Widespread condemnation of attempted assassination of Saudi ambassador

Saudi ambassador to the US Adel al-Jubeir was the intended target of an assassination plot. [Shaun Heasley/Reuters]

Saudi ambassador to the US Adel al-Jubeir was the intended target of an assassination plot. [Shaun Heasley/Reuters]



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Political circles in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain expressed indignation over the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington Adel al-Jubeir.

Saudi and Bahraini officials and experts described the plot as an act of "terrorism" that violates all international norms. In statements to Al-Shorfa they called for speeding up the process of finding and punishing the perpetrators, upon determining the origin of the terrorist plot.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Tuesday (October 11th) the indictment of two Iranians for allegedly attempting to assassinate al-Jubeir as part of a conspiracy "conceived, sponsored and directed from Iran".

According to Holder, Iranians Mansour Arbabsear and Ghulam Shakuri are accused of participating in the plot "directed by factions of the Iranian government ". Arbabsear, a dual U.S. and Iranian citizen, was arrested on September 29th at Kennedy Airport in New York. Shakuri, a member of the Quds Force of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, remains at large.

A Saudi government statement condemned the assassination attempt that is "incompatible with international norms". The statement added that the Saudi government is looking into taking "measures and steps to put an end to these criminal acts, and confront any attempt to destabilize the kingdom, threaten its security and sow sedition among its people".

Iran denied it had anything to do with the plot. Ali Larijani, Iran's parliament speaker, described the accusation as "fabricated allegations" aimed to divert attention from Arab uprisings that he says were "inspired" by Iran's Islamic revolution.

'Flagrant violation of U.S. and Saudi Arabian national sovereignty'

Saudi researcher in security affairs Fayez al-Shahri said what happened reflects "a primitive reaction to dealing with political variables on the part of some countries".

Al-Shahri described the failed assassination plot as a "flagrant violation of U.S. and Saudi Arabian national sovereignty", and called for speeding up the process of taking action against the attackers. He also called for counter-action by Saudi Arabia and the United States to unravel this plot.

According to al-Shahri, this "latest conspiracy" against Saudi Arabia is a new "enactment of the Iranian political agenda that is devoid of any legitimacy".

Saudi author and researcher of political sociology, Dr. Khalid al-Dakhil, described the incident as a "clear indication of Tehran's dissatisfaction and alarm over political developments in Syria, and an attempt on its part to put pressure on other countries in the region".

Al-Dakhil emphasised the need to improve Saudi internal security and to confront Iran directly by uncovering evidence of its "illegal" practices.

"We need to strengthen Gulf and regional co-operation to counter Iranian threats and expose all evidence relating to its illegal activities to prevent similar incidents in the future," he said.

"If Iran's involvement in the attempt to assassinate our ambassador in Washington proves to be true, it would undoubtedly be considered a form of terrorism, which calls for putting those involved in this terrorist attack on trial", he said.

Faisal Foulath, a member of Bahrain's Shura Council, described the assassination attempt as a "terrorist act that constitutes a breach of all diplomatic principles and a violation of the simplest rules of respectful conduct of relations between states and protocols of international co-operation".

"We are highly concerned about the [attempt] against the Saudi ambassador to the United States and condemn it in the strictest terms, and also affirm our solidarity with our Saudi brothers in facing this ordeal. This evil action reveals to us the gravity of the practices carried out by Iran, which continually vaunts its constitutional [system], democratic representation, neighbourly stance, and alleged advocacy of Arab region and Islamic world causes. "

In Foulath's view, the failed assassination attempt falls within the context of financing and supporting international terrorism, expressing at the same time his "surprise" at Iran's "lawless actions" against its neighbour Saudi Arabia.

In contrast to Iran's behaviour, he said "Riyadh has always been at the forefront of efforts to strengthen bilateral relations with Tehran".

Plot only serves enemies of Arabs and Muslims

Foulath said the plot against the Saudi Embassy in Washington was hatched at a time he described as "critical and delicate, and serves only the enemies of Arabs and Muslims".

Foulath urged the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) and the Arab region to be cautious of Iran, "which has begun to plan and implement its political conspiracies aimed at destabilizing the Gulf and the Arab world", he said.

"The security of the countries of the region now stems from the governments standing behind their people to stave off any potential hidden danger or threat from Iran or other hostile states."



    رشدي فتاح


    I think that the attempted assassination of the Saudi ambassador in Washington is a terrorist criminal attempt that we condemn. At the same time, it is a continuation of the methodology and schemes of Iran, which adopts criminality and terrorism as its way. Iran is one of the top countries that sponsor terrorism, liquidating and assassinating others and terrorizing others. As such it it not surprising that Iran would do anything to impose its hostile savage policies at the expense of the rest of the world, especially in the Middle East and the Arab world. This area has always suffered from the imperialistic and savage Iranian regime’s policies, which match the savagery of those on top on it. In my turn, I condemn Iran and its thwarted attempt, which was planned to target the Saudi ambassador to Washington. We condemn such cowardly attempts that Iran is used to, and we disapprove of such terrorist acts. In my opinion, Iran is trying to create problems and to spread havoc in the world. This is what it has been trying to do, especially during the recent years, when Iran showed its true colors and turned against others and started to make threats here and there without giving any consideration to anyone, as it considered its own interests to be above everything else. Today, I think that Iranians and their criminals in the terrorist Al Quds faction tried to target the Saudi ambassador, which is a terrorist act. Iran didn’t give much consideration to all the international agreements and didn’t honor its commitments. We don’t accept such acts that enhance our negative perception of Iran. We can’t accept such crimes, because this crime didn’t only target the Saudi ambassador; it also targeted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which isn’t something we can accept. We’re against the targeting of ambassadors and the liquidation operations and terrorism adopted by Iran and its repressive regime, which practices all kinds of terrorist schemes. We think this regime is the head of evil that we wish to get rid of. Isn’t what Iraq is doing to Iraq and Lebanon and what it has done to Bahrain enough? Isn’t it enough that it supports the terrorist organizations and militias all over the world? In spite of that, Iran continues its injustice and crimes that have reached the extent of targeting ambassadors. May shame and disgrace be upon this criminal regime, which we condemn and whose policies we don’t accept, as these policies are based on liquidation, crimes and evil schemes of murder. I condemn this miserable attempt.

  • كريم صادق


    What happened to the Saudi ambassador, Adel al-Jubeir, is a terrorist act that shows violence and criminality. It constitutes a clear violation by terrorist elements who should be punished for what is happening, without having terrorists escape the grip of justice. They should be sent to courts to get their fair punishment, because they attacked an ambassador to Washington. The attackers wanted to harm the Saudi ambassador and also further confuse the situation. Tehran groups were the ones accused, as they recruited many people to execute an intensive, broad assassination campaign to get rid of ambassadors in foreign countries, to induce overwhelming chaos, and to agitate the situation. However, it is not clear so far who committed this crime. Everyone is waiting for the final results on what exactly happened and on what the reasons are behind pushing those elements to commit this terrorist operation against Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir and to assassinate him. This attempted assassination caused great damage to us. Therefore, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, should demand that an immediate and urgent investigation be opened to discover the planners of this cowardly act, and to keep attempts at ambassadors’ assassination from reoccurring again. This is also so that Islam would not be distorted and would not reflect the false image of a violent, criminal religion, because the situation cannot stand any more of that. Everyone now thinks and believes that Islam is the religion of terrorism, because of what the corrupt individuals are doing, as they have always been working to serve their personal interests under the name of Islam. May God curse them for the way they distort Islam and Muslims’ reputation through the operations they conduct. It is necessary to catch those who executed the terrorist attack and punish them for their cowardly act that only shows violence and criminality and the attacks the Muslims are suffering even in the West.

  • مواطن x


    The attempted assassination of the Saudi ambassador in Washington is the cowardly act of a cowardly country.

  • كافي جبران


    With every plight, instability, or killing in some country or in the whole world, we will always find a foreign player who moves the threads of the game. I think there is no doubt that Iran is the most dangerous player in the world, at the moment. They want to shake the earth under the feet of everybody to export the revolution of Khomeini to the neighboring Arab countries, at least for now. On the other hand, Iran depends on the indirect confrontation with the United States, which they call the Great Satan. As for me, I would say, there is no greater devil than Iran and its fascist, Nazi, evil government. Iran has practiced all kinds of dirty activities to get even with the American side on the Iraqi land. Iran does so through supporting the symbols of crime in the militia; it supports them with money and weapons, it gives them secure hideouts and places to train on the Iranian lands, so that they start carrying out their terrorist operations, spreading feuds in Iraq and burning the Iraqi villages and cities from time to time. Yet, Iran is not satisfied, it wants to cause a feud between Saudi Arabia and the United States, after a failed and evil attempt to kill the Saudi ambassador in the United States. At the same time, it was aiming to implement a terrorist attack on the lands of the USA. This shows the criminal instinct of the Iranian rulers and their love for killing and for spreading destruction and corruption on earth.

  • عادل صالح


    The crime that some elements were planning to execute lately, namely the crime of planning to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, DC, is a horrific act indeed. We condemn and denounce such cowardly acts that aim to cause feuds, problems and the elimination of political personalities. Yet, this attempt quickly failed, thanks to the efforts of the intelligence service in the USA. The operation was revealed and the assassination did not take place. The people who were trying to commit this crime were caught; they had planned to set off a car bomb near the restaurant that the Saudi ambassador goes to regularly. They wanted to kill him and everybody, including a large number of civilians who were there. It is a crime planned by some elements hired by an authority or a country that is interested in the occurrence of this assassination. The accused were caught; they are being investigated to find out who is behind them and who supported them in doing this. Investigations are ongoing to determine the circumstances of this operation and who is involved.

  • الزبيدى


    First of all, I would like to thank this website for telling the truth. I swear by Almighty God, Iran is a harmful insect. They are the biggest infidels; it is a harmful virus to all Muslims in the Arab world. Thanks.

  • واحد من الناس


    Iran is the excuse on which Arabs hang all their problems. The United States will never cease to attack Iran by all means; they incite everybody against Iran. Arabs accuse you of violence, and they forgot what they are doing to their people, such as violating their honors. Now they are trying to hold you, i.e. Iran, accountable for a crime that you did not commit; we are sure you did not do that. They only claim that in order to have a reason to announce a war against Iran. This is what the biggest devil, i.e. the USA, wants. We tell you, you are the losers. Iran will be the winner, with the will and power of God. Arabs, unite and be one! Do not give the biggest devil a chance to overcome you; indeed, the plotting of the devil is weak.

  • لكل داء دواء الاالحماقه اعيت من يداويها


    The current situation in the region shows that the United States and the allies are too cowardly to fire even one bullet towards Iran, because it is obvious that Iran is capable of facing the US and the allies. This shows that Iran’s power is expanding in the region. I do not support Iran, but the current conditions tell us that the power of the US and its allies is about to end, especially after the stupid American invasion of Iraq, because it led to the semi-total control of Iran over Iraq. This again proves that there are idiotic governments such as the US and its allies, and not just idiotic people.