Hundreds killed and wounded in attacks across Iraq

A policeman stands guard at the site of bombing in Kut. [Stringer Iraq/Reuters]

A policeman stands guard at the site of bombing in Kut. [Stringer Iraq/Reuters]



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At least 285 Iraqis were killed or wounded Monday (August 15th) in terrorist attacks targeting crowds of citizens and security forces across the country. Iraqi security officials blamed al-Qaeda for the attacks, which hit Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala, Kut, Samarra, Kirkuk, Baqubah and Mosul.

Security forces were placed on maximum alert and announced the start of a series of raids on locations suspected of sheltering the perpetrators. So far, seven suspects have been arrested.

In Kut, capital of Wasit province, an improvised explosive device (IED) went off in al-Abasiyeen market while it was crowded with shoppers. A few minutes later, as citizens and security forces rushed to evacuate the killed and wounded, a car bomb parked near the first explosion went off.

The blasts killed 37, including three women and 12 children, and wounded 67 others, according to Col. Hasan Abdul Zahra al-Waeli, deputy director of Wasit province police. They also caused serious damages to nearby stores.

"This attack bears the fingerprints of the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation. The terrorists will be dealt a harsh and swift blow in response to this carnage," al-Waeli told

In Diyala, provincial police spokesperson Lt. Col. Ghaleb al-Karkhi said eight Iraqis were killed, including three policemen, when a suicide car bomber drove into an Iraqi police patrol at Khan Bani Saad.

"The suicide bomber targeted the patrol while it was passing near a crowd of citizens on their way to the popular market in town," al-Karkhi told Mawtani.

The blast also wounded 18 others.

Al-Karkhi said Iraqi security forces were able to disarm three other car bombs in different areas of Diyala after they found them parked near civilian targets in the district of Bahraz, al-Malaab intersection, and the district of Balad Ruz.

In Kirkuk, a parked car bomb targeting an Iraqi police patrol went off at al-Tesaeen.

Kirkuk city police spokesperson Capt. Hasan al-Jaf said the blast killed one policeman and wounded seven others, including three civilians who were passing nearby.

In Dumeez, al-Kaf said a motorcycle bomb exploded near a popular market and a parking garage.

The blast killed one civilian and seriously wounded six others.

In Najaf, police chief Maj. Gen. Abdul Kareem al-Ameri said 60 Iraqis were killed and wounded in twin attacks targeting the highway patrol directorate north of the province.

During a press conference, al-Ameri said one car bomb went off near the directorate and was followed by another blast from a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber.

Eight security personnel were killed in the blasts, while 52 others, mostly Iraqi security forces personnel, were wounded.

In Karbala, seven Iraqis, including four civilians, were killed and 38 were wounded when a suicide bomber blew up his car near a police center in the town of al-Hendiyah.

"The attack came as a response to the security operations that Iraqi forces are launching in the area to crack down on members of al-Qaeda terrorist organisation and other terrorist groups," Col. Malek al-Allaq of Mid-Euphrates Operations Command said.

In Baghdad, Mosul and Samarra, separate IED attacks killed eight and wounded 27, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior.

"The al-Qaeda terrorist organisation is responsible for all the terrorist attacks," said Interior Ministry spokesperson and acting chief of Baghdad province police Maj. Gen. Adel Dahham.

He said that intelligence suggests the attacks were part of a plan to target more than 12 Iraqi cities on the same day, "with the aim of making the security forces lose their control of the situation".

"However, five of those organised attacks were thwarted thanks to the experience and efforts of security forces," he said. "Moreover, seven people involved in these attacks were arrested and the necessary investigations are now underway with them."





    What was and still is happening in Iraq up to now has raised fear inside the hearts of the innocent Iraqi people. The simple, the rich and the poor Iraqi citizens have been exposed to the same pains and injuries, which the cowardly terrorist operations from the mean al-Qaeda organization have carried out. Iraq is one of the most tortured and injured countries, and it is suffering now in order to find someone to support it. The suicide operations in Iraq have led to spreading terror and fear inside the Iraqis. Each Iraqi citizen who is going out to his work, the university or the schools feels afraid that he will not come back to his house, and that there will be acts of suicide in the street and that he will die. There are thousands of families that have been exposed to those matters, and there are a lot of children who have been orphaned as a result of the horrible acts carried out by the cowardly terrorism and the terrorists. The Iraqi person should be a hero and should stand in the face of those challenges, and not let matters move in this way; but the poor Iraqi citizen has the right to fear what is happening, because we cannot stand silent in front of the dirty acts which al-Qaeda is carrying out. I am one of the Iraqis who, when I go out to my work place, I go out of my house and take a last look at my family, fearing that I will not be able to come back to them again. When I go out, I say the testimony, and I ask God to extend my life a little bit so as to be able to bring up my poor children, who are still young and cannot do anything that I do. I would like to tell you that this is the state of every Iraqi person. But what can we say about terrorism and the terrorists, except that God is sufficient for me and He is the best guardian, and that all the Iraqi people will call on the Iraqi government to find a solution to this issue, so as to work on providing safety and security and getting rid of every cowardly terrorist who does not want anything good for Iraq and the Iraqi people.

  • صاحب صاحبه


    The Iraqi people are unfortunate. They are always suffering from terrible things. The worst thing could be that, after all these bitter and painful events, which have terrified the whole world, with its suffering, oppression, injustice, torture, killing, bombing, destruction, devastation, burning, stealing, plundering, aggression, rape, kidnapping, assassination, unemployment, poverty, hunger, deprivation, neglect, negligence, prisons, division among the people and the infighting among them, as a result of hatred, and all the activities carried out by terrorist organizations, armed and dangerous militias, and misguided and dangerous gangs and groups, the situation has once again returned to killing, bombing and suicide attacks carried out in the midst of people. This is real suffering for the Iraqi citizens, who do not know when their tragedy will come to an end, as well as the injustices that they are subjected to, as a result of the activities of the terrorist organizations. What is it that they want to accomplish by killing people by means of launching suicide attacks in the midst of the Iraqi people, and what is the objective behind such actions? Why is it that they want to bring back sectarianism in the country, and who benefits from all this? Why is all of this happening in Iraq, and when will these injustices stop? When will the Iraqi citizens find security, peace and stability? When will they be able to live a normal life, free of any acts of violence, tyranny, injustice, oppression, killing, torture, pain, screams, tears and lamentation? When will the Iraqi youths be able to come out in the streets without their mothers fearing for them? How long will women continue to be widowed, and how long will the children of Iraq continue to be orphaned? Why is it that all of these things are happening to Iraq only? Where are the government and the army, and where are the Iraqi security forces and the police? When will Iraq become stable? Why are the Iraqi citizens still suffering from all these painful, terrible and heart-rending things? What is happening in Iraq is the epitome of injustice and oppression.

  • بسام الصباحي


    Why is it that the people of the world act like indifferent spectators with regard to what is happening? Is this a punishment from God or a curse that has befallen the land of Iraq, or what? Why is it that there is no end to the oppression in Iraq? Oppression has been ongoing throughout the years. For decades, death, killing, torture and oppression have been going on in Iraq. Why is it that Iraq must always have blood flowing on its soil? Iraq is a country of blood, bombing, killing, torture, kidnapping and suicide. As such, what has happened and is happening has prompted the Iraqis to immigrate, and to travel abroad in search of security, stability and peace in other countries, and in lands other than their own. But inside, they still feel a longing and a yearning for their country, their land and their people, whom they love. At the same time, they have deep within themselves a feeling of homesickness, pain and fear of returning back to the land of Iraq, because their fate will be death, by being either killed, slaughtered or tortured, or being torn to flying pieces of flesh as a result of the bombings or suicide attacks which are carried out by armed and dangerous groups, gangs, bands and militias. When will all of this affliction end? O God, have mercy on the people of Iraq, and purify their lands of the evil that has befallen it, O Lord!

  • لييييييييييييييش؟


    Where is the right of the blood of the martyrs who were martyred while they were defending their country and protecting the citizens? They have left behind infants and wives who have become widows and little children who did not utter the word “daddy.” Who will compensate those who have lost everything while they have not committed any crime?

  • soroor


    Today, we are in a new stage of the political system. It is the stage of democracy and collective participation. This is in order to reconstruct and develop Iraq without marginalizing any region. Thus, it is important to take advantage of the country’s wealth. This is in order to achieve reconstruction and to make Iraq one of the developed countries in the near future.

  • زاهر العلاوي


    The heroic police have arrested suspicious people in Zayouna. These criminals tried to plant explosive devices near the park. And thanks to the heroic police efforts, these explosive devices were deactivated. The heroic police also removed an explosive device from a bicycle near the park of Zawraa. This explosive device could have claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent citizens. Explosive devices have also been found in Baqubah and Diyala, and they have also been deactivated. Thus, thousands of innocent people’s lives have been saved. Besides, explosive devices have been found in card rooms and billiard rooms. However, the Iraqi heroic police have followed all the procedures and precautions in order to stop these massacres that were supposed to take place in Iraq. Thus, thank God that these problems have been solved and that nobody has been harmed. In fact, we want that to be achieved every time, not only this time. I would like to know why the cowardly terrorists have exploited sick children who have been infected with a particular disease. Why have they exploited these children? What are they guilty of? In fact, the Iraqi security forces have a Mongolian wearing an explosive belt and they succeeded in removing it. Thus, why have they exploited the sick persons? Aren’t they human beings? In fact, they are better than you and better than any despicable terrorist who doesn’t want the wellbeing of Iraq. Thus, I pray to God to help our Iraqi heroes, who have thwarted many criminal operations. I pray to God to help them in order to save Iraq from all the despicable terrorists who have tried to sow discord and to claim innocent people’s lives. May God help all those who want the wellbeing of Iraq. And may God punish all those who don’t want the country’s wellbeing.

  • باسل خياط


    It was established in a Hadith that the best phrase ever said by the people is: “There is no God but God.” Upon this phrase, the heavens and the earth stand, and it is the word that separates between righteousness and falsehood. It is the dividing line between infidelity and faith, and it is the best phrase humanity has ever known. This word was an oath that the sons of Adam took before God Almighty while they were still in their mothers’ wombs, and he made them witnesses to it. God Almighty said: “When thy Lord drew forth from the Children of Adam - from their loins - their descendants, and made them testify concerning themselves, saying: ‘Am I not your Lord who cherishes and sustains you?’- They said: ‘Yea! We do testify!’” Infidels cannot be steadfast in this life and cannot make decisions, because they vacillate between one principle and the other, and they follow crowing people who cannot find the path to righteousness or wellness, and who are evil.

  • بحر العيون


    The government, the Iraqi security forces, the army and the police must carry out intensive work in order to reach all the unjust members and groups who are working on harming and damaging people. In so doing, they will get rid of the biggest possible number of groups and gangs which have launched various attacks all over the Iraqi provinces, to murder as many Iraqis as possible through bombings and taking advantage of crowds of people in markets, departments, schools, hospitals or places where large numbers of people gather. Thus, they are working on carrying out malicious plans that claim the lives of the majority of the innocent in order to get money, regardless of whether the victim is a man, a young person, an elderly person, a woman or even a child. As a matter of fact, such groups are neither human beings nor Muslims nor even animals, because the latter have some mercy towards their offspring or feel something for them. These monsters are much worse and too deadly to be compared to anything. In fact, they are carrying out such heinous acts under the banner of Islam, jihad and sacrifice. They have deceived the sons of Iraq through these claims in order to recruit the biggest number of the youth, so as to avoid any complaint about their malicious and evil acts under the banner of Islam. In so doing, they have tarnished the image of this religion in front of the whole world, because of their disgusting, barbaric and brutal acts.

  • يزن حانو


    There is no God but God, the Forbearing and the Generous. He is the Lord of the great throne. Thank God, the Lord of the two worlds. I ask you for the requirements of your mercy and the determination needed for your forgiveness and for immunity from all sins, for wealth from all goodness and for safety from all sins. Do not leave me without forgiving all my sins, ease all my trouble and fulfill all my needs that match your satisfaction; O most merciful. There is no God but God, the Forbearing and the Generous. He is the Lord of the great throne. Thank God, the Lord of the two worlds. I ask you for the requirements of your mercy and the determination needed for your forgiveness and for immunity from all sins, for a wealth of all goodness and for safety from all sins. Do not leave me without forgiving all my sins, ease all my trouble and fulfill all my needs that match your satisfaction; O most merciful.

  • عامر باجلان


    I never heard of a night not followed by a morning. The revolution will grow bigger, and this category that controls the people and their revolutions and dignity will get its turn. Righteousness will be victorious. How is Al Assad going to fight for one more month? It is economically impossible, unless financial support is provided by Iran and Iraq. A question: did Buthaina go to sign some sort of deal in Moscow?

  • زينب هناد


    They hit us, so we got stronger. They humiliated us, so our dignity was greater. They detained and imprisoned us in their dark passages, so we only became freer. They scared and terrorized us with their oppression and persecution; we only became more courageous, braver and more determined. They killed us in cold blood, and they didn’t know that our biggest goal and dream is martyrdom.

  • لارا غانم


    The brave police in Zayouna have arrested suspected people who were planting an explosive device near the park. Yet, thanks to the efforts of the brave police, the IED was dismantled and the suspects were arrested. Besides, the brave Iraqi police managed to dismantle an IED on a bicycle near Al Zawra Park. The latter was on the verge of killing hundreds of innocent citizens. Moreover, a number of IED’s were found in the cities of Baquba and Diyala. The latter were also deactivated, saving the lives of thousands of poor Iraqi citizens. Another IED was also found in a billiards and cards saloon. Thankfully, our brave Iraqi police took the suitable measures in order to be more cautions and take precautions and put an end to such genocides, which were actually inevitable. As an Iraqi citizen, I am very proud of the measures and precautions taken by the Iraqi police, which prevented some problems. Thank God, the problem is resolved and no one was hurt. This is actually what we want for the future, and not only for this time. I would like to ask the cowardly terrorists why they use children and sick people in order to explode them. What for? What is their crime? During the Eid, the police found a mentally retarded person wearing an explosive belt. Luckily, they managed to dismantle it. I wonder why on earth they opt for sick people. They are human beings, aren’t they? In fact, they are much better than all those despicable people who do not seek the welfare of Iraq. I pray to Almighty God to help our brave heroes who managed to intercept many crimes. I wish them the best of luck. May Almighty God help them rid Iraq of the despicable terrorists who seek to fan sectarianism and kill innocent people for no reason. May Almighty God grant success to people who want to make Iraq a better place and undermine those who do not want the best for this country.

  • زهرة


    I am an Iraqi citizen who has been greatly pained by this fierce excommunicating attack my country is receiving, which causes the suffering of Iraqi people daily due to the continuous terrorist attacks that claim the lives of tens of innocent people every day. Terrorism is blind, and it increases the suffering of all Iraqis every day through the crimes it commits, with which it tries to destroy our beloved country, Iraq. However, I think that Iraq and its enduring people are greater than those maggots with their evil and destructive intentions for Iraq. I hope this terrorist attack is destroyed as soon as possible, through military and security operations through which the remnants of the excommunicating and radical terrorism are hit, so as to limit its role in Iraq, so that we can live in real peace, away from the terrorist and criminal organizations, the first of which is the excommunicating Al Qaeda organization. We pray to God to disperse this organization and to rid us of it forever. We hope terrorism will be destroyed and that this evil will be removed from our country. I wish to see Iraq without these criminal organizations and the acts of evil they commit.

  • كنانه الشمري


    Terrorism has no religion; terrorists want to shake the safety and security in Iraq and in the Arab nation. Terrorism has committed despicable and hateful things against the Iraqi people, through which it tries to control Iraq and to turn it into an Islamist country, but to no avail; terrorism can’t do whatever it wants, and the Iraqi people are heroic. The proof of that is what the Iraqi heroes did when they arrested many traitorous criminals. We, as Iraqis, want to destroy terrorism and terrorists, because they kill many innocent people who did nothing wrong. We want to destroy the phenomenon of terrorism and terrorists because they want to kill and injure hundreds of Iraqis in all the Iraqi governorates. We call on Iraqis to cooperate to destroy terrorists from the cowardly and filthy al-Qaeda organization. God willing, safety and security will prevail in Iraq, as long as the heroic Iraqis are continuously searching for all the despicable terrorists who want to commit criminal acts in Iraq and who come to Iraq via illegitimate routes through Iran and other countries that don’t want the betterment of Iraq and Iraqis. O God, protect Iraq from north to south from all the despicable terrorists who don’t want its betterment. A solution must be found for the problem of terrorism and terrorists in Iraq. Al-Anbar governorate has remained insistent on eradicating terrorism, and it is now enjoying complete comfort because it got rid of the terrorists. We pray to God for all the betterment of Iraq and Iraqis.