Yemeni army looks to liberate Zinjibar from al-Qaeda

Yemeni troops are driving al-Qaeda fighters out of Zinjibar with the help of local tribes. [Reuters]

Yemeni troops are driving al-Qaeda fighters out of Zinjibar with the help of local tribes. [Reuters]



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Yemeni troops are advancing towards Zinjibar in an attempt to purge it of terrorists, the Ministry of Defence announced on Wednesday (September 7th). The advance comes after the army established complete control over the city of el-Kod and surrounding areas.

In a statement posted on its website, the Ministry of Defence said fighters of the 31st Armoured Brigade, 39th Armoured Brigade, 201st Mechanized Infantry Brigade, and 119th Infantry Brigade are continuing their operation of hunting down al-Qaeda fighters in Abyan province.

Meanwhile, the soldiers of the 25th Mechanized Brigade continue to fight terrorists in collaboration with Abyan tribesmen, inflicting substantial losses on the terrorists.

Ahmed al-Rahwi, deputy governor of Abyan, told Al-Shorfa that the armed forces have made significant progress and cleared the way for the tribes to enter Zinjibar. He said that the outcome of Wednesday's battle was "decisive, in that the army engaged al-Qaeda members in continuous battles and did not give them an opportunity to re-group, as they had done in previous [battles]."

Al-Rahwi said the army has taken full control of the city of el-Kod and surrounding areas, which is seven kilometres from Zinjibar, as well as the farm area known as al-Masamir, which was being used by al-Qaeda as a springboard for attacks against the army.

He added that a large number of terrorists fled from Zinjibar to Jaar, many of them abandoning their weapons, which were seized by the 39th Brigade.

Abdo al-Jundi, deputy minister of information and government spokesman, told Al-Shorfa that the army's victories in Abyan were the result of sacrifices made by its soldiers and the tribes aligned with the army.

"The government is determined to purge all areas of Abyan of al-Qaeda which dreams of setting up an Islamic emirate in the province," he said. "The battle the army is fighting against al-Qaeda is crucial."

According to al-Jundi, Vice President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi is personally overseeing the situation. Defence Minister Major General Mohammed Nasser Ahmed is commanding operations from the city of Aden, which neighbours Abyan province.

Al-Jundi praised the positive attitude of the tribes in supporting the army and called attention to the "great sacrifices" made in the fight against the terrorists, 300 of whom were killed between May and August, according to a report issued by the Interior Ministry last week.

Sheikh Nasr al-Shaabi, an elder in Jaar, told Al-Shorfa that Jaar has witnessed a heavy al-Qaeda presence during the past two weeks.

"That confirms the announcement by the Ministry of Defence that al-Qaeda militants have retreated from Zinjibar to Jaar, which they have established as a hub from which they launch attacks against the army."

Al-Shaabi said the army fired 20 rockets on Monday against areas in the city where al-Qaeda members are hiding.

Al-Qaeda members in those areas "are using innocent citizens as human shields and their homes as fortified shelters from the shelling by the army, which resulted in losses to the property and homes of citizens, and the destruction of a hotel near al-Razi hospital", he said.

Al-Shabi said Jaar is seeing an exodus of citizens this week, similar to the one that occurred in Zinjibar last June.



    حسب محمد


    It is a good thing to see the city of Zinjibar regain its dominance, thanks to the Yemeni army that has saved civilians from the terrorist operations and crimes. These have caused the citizens’ suffering in Zinjibar. In fact, they have witnessed difficult conditions. That is why many citizens have escaped from their homes, due to the criminal practices of the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda. Thus, the liberation of Zinjibar will have a positive impact on the civilians, who will live in security and stability. Besides, they will achieve tranquility, thanks to the presence of the Yemeni army in their city. In fact, this army has saved civilians from these takfiri people. Thus, we hope that these achievements will continue in order to get rid of the remnants of terrorism in Yemen forever. This is in order to restore the country’s security and stability.

  • وعد سيف الدين


    The Yemeni army has succeeded in breaking the blockade in the city of Zinjibar. Thus, they have gotten rid of the remnants of terrorism. Thus, we commend their good work. In fact, the city of Zinjibar has been suffering from this blockade and from the remnants of the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda, who have targeted civilians in order to sow fear and terror among them. In fact, Zinjibar is among the most important of the Yemeni cities. That is why terrorists have tried to make it a stronghold for their terrorist organization and a so called Emirate. Thus, the Yemeni Army has accomplished a great achievement by thwarting the terrorist plans. Besides, they have weakened the terrorists’ capacities. Thus, the Yemeni army has performed many heroic acts during this battle.

  • ismaeel


    The situation in Yemen is that Karman took off her veil, so she is rewarded with a Nobel Prize. Her Sheikh, al-Zindani issued a fatwa, i.e. religious opinion, that permits the killing of Yemeni soldiers. Thus, a thousand Yemeni soldiers were the victims of al-Zindani’s fatwa. Hamid brought the representatives and corpses from the hospitals. The rest of the opposition apply Machiavelli’s motto: “The end justifies the means,” so they cut the roads, destroy electricity towers, close universities and schools and turn them into military bases, and violate mosques, and then they appear on satellite channels and claim to be the victims of oppression, with the blessings of the United States and the West.

  • مجيد


    This is a message that we, the youth of Yemen, the supporters of constitutional legitimacy and every honest person on this earth, send to the mercenaries of Joint Meeting Parties, or JMP, the gang of the Al-Ahmar Family, the militia of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, and the First Squad Madara. We say to you with determination that we will not allow it, even if we have to sacrifice our blood and souls. Whoever is killed while defending his honor is a martyr, and how great it is to be one! You mercenaries of the Joint Meeting Parties, the gang of Al-Ahmar Family, the militia of Yemeni Congregation for Reform and the First Squad Madara, we say it to you clearly.

  • كاشف عبسى


    I hope that the demonstrations will end with the departure of Ali Abdullah Saleh and his family forever. This is in order to improve the situation of Yemenis, who must enjoy comfort without this oppressive regime. Thus, I ask all the Yemeni people to insist on their opinion in order to get rid of Ali Abdullah Saleh and all his family. I think that Ali Abdullah Saleh and his followers have caused the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda to get into all the Yemeni provinces. This is in order to destroy Yemen. In fact, if this is true, I think that the Yemenis will launch an unprecedented revolution, which is not like the Egyptian Revolution, because the Yemenis hate terrorism and terrorists. Now the provinces of Abyan, Aden and Shabwa are witnessing strong battles against the dirty terrorists of Al-Qaeda, who have worked on destroying Yemen. In fact, these provinces have strongly fought this accursed organization. Besides, the tribes have played a great role in this important issue. Thus, we ask the Yemenis to insist on continuing the demonstrations, in order to topple the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh. And they must insist on defending their lands from the terrorists of Al-Qaeda.

  • وليد احمد


    I pray to God to grant victory to innocent rebels, the same way He did in Egypt, Tunis and Libya. And I hope this tyrant will be brought down without blood or fighting between Yemenis. We want this thing to end with the utmost simplicity and quietness, because this coward doesn’t want to abandon power and he is trying to put the revolution off through disappearing, under the pretense that he is sick and getting treatment and all. These lies have become exposed to everyone, and Yemenis wouldn’t leave Ali Abdullah Saleh in power because, indeed, he won’t give anything noteworthy to the country or the people. It is time for you to leave, Saleh. These attempts won’t help you, just as they didn’t help your predecessors and oppressive peers, who were the leaders of the Arab countries. O Lord, destine the blessed revolution for success and make it victorious, in order for our situation and our tragic conditions to change in Yemen. Everyone is now looking forward to the new phase which will come after Ali Saleh, because it will lead to improving the conditions in the country and will end corruption, theft, backwardness and manipulation with the country’s funds.

  • رونق


    I ask the Yemeni people to achieve reform and comfort. And I pray to God to put an end to the demonstrations taking place in the State of Yemen, because Yemenis have been exposed to significant harm, fatigue and discomfort, due to their being deprived of many simple rights. In fact, the government can provide these rights. However, greed has festered in their hearts. Thus, they haven’t paid attention to the poor, who have been suffering from hunger and need. This is of course due to unemployment and to the lack of services that could make the citizens’ lives easier. That’s why we think that the Yemeni people have held demonstrations in order to call for their rights that have been violated for thirty years. This is due to the dictatorial and oppressive regime that has refused to pay heed to the people’s demands. In fact, the government has worked on obliging people to be silent and to yield to what has happened without resisting any assault on their rights. Thus, the Yemeni people have held demonstrations in order to call for their freedom and to put an end to their silence, submission and humiliation. They must also stand against the government that has violated and neglected their rights and their services. In fact, the government has used oppressive methods against people. This is in order to prevent them from enjoying comfort and satisfaction in terms of the living conditions.

  • صلاح الوصابي


    May God save our people! May God save our steadfast army against any destroyer or traitor of the nation! May God protect you, patient soldiers! May God protect you and may He be with you!