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Yemeni terrorism experts: Ansar al-Sharia is re-branded al-Qaeda

Yemeni troops have been battling with al-Qaeda fighters in Abyan province for several months.  [Khaled Abdullah/Reuters]

Yemeni troops have been battling with al-Qaeda fighters in Abyan province for several months. [Khaled Abdullah/Reuters]



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Researchers who study al-Qaeda in Yemen said the groups that control Zinjibar in Abyan province are terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda, but they are operating under a different name.

Dr. Saeed al-Jamhi, a researcher specialising in al-Qaeda affairs and president of Al-Jamhi Centre for Studies and Research, told Al-Shorfa that Ansar al-Sharia (Supporters of Sharia) is a terrorist group affiliated with al-Qaeda.

"It is an armed group operating under a local cover. It took on that name in May when it declared that it was in control of Zinjibar," he said.

Al-Jamhi added, "The al-Qaeda name conjures up terror and signifies violence and destruction. The organisation was compelled to hatch groups that operate under local religious-oriented names to persuade others to support them and move from under the spotlight that is cast on them as terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda."

Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda's former leader, expressed a desire to change the organisation's name, according to a letter he wrote on his personal computer which was confiscated from his house in Abbottabad, Pakistan upon his death in May. In the letter, bin Laden acknowledged the need to "re-brand" al-Qaeda, including changing its name so that the new organisation is not associated with the activities of al-Qaeda.

Al-Jamhi said that by changing its name to Ansar al-Sharia, the Yemeni group hopes to have an easier path to achieving its objectives and limit the opposition to al-Qaeda in Arab and Islamic countries that reject its methods.

He described the change as a "tactical and psychological shift" adding that the new label "carries an appealing connotation in Yemen's tribal society which holds religion as indisputable".

Al-Jamhi said the groups are trying to portray themselves as local organisations with religious legitimacy. He emphasised that Ansar al-Sharia "executes al-Qaeda's agenda using its (al-Qaeda's) methods and in accordance with its plans, which is evident in the methods it is using in the war in Abyan."

Al-Jamhi cited Qassem al-Rimi, nicknamed "Abu Huraira," a leader in the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who announced last year the imminent formation of the Islamic Aden-Abyan army. Al-Jamhi said, "This is evidence of Ansar al-Sharia's presence, which wants to launch its operations from Abyan upon seizing control of it."

Al-Jamhi said a connection between Ansar al-Sharia and al-Qaeda was confirmed in a July 18th report in INSPIRE, al-Qaeda's online magazine. The report detailed members killed in clashes with the 25 Mika Brigade in Zinjibar. He said that report motivated the tribes to mobilise their forces to fight al-Qaeda in Abyan. Al-Qaeda countered by issuing a statement warning tribesmen about being "lured into a criminal scheme by the authorities to set the two sides against each other".

Dr. Saeed Abdel Mumin al-Ariqi, a researcher of Islamist groups, told Al-Shorfa that bin Laden's death, the delay in choosing a successor, and leaks that Anwar al-Awlaki, leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, was the strongest candidate to replace bin Laden, had hampered the operations of al-Qaeda's Yemeni affiliate.

He said that changing the name to Ansar al-Sharia gives it some autonomy to commence operations to build a state under an official cover and take control of a ready infrastructure including weapons.

Al-Ariqi said the group has set its sights on further expansion by capitalising on "the extreme weakness of the central government in Sanaa and local governments in Abyan and Aden", as well as the public's distrust of corrupt authorities and "their intense passion and affinity to religion."

The name Ansar al-Sharia emerged after the group seized control in Abyan and was adopted to gain more supporters, he said, adding that the leadership of al-Qaeda in Yemen, including Nasser al-Wahishi, founded the group.

Ansar al-Sharia's criminal acts triggered tribal uprising

Regarding the tribes' uprising against al-Qaeda, al-Ariqi said it is due to a number factors, including "Yemen's changing political map, the transformation of the opposition into an effective force, and the tribes sensing that al-Qaeda's control over the province could lead to violent conflicts and the imposition of a vision that is incompatible with their way of life and one that could prove detrimental to their interests."

Fadl al-Shabibi, the director of the official news agency Saba in Abyan, said, "The realisation of the tribes, albeit belated, that Ansar al-Sharia is a terrorist group that came to plunder, pillage and murder, and is inconsistent with the teachings of Islam, led to the tribal uprising."

Al-Shabibi, who hails from Zinjibar, said al-Qaeda initially treated area residents warmly in an attempt to curry favour.

"When those groups entered Jaar in late March, they were extremely amicable in their dealings with people and were begging for the sympathy of the indigenous population so they could obtain cover and gain new supporters in the name of religion," he said.

"But the plundering and looting of public and private property recently in Zinjibar by these groups against area citizens in the name of religion alienated the population and lifted the cover of the organisation," al-Shabibi said. "This led to confrontations between the two sides that resulted in the tribes expelling al-Qaeda elements from several directorates in Abyan province."



    صادق عبدالله راشد


    We have to fight the crimes of Al-Qaeda in Yemen for the sake of the citizens who pin hopes on us and wish that we would provide them with security and stability. Everyone has the right to the freedom and hall people should enjoy the security and stability under all circumstances without considering them as contradicting. This takes place within the framework of the characteristics and conditions of the Arab governments in order to make the citizen enjoy security in his home and live in peace in a society that enjoys freedom and safety. We must fight the symbols of Al-Qaeda and its leaders to get rid of them and send a warning to those who wish to commit this crime with any other state. The Arab states face many challenges, as the terrorist organizations threaten their security and stably, and this would have very negative influences on the Arab society as a whole, economically, and socially. We have to activate the emergency law not against the innocent civilians but in order to crush the terrorist movements that jeopardize the future of the Arab states. These terrorist movements are recruited to destroy us and we should destroy whoever threatens our countries with war that we cannot stop, especially if they managed to control the Arab states. The destruction comes from the leniency in the measures and this encourages them to belittle our security forces. This must stop and all the Arab states must take strict measures against them.

  • عبد الله نافع


    The presence of these terrorist extremist movements will affect the security level of Yemen which will decrease the rate of the universal security and will lead to difficulties on Yemen in borrowing money from the international bank as it is very difficult for the international banks to lend financial assistance for any country with a low security level. Also, it will be difficult for Yemen to attract foreign investments and international companies to its land to establish projects there, as it is difficult for the investors to venture with their money into a country with a low security rate for it will be a significant threat to their works that are the only thing they care about. Within all these dangers and others, the danger of these terrorist extremist movements appears in Yemen and at the end, we ask God to secure Iraq, preserve its unity, return it to its security level, and to improve Yemen to be at the top of the Arab countries.

  • هيام علي


    Parents should take interest in their children, watch them, hear their views and make open discussions and talk with them in any problem, no matter how small and treat them as if they are mature in order not to be deceived by any one of those movements who provide them with kind words and money too, and their sense of their maximum importance. As for schools, the management of schools should make the awareness programs against those movements and education of the offenses that they carry out so that youngsters become aware enough if subjected to a member of the terrorist groups, awareness of religion, many of the members of these groups resort to religious thought to reach the hearts of young people who learn from a young age that jihad is a religious duty against the enemies which makes them an easy prey that can be directed to any target under the name of religion and this is the role of the clergy Many of our youth trust the man of religion in what they say about prohibition of work for those groups that kill the soul which Allah has forbidden.

  • احمد ناصر


    There is no doubt that the clergy have a major role in advising and guiding people. Clerics have a tremendous amount of love, respect and appreciation from Muslims, as they have popularity in some cases, and it has dominated the popularity of a ruler or a man of politics. Their word has weight and importance in the heart and mind. Therefore, they have potential that others do not have, and having such a status for all the Muslims comes from the fact they represent the good discourse that God has revealed in the legislation, and because they also represent the religious authority to adjudicate righteously in any matter of life, with regard to the rule of God in his holy book, al-Hakim. From this standpoint, they have a strong background for the masses of Muslims who support them to be the model and the governing authority that the Muslims invoke to and adhere to what they say. Perhaps the phenomenon of suicide in Iraq is one of the issues that the clergy should stop for a long time to search for a cure for this problem. They are the best people and are able to resolve it by making people aware of the issues of their religion, and that whoever carries out an act of suicide is committing a crime against himself and against his society. The clergy are the people who are most able to spread the spirit of hope and urge the people to work for a better future, and invite them to achieve their goals and hopes through working, patience and a struggle.

  • fofo


    May God disgrace the terrorists.

  • RAMY


    The terrorist al-Qaeda organization has tried to spread a different name there through its widespread cells in Yemen that work with it, especially in Abyan governorate, to serve the interest of the organization and to gain support from as many people as possible and from the citizens, especially Shiites. It has tried to deceive Shiites through changing its name into the organization of “the supporters of Shiites” to get their sympathy like it did in Iraq when it called itself “the supporters of the Sunnis.” It called itself that to win over Sunnis, but it didn’t succeed, as this name attracted ignorant extremists who are not educated and who have no real awareness. Now, it is trying to repeat the experiment in Yemen after it felt that it was in real danger and after it saw that tribes, starting now, are joining forces with the security forces in combating terrorism and destroying it. Hence, it found that it was on its own and their leaders thought of this trick. However, it is not reasonable that many supporters would join it as soon as it changes its name, because even if we changed the name, terrorism is the same and the arrogant terrorist thought remains the same. Our problem with this terrorist organization is not only the name of “al-Qaeda”; the problem is in the infidelity and criminality adopted by this organization. All Yemenis have to be careful and have to warn their other brothers about this trick and about the consequences of being involved with it, and of being fooled by names and forgetting their patriotic role and duty in protecting the country from strangers, whether represented in the al-Qaeda terrorist organization or any other or under another name. We have to prohibit this organization and to come together in real solidarity to strike against it wherever it is found, whether in the south, middle or north of Yemen.

  • رعد كروم


    Changing Al-Qaeda’s name is nothing but an attempt which I think is desperate and will not receive acceptance in the various Yemeni circles, which today are raising the weapon in the face of this organization and working together with the Yemeni army to eliminate this deviant organization and all its terrorist remnants. This in itself is evidence of the bankruptcy of this organization and its inability to get the support which it is trying to reach with its ideas and acts, through changing its name to Ansar Al-Sharia. This will fail, God willing, in spite of these attempts through which it is trying to beautify this organization through changing its name.

  • زياد


    I believe that the terrorist groups, gangs and factions are the ones hurting Iraqis, all Muslims, whether Sunnis or Shiites, and Christians as well. These groups want to ruin Iraq and to divide and weaken the unity of the people to expand their base. No matter how different their names, titles and forms are, they all aim at shaking security and stability in the country and spreading acts of violence, division and sectarianism, as well as death, ruin, destruction and bloodshed, no matter what the price is and what the consequences are. All this is to distort the image of the rightly guided Islamic religion. In addition to that, they aim at destroying humans by spreading death everywhere. All this is for the money that blinded many people among those who belong to the terrorist groups, no matter how different their names are, so that the identity of the real criminals who are behind those criminals would not be known. Those criminals don’t want the improvement of this nation. All they want is for death and ruin to prevail everywhere and to forcibly impose their presence and control, in spite of people’s will and at the expense of the blood that is being shed every day; but even every hour and every minute and second. All this was not enough for them as they continue with their despicable acts. The groups that call themselves “the supporters of Shiites” are groups that recently appeared to work on the same path of the groups and criminals of the al-Qaeda organization’s members. All this is to divide Iraqis, who still suffer from the presence of these lost factions that work on spreading fear, terror and panic within the hearts of Iraqis. God damn all those who try to harm the wounded people of Iraq.

  • ظامد


    The researchers suggested something that is called “the supporters of the Shi’ites,” among the names related to al-Qaeda, as a new name for it. The al-Qaeda organization is a nasty one, as they call for dirty and cowardly acts, and one of the Shi'ite militias supports this dirty organization. The Mahdi Army and the al-Qaeda organization are two faces of the same coin, and what al-Qaeda does in the way of killing, slaughtering the innocent people and destroying, are all acts similar to what the armed groups carry out, who call themselves the Shi’ites. I swear that they are cowardly people and not related to the Shi’ites in Iraq or in any other country. They are envious groups from Iraq, and the researchers declared that the “supporters the Shi’ites” is a new name for the terrorism and terrorists from the al-Qaeda organization. They commit all the acts of violence, slaughtering and killing in Iraq and in the other Arab countries. I don’t think that there are any workers or people who cooperate with the Supporters of the Shi’ites who are not from al-Qaeda. I want to clarify for everyone that al-Qaeda and everyone works with it will be in hell, and we should get rid of them forever. All the supporters of al-Qaeda are cowards and mean people who don’t want any good for Islam and Muslims. May God show us his revenge on them, and the countries should cooperate more in order to prevent terrorism from entering into them, so as not to face what the others have faced in terms of terrorism and terrorists. Please, God, keep us and bless all the good people of the Arab and Muslim countries, and do not let the al-Qaeda Organization into these countries at all.

  • نوور الدين


    The Yemeni people are suffering from the poor quality of services, poverty and hunger. All of the Yemeni people, regardless of their sectarian affiliation, have taken part in demonstrations for the same purpose. However, the organization of al-Qaeda, as usual, meddles in everything that does not concern it, since this is an internal matter between the people and their ruler, and there is no justification for any meddling, which they did, and they began killing the Yemeni people and stealing and plundering their lands. They use the country’s resources and its children as cannon fodder for the war that they have ignited. But this time it has blown up in their faces, because the Yemeni people have understood this game that has been concocted against them. Consequently, the Yemeni people have stood together against this takfiri organization, which is why al-Qaeda has tried to change its name, so that it can receive help and assistance from the Yemeni people. But they will not be successful this time, because they have now become obvious to everyone, regardless of their religious or sectarian affiliations.

  • سعاد


    The changing of the name of the al-Qaeda organization in Yemen from the organization of al-Qaeda to Ansaar al-Shia has not changed anything on the ground in Yemen, because the game that the terrorists have played in the various Arab and European countries has become as obvious as the sun. It cannot be kept hidden, because this takfiri organization has failed miserably due to the fact that it resorts to the use of force and violence in order to pursue its interests, or because it uses force in order to impose its control over nations. Regardless of whatever names al-Qaeda intends to re-brand itself with as a way to change people’s perception of it internationally, this appears to be a failed attempt. This will not achieve anything for them other than proving to be yet another failure to be added to the series of failures that they have encountered. However, the situation in Yemen is different, because the terrorists, true to their tradition of attempting to ignite sectarian violence among the citizens, have begun to play the card of sectarian or denominational differences, because as everyone knows, Yemen is home to the Shiite and Sunni sects, as well as other groups that have coexisted in Yemen from time immemorial. They have been living without any infighting, because the difference among these groups is one of methodology and not of objective. Today, and for quite some time, there have been many tensions such as political demonstrations aimed at changing the regime in Yemen, and demanding that many reforms be made as far as possible.

  • مهيار رازي


    The al-Qaeda organization has proven its failure in the Arab region and in the world, and it has become exposed, because people have uncovered the reality of this fake terrorist organization that engages in all sorts of criminal activities against innocent people by means of any type of activity that affects people and poses a danger to their lives, by using indiscriminate mass killing without distinguishing between the targeted persons in their criminal activities perpetrated against peaceful people. It attempts to influence society by affecting it in a negative manner, and causing insecurity and the destruction of property and the violation of people’s sanctities and rights. At the same time, it threatens the lives of peaceful people in order to satisfy its perverted criminal tendencies that cause it to spread fear and terror in the hearts of people so that it can achieve its questionable objectives, by resorting to all kinds of methods, in order to achieve its criminal objectives. This perverted organization uses many people in the execution of its criminal operations, especially the suicide operations, by exploiting the sociopathic elements in society, who do not have any allegiance to the country, in addition to exploiting those who are in need, especially disabled and poor people, or by opening care centers for orphans and needy youths and children, pretending to be offering assistance to them and raising them in order to save them from being homeless.

  • كرار


    This news was announced by some political researchers and analysts who are aware of the currents of the political life, which mostly change very quickly compared to other currents. This news spread through the media outlets like wildfire, and it is very important and must be given attention, because it means that al-Qaeda will be active again under a new name. Al-Qaeda, the armed terrorist groups or the “supporters of the Shiites,” which is the new name al-Qaeda intends to operate under, are all different faces of the same coin. The reason is that the al-Qaeda organization conducted different operations in different parts of the world, whether in the East or the West, which harmed many innocent people. As such, it was strongly rejected by all people, because the al-Qaeda organization is an excommunicating organization that only cares about furthering its own personal and expansionary interests at the expense of the innocent, unsuspecting peoples. They have had the sanctity of their land violated, their resources looted and the blood of their children shed without doing anything to deserve such a thing. This is because the al-Qaeda organization has an ideology that has deviated from the teachings of all divine or human-made religions, because they believe in murdering others and seizing their possessions to achieve their goals. The al-Qaeda organization turned the days of the countries where it exists and resides into dark nights, because of the terrorist acts, including the organized bombings and random killings and other crimes that are rejected by all humans, regardless of their race, sect or religions. This organization wreaked havoc on earth due to using internationally banned tools, including exploiting orphans or disabled children or those with special needs, in addition to using women to execute their terrifying terrorist operations that placed fear in peoples’ hearts. Those people were the victims of al-Qaeda and its methods. We believe that al-Qaeda decided to change its name from the “al-Qaeda Organization” to the “Shiites’ Supporters” due to its miserable failure and everyone’s consistent rejection, so that it could launch itself again and cover up its failure and the acts that all humanity suffered from during the previous years, since this organization was born at the hands of Osama bin Laden and until our current time.

  • عبد القادر الرامي


    The Al-Qaeda terrorist organization has recently begun to realize that many of the slogans and ideas that it used to promote during all the years of its existence are no longer welcome in many circles because they have become exposed. The terrorist acts that the members of this organization used to carry out in Yemen have sown the seeds of hatred towards Al-Qaeda. And here I believe that the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda began to think of changing its name, which was associated with murder, terrorism and destruction, in an attempt to improve its image and to gain people’s trust. It changed its name from Al-Qaeda to “The Sharia Supporters” or Ansar Al-Sharia, so as to attract some people to work on its side and to support it in its terrorist and criminal acts in the future. I think that Al-Qaeda in Yemen has become exposed and its miserable attempts to gain support no longer fool anyone there. The Yemeni people no longer accept this takfiri organization in the land of Yemen, either under the name of Al-Qaeda or under any other name, because Yemenis have suffered a lot from the killing and destruction operations that were carried out by Al-Qaeda criminals. And so, the people of Yemen and the Yemeni tribes began to cooperate with the Yemeni army in pursuing the remnants of this takfiri organization, which is a clear indication of the extent of resentment of the Yemeni people towards this extremist terrorist organization, which is today trying to change its name to Ansar Al-Sharia, which will not receive any acceptance from the Yemeni people.

  • جلاد


    I think that the change of the organization’s name to Ansar Al-Sharia will not succeed in promoting this extremist and criminal organization. In fact, Yemenis have condemned this organization and they have tried to reduce its role in Yemen. This has obliged the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda to change its name in order to relieve the Yemenis’ pressure. However, I think that this attempt will not achieve success.

  • shaheenaz


    The names of the al-Qaeda groups have become so exposed and clear that everyone knows them. The phenomenon of al-Qaeda groups has become an outdated issue. They are no more than people who are agonizing and committing their last acts before they die. In fact, changing their name proves that they are false and deceptive and that their end is coming nearer, since people no longer believe in their threats or even in their acts, namely bombings, murder, causing conflicts and destabilizing the situation. Indeed, everything has become exposed for everyone, particularly in Yemen. For instance, al-Qaeda groups have changed their labels to Ansar al-Shiaa. I wonder what Shiaa they are talking about in Yemen, and whether they are supporters of Shiaa only. These so-called Muslims are not really supporting Islam. It is a disgrace and shame on Muslims. These groups have nothing to do with Islam till the Day of Judgment, because they have tarnished the image of Islam before the world. In addition, they have hurt and harmed many innocent people. Such groups are working on shedding blood to get easy money. May God curse, disgrace and humiliate them and speed up their end, God willing. Thus, they will not get any support from Yemenis anymore. They will be no more than a fiction. They have become a lie and they will not have anyone to stand by them and support them, because they are criminals. Although they have changed their names, the falseness and deceptiveness of al-Qaeda groups have become exposed to everyone.

  • halaa


    I am one of those who hate the filthy and cowardly al-Qaeda the most, and I pray to God to make their days bitter, to shake the ground beneath their feet and to distort their image, Amen. I want to say that Yemenis are kind and intelligent people. Al-Qaeda is stupid, as it imagined that poverty, hunger and need would lead Yemenis to sell their consciences. But this will never happen, and they have already proved it. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if al-Qaeda changes its name, because its acts are the same and they will not change, because it is still doing what it used to do before. Al-Qaeda wants to disperse Muslims and it exploits opportunities to the utmost, in order to commit its despicable acts. They will never get this local support they are asking of Yemenis, no matter what they do, because Yemenis want to get rid of terrorism and terrorists by any means. O God, establish goodness in the entire Arab nation. Protect Yemen from the evil of terrorism and terrorists from the al-Qaeda organization or the Supporters of Shari’a, as it calls itself now; protect the entire nation of Islam and Muslims, Amen.

  • dana


    Of course not, because Yemenis are the ones who hate al-Qaeda and its despicable organization the most. They know that al-Qaeda wanted to change its name for a long time to the Supporters of the Islamic Shari’a, to change its image before all Muslims all over the world, because it knows that terrorism and terrorists from its cowardly organization had their reputation distorted, because they only commit filthy acts of murder, slaughter and booby-trapping and other things as well. In my opinion, the Yemeni people won’t give a chance to the al-Qaeda organization to interfere in the affairs of the state. The al-Qaeda organization wants to make Yemen into an Islamist country in order to do whatever they want all over the world. Abyan governorate in particular is the one defending the region against terrorism and terrorists in the region. It works in cooperation with the army to get rid of them. Terrorists in this area exploit the opportunities of weakness and poverty in Yemen, especially among the youth and children, to use their weak minds and recruit them for despicable suicidal operations.

  • نزار باسم


    The secrets of the terrorist al-Qaeda have been exposed to everyone, and this lead to its rejection from many societies, hence restricting its criminal role and influence, in addition to rejecting its Takfiri ideology. In fact, many citizens are no longer lured by the slogans of many terrorist organizations and armed groups that have wreaked havoc on Earth. As a matter of fact, many people have begun to leave this Takfiri organization and all its criminal acts that have affected hundreds of the innocent. Thus, after limiting the scope of this organization and its members, Takfiri people have resorted to a new method through which they want to appear in a new style, by altering the name of their filthy organization to Ansar Al Sharia. This has already been done in Yemen. In fact, I believe that many experts are right when they have dealt with this dangerous issue, and many of them started to discuss the implications of the name of the terrorist al-Qaeda, which is trying to deceive people by changing its name to Ansar Al Sharia. Indeed, I think that the followers of this organization are the same filthy faces of the criminal al-Qaeda. Only the name is different. In fact, the terrorist al-Qaeda has many methods of prevarication in order to appear in its new criminal appearance, trying to convince ordinary people of the public and to attract them to its abhorrent criminal Takfiri project by attributing a new name to this terrorist organization. The latter is similar to the terrorist al-Qaeda, since the ideology, the terrorist practices and the suspicious as well as dark acts are the same as those of the terrorist al-Qaeda. Therefore, I would like to join these experts who proved the interconnection between these two terrorist organizations. In fact, both of these organizations differ only in terms of names.

  • 55


    No matter how much the names differ, the meaning is the same. The terrorist operations claim the lives of many innocent citizens through bombings, murders, assassinations and booby-traps, in addition to dividing people and exploiting the pluralism of religions, sects and factions. The groups and gangs of the Al Qaeda organization may change their name from the Al Qaeda organization to Ansar Al Shia or Sunnah or Jesus’s or even the Devil’s; but they are still criminals and murderous groups that get paid for committing their criminal, savage acts, at which people tremble. They are frivolous groups that should be feared and destroyed, and they shouldn’t be responded to, so that they will not expand their influence in the land of Yemen. Yemeni people have to be very careful not to join or ally themselves with any party, organization or group, so that no ruin or disaster will take place in Yemen, after all that they have witnessed and suffered from as a result of oppression, corruption, poverty, hunger, unemployment and dictatorship. They don’t need to add another factor to the killing, bombings, division, fighting or massacres and bloodshed. These are the groups of the first and last Al Qaeda organization that wants to control Yemen in order to settle down in Yemen and launch its evil acts from there to all other countries. Therefore, we shouldn’t be too concerned with names, even if they are different; they are still organized terrorist groups that work to kill innocent citizens, using several despicable manipulative ways in addition to the temptations they offer to negligent people in order for them to be haunted and controlled, so that they will do whatever they ask.

  • ظفر


    This organization needs another cover by changing its name and returning to its criminal operations again in the region. Yemen is witnessing a vulnerable situation at the moment, because the local authorities are preoccupied with the events in the country and the public demonstrations that are asking for reforms and change in the country. Thus, Al-Qaeda took advantage of this unstable situation and decided to change its reality by using another name.

  • aljondy


    The terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda has intended to change its name for a long time. In fact, it wants to change it from Al-Qaeda to Ansar al-Sharia, i.e. Supporters of the religion. Thus, after the loss of its despicable leader, Osama bin Laden, the organization has insisted on changing its name. However, whatever its name is, we find that their acts have remained the same. In fact, this terrorist organization has carried out violent and cruel operations of killing and bombing. As a matter of fact, it has claimed innocent people’s lives. Besides, it has carried out violent operations against the Yemeni people. This organization cannot achieve anything despite changing its name, because the heroes of the Yemeni provinces have stood against it. In fact, the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda has tried to attack the province of Abyan. However, they will not be able to achieve that, because the military forces will prevent them from acting as they want. Thus, the change of the name will not enable the organization to enjoy the Yemenis’ support. That’s why we ask the heroic Yemenis to be patient and steadfast. How can al-Qaeda be a supporter of the religion with all these killing and bombing operations taking place in all the Arab and Islamic countries? In fact, it has worked under the cover of religion in order to carry out its cowardly operations. Thus, the Islamic religion has nothing to do with these operations. As an Arab people, we cannot negotiate with those who have pretended to be a supporter of the religion, because they have damaged our lands and violated our honor. That’s why it is important to fight them in order to prevent them from repeating these operations of killing, slaughtering and recruiting people in order to carry out suicide operations. In fact, it has incited people to commit suicide operations in order to kill themselves and to claim the lives of many other people. Thank God that our Arab countries, and particularly Yemen, know the intentions of al-Qaeda. Thus, may God save us from al-Qaeda in order to keep it away from Islamic lands.

  • سمير عتاك


    The researchers are right, since al-Qaeda was looking for another name for itself in order to change its suspect former one, the al-Qaeda organization. The latter is related to terrorism and everyone hates it. This issue has been declared by the filthy leader of this organization, Osama bin Laden, before his death, who said that he was thinking about finding a new name for the terrorist al-Qaeda, in order to change its image only. As far as I am concerned, after calling themselves “Ansar al-Sunnah” and failing to sow sedition and attract all Sunnis to them, they are currently thinking of altering their name to “Ansar al Shiaa” in order to influence Shiites, as if they were their supporters, so that Shiites all over the world will stand by them. Yet, they are wrong, because Shiites will never support them, even if they change their names. In fact, al-Qaeda has vanished, disappeared and will never be able to stand on its feet again, even if it changes its name, because all its leaders have been killed. In addition, all people now have a complete awareness of al-Qaeda, its behaviors, its lies and its crimes against civilians and the innocent. As a matter of fact, al-Qaeda will not have a place in the Muslim world at all. People want no more bloodshed, murder, crimes, booby-trappings, IEDs and suicide belts. Indeed, everyone rejects such acts, even if al-Qaeda has changed its name or declared a change in its point of view or objectives, because no one will believe such a lying organization. No one will return to such an organization which everyone is fighting with all their might. Thus, it is receiving successive blows. The entire world will soon get rid of this organization once and for all, God willing.