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Women's rights groups in Egypt demand equal political opportunity

Demonstrators chant slogans in Alexandria. [Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters]

Demonstrators chant slogans in Alexandria. [Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters]



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A coalition of women's rights groups in Egypt have started preparing a number of political campaigns to press the Egyptian government to adopt statutory guarantees that assure women of political and social rights in the new constitution.

In a statement issued at the end of July, the coalition demanded female participation in the new constitution's drafting process, equal-gender opportunity for political office appointments, and guarantees safeguarding women from education, health and personal freedom discrimination.

"The integration of women's rights at this significant stage is of utmost importance, [particularly] at a time of increasing pressures to undermine some of the gains achieved by Egyptian women in previous years," the statement said.

The coalition also produced a document of general principles titled "Women and the Constitution", which includes a number of articles and statutes the groups believe must be included in the new constitution.

The articles cover equality and discrimination issues between women and men, and also call for greater adherence to international women's rights agreements to which Egypt is a signatory, in addition to seven other articles pertaining to equal opportunity and political participation.

As per the constitutional amendments voted in by Egyptians last March, a new constitution is to be drafted following the next parliamentary elections scheduled for this coming November.

The female empowerment movement in Egypt has made some developments over the last decade. For example, the constitution was amended in 2010 granting women a quota for parliamentary political participation by allocating 64 seats for female representatives. However, applying the amendment proved difficult because of the individual candidacy electoral system used in the last election.

Furthermore, Counselor Tahani al-Gebali was the first female judge appointed to Egypt's highest judicial authority, the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, while women were also appointed to the posts of vice president of the People's Assembly, cabinet minister and ambassador.

However, a large number of women's rights activists believe the government has neglected to involve women in the transitional phase following the January 25 revolution -- a phase during which a new social contract is supposed to be drafted and the country's future fate determined.

Activists stepped up their campaigns lately after the article about women's parliamentary quotas was removed from the new Commencement of Political Rights Law passed by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces several months ago, and after no woman assumed a gubernatorial post during the changes that took place in early August.

According to Dareen Khalifa, a researcher in human rights, involving women in the transitional phase is an obligation, especially since the women's rights movement was among the primary contributors setting the stage for the January 25 revolution.

"We must launch awareness campaigns in all the provinces, especially in rural areas, to increase women's political participation in the upcoming elections and limit the influence of hardline Islamist religious groups on naïve female citizens in the People's Assembly election campaigns," she told Al-Shorfa.

Society needs to undergo comprehensive changes regarding women's rights, Khalifa said. She pointed to Egyptian and Arabic television dramas that make fun of women in high political office, a fact that demonstrates that there is discrimination against women and a denial of their important role in the community, according to Khalifa.

This atmosphere of hostility towards women has repercussions on women's entire role in politics, from voting in elections to running for political office, she said.

According to a recent report by the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights, female political representation between 1956 and 2005 did not exceed 2.4%. The one exception occurred during the 1980s, when female participation reached 9% due to enforced quotas allocating 30 seats in parliament.

"Following the abolition of the women quota system and under the individual candidacy electoral system, women no longer have prospects of reaching parliament except through competing with men under extraordinary circumstances," said lawyer Nihad Abu Kumsan, head of the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights.

In order to increase women's participation in the legislative process and enhance their role in partisan politics, Abu Kumsan demanded a change in the People's Assembly electoral law and the adoption of the proportional party-list system, with 30% minimum of female candidates.

Others, however, argue that Egypt has recorded a number of positive achievements for female empowerment in the past decade, noting that the expansion of their political participation cannot be overlooked and that those achievements can be built upon.

Hiba Loza, a journalist specializing in women's affairs, pointed to such gains as the Khal'a divorce Law and the Child Law, which governs the rights of motherhood and childhood.

"The empowerment of women in the coming period should be accomplished through the observance of the principle of citizenship and non-discrimination between Egyptian citizens on the basis of gender, type or religion," she said.

Loza suggested that an entity dedicated to women's issues must be created to act as a pressure group, with civil society serving as an extension in order to raise awareness among women through economic and developmental activities nationwide.



    سالم محمد


    Women had a very significant role in the events of the Arab Revolution and in all the countries that witnessed revolutions that caused the disposal and the elimination of all dictatorships and unjust governments, which used the harshest and the most violent of dealings against the sons of the Arab peoples, who were victims of heinous crimes. For this reason, what was done by the Arab women in the events of the Arab Revolutions is an important aspect and it pushed a lot of young people to continue to work, to be patient and to make a lot of efforts which swept them into implementing all the legitimate requirements. This includes the appearance of the truth, and rendering justice to the oppressed, as well as the support of her brother, the man, and reinforcing him and standing with him, in order that her voice will reach those concerned and express all her requirements, including her stolen rights. She is alongside her brother, the man. There are a lot of oppressed people who need backing, assistance and support by the woman, who could potentially realize a lot of achievements that will contribute to changing the reality of the situation of the society. She is able to bring a lot of excellence and brilliance and an eminent future, and that will bring a lot of good things and excellence. For this reason, women have a very important role in terms of bringing real and radical changes and contributing to the development of the society from one condition to a better one. Thus, the women have a very big role in the life of the Arab peoples who need a better reality that includes all the changes and the provision of services, because women represent half of the community. She did a lot, which surprised her brother, the man who always needs the woman to be at his side, in order to be a support and a back for him, in order to achieve the best results. Therefore, we would like to offer thanks to the women who contributed to many unexpected results that exceeded what was expected.

  • سالم فاروق


    The Egyptian woman is one of the most intellectual, well-aware and responsible women, and she has great aspirations. Many Egyptian women proved their presence in several fields, just like men. I believe that their political role will be beneficial and necessary for the country. There must be equality between men and women. Women have to be represented in the government and the parliament in greater percentages to serve women and further their rights and have them participate in the political process. This will also end the signs of backwardness Egyptian women suffer from in some places, and will make use of educated, well-read, intellectual Egyptian women’s experiences. We have many of those women here in Egypt. I am fully confident that Egyptian women will have an effective role in the new political life in the country, and it will raise the level of Egyptian women and will serve the fateful causes of the homeland, because women represent a part of this society and this country, and they are equal to men in their loyalty and love for their homeland.

  • منير


    Honestly, I don’t agree with the idea of women’s equality in political life. Maybe I am in favor of giving women some roles in the political life, but I don’t think the idea of equality is a good idea. This isn’t to underestimate women’s status, but because God Almighty created her as a sentimental and sensitive creature, and maybe she wouldn’t be able to manage political affairs like men.

  • قتيبه


    Of course not, because women in Egypt have particular roles, and the presidency is not one of them. This is not because we underestimate their capabilities. On the contrary, men are more responsible and thus more fitting for this position. A woman should not be president, or else she will be caught with all the evidence and proof, and she will remain in prison all her life. We, as oriental Arabs, do not like to have our women in these positions, because this includes many embarrassing things that women can’t do. I call on all Egyptian women not to take this from a pride-related perspective. Egypt is a conservative country. It is difficult for women to continuously travel to many countries with men for most meetings or other things. It is also difficult for a woman to understand and make conclusive decisions on these matters. We love the Egyptian woman and we wish her the best, but when it comes to the presidency, we do not accept her equality with men, because of the sensitivity of the situation; it is not valid. We all know that men are the protectors and maintainers of women; as such, men are more understanding and daring in these issues than women. In my personal opinion, Egyptian women who want to protect and preserve their country would do other things, like administrative work or businesses, but within limits. I do not hate the Egyptian woman, but I’m giving her advice for God’s sake, because many men, no matter how strong they are, are hesitant.

  • صالح


    Do not tell me that women represent half of the society and that they have rights and duties. All this is fine. However, if women go into politics, they will ruin their homes and their conditions in all aspects. I call on all Egyptian women to understand what we are saying and to be more realistic. We say all these things for their own good. God willing, Egyptian women will remain the ideal women, and will always be the mothers, the wives, the sisters and everything. The woman’s status with Egyptians does not come from her going into politics or working, it comes from seeing her as a human from the inside.

  • جابر الصعيدي


    The core of the true Islamic religion, its nobility and high principles call for the liberation of women and securing all of their different legitimate rights in life, as long as they preserve their chastity and adhere to the teachings of Islam, which enjoin us to avoid what is forbidden by the Islamic laws, in order to preserve women from everything that is bad or questionable. As such, women are entitled to take part in all areas of life, such as education, work, political responsibilities and participating in government, in line with the abilities of women and their physical and psychological predispositions. In light of the political changes taking place in Egypt currently, especially after the successful revolution led by the young men and women in Egypt, which led to ridding the country of the former regime that resorted to extremist policies and authoritarian rule over the people, and in the midst of all these upheavals, and in view of what Egyptian women have carried out in terms of taking part in the process of change and reforms in the country together with their male counterparts, and in addition to the fact that the sacred blood of women has been shed by the shots fired at them by the previous security apparatus during the Egyptian protests, and in order to do justice to the truth, women’s organizations and alliances have been formed, comprising a number of groups that support women’s rights. This is in order to ensure that the new constitution secures the rights of Egyptian women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in order to make the Egyptian revolution a success. These constitutional guarantees will ensure that women will become an active element in political and social life, and this will be approved in the country’s future constitution. Women will have the right to share political positions with men in Egypt, and the new constitution will ensure that there is no discrimination against women in education, healthcare, personal freedoms and political participation, so that they can contribute to building the country, strengthening its infrastructure and regaining its natural position among the nations, as Egypt is the ‘Mother of the World’ and a leading country on the Arab and international level. The implementation of such a pioneering experiment in Egypt will prove to the whole world that Arab women are able to shoulder responsibility side by side with their male counterparts, and that they are no less capable of shouldering responsibilities for the sake of the development and building of their beloved nation, drawing their inspiration from the Arab women of yore.

  • deleer


    Politicians in Egypt have to work together with women in order to create great cooperation and reach the best possible result in the quickest possible ways. Adding the element of women could contribute to suggesting ideas and planning for projects and everything that benefits the country through working together. Therefore, women have to be put on equal footing with to men in Egypt in politics, because this has great, outstanding and beneficial results. Cooperation is currently required, and elevating spirits greatly contributes to putting Egyptians in a state of giving, especially the women, who were ignored during the era of the former president, Hosni Mubarak, who did not give enough for women, and only used them in an ugly and corrupt way. Therefore, women have a great, effective and honorable role in giving, productivity and ideas that contribute to building, renewing and developing the country. Therefore, equality between men and women in the political life will be a good and effective approach to participation and great cooperation, and it will contribute to making Egypt at its best. As such, equality will be the stimulant factor and will motivate tangibly and morally. This way, we will benefit women and benefit from them.

  • لؤي عبد السميع


    Egyptian women are the most cultivated, aware, responsible and ambitious women. In fact, many of them have made their presence known in various areas, just like men. As far as I am concerned, their political role will be beneficial and necessary for the country. Therefore, we must maintain equality between men and women, and the latter must be represented in the government as well as in the parliament at a greater rate. In so doing, we would serve women, grant them their rights, involve them in the political process, and end the manifestations of backwardness in Egyptian women in some places. We would also take advantage of the experience of the educated Egyptian women and those ambitious and highly cultured ones, especially since we have many of them in Egypt. I am totally certain that Egyptian women will play an efficient role in the new political life in the country, will work on improving the level of Egyptian women and will serve the decisive national issues, given that they are part of this country and they are similar to men in their loyalty and patriotism towards the country.

  • سليم عبد الرحمن


    Arab women have to play their natural role in building society, especially after they played a significant role in the revolutions of the Arab Spring, which led to the overthrow of dictatorships. Women can no longer be ignored and underestimated, especially in Egypt, which is a sophisticated and cultured country where the women’s role was honorable and not smaller than the men’s role at all. They contributed in bringing about change and effectively participated in the youth revolution in Egypt. Therefore, I think that Egyptian women should get all their rights in the Egyptian society, and that public awareness about the role of women in political life should be raised. Egyptian women should make a quantum leap in this area, in order to create a balance in Egyptian society. The rates of women’s representation were very low and the rate of their participation in political life is only about 5%. This cannot continue. I personally believe that Egyptian women have long proved themselves and that they have potential in many areas. They have even excelled in a way that attracted attention to them. The same thing can apply to political life. I believe that it is necessary that women participate in it, especially after the democratic transition which is happening in Egypt, so as to give them the opportunity to play a role in political life and to be the successful equals of men in this national mission, aiming at building Egypt.

  • المانجر


    After the success of the people’s revolution in Egypt, there have been many political changes in the country, such as establishing guarantees of equality for women and participation in the political process along with men. Women are half of society and they affect the other half as well. Now, women have many rights that are almost the same as the rights available to men. To achieve social justice, Egyptian women have to play an important role in politics with men. Both of them should build the nation and set the main foundations for development, especially after the changes that have been taking place in Egypt. They have to achieve democracy to establish the modern Egypt that lets everybody share in development and progress. We should not overlook or marginalize any class or prevent it from taking part in building Egypt. Now we have a union of many groups for women’s rights. They try to put pressure on the current Egyptian government, to make laws and constitutional amendments that would guarantee the political and social rights of women. Also, they aspire to take part in the fomulation of the new constitution and discuss the suggested rules to assure the rights of women to be hired in political careers.

  • زبيده حسن


    We should prevent any kind of discrimination against women in education and health. We should guarantee freedoms and commitment to the international treaty on women’s rights that was signed by Egypt. These treaties also focus on equality, equality of opportunities, political participation, social justice and fairness. Women should not be marginalized or their rights be breached, they have a special rank, as they have played an important role since the beginning of the revolution. They stand bravely with men to ask for change, equality and the provision of services for Egyptians. Thus, many women died in the protests. This is why women are part of the main elements that sparked the Egyptian Revolution.

  • solaf hadad


    Women are half of society. That’s why we cannot neglect them or reduce their role. The woman is the mother, the sister and the wife. Thus, we cannot establish a society without her. Besides, she can be a professor and a judge, thanks to her culture and knowledge. In fact, she plays a big role in building society, thanks to her exceptional efforts. It is known that many women have been mentioned in history, thanks to their big role. In all cases, we cannot prevent women from performing their role in society, especially after changing the negative view of women, thanks to their successes in many fields. In fact, women have proved their success in the political field. Thus, they participated in political life and they have been similar to men in terms of administration and competence. I think that the participation of the Egyptian women in political life is very important, because we cannot neglect women. And I am in favor of achieving equality between men and women in political life, especially after the success of the blessed Egyptian Revolution, which has established the foundations of real democratic life. Thus, the role of women must not be limited to household chores and to bringing up children. In fact, their capacities and potentials are broader and greater than that. I think that women are complementary to men in marriage and in practical and political life. Thus, women must perform their role in building the modern political life in Egypt, especially since Egyptians are among the educated people. In fact, Egyptians cannot establish their political life without women’s participation, which will add a lot of successes and creativity to the political life in Egypt. Thus, I am in favor of achieving equality between the Egyptian men and women at the political level.



    It has become necessary to establish equality between men and women in political life, because the latter are currently playing an important role in all fields in the country, whether concerning the government or other places. In fact, women will carry out their roles in order to contribute to redeveloping the country. Thus, equality between men and women in politics is necessary, and has many positive things through which they will be able to express and supply their opinion and proposals and everything in order to help and take part with their brother men. In turn, the latter have started to rely on the role of women, their presence, participation and contribution to the political process. In addition, women play an effective role in developing Egypt through cooperating with men. For instance, women have participated in all issues in Egypt. Thus, I wonder why they do not enjoy equality with their brother men in the political field. I also wonder why we do not take interest in women’s creative ideas as well as their growing and increasing contributions that will help develop Egypt once again.

  • وثاب الرضا


    It is necessary to work according to a new schedule and standards that contribute to making women a distinguished presence and to rendering their role more effective and important. This will contribute to solving the majority of problems facing the country through discussion, talks, proposals and expressing opinions in order to adopt Egyptian women’s viewpoints. In so doing, we will contribute to granting them a new opportunity to take part in the political field and to work according to the principle of equality, which must be adopted in the political life of Egypt. In fact, women have considerable ability, since they have managed to rule, lead, bring up, educate and raise educated, civilized and developed generations. Thus, I wonder why we do not grant them a role in the political field, as by so doing we will make a good achievement for the country and participate in introducing an effective member into the political process. In fact, women are open- and broad-minded. They also possess a great imagination and intelligence. In addition, they are able to express their opinions and submit their plans and projects. Besides, they are able to take part in becoming the guiding mastermind who participates in all issues without any neglect, mistake or decline. Therefore, women play an important role, whether on the educational, professional, religious or political sides, even though the latter is different from the other issues. On the contrary, women could excel in this field and may exceed their brother men. As a matter of fact, Egypt desperately needs open and smart minds in order to achieve development and progress once again. Finally, I personally approve of maintaining equality between women and their brother men in the political field.

  • HUDA


    The Egyptian woman is considered one of the most educated, aware and responsible women, and she has great hopes and aspirations. Many Egyptian women have made their presence known in various fields, the same as men, and I think that their political role will be useful and necessary for the country. There should be equality between women and men, and the woman should have a representation in the government and the parliament with a greater percentage. This is to serve the woman and give her the right to participate in the political process, as well as putting an end to the manifestations of backwardness for the Egyptian woman in some places, and taking advantage of the educated and well-cultured and aware Egyptian women’s experiences, and we have many of them in Egypt. I am sure that the Egyptian woman will have an effective role in the new political life in the country, which will work on raising the level of the Egyptian woman and serve the national crucial issues, because she is part of this society, she is from this country, and she is the same as the man in her sincerity and love for her country.

  • امينه


    The essence, the originality and the loftiness of the principles of Islam call for the emancipation of women and ensuring their different legitimate rights of life, according to the principles of chastity and adherence to the Islamic teachings, which prohibit the engagement of women in “Haram,” i.e. forbidden, acts in order to protect women from any evil or harm. In so doing, women will enjoy their rights in all fields, namely education, holding positions, political responsibilities and participation in ruling the country, in accordance with the abilities and physical as well as psychological potential of women. The current political changes in Egypt came as a result of the success of the youth revolution, which was led by the young Egyptian men and women. The revolution contributed to ridding the country of the former regime, which adopted extremism and tyranny against Egyptians. In this regard, given the decisive contribution of women in the change and reform process in the country with their brother men, in addition to offering their lives, since women were shot by the former security services during the Egyptian demonstrations, many women’s organizations and alliances have been formed, which combine some organizations that approve of granting women guarantees in the new Egyptian constitution. Such guarantees will preserve the rights of women, who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the success of the Egyptian revolution, to become effective members in political as well as social life. The new constitution of the country must acknowledge that and grant Egyptian women the right to share with men in political positions. The new constitution must also guarantee the principle of non-discrimination against women in education, personal freedoms and participation in the political process in order to contribute to reconstructing the country, strengthening the country’s infrastructure and restoring its former position at the international level, given that Egypt is the mother of the world and the leading nation among the Arab nations and the world.

  • فاتن سعد


    Implementing such a leading experience in Egypt will prove to the whole world that Arab women are capable of bearing the responsibility along with their brothers. This will also prove that they are similar to men in taking responsibilities for the sake of reconstruction and the progress of the dear country, inspired by the first Arab women.

  • mosa


    God Almighty said in his holy book: “We have also made you a moderate nation, in order to be witnesses to the people.” In fact, the believer must believe in the prophet’s message and in God’s holy Book. And he must protect the land from corruption. Besides, he must not be an extremist person. In fact, those who don’t know anything about Islam have wreaked havoc in the land. And we are worried about our Egyptian brothers, because there are many extremist persons in Sinai. In fact, they have carried out dangerous operations that can make Egypt among the backward countries. Thus, we don’t want to witness problems. Thank God that Egypt has toppled Hosni Mubarak’s regime, after the efforts of the youth in the Egyptian Revolution. Today, Egyptians don’t want to witness discord. And we hope to achieve peaceful solutions without extremism. In fact, this category doesn’t know the meaning of moderation. Besides, they want to prevent women from working. Such acts must not take place in Egypt, because this can cause discord and create problems in Egypt. In fact, we don’t want the situation to become all the more difficult.

  • عبد الحكم مروج


    I call on the heroic Egyptian people and all the groups to stand up against these organizations. We want the people to have a rest, and for things to return to the way they were previously, and to work to build their country. If the extremist groups in Sinai want to cause trouble it will be difficult because they won't be able to rebuild their country as it once was. I ask God Almighty to protect Egypt from the evils of terrorists and terrorism, and the saboteurs in Sinai who want to create chaos. In my opinion the Egyptian people should unite and stand up against this murderous storm which wants nothing good for Egypt ever, and the mosques and even the churches should be used to tell the people about these murderous groups, who have come to destroy Egypt and exploit this chance to separate supporters and opponents of the trial of Husni Mubarak, and the lack of stability in Egypt. I am sure that all Egyptians will oppose those who don't wish her well, for they are the strongest, most resolute of the Arab peoples against those who mean them harm. May God grant peace and security and faith to all the Arab countries, including Egypt. Amen.

  • خورشيد فهمي


    No, of course not; because women in Egypt have limited roles and the presidency doesn’t serve their interests. We don’t underestimate its power. On the contrary, men bear more of this responsibility. Assuming that somebody is in a certain position, women shouldn’t be presidents. She has been reported with all the evidence and proofs and she might stay in prison all her life. We, as Arabs and as oriental people, don’t want our women to be in these positions or these situations because they involve many embarrassing things that women can’t do. I call on all Egyptian women to not approach this from an egoistic point of view or anything else. It’s just that Egypt is a conservative country. Women’s constant traveling to many countries and their presence with men in meetings or other things is hard for women. It’s also hard for women to understand and be decisive about some things. We love the Egyptian woman and she has all our best wishes; but we don’t accept her equality with the man especially when it comes to presidency due to the sensitivity of the situation, this is just invalid. We all know that men are protectors and maintainers of women. This means that men are more understanding when it comes to these issues and more challenging. In my personal opinion, the Egyptian women who want to protect their country’s security should do something else whether it was administrative or business, but to a certain limit. I don’t hate the Egyptian woman; I’m just giving her advice for Allah’s sake, because there are many men who are also hesitant in certain situations. Don’t tell me that women represent half of the community and have duties and rights; all this is fine. But when it comes to political life, this will ruin her household and her position from all angles. I call on all Egyptian women to understand what we’re saying and to be more realistic. No matter how much we talk, this is in our best interest. God willing, Egyptian women will remain the ideal women; the mother, the wife, the sister and everything. Her status with Egyptians doesn’t come from appearing in politics or working in politics, it comes from looking to women from the inside.

  • نورم محرم


    Yes, I am certainly in favor of women’s equality in politics in Egypt. Women have to play a great role in developing the life of Egyptians in the field of politics in particular, because there are many Egyptian women, especially during the era of Hosni Mubarak, who didn’t have a special role. They are always in a pathetic condition, meaning that they didn’t have any rights. Today, Egyptian women have to prove their role with the utmost worthiness, especially in the political field; and they have to prove that they always do what is best to build their beloved country. The Egyptian government has to give them their full rights and the opportunity to participate in the political process, and to have a very key role. I call on the Egyptian government to give Egyptian women their right in participating in the political process, because they have a clear role. I hope this demand is easy to fulfill, and I hope Egyptian women will advance from their current status to a new one. They are no less than women in other Arab countries who participate in the political process. I will say it again; I support Egyptian women’s participation in the political process and I hope they become the best among Arab women, and that they would always be honored. This is what we are calling for. We pray to God for the utmost improvement and success of the Egyptian people and Egyptian women.

  • salam abed


    The new situation in Egypt has to witness a great and noticeable improvement regarding women’s rights, and justice and equality have to be available for women in political life. Women must participate and stand by the side of their brothers in all the country’s affairs in order to play their role in giving their ideas, plans and suggestions for improving the country’s image again, and in creating democracy and freedom of expression of opinions and ideas for everyone with no exception or discrimination, especially gender discrimination. As such, everyone wants what is in the best interest of the country. All those who contributed to removing the former regime have stood side by side without any discrimination.

  • خديجه مشعل


    Women have been an active and contributing factor in supporting their male brothers for one cause, which is the betterment of Egypt. The current Egyptian government has to put the importance of women’s role in society before its eyes and give consideration to the fact that women represent the greater percentage of the population in Egypt. Therefore, women’s participation in politics is crucial, and they shouldn’t be underestimated, nor should their opinions and suggestions be dismissed, because women are present in every aspect and corner of Egyptian life, whether it is in the house or in all the governmental departments without exception, in addition to several other and various fields as well. Women have found their place in the fields of media, medicine, teaching and education. They have turned into independent leaders in Egyptian society with great roles and tremendous and amazing positive results. Therefore, it is very necessary for work to be done regarding the principle of equality regarding political life and its affairs and issues in the new country of Egypt. Participation, contribution and support from everyone will deliver Egypt to the highest levels and required statuses that Egyptians aspire to, through providing what they need and serving them in ways that contribute to their comfort.

  • يسرا الحكم


    Yes, certainly, I am in favor of women’s equality in political life in Egypt. Women have to have a big role in developing Egyptians’ lives, particularly in the field of politics, because there are many Egyptian women, especially during the era of Mubarak, who had no remarkable roles. Instead, they were always in a pathetic status, as none of them had any rights. Today, Egyptian women have to prove their role with the utmost worthiness, especially in the political field. They have to prove that they give the best to build their beloved country. The Egyptian government has to give them their full rights and give them the chance to participate in the political process and to have a very clear role. I call on the Egyptian government to give Egyptian women their right to participate in the political process, because they have an obvious and clear role. I hope granting this request will be easy, and that Egyptian women can advance from one status to the other, and that they are not less than many women in other Arab countries, who are about to participate in the political process. I am saying it again; I am in favor of Egyptian women’s participation in the political process, and I hope they would be the best among Arab women, and that they would be honorable and presentable. This is what we pray to God for, and we pray that Egyptians and Egyptian women will find all goodness and success.