of the orphans; there is nothing more than the orphans who have been left by the groups of the Al-Qaeda organization, the fanatics and the tough guys. This is the simplest example for what they have been carrying out and it proves the credibility of what I said. There is a great difference between the Al-Qaeda organization and the slaughtering with the sword they are carrying out and the enforcement of the Islamic religion in the Islamic religions which follow the right, proper and peaceful method and which work on spreading it among the people while they are enjoying extreme comfort, happiness and tranquility.

  • محمد امين


    The battle that the world entered a few years ago to fight the terrorist organizations, at the top of which is the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization, is one of the fierce battles, and it is still continuing to this day. The United States of America is one of the countries whose armies are at the forefront of the world armies in this battle, which was one of the most severe world battles. The war against the terrorist organization today is like a world war, as all the world’s countries are taking part in this battle, and the great majority of the world countries could expose their security and stability to be harmed by the cowardly terrorist operations which reach the civilians.

  • مسلمة


    "Verily, the righteous believers, will be in Delight. And verily, the wicked will be in Hell." -Surat al-Ifitar: 13-14. May God empower Islam and Muslims and humiliate disbelief and the infidels! May God defeat the enemies of religion!

  • عمروا خاليد


    As the saying goes, fever comes from the feet, it is true that the fever with deep regret came from the people closest to the Arabs and that is the Gulf States who have betrayed them. They were the real financiers of the despicable and cowardly al-Qaeda organization that works to spread corruption and terrorism on earth. They want al-Qaeda to gain more power in order to rid itself of a large weight and let the burden fall on the Arabs. They never want anything good to happen for the Arabs because all of their dirty work is done at the expense of foreign countries. Regrettably, the evolution in the Gulf countries was caused by the money of the poor Arabs who do not know that al-Qaeda gets strength from the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia is the country where the House of God is. It is bad enough that the al-Qaeda slowly degrades the Islamic religion, but the Gulf States work with terrorism and terrorists and are funding them to destroy the rest of the Muslims. God Almighty will be against them and the right will prevail no matter what. The Gulf States have succeeded in development and all of this was because of the money that they took from the Arabs and gave to the terrorists for funding.

  • هلال حميد


    The strength of al-Qaeda has dropped significantly and now we have to take advantage of that opportunity and thwart its plans against the Arabs and Muslims. With God’s will, they have begun to weaken and now they will not be able to do anything about it. I ask God to save the Arab and Islamic Nations from terrorism and the terrorists’ despicable and cowardly acts. I abhor them the most and hell will be their rightful place in the afterlife. Amen.

  • نجيب شلال


    Through God’s will, there will be no more terrorism and the U.S. Forces had weakened the acts of terrorism and the terrorists of al-Qaeda, and the war that the United States fought has helped a lot in weakening its power. In my opinion, what al-Qaeda is doing to the Arabs and the Muslims shows clearly and explicitly that it wants to defame Islam and Muslims. TheEuropean countries as well as the U.S. knew that al-Qaeda is just vile and they just wanted to discredit Islam and Muslims. However, Almighty God is with the righteous and the Arabs are good people, but the despicable al-Qaeda works on dispersing them and wants to distort their reputation in any way. The U.S. Forces have a significant role in saving the Arab Nation from the oppression of the al-Qaeda and it is necessary for us to work hard in order to rid the Arab world, as well as the whole world, of the evil of terrorism and the terrorists.

  • خليل اسما عيل


    The United States has a great role in rescuing the Arab and European States from a lot of vile and malevolent business carried out by the despicable and cowardly al-Qaeda and they were able to save people from them most of the time. We all know what happened at the beginning of the year two thousand and the work of al-Qaeda against America and what Osama bin Laden planned for the bombing of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The United States has taken its right when it chased after Osama bin Laden, who has managed to raise terrorism on earth. Thankfully, the target has been achieved and the U.S. Forces have been able to get rid of him and Abdul Rahman Ben Attia, who was also planning a lot of despicable and cowardly acts. I thank the American Forces which have reduced a lot of al-Qaeda's strength by foiling its plans of terrorism and this matter is one of the things deserving of all the appreciation and trust of many people. I respect them the most as they have rescued thousands of people from the threat of terrorism and the terrorists.

  • جنيد عطيوي


    Terrorism cannot proceed in committing injustice without the support and financing of some Gulf countries. I will only say that God is sufficient for me, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs. May God punish all the criminals who pay money to attack humanity and countries! Let the oppressors know that the path of evil and terrorism has a short life span. God will defeat the oppressors and make them a lesson to others in the present life and give them painful torture in the hereafter, because of what their hands committed and their financing of the terrorist organizations.

  • عطية محمد


    One of the causes of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the USA, which succeeded in achieving significant technological and scientific leaps at that time, was the ability of the USA to outdo the Soviet Union in exploiting and looting the Third World. Given the lack of balance between the Soviet army and the Afghan Mujahideen as to their military capabilities, the Soviets committed horrible massacres that spared no men, women or children. However, the mujahideen refused to surrender in the face of this oppression, and they continued fighting despite their limited capabilities; they faced the bullets of their enemies with their bare chests until they managed to weaken the land military operations of the Soviet army because of this extraordinary courage. Therefore, the Soviet forces resorted to the use of the fighters and helicopters against the Afghans and killed many of them. At this point, the USA started supporting the Afghan fighters and provided them with the anti-aircraft missiles and other aggressive weapons, in addition to financial aid. Hence, the Afghan fighters succeeded in defeating the Soviet Union and expelling it by force form Afghanistan. Following this great victory, the al-Qaeda terrorist organization turned against the USA, which had helped it to defeat the Russians, and the US lands were targeted by terrorist attacks. This terrorist organization succeeded in attracting many of the supporters who offered it funds to expand its operations to include most of the counties, especially the Arab ones, which made these countries cooperate with the USA in order to eliminate al-Qaeda, which aspires to be the striking force in the region.

  • عبدالصمد شريف


    I want to pose one question to the terrorists, just to ask about one thing only because they do not claim to be Muslims. Where are the Islam and Muslims and the righteous? God is not pleased with injustice and you are killing people who have no guilt. The Islamic religion is not a game between your hands and you cannot do whatever you want with it. Yemenis must work hard in order to rid their country of bloodshed and the loss of a lot of people. I want to tell you that you cannot discredit Islam and Muslims as infidels because they are not doing what you are doing. All the European countries and the whole world know that the Islamic religion is an indulgent religion free of problems, pain, and the killing of the innocent without guilt. The infidels of al-Qaeda are working hard in order to kill our women, our children, and our elders without any guilt. With God’s will, righteousness will come and the false deeds will be blighted. Allah is with the Muslims in good and bad times. I call with all my heart to the Islamic and Arab Nations that the fate of al-Qaeda will be in hell.

  • سامي صابر


    If we consider the lies of al-Qaeda in the fight against the West and the spread of U.S. Forces in the Arab world and its attempts to control and eliminate Islam as they claim, why not fight the U.S. bases scattered in all the Gulf countries while the biggest and the largest of their bases are in Qatar, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia because all of those countries are being protected by American soldiers. The game has begun. I hope that the Gulf States will stop the financing of al-Qaeda because they will be held accountable before God for the innocent bloodshed in the Muslim countries due to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

  • مصطفي العزاوي


    The war against terrorism came on time because only God knows what al-Qaeda was planning and why it wants complete control over the Arab and Islamic Nation. However, today it is chased by everyone and is weakened to the point where it is no longer able to control even one street in any country of the globe because everyone will be fighting against it.

  • طيار سلطان


    Through its intelligence and its troops deployed everywhere in the world, America was able to strike very hard on this organization and target the most prominent elements as well as eliminating them. The most prominent of them was Osama bin Laden, the commander and founder of this organization, and the leader. The targeting of al-Qaeda, especially its leaders, deprived al-Qaeda of terrorists who are experienced in the act of terrorism or are considered symbols of this system. The pursuit of these criminals and the lack of support of Arabs and Muslims in al-Qaeda's ideas resulted in their own downfall because of their perverse way of thinking and the killing of anyone who does not comply to its absurd and fake Fatwas.

  • جسار جابر


    The U.S. Forces and Government seek to eliminate al-Qaeda as an approved policy in the country. Even if there is a new elected president or a change of regime, it is important to maintain this goal and hunt al-Qaeda and eliminate it. In the pursuit of terrorism, America was able to disrupt the spread of the organization by removing the opportunity for it to develop as it was making for itself bases everywhere in this world. It started first with the harassment of the greatest country in the world, which is America, and started the attacks on the eleventh of September. That was the start of the search for al-Qaeda by the U.S. Government. They used of all of their resources and troops in order to support this war on terrorism anywhere in the world. Even after a long time, it really was able to play a significant role in eliminating al-Qaeda as well as isolating it from the rest of the world. They also revealed all its intentions and what its plans previously were when it was struggling to get support from everyone.

  • اكرم المنصوب


    My brother, it is a shame that you say such words about your brothers the mujahidin who are striving to raise the word of God.

  • علي


    Terrorist operations in the world have increased since the middle of the twentieth century, which led to an increase in the suffering of all humanity, as a result of those acts, which have been characterized as being criminal outputs, which have been greatly reflected on the life of the secured people. During a short period of time, these terrorist acts have expanded and they are sponsored by some of the great countries, like the United States of America, so as to be its method in achieving its political and economic aims in directing the greatest slap to the socialist camp. This camp is led by Russia, which had occupied Afghanistan, as this led to cutting the interests between the world’s conflicting poles. This leads to the U.S. government’s exploitation of such organizations and supplying them with money and weapons, so as to disturb the enemy. It considers these organizations as cards that are played in the international game, as well as the political and economic interests of war and the personal infiltrations. These terrorist organizations exploited the financial and military support by standing in the face of the Red Army, which invaded Afghanistan, and which was fought by all means. The terrorist organizations, at the top of which is the al-Qaeda organization, have exploited the national and religious issues so as to ignite the enthusiasm of the Muslims, so as to participate in this war which it is carrying out instead of the USA. It has taken the factors which ignite the Muslims’ feelings as a resource and hideout for them, so as to cover their acts and aims. By that, the capabilities of the al-Qaeda organization have expanded and increased its terrorist operations, as these extremist organizations have hiked up, which America took as a support for it, so as to fight the Soviet Union with the purpose of thwarting its military action in Afghanistan.

  • سليمان صبحي


    Terrorist operations in the world have increased after the middle of the twentieth century, which led to an increase in the suffering of all humanity, as a result of the results of those acts, which have been characterized as being criminal outputs, which have been greatly reflected on the life of the secured people. During a short period of time, these terrorist acts have been expanded and they are sponsored by some of the great countries, like the United States of America, so as to be its method in achieving its political and economic aims in directing the greatest slap to the socialist camp. This camp is led by Russia, which had occupied Afghanistan, as this led to cutting the interests between the world’s conflicting poles. This leads to the U.S. government’s exploitation of such organizations and supplying them with money and weapons, so as to disrupt the enemy. It considers these organizations as cards that are played in the international game, as well as the political and economic interests of war and the personal infiltrations. These terrorist organizations exploited the financial and military support by standing up in the face of the Red Army, which invaded Afghanistan, and which was fought by all means. The terrorist organizations, at the top of which is the al-Qaeda organization, have exploited the national and religious issues so as to ignite the enthusiasm of the Muslims, so as to participate in this war which it is carrying out instead of the USA. It has taken the factors which ignite the Muslims’ feelings as a resource and hideout for them, so as to cover their acts and aims. By that, the capabilities of the al-Qaeda organization have expanded and increased its terrorist operations, as these extremist organizations have wanted, which America took as support for it, so as to fight the Soviet Union with the purpose of thwarting its military action in Afghanistan.

  • ايوب جليل


    The al-Qaeda terrorist organization is found in many Arab countries as well as worldwide, as it has extended to the farthest points on earth. This is an issue that is impossible to overlook or deny. Yemen is one of those countries that suffer from the existence of al-Qaeda on its territory, because wherever al-Qaeda exists, it always seems to undermine security and stability and seeks to spread killing and fear among innocent people, in order to impose its presence in the country. It also works to achieve its secret agenda of aggression. It thus is trying to deceive people in various ways, most notably by exploitation of the religious side, which is essential in the lives of Arab citizens. The most promoted impression by this organization is that it seeks to liberate people from the oppression and slavery suffered by the vast majority of the helpless people, but it needs to receive help and assistance of other people; so it has an impact on some of the simple, gullible people. It earns their loyalty and incites them against the ruling parties or against other groups of people, in order to spread sectarian strife and sectarian fighting that have killed a lot of people of different beliefs and religious inclinations. Members of this organization spread the idea that most people are faithless, on the basis of some of the practices which they do through giving evidence of deviant concepts. They interpret these according to their desire to reach their goals of dominating the country and controlling its destiny, to plunder its wealth and use it in the work of evil and destruction against other nations that enjoy security and stability and so on, until they ruin the whole world and return the people to the dark days of strife and chaos that took place in the Middle Ages.

  • لؤي الانباري


    God is Great! Glory to God and His Messenger!

  • محمود


    You are mean people

  • مجهول مسلم


    May God have mercy upon Osama bin Laden. By the way, sheikh Osama bin Laden was not killed, but he died, and the Jews know this very well, and this also applies to the accursed Obama. May God curse the dogs of the Jews.

  • ظلال مخائيل


    The Al-Qaeda terrorist organization has been facing three challenges in the last three months. Those challenges are represented in the depletion of financial sources after the death of Bin Laden. The new leader, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahri, does not have the fortunes or the connections that Bin Laden had. The second challenge is the human depletion that the organization is facing after the success of the American military operations, especially the ones executed by unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. They were aimed at the leaders of al-Qaeda, especially in the northwest of Pakistan, leading to the transfer of many semi-armed groups to different locations. The Arab Spring took place in the Arab countries, which represents a third challenge added to the list. This will contribute to limiting and may be destroying the al-Qaeda organization, after this spring proved its effectiveness in the peaceful transition and democracy.

  • رويشدعبدالله


    The killing of Osama Bin Laden, the founder of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and its charismatic leader in May of last year by the American marines, is considered by some analysts the beginning of the end of the biggest terrorist network known to the world in all its history and geography, represented in al-Qaeda, its organizations and movements that operate all over the world. Despite this success, the three wars launched by the USA against Afghanistan, Iraq and terrorism are considered a big victory for al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the forces opposed to America, whether they are countries or entities in the region. Additionally, the USA failed in its commitments to its allies in other regions of the world. In a decade, the bill of the three wars of the USA has increased and Washington could not end any of them. In the wars of the USA, 6200 soldiers died, more than 30 thousand were injured and 3 trillion dollars were spent. It is true that the USA succeeded in assassinating Bin Laden last May, pursuing, displacing and assassinating the second man of the organization in Pakistan, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, and the operation leader Abu Hafs al-Shahri. In fact, the USA succeeded in achieving consequent successes against al-Qaeda and killed its leaders. It kept al-Qaeda from committing any terrorist operation inside the USA or against its interests and vital aims abroad. It drained the resources that were financing the organization and directed severe attacks against the organization, with the cooperation and coordination of its allies.

  • احمدزيدان


    May God have mercy upon Osama bin Laden, who was a hero.

  • يوسف


    Osama bin Laden is a martyr, not just a victim.

  • وصيف


    Al-Qaeda or the organization of al-Qaeda is a multinational Sunni, Islamic and fundamentalist movement. It was founded during the period between August 1988 and late 1989 / early 1990. It calls for international jihad and is now heavily based in Yemen, especially in the tribal areas and the southern regions, which is called al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Al-Qaeda has attacked civilian and military targets in various countries, most notably the attacks of September 11th, 2001. These attacks were followed by the U.S. government waging a war against terrorism. The techniques used by al-Qaeda include suicide attacks and simultaneous bombings which are carried out by one of the members of the organization, against different targets. Al-Qaeda's objectives include the termination of foreign influence in Muslim countries and the establishment of a new Islamic caliphate. Al- Qaeda believes that there is a Christian – Jewish alliance conspiring to destroy Islam. It also allows the killing of civilian bystanders for the sake of Jihad.

  • كريم


    I am Prince Karim!

  • ابو شريف


    It is necessary to know that this organization which is new and not more than several decades old, has largely offended the Islamic religion. Rather, it significantly distorted its reputation and gave a negative image of Islam and Muslims to the Western world. The reason is the approach and method adopted to claim the rights it wants and the style that it followed in Iraq, especially in the last eight years, and the way it first used to communicate with people and convince them that it was trying to liberate the land from the occupation of Western Crusaders. This is what made the people angry and what aroused their Islamic feelings and their jealousy about their religion, only to discover after a while that this approach was actually pursued in order to implement other secret purposes. Soon, the issue of Jihad against the American occupation turned into sectarian and doctrinal killings, based on the implementation of a particular agenda. But after revealing that the cover of this issue and the retreat of some who thought that the aim of this organization was advancing the Islamic religion, and the discovery that the truth was quite the opposite, this organization made of all the Iraqi people targets of its terrorist acts. It went even further than this. Its leaders and thinkers issued opinions considering the people as apostates and infidels. Nobody was safe from its crimes. Even more than that, it went beyond the limits of Allah in many matters. The first of these matters is the sanctity of killing a believer as well as the sanctity of the sacred months that were mentioned in the Holy Book as well as allowing bloodshed and taking the money of Muslims and everyone who bears witness that Allah is the God of all, including Christians. After this, it started chasing them and displacing them from their lands without realistic or logical reasons, completely forgetting Al-Jihad and the original reason for which it was created, which is fighting against the infidelity that is pervasive in the land of the Arabs since the early years of its existence and resurrection.