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Arab pop stars go on Caribbean cruise

Rula Saad performed in Chechnya for the Chechen president's birthday. [File/Al-Shorfa]

Rula Saad performed in Chechnya for the Chechen president's birthday. [File/Al-Shorfa]

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A star-studded cruise, which departed on the 7th of October from Miami to the Bahamas, has come to an end after the stars took off for various cities.

The cruise, which lasted three days, carried a large number of Arab stars on board, including Elissa, Carole Samaha, Wael Kfouri, Maya Diab and Melhem Zein.

Carole Samaha, who performed two concerts aboard the cruise despite stormy weather, went to New York to resume filming scenes for her new reality TV show. Then, she will go back to Las Vegas for a break before heading home to Beirut.

Maya Diab left the United States and travelled to Abu Dhabi to take part in the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, while Elissa flew to Detroit where she performed on October 14th. Elissa is also scheduled to perform alongside Assi al-Hillani at the Paris Las Vegas Casino.

Rula Saad performs in Chechnya

Rula Saad performed a massive live concert in Grozny in celebration of Grozny's City Day and the Chechen president's birthday. Rula sang some of her very best songs in front of an audience that included President Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin and world-famous stars such as Jean-Claude Van Damme. World-renowned violinist Vanessa Mae performed with Rula in this concert.

Arab stars release new music videos

Singer Miryam Fares is preparing for a new music video with director Joe Bou Eid for her song "Poems", which she exclusively released as an app for Apple devices. This song will be part of her album "From My Eyes", which will be released by Eid al-Adha.

A new artist will also be releasing a song and music video. Amal Rifai who lives in the United States will soon be arriving in Lebanon to introduce herself to the public. Before arriving in Beirut, Amal decided to film her song "Am I Not Right?" with director Alaa al-Shami in America, with the intention of releasing this song during a press conference in Beirut.

Amel Bouchoucha also released her first song, "Madness", with lyrics by Samir Nakhla, music and mixing by Roger Abi Aqel, and production by Yallah Music. The music video was filmed in Morocco and features a choreographed dance with famous Spanish dancer, Amador Rojas.

Egypt and Iraq films take home awards at Beirut festival

In the world of cinema, the curtain came down on the events of the 11th Beirut International Film Festival. The Egyptian film "The Juggler" by director Ibrahim Battout won the Gold "Aleph" award for Best Middle-Eastern Feature Film and Best Screenplay Awards.

There were also smashing success for Iraqi films, which took home lots of awards. Kurdish director Hassan Ali Mohammed took home the Gold "Aleph" award for Best Director for his film "Scarecrow Neighbourhood". The Iraqi director Yehya al-Allaq won the Best Middle Eastern Documentary for his film "Cola".

Adel Imam kicked out of Lebanese town

On another note, the Lebanese town of Dhour Shweir banned the Egyptian actor, Adel Imam and the team of actors for his series, "Naji Attallah's Band", from shooting scenes for the series in the streets of the town. This came in response to Imam's political stance towards the July 2006 war, in which he criticised Hizbullah's actions.

The actors, however, headed towards other Lebanese towns, where they received warm welcomes from their inhabitants. Filming will continue for 46 days throughout various parts of Lebanon.