Jordan opens consulate in Erbil

Dr. Barham Saleh, prime minister of the Kurdish region, shakes hands with Jordanian Prime Minister Maruf al-Bakhit upon his arrival at Erbil on Sept. 11th. [Reuters]

Dr. Barham Saleh, prime minister of the Kurdish region, shakes hands with Jordanian Prime Minister Maruf al-Bakhit upon his arrival at Erbil on Sept. 11th. [Reuters]



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Jordanian Prime Minister Maruf al-Bakhit visited Iraq last week for the opening of a Jordanian consulate in Erbil that officials hope will help boost economic ties between the two countries.

Dr. Barham Saleh, prime minister of the Kurdish region, attended the event as did a Jordanian ministerial delegation.

Speaking to journalists on September 12th, al-Bakhit said the consulate will be staffed with advisors on trade and health issues. Other personnel will be provided according to regional needs.

The two sides discussed ways to increase co-operation and exchange expertise in several areas including water resources management, energy, work and training, university education, medicine, pharmaceutical supplies, software, e-government and media.

Majed al-Saadi, an Iraqi businessman and president of the Iraqi-Jordanian Business Council, said, "Reconstruction and building activities are occurring in all parts of Iraq. The consulate in Erbil is important for obtaining visas, facilitating the movement of businessmen between the two countries, and overseeing Jordanian interests there."

He said several factors serve business between the two countries, including geographical proximity and the ease of movement and investment between traders and businessmen. Al-Saadi said flights connect Amman to Baghdad, Basra, and Erbil.

He said he hopes officials will open another Jordanian consulate in Basra to strengthen co-operation between Iraq and Jordan which he said has grown considerably.

Khalid Rababha, a Jordanian economist, stressed the importance of Iraqi investments in Jordan. He said Iraqis are among the leading investors in Jordan as they are involved in several sectors such as real estate and finance.

"Consulates usually play a role in strengthening trade relations," he said. "Amman is considered a leading medical centre in the Middle East and has several advanced educational institutions that Iraq can benefit from."

According to the Jordanian Ministry of Planning, the volume of trade between Jordan and Iraq rose by 29% during the first half of 2011 to a record 412 million dinars ($577 million) compared with 320 million dinars ($448.3 million) for the same period in 2010.

There are 3,234 Iraqis investors in the Jordanian stock market. Iraqi investors own 71 million securities that are valued at 255 million dinars ($357 million).

Jordanian industrialist Thabet el-Wor said the growth in trade between Jordan and Iraq has compensated for the decline in Jordanian exports to other countries.

"The strong relations between the two countries' traders and businessmen have pushed these figures upward," he said.

El-Wor said Iraq benefits from Jordan in terms of reconstruction and development projects and the facilitation of transit trade coming through the port of Aqaba. The Jordanian side benefits from being able to increase exports to Iraq.

Iraq and Jordan are members of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area.

The value of Jordan's imports from Iraq during the first half of 2011 was 75 million dinars ($100 million). Jordan is active in the re-export market to Iraq which amounted to $77 million dinars during the first half of the year.

Jordan and Iraq also agreed on September 11th in Amman to raise the quantities of crude oil Jordan imports from Iraq from 10,000 barrels per day to 15,000 barrels. Iraq also agreed to provide Jordan with about 30,000 tons of heavy fuel oil per month for electricity production.

Jordanian Energy Minister Khaled Touqan and his Iraqi counterpart, Abdul Karim Al Luaibi, announced the agreement following talks in Jordan.



    عبد بدره


    I spent much time and effort trying to find the address of the Jordanian consulate in Erbil on internet and I failed. I could not find any official website of the consulate.

  • Ali


    It\'s great to know that the consulate of Jordan has openned in Erbil but can you at least provide the adress and the conmtact information for the consulate in order to do business with it, ask their services and provide them with service. I would love to get the contact information and the adress, thank you and please provide.

  • زاهر العطار


    Due to the secure atmosphere that the Kurdistan territory in Iraq is witnessing at this time in the modern history of Iraq, after the democratic transfer and freedom, which Iraq is enjoying, Kurdistan was able to develop with steady and quick steps. This is in order to improve through opening up to the world and through the investment offers that the government of the territory is seeking to sign to provide different services that will return benefits to the Iraqi citizen in the region. Thus the citizens will enjoy prosperity and stability, thanks to these human services that the government is working very hard to provide to the citizen, in order to overcome the bitter reality that he has suffered for many years, while he was facing injustice and the loss of security and services that had invaded Iraqi society. The first step which the government of the territory has taken is opening up to the other countries that have technical and scientific capabilities, in order to get benefits from their experiences, and forming this in the interest of the Iraqi citizen. The government is trying to offer opportunities to the consulates in the Arab world and the world in general to open offices in the territory, in order to enhance social, economic and political relations, in addition to the technical and scientific matters. Among the Arabian consulates that have been opened in Kurdistan territory lately is the consulate of the Kingdom of Jordan. This is considered to be the first political act in the region, and it will lead to increasing opportunities for economic cooperation through the businessmen from both sides. This will have big role in activating the trade relations between the kingdom and the territory in order to support Jordanian-Iraqi cooperation, which is expected to make big steps in the different service fields in the region. This will reflect positively on the Iraqi economy that has been suffering from recession for a long time, because of the lack of security stability which the country was suffering from, and which is still there till now.

  • kbdbd


    The embassy of Jordan opened a consulate office in Arbil governorate in northern Iraq to increase economic cooperation between the two countries. This is strong proof of the stability in the governorate and the northern region. Arbil governorate has witnessed great progress and development in regard to services and security because of the efforts of the security forces. There is economic progress as well; this is reflected in the cooperation between Jordan and Iraq. People travel between the two countries for visits and commerce. The consulate also helps in facilitating the movement between the two countries; it makes it easier in these secure and stable surroundings. There is no crime, bombing, violence, kidnapping or assassinations anymore. There are no obstacles in the road of progress and commercial prosperity because of work, commercial exchange, and the increase in traveling facilities. This is helping to improve the economy of both countries. This will also lead to more positive results for both parties, the Iraqis and the Jordanians. Opening this consulate in the northern region is very important in developing the country and improving the living standards of the citizens. The consulates need a secure and stable environment to work and produce without any obstacles, so establishing stability will help increase the economic cooperation between Iraq and other countries.

  • فاتح سعاده


    International relations are very important for Iraq, as they became very weak because of what happened in Iraq over the years. We hope for more developments to regain life for the Iraqis. Opening this consulate is a promising step and the best proof that Iraqis work hard; it is good news for all the Iraqis. I call on the government of al-Maliki to work for Iraq by undertaking more projects. They should feel jealous of the government of the northern region, which works for the best benefit of their people. We want the government to reach and connect with other countries, to rebuild Iraq and move forward. The government of the northern region always works for the people; they do their best to establish security and stability, because they are the keys to the success of the region. The government of the northern region works on improving security and international cooperation. The best example is the Jordanian Consulate, which shows the good relations between the two countries. This consulate is very important for citizens inside and outside Iraq. It is the best means to reach those who live abroad, as they have a lot of business to finish. We also have foreigners in Iraq who need to settle their problems and interests, which can only be done by the consulate. The chief of the consulate office has the power to present services to all citizens without any kind of discrimination or favoritism for certain people.

  • naqaa


    Thank God that the situation in Iraq is beginning to improve. The first Arabic consulate was opened in Erbil, which is the consulate of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is one of the most important neighboring countries of Iraq. It is good news that they have a consulate in Iraq. Iraqis are proud and happy about that, because it will help solve a lot of problems in Iraq.

  • الله يرحم الزمان


    As an Iraqi, I hope that our government opens a consulate in Baghdad or in Basra, which is an important central city, to solve a lot of issues that need to be settled. Not only Jordan, but other countries should also open consulates in Iraq. There have to be relations with these countries. God willing, we will see progress soon. The government of the region of northern Iraq deserves all respect and appreciation, because it is a government that takes care of its citizens. They encourage the citizens towards goodness and development. Development cannot be achieved by promises or words; it can only be achieved by deeds. God is the Arbiter of Success!