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Yemeni army kills dozens of al-Qaeda members in Abyan clashes

Yemen's military is continuing its assault in Abyan province to eliminate al-Qaeda. [Khaled Abdullah Ali al-Mahdi/Reuters]

Yemen's military is continuing its assault in Abyan province to eliminate al-Qaeda. [Khaled Abdullah Ali al-Mahdi/Reuters]



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The Yemeni Defence Ministry announced Wednesday (August 31st) that it completed several operations that purged select areas in Abyan province of al-Qaeda terrorists who had established fortified positions.

Dozens of terrorists were killed or wounded in the clashes, according to the ministry.

The Defence Ministry said on its website that security forces delivered severe blows to the terrorists, destroying several hideouts and posts in farms west of Zinjibar and weapons, ammunition dumps and equipment that were used in terrorist operations against the armed forces, security personnel, and citizens.

According to the ministry, the strikes gave the armed forces access to the triangle formed by the Al-Wihda stadium and the old road leading to the city of Zinjibar. Once the terrorist strongholds were eliminated, the armed forces secured large areas of the Dofes Valley and tightened the noose on terrorists within Zinjibar.

The Defence Ministry stated that security forces would continue their strikes until they cleared the cities of Jaar and Zinjibar and other regions of terrorists. Officials praised local citizens for their efforts in confronting terrorist activities and extremist ideology.

Ahmed al-Rahwi, deputy governor of Abyan, told Al-Shorfa, "The success the armed forces achieved by reaching the outskirts of Zinjibar on Wednesday indicates the level of co-operation between official and grassroots efforts (fighting terrorism)."

Al-Rahwi conducted a tour of select military units in Abyan along with Defence Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed and Chief of Staff Major General Ahmed Ali al-Ashwal on Eid al-Fitr. Al-Rahwi said the upcoming battles will be critical to maintain security.

He added that co-ordinated efforts between the armed forces and citizens aided the campaign.

"The army's morale is high after dozens of al-Qaeda elements were killed during the last days of Ramadan," he said.

Abyan governor praises local tribes

Saleh Hussein al-Zarawi, the governor of Abyan, told the official news agency Saba on Tuesday that security forces stationed on the outskirts of Zinjibar were successful in fighting al-Qaeda.

Al-Zawari said, "During the past two days, the heroes of the security forces have confronted the criminal gangs of al-Qaeda and dealt blows leading to dozens of deaths among them in Zinjibar, Dofes, Jaar, al-Diyyu, Bajadar and Hosn Shaddad. (Al-Qaeda) is using religion as a cover even though religion disowns them."

He praised the heroic stance of the Abyan tribes in confronting al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda being reinforced by terrorists from Somalia

Abdul Hafiz al-Nahari, vice president of information services for the ruling Congress Party, told Al-Shorfa the battles are ongoing because terrorist elements enter the country across the Gulf of Aden from Somalia on a daily basis.

"The infiltration of Somali mujahideen has reinforced al-Qaeda in Abyan," he said. "Curbing the movement of Somali infiltrators and the continuous co-operation between the tribesmen and the army will accelerate the resolution of the battle."

Al-Nahari said pockets of terrorist militants continue to exist in Zinjibar, adding that the army is advancing with support from the Air Force.

"What's important is to cut-off the human pipeline from Somalia," he said.

Abdo al-Jundi, deputy information minister, announced in a press conference before Eid that he "does not rule out the presence of the Somali al-Shabab mujahideen fighting alongside al-Qaeda with the goal of establishing an Islamic emirate".

300 al-Qaeda fighters killed

The Security Commission announced in an online press statement published by the Defence Ministry Tuesday that 300 al-Qaeda members were killed in during clashes in the province of Abyan between May and late August.

Officials and citizens expressed their satisfaction with the progress the security forces and the army achieved in confronting al-Qaeda.

Al-Nahari said, "The data published by the Security Commission is great news" adding that it will help raise the army's morale.

Al-Jundi said citizens were encouraged by the news because living conditions in Abyan had become unsafe.

"They were affected the most by those confrontations and were displaced from their homes and fled as refugees to other provinces," he said.

The Refugee and Displaced Welfare Committee of Abyan, created by the government in June, announced this week there are 200,000 refugees in Aden since May.

Nasser al-Mansari, secretary-general of the local council for the Khanfar Directorate, is conducting daily visits to inspect the conditions of people who were displaced. He said he was relieved to hear news about the army's achievements fighting al-Qaeda in recent months.

"I am a one of the displaced, and I live in a furnished full-service apartment, but I live in a state of tediousness, depression, instability. I hope that deliverance is near so I can return to my city," he said. "The news about the killing of al-Qaeda fighters allows us to forget our miseries, even if it is only temporary."

Anis Mohamed, 30, a Zinjibar resident, told Al-Shorfa the death of 300 al-Qaeda fighters was a source of relief for residents whose property was destroyed during the clashes.

"Our joy over the news exceeds our sorrow over what we have lost. We await more good news that would allow us to return home and that our areas are cleared of terrorist elements who have no mercy for anyone, regardless of stature," Mohamed said.



    همام عبد المنعم صالح


    Why is it important to get rid of al-Qaeda, that usurper killer organization in the state of Yemen, where this terrorist organization kills intentionally in the name of the right of all humanity and the right of innocent Yemeni civilians and without any justification, because they are innocent and did not do anything that may deserve to be killed or targeted. We must get rid of al- Qaeda once and for all and its suspicious actions within the state of Yemen, the Arab country. Remove the roots of terrorism and terrorists and the terrorist organizations, which should not have any areas within the Arab world or in any country in the whole world because they do not do or supply anything for Islam or for Muslims with these deplorable acts that they do without any reasons, but to achieve their personal goals or to achieve the demands of of these organizations. The Yemeni government should not be the onlyone , but all Arab and foreign and international governments must meet these regulations and terrorists should not have any presence in our world of peaceful security. Where you live all Arab countries must stay hand in hand in the face of terrorism and terrorists and face their actions and cruelty to humans, Islam and Muslims. we see that terrorism and the implementation of terrorists of their bad business in the majority of Arab countries and more Arab countries, which may occur in this state of Yemen and this state does not deserve all that.

  • عمـاد


    If the Yemeni government wants to work to revivee Yemen again, it has to get rid of corruption which is the basis of the devastation and pain of the Yemenis. They need to get rid of terrorism and eliminate it in order to return stability to their home country, in order to be able to work on the development of the Yemeni economy. There are many problems caused by these movements. The first is the flight of investors from Yemen for fear of ruining their businesses in Yemen because of the existence of terrorism. The Yemeni economy is in danger because the government cannot carry out appropriate reforms without the security situation being strong and the country being free of terrorism. This is because the government cannot make the reforms because the government of Yemen does not have the ability and experience in order to eliminate terrorism. Yemen needs a lot of military aid in order to empower the military capability necessary for the security forces of Yemen in order to work to eliminate the movements of al-Qaeda spread in Yemen. The survival of those movements increases the seriousness of the situation in Yemen in terms of an economic or social future for the citizens of Yemen. The government must work quickly in order to eliminate those movements that can work to destroy the homeland and Yemen to deliver a bleak future.

  • نهال همام


    Awareness is very essential especially for the young people since it is very easy for anyone to attract them to such extremist terrorist movements using their love for religion and their ignorance of it. Then, they persuade them that this is for religion. Certainly, all people know that Islam considers any killing of a soul without right, is among the most major sins that leads the doer to hell. Islam is the religion of peace and it is very useful that the Iraqi Government raise the awareness of the young people in new scientific ways by improving education which makes the young people very cultured as well as through the TV programs and radio. Radio and television have great influence on raising the awareness of people and it is very important that the Iraqi Government face these extremist terrorist movements strongly and deal with these organizations in a secure and professional way in order to get rid of them.

  • سامر


    I'd like to ask one question: "Who are the Takfiris and salafis? Where are their concepts from? What are their sources? Are they in God's Book?" I have asked more than one of them, and they answered: “These were taken from Bin Taimya's fatwa!” Did Bin Taimya live during the time of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him? Or did he get them from the narrators of the Hadeeth? Which narration tells us about this Takfiri law? Can he tell us the name of the narrator and the narration? My brothers, these names were invented by America and Israel in order to destroy Islam. They used these people to carry out great crimes against Islam and Muslims; they killed, bombed, slaughtered and terrified people. I swear they don't know what Islam is or what religion is. They are gangs and drug dealers. I saw them with my own eyes in Afghanistan. Have you seen a Muslim peeing while standing up? I told him that it was haram; he answered that he was in jihad and couldn't spare the time! Where is Islam? You don't have the right to pretend that you are Muslims while you destroy Islam! Fear God! You are still in this world, but there is death, and there is another life and judgment! Fear God; go back to the Right, repent and regret, and may God forgive you, because He is Merciful!

  • احمد مصطفى


    May God give victory to the people of Yemen and liberate them from oppression, corruption, the remnants of the regime and the so-called al-Qaeda! They do not know anything about Islam except blood, killing, corruption and the application of prescribed punishments with ignorance. They do not know anything about the spirit of Islam and its kindness, especially during these difficult times that the Arabic nation is facing!

  • مصطفى عويس


    Now, the al-Qaeda organization’s back has finally been broken, after the second man has been killed after Osama Bin Laden. He was the manager and the planner of many criminal matters which were happening in every region of the Arab or European countries, and his death has caused a great blow to the al-Qaeda organization. Now they are disturbed; what can they do, because the cowardly Ayman al-Zawahiri was completely depending on them to carry out acts of murder and bombing, as well as claiming the lives of a lot of people. May God save us from them, one after the other. Have mercy upon us, Almighty God. When Attia Abdul Rahman was killed, this was a great blow to al-Qaeda, because he was the next man after Osama Bin Laden. He was the one who carried everything out. The cowardly Ayman al-Zawahiri was not to do anything without his approval, because he was stronger than they were. But strength comes from God and he is the most merciful. His death is a pleasure for the whole Arab and European world, and a good omen, because the whole world feels happy about his death, and because he was carrying out a lot of cowardly and mean acts. I promise them that the al-Qaeda organization has become weak and that they cannot carry out stronger acts than they did before. On the contrary, we should be optimistic about this matter. Osama Bin Laden was also depending on Attia in most of the dirty acts that they were planning for. Now they are in a place which nobody knows but God. The Muslims prayers against them have yielded results. As a result of the acts they have carried out, they do not deserve death; they deserve to be tortured, as what they have carried out is not a small thing, because there are a lot of women who have become widows and a lot of children who have become orphans.

  • عبدالمجيد


    We ask Almighty God to get rid of and eradicate terrorism once and for all in the province of Abyan and the entire world, God willing. Terrorism is threatening Yemen, the province of Abyan and its people because of the criminal operations carried out by al-Qaeda members. These atrocious crimes reflect the degree of criminality of this Takfiri organization. Terrorists want to start from Yemen, after the formation of their Emirate, as they promised their terrorist followers to do so. God willing, we will eradicate all forms of terrorism in the province of Abyan, as was the case in the province of Zinjibar. The end of terrorism will come soon and terrorists will leave the land of Yemen once and for all, thanks to the brave men in the army and the courageous ones in the Yemeni tribes, who united their lines in order to fight against the criminal and terrorist organizations. All of the Yemenis will gather in order to save Yemen from terrorist cells, and victory will come soon, God willing. Shame on the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and its cowardly members. They will collapse, thanks to the resistance of the Yemeni people. They hate and reject terrorism and they will defeat the criminal members in the province of Abyan, because the citizens do not want any dominance. The unity of the Yemenis and their support for the Yemeni army in their recent fight against al-Qaeda will help Yemenis eradicate terrorism in the province of Abyan, free it from extremism, thwart their operations and weaken the al-Qaeda organization. We ask God to help civilians and the innocent people to get rid of terrorist members and eradicate their cells and groups that are targeting the innocent people.

  • يحيى فهمي


    We are hopeful that the Yemeni Army will start its military actions in order to free Abyan from the remnants of the takfiri terrorist al-Qaeda. This organization is rejected by all the sons of Yemen and the Yemeni tribes, which are fighting next to the army in order to thwart the terrorist plans, to eradicate it and to prevent the terrorist al-Qaeda from establishing a stronghold in Yemen. In fact, everyone is combating terrorism to eradicate it, all its members and whoever supports it. God willing, terrorism will be eradicated in Abyan and the Yemenis will achieve victory and a salvation day from all the evil plans which the terrorist al-Qaeda is trying to spread in Yemen. In addition, Abyan will be freed from the control of the murderers and the criminals, who are al-Qaeda’s followers and evil supporters.

  • علي شفيق


    The growing presence of the terrorist al-Qaeda in the Yemeni province, Abyan, is one of the very dangerous phenomena that threaten the security and stability all over Yemen. In fact, this deviant organization is trying to find a foothold in this country, taking advantage of the current situation in Yemen, because of the lack of political stability, which resulted from the demonstrations led by the Yemenis seeking to overthrow the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh. In fact, the presence of terrorism in this country will have a lot of negative impacts on Yemen and on its neighboring countries. Therefore, I hope terrorism and its remnant groups in Abyan will be eradicated, God willing. I also hope to liberate this city from such terrorist organizations and to save the innocent inhabitants, who are suffering from the ravages of terrorist members and their crimes against civilians. The latter are also suffering a lot because of the lack of services in this city which has been targeted, together with all its service institutions, by terrorism. This has increased the suffering of the citizens of Abyan. Thus, we hope that this suffering will not last and that this province will be freed as soon as possible, God willing.

  • صالح منذري


    God willing, terrorism will be eradicated and the province will return back to its previous status and be even better, thanks to the help of Almighty God. The brave Yemeni security forces are working hard in order to rid the province of terrorists. We pray to Almighty God to help them in order to eradicate all terrorist members, not only in Abyan but also in all the Yemeni provinces, so that safety and security will be maintained again, because lately, Yemen has suffered much from terrorist attacks and an unstable political situation.

  • bassam


    God Almighty takes the side of righteousness. He will grant victory to the armed forces’ members in Yemen to completely destroy the Al Qaeda organization. God, the Dignified and the Wise, is the sole provider of victory. We are very hopeful that Al Qaeda will be destroyed all over the world, not just in Abin. We hope to get rid of this terrorist organization, which seeks to spread fear and terror in people’s hearts.

  • ديلالان


    We ask God Almighty to bring luck to the Yemeni forces in facing the terrorist organizations that intensified their presence in Abyan governorate and used it as a center from which they launch their terrorist operations against Yemeni armed forces and people. They claimed the lives of many people and injured many others through the confrontations that took place between the armed forces and the al- Qaeda organization in Abyan. These left behind many dead and injured victims on both sides, in a way that compromised the security of the city. Many of the city’s residents left because of the armed acts that the terrorists committed, which prevented the establishment of security and stability in the city and caused the paralysis of social life, which stopped work, studies and most of the other services. As such, it has become crucial for the Yemeni army to assume its role in protecting the security of the country and to rid the people of the evil of those who tamper with the country’s security, because Yemenis are the responsibility of the armed forces who are responsible for defending them. The armed forces have immediately taken the necessary measures to stand in the face of and destroy these organizations, and to fight their deviant ideas through providing advice and guidance to the local residents in the southern and eastern areas where terrorism is active, and encouraging them to stand up to terrorism with all their might to help the security forces in this battle. It is the responsibility of all honorable Yemenis everywhere to stand in the face of and combat terrorism in Abin governorate and everywhere in the land of Yemen, until complete victory is achieved and the country is rid of the evil of the terrorist organizations that seek to achieve their evil and hostile goals against the safe and unsuspecting people.

  • رفعت خليل


    The situation in Abyan Governorate has become bad, because the terrorist al-Qaeda organization is now challenging the government and is trying to shake security and stability in Abyan Governorate. It is trying to create more cells to spread terrorism in the governorate. Those terrorists have committed a number of terrorist attacks and bombings in Abyan Governorate in an attempt to control areas and attack the army and the police; this shouldn’t be ignored at all. The security forces have to move in a serious way to rid the people and residents of Abyan governorate of terrorism and of the evil of the al- Qaeda organization, which is trying to extend its domination. There are attempts on the part of al-Qaeda to recruit as many of the few well-aware youth as possible to work with it and to exploit the conditions the country is going through. Therefore, there must be a powerful and firm response to terrorism, and it has to be confronted with the utmost power, which is the duty of the security forces and the army and all the apparatuses of the state. Work must be done on the highest possible level to discover all terrorist cells and all the al-Qaeda cells and to stop them from committing more terrorist operations and from spreading, and to establish safety and security in the governorate, because if those cells stay, this poses a threat and a great danger over the safety of Yemen and the neighboring countries, not just Yemen.

  • كريم شهير


    Abyan Governorate has become a terrorism hot zone that is a field for terrorist and sabotage operations. Therefore, security plans should be set in motion to combat terrorism, and the security apparatus should redouble its efforts to destroy saboteurs. We pray to God for their end. God willing, all the oppressed people will be rewarded.

  • فريد بكار


    During the recent months, Yemen was exposed to a cruel terrorist attack which resulted in demolition, destruction, millions of victims and injured, and many widows and orphans, in order to achieve their personal interests at the expense of the Yemeni people. It is worth mentioning that the governorate that was harmed the most is Abyan governorate, which has been turned into an Emirate that the army of the al-Qaeda organization controls. It has been turned into a battleground where the forces who are followers of the Yemeni army clash with elements of the al-Qaeda organization. The army expelled them from the governorate through the significant cooperation which is initiated by the presidents, the leaders of the tribes and the citizens in Abyan governorate, in order to win freedom and to expel this defunct organization, which caused a lot of harm to the citizens in Abyan. It dragged them into battles with the Yemeni government by using force and threats, and due to the big sacrifices which Abyan governorate made, and the great damages which the latter have been exposed to. The Yemeni government established a fund to reconstruct Abyan governorate and restore it to the way it was before, through presenting financial aid for them from the fund which the Yemeni government has established. There are great efforts being made by the authorities in order to finance the reconstruction projects, searching for the most readily available international, local and regional groups that will contribute with the donations and assistance that the reconstruction fund presents.

  • ميسلون


    During the previous period, the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda tried to establish a basis in the Yemeni province of Abyan. In fact, the infidels of this extremist organization have exploited the events taking place in Yemen, especially with the security forces’ preoccupation with the demonstrations. Thus, this terrorist organization has tried to dominate Abyan and many other Yemeni provinces. This is in order to establish a Takfiri and extremist base. This will lead to many problems and it will worsen the situation in Yemen, especially if the terrorist members continue their attempts to make Abyan a stronghold for their extremist organization. This is in order to achieve their criminal and despicable plans that have constituted a threat to the safe Yemeni civilians. I think that terrorism has become a danger that threatens Yemen. Therefore we must not remain silent and we must get rid of terrorism, so as to save Yemenis from the evil of terrorism and from its criminal operations. The terrorist organization al-Qaeda has carried out many criminal operations that have targeted the police stations and other governmental institutions. Thus, it is important to reduce the role of this terrorist organization through combining the efforts of the army and the tribes. This is in order to eradicate the phenomenon of terrorism, which has become a real danger that threatens Yemen.

  • عماد


    It is very important to eliminate all of these factions and elements of the al-Qaeda organization so they do not spread in the State of Yemen and in Abyan governorate in particular. The Yemeni army and the security forces of Yemen have to do their duty to present and to provide protection to the people of Yemen, as a result of what might be done by the terrorist groups and the armed gangs which do not wish good for Yemen or for her sons. Therefore, everyone should be careful so as not to be vulnerable to attacks that are likely to be carried out by the terrorist groups of the al-Qaeda organization, and to disrupt all the processes that they are always carrying out in terms of bombings, booby-trapping, destruction, devastation and futility, killing, bloodshed, assassinations, kidnappings, slaughter, stealing, and doing all the horrible things that show the brutality, violence and ugliness of these criminals. For this, they must be confronted and work must be done to put an end to them and from the outset, so they do not deploy, expand, or work on recruiting young people, exploiting their extreme poverty that they have. The terrorist groups exploit the ways through which they can expand their network with money, in addition to the subject of religion and religiosity. They claim to be the owners of the right in what they do and to have principles, values, and ideas based on the support of poor and vulnerable people.

  • سهير نصري


    The Yemeni governorate of Abyan is witnessing a lot of disturbances at the present time, especially since the development of the terrorist Aa-Qaeda organization's role during the recent months. Its role has been exnlarged after repeated attempts to expand its spread and existence in Yemen, launching from Abyan governorate. They are trying to make a launching pad from this governorate in order to control more of the Yemeni governorates and cities, in which they would like to establish their new place, exploiting the serious conditions that Yemen is going through, in terms of demonstrations and protests which have reached many of the Yemeni cities, and which led to everyone being preoccupied with these events. Therefore, in order to prevent the development of the al-Qaeda organization’s role in Abyan governorate in the best way, and consequently its existence on the Yemeni territory, I think that it has become necessary for the Yemeni army to carry out military operations, so as to expel the terrorist gangs which are represented in the cowardly al-Qaeda organization, and to try to eliminate its existence in Abyan governorate, so as to avoid the danger of this mean organization’s existence on the Yemeni territory.

  • saeed


    I think that the continued existence of the misguided al-Qaeda organization’s cells and groups in Abyan governorate in this dangerous form includes a threat to the safety of Yemen and all the countries in the region, which terrorism will reach after a while, along with its dirty acts, because this criminal organization is planning to establish its base and the center of its existence in Abyan governorate in Yemen. This matter should not be allowed to continue, and this organization should not be allowed to carry out its plans. These plans should be addressed and thwarted by all means, including the military methods through which we can eliminate the existence of this organization in Abyan governorate and save this governorate and its people from terrorism. Efforts should be united in Yemen between the army and the Yemeni tribes, and Yemen should be backed with international support in all its technical forms, so as to confront this great danger and eliminate this misguided organization as soon as possible. I believe that the danger of this organization has started to increase in Abyan governorate, to which all the good efforts should be directed, so as to save it from the existence of this organization, which should be addressed with all severity and strictness.

  • روعه ياسين


    It is important to get rid of the terrorist members and groups of al-Qaeda that have caused a lot of pain and suffering to the citizens. In fact, they have launched attacks targeting people and they have carried out terrorist operations of bombing, killing and discrimination. They have also tried to tarnish the image of the tolerant Islamic religion that forbids harming others. In fact, the terrorist groups of al-Qaeda have lured the youth with money and deceived them with religion. This is in order to implement all the terrorists’ orders under the pretext of religion and money, especially since most of the Arab people are in urgent need of money, due to the cases of extreme poverty, unemployment, corruption and hunger. Thus, the groups of al-Qaeda have exploited this aspect in order to implement their plans and to spread their groups among the Arab countries. In the recent period, the groups of al-Qaeda have started to reform their organization in the State of Yemen and particularly in the province of Abyan, which has witnessed the existence of the terrorist groups. These terrorist members have constituted a threat to people’s security, safety and stability. In fact, they have always caused the spread of corruption, death and suffering. Thus, the Yemeni tribes in Abyan and in all the provinces must fight such groups that have worked on spreading death everywhere, using religion and money, especially since most of the Yemeni people are from the poor class. Thus, they are in urgent need of money.

  • فائق عبد الرحمن


    It is important to get rid of the dirty members of al-Qaeda, which has worked on targeting safe citizens in the Yemeni Governorate of Abyan, which is one of the most courageous provinces. Now, the Yemeni forces are working on getting rid of all the dirty terrorist operations. And as we know, the events taking place in Yemen are difficult, because they have been deceived during the term of Ali Abdullah Saleh, who used cruelty and violence against Yemenis. In fact, Yemenis have gone through tough times and even after toppling his regime they are still suffering from anxiety due to these operations of the cowardly organization of al-Qaeda that wants to dominate Yemen. I think that Yemen is among the weak countries that cannot fight terrorism and terrorists. In fact, they cannot stand up against the despicable organization of al-Qaeda. Thus, the eradication of terrorism will have an influence on the Yemenis’ life. In fact, this will help them to enjoy security and safety. And Yemenis want to achieve all their wishes away from the terrorists. Thus, it is important to track down all the terrorists of al-Qaeda. Besides, Yemeni tribes and armed groups must join efforts in order to get rid of these dirty groups. I think that the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda has tried to make Yemen a stronghold of terrorism and of al-Qaeda.

  • غانم جوده


    The despicable organization of Al-Qaeda has carried out many cowardly operations of killing, slaughtering and booby-trapping. This is in order to implement the orders of its masters. Now, Al-Qaeda is in the province of Abyan. Thus, it is important to track down these terrorists in order to get rid of them completely. This is in order not to repeat these despicable and malicious operations against the Yemeni people.

  • الظاهر بيبرس


    It is important to get rid of the terrorist groups and gangs of al-Qaeda in the State of Yemen, and particularly in the province of Abyan. This is in order to allow people not to live in terrifying and frightening atmospheres. These terrorist groups have carried out terrorist operations of killing, torturing, kidnapping and attacking. This is in addition to the violation of people’s rights and bombing and booby-trapping operations. They have also carried out violent acts in order to cause anxiety and riots. Thus, the Yemeni security forces must follow up on all the events taking place in the Yemeni land and in the province of Abyan. This is in order to thwart all their malicious, violent, and brutal plans that have been prepared by the terrorist gangs of al-Qaeda. In fact, these terrorists have always been a source of anxiety and fear. And the terrorist groups of al-Qaeda want to tarnish the image of the Islamic religion by pretending to be among the Muslim groups that work for the sake of Islam. In fact, they have worked on deceiving people through luring them with money, especially since many youths are in urgent need of money. This is due to the spread of unemployment, hunger and poverty. Thus, the groups of the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda have tried to exploit these aspects and the disadvantaged of society in order to carry out their plans targeting the innocent.