Egypt holds third phase of parliamentary elections

Soldiers stand guard at a voting centre as a bedouin woman enters to cast her vote in El-Sheikh Zowayed city on January 4, 2012. [Asmaa Waguih/Reuters]

Soldiers stand guard at a voting centre as a bedouin woman enters to cast her vote in El-Sheikh Zowayed city on January 4, 2012. [Asmaa Waguih/Reuters]



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The first parliamentary elections in Egypt since the revolution neared conclusion as the third and final phase of voting for the People's Assembly ended Wednesday (January 4th).

Preliminary results show the Islamists winning a majority of the seats in the lower house.

The third phase of elections was held in nine provinces: Qaliubiya, North Sinai, South Sinai, Wadi al-Jadeed, Marsa Matrouh, Dakahlia, Minya, Qena and al-Gharbiya.

Egyptians cast ballots in 15,175 polling stations in the presence of judges, their staff and candidates' representatives. In the third phase, 2,754 candidates competed for 150 seats, 1,213 of whom ran for 100 party-list seats, and 1,541 candidates for 50 individual candidate seats.

Runoff elections will be held on January 10th and 11th.

Tribal affiliation and religion 'play key role' in 3rd round

The newly elected assembly is scheduled to hold its first legislative session near the end of January. Elections for the parliament's upper house, the Shura Council, will begin shortly thereafter and conclude in March. The presidential election is scheduled to be held in June.

"The third phase is special in that it involves a mixture of segments of the population that mirrors Egyptian society as a whole," said Dr. Amr Hashem Rabie, an expert at al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies.

He said it will be different from the previous two phases with respect to voter turnout rates and results.

He told Al-Shorfa that tribal partisanship plays a major role in all the electoral districts involved in the third phase and will influence voters who regard their candidate as being the head of the family, as opposed to Upper Egypt provinces where partisanship is rare.

Rabie also said that "rural communities, from which the majority of voters in the third phase hail, are more religiously inclined and therefore religious affiliations will have a significant impact on results".

The People's Assembly elections were held in three phases over one month and a half, with the first phase occurring on November 28th and 29th across nine provinces, and the second phase occurring on December 14th and 15th across another nine provinces.

Results from the first two phases show that the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party won 157 of the total 331 contested party-list and individual candidate seats, or close to 51% of the total seats. The al-Nour Party claimed runner-up status, with 79 seats, or about 23% of the total.

The total seats won by all secular parties did not exceed 20%, with al-Wafd Party coming in third place with 27 seats, or 8.5%. Meanwhile, the Egyptian Bloc, a coalition of liberal and left-wing parties, came in fourth place with 26 party-list and individual candidate seats, with other parties and independents winning 38 seats, or 11.5% of the total.

Amendments made to the electoral law following the revolution call for two-thirds of parliament's 498 seats to be filled using the party-list system, and the remaining third using an individual candidate system. The remaining 10 seats are appointed by the president of the transitional authority.

All three phases 'fair and transparent'

Dr. Essam al-Erian, vice president of the Freedom and Justice Party, told Al-Shorfa that all three phases of the elections were fair, transparent, and free of fraud despite the occurrence of a few irregularities that did not affect the outcome of the elections.

With regard to his party's priorities following the elections, al-Erian said, "The Freedom and Justice Party is in the process of preparing a legislative agenda to be presented to and agreed upon by other political forces in the upcoming stage."

At the top of the new parliament's priority list is a new constitution for the country, as well as new legislation relating to the presidential elections.

Al-Erian said that the Freedom and Justice Party will do everything in its power to achieve a national consensus on all issues without excluding any political faction and regardless of whether or not the parties agree.

Dr. Emad Gad, an Egyptian Bloc candidate, said "The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood dominated the elections is due in large part to the high rate of illiteracy and ignorance among the people, as well as the spread of religion, which is in the interest of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis who have access to every home through social and economic services."

Gad told Al-Shorfa that the process of selecting the constituent committee members who will prepare the new constitution will be the first test of co-operation among the new parliament's political forces and will be a measure of their intentions.



    احمد عبد الرزاق


    Still, this country is a Muslim nation. Indeed, Egypt will always remain a Muslim country. Unfortunately, Egypt is a secularist country in terms of administration, economy and dealing with others.

  • جودة العامري


    The Tahrir Square area is 45,000 square meters. Supposedly the area can accommodate 4 individuals per square meter. This could accommodate 180,000 persons. If the field of Abdel Moneim Riad and the outskirts of the streets around their area added another 75,000 square meters, the total number of people who could fit is 480,000 persons. They do not have a common objective. Some of them have political demands, others came for the demand for a class and others came to watch. Some of them gave the appointment to a friend or his girlfriend to spend the day together. Some of them went for the harassment as we have seen on the television. Some of them went to sell drugs and steal cars. Finally, Tahrir Square does not represent Egypt and does not represent the silent majority. At the moment, there are 50 thugs.

  • كاظم


    The Egyptian people have had their say. They were known for this role and the great success of these elections. In my opinion, the elections that took place in Egypt after the change had met with much success. It was also a fair election in every sense of the word and it has received a great global welcome. It has also received admiration for all the organizations and procedures that helped every person to cast his vote freely, away from any kind of pressure or fear of the ruling power as was the case before in Egypt and many Arab countries where the Arab leaders were getting a proportion of one hundred percent. The Egyptian elections took place in an atmosphere of a wide range of freedom, democracy and success.

  • خلود


    The elections that were organized in Egypt and will be organized in the future must be free and fair because the vote of the Egyptian citizen is extremely important. On the other hand, the voter is required to choose a suitable person who will assume the responsibility and provide the services to the people who elected him. The electoral committees that count the votes must be reliable and trustworthy in their work. Credibility is necessary to avoid the practices that were common under the former regime and government, which used to manipulate the votes and change them to ensure that they would remain as a majority and prevent any other party from offering services to the Egyptian people. Hence, it is extremely important to change this situation significantly and avoid any doubts about the integrity of the political and electoral process, in which the majority of the Egyptians has participated to demand the rights and treat all people fairly in addition to working on solving their problems and providing them with the services that they need.

  • عامر محمد


    The recent Egyptian elections are considered as one of the most honest elections in Egypt's modern history with some of the violations that marred it. However, it remains the most honest as the times of opening and closing the committees is specified. The representatives of the candidates are not expelled as was the case in the past. The reception of all voters is done in the committees until the end of the time set for voting. There is no interference by police officers in scaring or directing them to the vote for specific figures. Also, there have been no arrests of the opposition as was the case in the past.

  • سواس


    Egyptians have an Islamic and Hanafi identity. In fact, the results of the first part of the elections revealed that in a real manifestation of democracy, liberals and their followers are currently trying to repudiate pretending that voters have been drifted behind religious slogans as if the latter are ashamed that people should not take this into account when they are selecting their candidates. The identity of Egyptians, as I have stated earlier, is ruled by an Islamic creed just like the European people whose community identity has been determined by the legacy of the religion which has the majority and that is Christianity. Thus, despite claiming to be liberals and secularists, we notice that there is no artistic visual work that does not praise the importance of the church in their lives. For instance, they are keen to highlight the role of priests, church, and Christian prayers in their lives without the feeling that they are neglecting the Muslim minorities who are living among them. In fact, these works of art are free of any sign of the latter’s existence but this is acceptable given that the identity of these communities is Christian. We should not forget the amount of defamation which Obama was subjected to, when he submitted his candidacy for the American presidency, for nothing but the Muslim roots of his family although he was brought up and raised as a Christian, and married a Christian woman. Here, I would like to ask those who oppose Islam to think about it even for some time. What would happen if the majority of the Egyptians were Christians? Thus, the Christian identity would rule Egypt and the Muslims of Egypt would meet double what the Andalus Muslims encountered when they fell to European Christians. They were marginalized and badly treated. This is something that the Christians in Egypt have not witnessed at the hands of the Muslims.

  • Yanii


    Everyone has acknowledged that the recent elections in Egypt have been fair and free from any interference or pressure. In fact, everyone has witnessed and supervised how elections in Egypt have been totally different from those of the past, namely the lack of interference on the part of the government and security members in addition to the fraud in the results, and the considerable manipulation that occurred in these elections in Egypt. These elections have been the first of their kind that took place in Egypt because everybody wanted them to be fair, leaving the choice to the people who will choose the best for this stage in Egypt. In so doing, Egypt has set an example this time in these elections which have been held and become almost the first in the Arab world without the intervention of the government and political figures. The latter would manipulate votes to serve their interests. Indeed, we have seen that all people have selected and votes for candidates freely. In fact, some of the people have boycotted the elections for personal reasons which have nothing to do with the elections. Thus, I pray to Allah that the elections in Egypt will remain forever free of any kind of the domination by any party. I hope that they will remain fair and democratic, unlike in the past where a lot of people were used to boycotting them because the result was already known in advance. The result would be in favor of the ruling party and Hosni Mubarak, and to no one else in political life and in ruling the country.

  • نصرالدين رؤف


    The parliaments in the Arab world are all a sham, as they do not reflect the reality of what people want. On the contrary, as soon as the Member of Parliament or the Council sets a foot in the hall of the parliament and sits on the chair, he forgets all the promises he made to the crowd that gave him the votes to win the election. Also, these parliaments or parliamentary representatives are, as a matter fact, unable to make any decision contrary to the wishes of the ruling power, especially in the ruling systems of inherited royalty. That is because a member of parliament is subject to the power controlling the country, which owns the Royal Decree. That is a fact that every citizen knows in his country, and no one says the contrary but a hypocrite or opportunistic person, who wants to make some profits through the falsification of facts.

  • ابو الخير


    After the Islamists had won 70% of the seats, and I am confident that they clenched it for their benefit, and 30% went for other political forces. This is considered a quantum leap in the history of the Egyptian political life. This indicates that there are new elements that have entered the political game. Part of the results was expected and the other has exceeded all expectations. However, all the expectations indicate that the Muslim Brotherhood Movement will have a large number of seats, as they were able to get 88 seats, under the force of the former regime. They are among the most organized and strongest political movements in the streets. They will lead the country in the next stage. I think that the segments of voters joined the Muslim Brotherhood and gave them their votes for reasons relating to the Egyptian people's desire for stability, which needs an organized force that will lead the country. This was evident, as the Muslim Brotherhood participated in riots and sit-ins of millions, which fulfilled the interests of the country and did not come down to a lot of riots for fear of increased violence and chaos and for the sake of the stability of Egypt. Thus they obtained the confidence of the street, but the issue is the interest of the country. They also refused to hand over the revolution to Ultras and street children and hence, the Muslim Brotherhood remained the most capable of taking the responsibility and the preservation of the country, and thus they won the confidence of the street. The Muslim Brotherhood gave a lesson to the rest of the other political forces in how and when to demonstrate. They called for the riots of millions at the right time, and this impressed the Egyptian people. Their leadership and organizational abilities exceeded what we expected from them. But this should not make us forget that they have been an organized force for years. It is worth mentioning that the political scene is unbalanced, since two-thirds of the seats went to the Islamists, and the other third went to other political forces. This is a matter of concern. If we want a real democratic system, one group or political bloc should not get an absolute majority that exceeds 70%. The fear is that Islamists would be proud and fascinated with the victories they have achieved, or work on the satisfaction of those who elected them at the expense of others. And this is where the fear comes in. But I'm optimistic; parliamentary elections are the beginning of the road towards democracy and democratization. And I am not afraid of mistakes that have occurred, because we will learn over time and we will be more mature.

  • سلمان علي


    At the present time, Egypt is moving forward with steady steps, in spite of all the temporary problems caused by some authorities which hindered the revolution’s way and its successful methods. They are seeking to thwart the Egyptian revolution; they are retarded, exploiters and followers of the previous Egyptian regime, and they have become disappointed with everything beneficial they were getting from the previous government. This increases the hatred and detesting factors inside the souls of those people. They are trying today, using every method, to thwart the revolution. But most of the Egyptian people are among those who support the revolution in Egypt. They are trying today to achieve a stable and elected government from among the people, according to democratic principles, and ending the military rule period. This way, the new government could make the decisions in all the fields, and that would end all the country’s problems and take it to the shore of security, against the will of all the hateful people and the agents who were following the previous Egyptian government and looting the wealth of the people of Egyptian society.

  • عبدالرزاق


    Yes, I feel optimistic towards the better and the more prosperous future of Egypt, especially after the success of the youthful experience, which has led to the ruling regime being replaced through the public revolution, which has led to very important changes in Egypt’s history. That is because the old regime, however great its strength was on earth, could never have continued in ruling the country. It was impossible for it to continue in the same way and the same method in the way of governing, which has raised the hatred of the great majority of the Egyptian people against this regime. This was after their long patience, as well as their great endurance of the faults and the defects of this oppressing regime had run out. This was the main reason for the sorrow of the Egyptian people throughout three decades of stress. The people spent these years with this regime while they were suffering from different types of torture, hunger, poverty and diseases. Moreover, the political change and the transfer of power in the country in the different fields will not happen easily, especially in this hard process in the political history of Egypt, as there are a lot of obstacles as well as social, cultural and economic problems. They all need patience and an honest stance for Egypt's new leaders, so as to come up with solutions that are able to surpass it in the future, but step by step, so that the change could be achieved.

  • عبد الحميد


    Currently, all the politicians and the candidates have seen the real power of the people in Egypt and other states. They have seen that when the people become fed up, they can depose the most oppressive dictators. Hence, I feel assured at this stage, and I feel that all the ruling powers will work hard to lead their countries strongly, without banning democracy, silencing the people, stealing the public money or ruling individually. That is because they realize what fate would await them as a result of the revolution that may erupt against them. This is a testing period, to filter the best candidates to lead the political life of the country and allow the participation of all parties and groups. This period will show whether the ruling powers take care of the people’s affairs or not. I am optimistic, because God will support us, and the people have had their final say in the ballot boxes, which will draw the new political map in the country in such a way that achieves the objectives of the revolution.

  • عبدالفادر


    Those revolutionaries must be given the opportunity to participate and lead the country, in addition to the emphasis on setting up the election and quickly, after the overthrow of the regime has happened. The election should not be delayed in order to give the opportunity to spoilers to submit their candidacy, paving the way for their affairs, as well as the exclusion of other candidates that are unwelcome by the people. The elections must be free and really democratic and honest. Every citizen should conscientiously vote for the person that he thinks would serve the country in the next phase and would work to change some of the laws of the Constitution, which were rigged by the former leaders and dictators and others for their benefit, to allow them the control of the power in the country. For this reason, laws through which the power comes into circulation in a peaceful way, and through the elections in a specified period, in order to choose the one who will lead the country, must be passed, so that no one would dare cling to the power or would be devoted to the chair and governance, as with those who preceded him.

  • شوكت


    There are a lot of political differences at this time, and in this pre-election period that coincides with it, and this does not give the chance to predict the future of the next phase. But maybe after the election and the victory of Secularists or Islamists in the country's leadership, we will then be able to know what will happen in the country and how the political future and reshaped politics will be. That is because all these things depend on the elections and all of the political teams’ acceptance of these results that the people chose, and the quick formation of the government in order to manage the country and the laws which will be issued, and who will lead the country, and whether there will be an objection to it, and whether the parliament will have real legislative authority. These things are still obscure, because we had not yet tried the existence of an official government that is elected by the people, and not a formed and transitional government.

  • شادي


    I think that the way to preserve the revolution comes through certain steps, most important of which is not to give the elements of dictatorship the opportunity to return, or those who worked with the previous regime in any way, as well as capital owners whom the previous regime made rich, because they will be working on regaining control of the country and returning it to what it used to be in the past, or returning the elements of the previous regime, to be at the top of the authority. And this will cause the failure of democracy and the elimination of the revolution, the political elements and the real opposition, which carried these revolutions.

  • حامد توفيق


    The Islamic government will be obligated to guarantee all the legitimate rights of all social strata of different religions and faith backgrounds and respect their privacy as non-Muslims, as Muslims are bound by sacred covenants that should be regarded. They should have no fear of the Islamist rulers if they receive the reins of power in Egypt, because the Islamic state established by Islam in the past was home to many non-Muslims on terms that made them equal to Muslims in all the rights and duties of full equality, and guaranteed them full freedom of faith and prayers and religious rituals, and their own worship as part of their resorting to the rituals of religious disputes that arise between them in matters of personal affairs and other things. This is in addition to their right to preserve their culture and their own identity. Islam has ensured within the system of governance that they will have each of each of these rights. Muslims, including both the government and the people, should preserve their lives and provide them with protection, like the Muslim citizen. This is just a part of the tolerance of Islam in dealing with other religions and the beliefs of non-Muslims living in Muslim countries, where Islam is the first to save the foreigner’s life, wealth and dignity.

  • مقصود علوان


    I expect a bright future and a stable security situation for Egypt, with the arrival of Islamic parties to the authority of government in Egypt, if they are followers of the Quran and the Sunnah in accordance of Islamic system of governance, which will establish the modern civil state under Islamic law. I believe that Islam is at the present time the best solution, due to the failure of all other experiences in Egypt and the Arab World, which has practiced various ideas and theories that were applied to work on governing the country. The Islamic parties took responsibility for undertaking the process of change in the country for the better by announcing that they would solve all economic and social problems, and that they would promote peace and security in all parts of the country through justice and equity as a modern civil state for which they intend to put the building blocks in place. The first thing to be established in Egypt will be a state of citizenship, sovereignty and lawfulness, in which the rights and duties will be applied on the basis of citizenship, without distinction between citizens on the grounds of religion, color, race or language.

  • عبدالخالق امين


    I believe that measures should be taken to expedite the process of elections in the country, to resolve the issues and the formation of an Egyptian independent government elected by the Egyptian people. They have an independent personality and can practice their legal and constitutional rights to elect the appropriate person for the sake of the country’s safety. They are not willing to step back and support dictatorships, either Muslim or secular. Finally, we pray to God Almighty to guide the Arabian Egyptian people to all that is good, to direct their steps towards building a state according to the principles of democracy and fulfilling freedom and justice in the country.

  • امجد يحيى


    After the success of the Islamic political movements in the late parliamentary elections in Egypt, groups which call themselves “The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Egypt” have appeared. They appeared as an imitation of those in the KSA. The latter are called the Islamic Police and they are concerned with monitoring and closing shops at prayer times and obliging women to wear the legitimate Hijab. In fact, such a bold step which has been taken by the young Egyptians who belong to the Salafi movement occurred only after they felt that they had taken control of the reins of power in Egypt. Such a step was strongly resisted by many Egyptians, who have refused to entrust this authority to them under the banner of religion. Even the Nour Party, which bears a Salafi ideology, has rejected this Committee and declared that this step aims to decrease the popularity of the Party, after the latter obtained 23% of the Egyptian Parliament. Once the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Egypt launched its Facebook page, it was met by a great attack from the Egyptian youth who do not want Egypt to become a new KSA controlled by the Wahabi extremist ideology, which the Egyptians are not used to. The latter are accustomed to moderate Islam, advocated by Al-Azhar, the world’s largest Islamic institution. The youth’s comments reflected their rejection of advice from people bearing this extremist ideology. In fact, they think that these pieces of advice will bring about an extremist and hypocritical community that considers religion to be theoretical, not practical. In addition, they believe that both Halal and Haram are clear, especially since Islam is the religion of freedom and does not impose itself on anyone. Thus, the practice of worship must be based on conviction while preserving the rights of citizens, and liberties should not exceed customs and traditions.

  • فواز


    There is no doubt that the revolution of January 25, 2011 has brought about a radical change in the Egyptian political scene. The revolution has done away with the obstacles of fear of the regime. Then, the subsequent events included the stepping down of the president, his trial along with his family and his top aides, and the release of detained political opponents. Egyptians were granted the right to establish political parties and elections were held. Although the elections did not please Egyptians, they revealed the ability of people to change and to vote without fear or obstacles. Indeed, the elections were held on the bases of multi-party participations and alliances. They were not focused on a single party which controlled the reins of the government and institutions. Yes, they are the first free and fair elections, though they were marred by the negative influence of some parties which violated the freedom of the voters. Those parties used the religious teachings to influence voters, ranging from luring to intimidating to scaring them about other parties. The elections results showed the triumph of the Islamists, who won nearly 72% of the seats; this applies not only to Egypt, but also to Libya, Tunisia and Morocco. This majority is attributable to people's desire for change and their hope to make progress and erase the effects of 30 years of tyranny and the imposition of opinions. We all hope that these elections will be the right way to start the process of progress in Egypt. This great people deserves something better, though they are plagued with many shortcomings and contradictions.

  • هبة


    To those who found in themselves the competence, they should start the formation of committees and bodies working to provide services to Egyptian citizens even if it is complimentary. This is very necessary. He who loves Egypt and wants to provide services, must not think of obtaining payment, whether money or status, and occupation of positions and chairs from the beginning and the imposition of the word to everyone and the use of force. In this case, the regime of Hosni Mubarak still exists. The Egyptian people should rise again to work on the change of regime and system. Therefore we will not benefit anything. We first have to provide for all of the needs of the Egyptian people, like the provision of the services and the eradication of poverty and unemployment, and working on the development of Egypt and everything that is better for her, and then comes the rest.

  • واحد صلاح الدين


    All the processes of elections all over the world, even in the developed countries that have a lot of experience in that regard, might face some problems and obstacles. It is normal if this happens in Egypt, which is currently facing some obstacles because these are the first free and fair elections in the modern history of Egypt. Yet, these obstacles did not stop the process of the elections and the results. So, I think the elections in Egypt succeeded greatly, and accordingly, we are giving our thanks and appreciation to the administrators of the elections. We also express our regards and appreciation to the Egyptian people who went to vote and reform the political process in Egypt that has been suffering from oppression and deprivation. The votes of the people were stolen and forged during the time when the fallen regime was in power. This regime deprived the people of their simplest rights. These Egyptian elections were processed in a normal and secure way, and this is why they succeeded. This will be for the best interest of the Egyptian citizens, because it will reestablish security and political stability for this Arab country. We hope Egypt achieves the democracy for which the Egyptian people sacrificed their lives. They also sacrificed a lot in order to get rid of oppression, persecution and injustice. I think the elections that took place in Egypt after the revolution of change have garnered a lot of success.

  • عبدالرب


    Egypt is going through a new process of openness that will end dictatorial practices and the dominance of one party that existed during the reign of the ousted president, Hosni Mubarak. I think with the end of the third stage of the parliamentary elections in Egypt we can say that the elections succeeded in all ways. For years, Egypt never witnessed such ease during elections. Many citizens took part in the elections in a very promising way; this gives a lot of positive impressions with regard to the fairness of the elections in Egypt. This is a clear message sent by the Egyptian people to the world. The people voted for the first time, which will lead to the success of the elections, and it will also establish serious institutions in Egypt through fair and free elections which the Egyptians were deprived of for decades. This reflects the success of the elections in Egypt at all levels.

  • سعد حبيب


    Egypt today is peacefully walking the pace of change, which was chosen by the Egyptian people in spite of some of the challenges faced by Egyptians. I am optimistic about the Egyptian people who have a lot of will and aspiration which will make them change their current status into the change phase which Egyptians will successfully pass, God willing. Egypt will move forward and I am optimistic about Egypt and the future that awaits it. Egypt will pass the transition phase successfully and with no fear on Egypt and its people, the Egyptian people are among the educated ones who will be capable of moving matters to reach progress, success, stability and prosperity that everyone aspires for.

  • نجيب مراد


    The Egyptian people are among the Arab people who have a lot of will, determination and ability to deal with all the circumstances and situations. The Egyptian people were capable of overthrowing the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak and his party through peaceful and unarmed demonstrations. God willing, they will be capable of coping with all the events and dealing with the various circumstances. Therefore, I think that the circumstances that Egypt has undergone and still is undergoing were and are very difficult. Despite of the difficulties that Egypt has passed through after the blessed revolution of change, I am very optimistic about the Egyptian future that I am aspiring to see what I wish. We are optimistic about the Egyptian future and the transition phase that will go as planned. This country has started to walk on the true road of democracy especially now that today it is practicing its first democratic right through free election in the third phase of the parliament elections. I consider that the Egyptians are voting freely in this phase of Egyptian history that is different than the former one when the national democratic ruling party and his dictator president Hosni Mubarak were controlling the elections. They used to control the elections in the way that would serve their dictatorship. Today, the situation is different because no one can force the Egyptian citizen to choose something and this in itself shows that things in Egypt are getting on the right track and this is evidence on our optimism of the future of Egypt and its people. Things are going normally and the transition phase in Egypt is going in a normal way.

  • حميد


    It is of course a good step, which means that the elections are held in a positive, democratic and free way. The people now are voting, expressing their own opinions, and giving the leadership of the country in the coming stage to the one who deserves it, God willing, and according to the people's desire which they are exercising through the current elections in the country now. We were in dire need of them and for them to be held as soon as possible. I felt very happy because they have been held at this time and at this speed. They were not delayed by the military authority or by the transitional government. On the contrary, everyone is working quickly and cooperating so as to carry out the elections in Egypt at this time. This way, the citizen will be able to feel the value of change in reality. The elections will lead to more stability in the country and the formation of an official government which can issue decisions and manage the country; it will not be a temporary one, which manages the country only. We need to work on the economic aspect and get rid of the crises. Therefore, we were in need of real work from an official government. This is what is happening now, as all the good will be provided with these elections, and the crises of the disturbances and the demonstrations, as well as affecting the security aspect and the disputes crisis, will be ended, perhaps, as we have seen in some of the temporary decisions that have been issued. Therefore, all these matters will end with the elections, by the citizen going out and voting for the one whom he trusts to be the best, according to his own point of view, to lead the country, instead of going to Al-Tahrir Square and demonstrating, and causing the management of the country to come to a halt again. We have gotten rid of Mubarak, and we are looking forward to a new and different stage, which will work according to the concepts of freedom and democracy, which are guaranteed by the constitution for every citizen.

  • فوزى عطيه عطيه علام


    Egypt will be the home of light, freedom and justice, in the light of the results of the recent elections.

  • هشام زقزوق


    O God! Fix the affairs of our rulers and guide them to what pleases you.

  • ساره علي


    Al-Wafd Party.

  • شعبان


    Egypt first!

  • zoomgem


    We ask God to guide the Muslims to do what pleases Him. Stop this ignorance! God is our Guide.

  • منتصر


    O God! Make our rulers reformers, to fix what the corruption has spoiled.

  • Mohamed A.Soliman


    I hope that the Freedom and Justice Party would work for the benefit of the people of Egypt, which have been oppressed for more than 60 years. Congratulations to them

  • محمد


    Of course I am very optimistic regarding the future of Egypt, this huge, free Arab country, which has come into a period of freedom after long years of injustice and dictatorship that were imposed by the criminal Hosni Mubarak, especially after getting rid of him. In any event, the next stage will be better, and I call for his execution, to be an example and a lesson to others, because he killed the innocent people during the revolution. Egypt is better now and it has liberty, which it hasn’t experienced in years. There will be elections, which will be –God willing- free and democratic, and the people will choose those whom they want without any fear or pressure. But now this is only a transitional stage, which of course witnesses some disturbances due to the huge change in the political situation in the country. But it will be demolished with the passing of time. I have all the trust that the Egyptian people are cultured and aware, and they have a patriotic and united spirit, and they won’t allow any foreign agenda to weaken that people or to influence them, as that stage is over. Now, we are looking forward to a government elected by the people, to be the first real democratic experiment in the region, and with the will of the people who are zealous and are the heroes of the blessed revolution. They will form the national government in order to serve the people, to relieve them of the crises and to improve the country’s economic and political status. That is what we are dreaming of. The dream started with reform, then change, then improving, and letting anyone who wants to lead this country, which is not an easy mission. The people expect a lot from him, and if he is not suited to this position, he should not apply at all, because his fate will be to fall, just as the tyrant Mubarak was taken down. I have great hope that the next stage will be better. I am not afraid at all, because we have aware and free youth, who support the national work and the unity of the people to protect the fate of the country.

  • مختار حجازى


    It is shameful to accuse the people of ignorance during the elections, after having this blessed revolution that appealed to the whole world.

  • مجمد الشعار


    We ask God to grant power to the reformers. We wish luck to the Freedom and Justice Party.

  • مmagdysaad


    Egypt will be better and better, and it will achieve more progress and development.

  • [email protected]


    God is the greatest and we seek God’s help.

  • mahmoudalgendy


    Would you please publish the results of the elections in the governorate of Al-Gharbiyah?

  • حمادة


    God is the Greatest… thanks to God.

  • بدوى صلاح


    Al-Nour Party, God willing.

  • عبدالناصر هلوان


    The fact that the Egyptian Bloc got 26 seats in the parliament means that there are high rates of illiteracy in Egypt, because this large number came as result of the wrong votes that went to them.

  • ايمان


    The Freedom and Justice is a party with history.

  • مصطفي سلام


    O God! Guide the candidates of the Freedom and Justice Party, who have the experience and open minds to what pleases him amen. O God! Make people love them in the people’s assembly. Amen

  • الصارم


    The Salafis are coming despite the Muslim Brotherhood… Saladin will return.

  • جابر


    Every Egyptian and Arab citizen cannot imagine Egypt under the leadership of Islamists. They will issue decisions that will turn Egypt into an Afghanistan, a Salafi underdeveloped country. There will be many problems and people of the other religions will not remain silent. The country will fall into a whirlpool that we will not be able to handle. The best solution is the leadership of the secularists who will work for the country and the people, without religious discrimination, uptighteness or extremism.

  • مغترب


    The situation in Egypt is not as stable as we hope due to some conflicts. The protests are still taking place in Tahrir square by some classes of people who do not approve the development of the political process such as the presence of infiltrators and other accusations. I think the situation will stabilize in the future but not during the transition period because it is temporal and any country can go through the same if it was under the same conditions. Some countries would even have problems and conflicts between the parties, political figures and citizens even more than Egypt because it is a time of change.

  • 2012-1-10

    Freedom and Justice Party!

  • mohey


    May God lead Egypt to the best! Egypt will always be proud because of her honorable people!

  • الصقر الجارح


    Congratulations to the Islamists‎ who won in the elections, and congratulations to the agents of satellite channels.

  • 2012-1-7

    Egypt is ours.

  • ياسر فراج


    Stop the treachery.

  • salibsoliman


    Thanks a lot for your great efforts ,but I think liberty and justice are not enough without equality between all human beings.

  • عباس بكير


    We ask God to make those worthy of ruling to be rulers who work for the benefit of the country and its people. As for the person who said that the success of the Islamists took place because of the ignorance and illiteracy, he is an ignorant person who does not know the Egyptians. Dear, no one can disagree with the slogan: Islam is the solution.

  • هشام صالح


    The ballot boxes don’t necessary mean Democracy -------------. In fact, the absence of democracy has led to the Islamists’ victory. * Democracy means equality between all people. In fact, more than 55% of Egyptians are ignorant and uneducated, due to Abdel-Nasser, Al-Sadat and Mubarak, who tried to achieve their despicable goals. Thus, they have directed people toward Islam in order to stay in power forever. In short, there is no democracy or freedom in Egypt. Today, we have heard about the beating of the thinker Mr. Al-Qimni, because he spoke the truth. Besides, he is an honest historical researcher.

  • ahmed


    It is a good thing that the Islamists have come to power. In fact, they will stop those who have violated the laws. This is in order to set Egypt in a normal situation, especially since the country has gone through a complicated situation. Thus, I encourage the access of Islamists to power, because Egyptians have developed themselves in a strange way, which has nothing to do with Islamic teachings. In fact, the European countries have their habits and traditions. And Muslims also have habits and traditions. Thus, we don’t want to make a mockery of our Islamic religion in front of the outside world. In fact, there are many bad things in Egypt, in terms of religion and ethics. Thus, Egypt needs people who can put an end to these things, especially in terms of acting, because most of the movies are bad and unethical. Besides, these movies have not represented Muslims. This is in addition to the video clips and nightclubs that have affected the ethics of girls and boys. Besides, Egypt seems like a non-Islamic country, in terms of clothing and tourism. Thus, Islamists must save Egypt from this catastrophe. This is in order to reform and improve the country, God willing. In fact, Islamists will have a big role in saving Egypt from this big crisis, God Almighty willing. And the coming days will prove that. This is in order to protect Egyptians’ dignity and rights. Thus, Egypt will witness wellbeing, peace, safety and Islam, God Almighty willing. And we hope that Islamists will reform and improve the country, God Almighty willing. And God is the source of well-being and blessing.

  • علي


    We are all optimistic, because Egypt has entered a new transitional phase. This is in order to reach an important stage. In fact, Egypt wants to regain what was stolen by the former regime that caused people’s suffering. Thus, this crucial stage will separate the ancient Egypt of Hosni Mubarak from the Egypt of the current period. Now, Egyptians have started to resume their activities. This is in order to achieve their objective. Thus, I am optimistic about the country’s future, especially since the Egyptian youth have insisted on achieving a decent life without tyranny, repression and pressure. In fact, Egyptians have been suffering from the lack of job opportunities that can help them to serve and protect their country. Thus, I think that if Egyptians will insist on their demands, they will reach a developed stage. And this transitional phase will determine people’s fate. That’s why we want this transitional authority to work in order to achieve people’s peace. This is in order to live without anxiety and social harm.

  • zayd_aly


    We ask God to grant more success to the Islamists‎.

  • المعتصم بالله


    Go ahead, dear brothers; may God grant you success. Please, stop your grudge, Dr. Jad, and do not accuse the people of ignorance because you and your party failed in the elections. Indeed, you are losers.

  • hicham


    I wish that the coming period would be a period of honesty, in secret and in public.

  • حسن اسماعيل عبد الحميد


    Illiteracy is not the cause of the success of the Islamists‎, but the people want those who fear God and have honesty and integrity. The people are fed up with the thieves and the criminals who enjoy themselves by torturing their peoples. The religiosity of the Egyptian people is not a stigma and the losers must respect the will of the people, because this is the democracy that they want to apply. However, when it comes against their will, they do not believe in it.

  • احمد فرج رجب


    Can you please publish the results of the 2012 parliamentary elections in Al-Mansoura Governorate, Al-Manzalah County, Al-Jamalyah City? Thank you.

  • apo.esraa


    The completion of the third stage of the parliamentary election in Egypt is wonderful, because it means that the great Egyptian people have restored their rights, after they got out and said yes to the future of Egypt. Best regards to all the men, women, and youth of Egypt. We also congratulate our compatriots on the occasion of the 7th of January. We are partners in Egypt. Abu Israa.

  • سعد


    Honestly, this is the first time that Egypt has transparency in the elections since the time of the pharaohs.

  • الحسن الكرنز


    God is the Greatest! The Freedom and Justice Party won!

  • atef adly said


    We ask God to make the Islamists‎ live up to the people’s hopes, because they will reflect the true image of Islam and Muslims before the world. If their works were good, then we would thank God for our choice; otherwise, we would depose them, because they are not stronger than the former regime. Even if they were stronger than the former regime, they will never be stronger than the will of the great Egyptian people.

  • السعيديس


    All people have to be united in this phase in order to achieve our goals and to improve the conditions of Egypt, which should be above all. I also call on the beloved people of Egypt to be wise and to work seriously, rather than to cripple the process, so that we can find what we want. Best regards to the Egyptians.

  • الجزار


    O sons of dogs, respect yourselves.

  • rima hoz


    The article is very useful and we wish you more progress.

  • حمدى حسنى عبد الفتاح عطية


    There were frauds in the Egyptian elections during the third round in the List System.

  • ليل ابو حاج


    This is good news and cultural information. The elections were transparent and we congratulate the Islamic groups.

  • hady


    We thank God.

  • مصطفى موسى جابر


    O God! Make those worthy of ruling rulers. O God! Grant success to Muhammad Salim in Aswan.

  • احمد شعبان


    May God reward you the best.

  • بلتاجى


    God is the Greatest…God is the Greatest…we will rule according to the sharia despite the spiteful people. One last word to those who accuse the Egyptian people of ignorance and illiteracy: I think that you are the ignorant people. It would have been impossible for those people to repeat these falsehoods if they had won the elections. We thank God for everything.

  • عبد الباسط


    Mr. Emad Jad, the candidate of the Egyptian Bloc Coalition, said that the reason for the success of the Muslim Brotherhood is the ignorance and illiteracy of the Egyptian people. This proves that this coalition lacks candidates who realize the meaning of their words and the manners of the dialogue. The success of the Muslim Brotherhood is based on the success of its distinguished members. Most of the leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood hold the highest scientific and academic qualifications and doctorates in all fields. In Egypt, we have people who suffered from ignorance and diseases due to the crimes of the former tyrannical regime and all those who belong to it, who do not respect the manners of dialogue. They also do not possess a futuristic vision or a logical analysis of the hypotheses and results. Best greetings to the martyrs of the Egyptian revolution and the honorable revolutionaries. Glory to the martyrs.

  • محمد


    God is the Greatest.

  • محمود ناجى


    The elections will end well, God willing!

  • علاء محمد ابراهيم


    Egypt will appear to the world with a new look. O children of Egypt, protect Egypt and its new look.

  • عبدالرحيم


    Success to the Freedom and Justice party! 01515878746

  • يحى قاسم


    Al-Wafd Party, God Willing!