Iraqi victims of al-Qaeda violence relieved over bin Laden's death

Days after the al-Qaeda leader was killed, Iraqis are hopeful the world will be safer. [Mahmood al-Mulhim / Mawtani]

Days after the al-Qaeda leader was killed, Iraqis are hopeful the world will be safer. [Mahmood al-Mulhim / Mawtani]



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As details of the raid that resulted in the killing of Osama bin Laden are released, Iraqis continued to celebrate the news on Wednesday (May 4th) with spontaneous gatherings across the country.

Many Iraqis handed out pastries, sweets and juice, while others ululated and chanted patriotic slogans denouncing terrorism and the al-Qaeda leader.

In the Mansour district of Baghdad, Abdullah Muhsin, 50, handed out cans of lemonade to shoppers at a mall.

"I lost my son and my nephew in a terrorist attack, for which al-Qaeda claimed credit, near this place last year," he said. "All of that was due to the ideas and calls made by the criminal bin Laden."

Bin Laden was killed in a raid by US forces on May 2nd in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, 60 kilometres northeast of the capital Islamabad.

"It was a day of joy for orphans and widows, and a new day for security and peace in Iraq and the entire world," Muhsin said.

Talabani: The world has gotten rid of one of the biggest symbols of evil

Iraqi political and security leaders expressed their hope that the death of bin Laden would bring greater security to Iraq and the world.

"The world has gotten rid of one of the biggest symbols of evil, a man who had become a manifestation of a grudge and hatred toward humankind," Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said in a message of congratulations sent to US President Barack Obama.

"The killing of bin Laden raises feelings of relief -- not from revenge, retaliation and gloating -- but because this represents the work of justice and the eradication of one the most dangerous sources of injustice and mayhem," Talabani said.

Iraqi forces enhanced security measures after the announcement of bin Laden's death in preparation for potential retaliatory terrorist attacks. Additional forces were deployed in cities, and security forces intensified searches of cars and people.

Still, security forces allowed Iraqis to gather and express their joy.

"Al-Qaeda cells will try to carry out any random attack in response to the killing of their spiritual leader, but the security forces are on guard and will be ready to protect citizens against any retaliatory reaction targeting innocents," said Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, spokesperson for the Iraqi Ministry of Defence.

'Bin Laden does not represent us'

In the Karada district of Baghdad, scores of citizens gathered on Wednesday near the Afendi shopping centre, chanting "Long live Iraq", "Yes, yes to freedom and security" and "No, No to terror".

"The world has gotten rid of a danger threatening it," said Aziz Lazim, 43, a government employee. "We feel very happy about the death of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization's leader. This was the best news we have received this year, and we hope we shall get rid of the remaining heads of terrorism in Iraq and the world."

Bassim Mohammed, 30, a trader in Baghdad, said Iraqis were joining people around the world in celebrating the news "because bin Laden does not represent us, he was a common enemy to us and to them".

"The terrorist bin Laden killed thousands of Iraqis and tens of thousands of people across the world because of destructive ideas and plans. Today the world is much better off after he was killed," Mohammed said.

In the city of Hilla, south of Baghdad, scores of citizens gathered near Safie Aldeen al-Hilli square carrying signs that read, "We are orphans, widows and disabled. We share our joy with the world".

"There were no preparations for these celebrations," said Fadhil Chanchun, 39, a taxi driver. "The people came out spontaneously because they could not help themselves after hearing the news."

Nouriya Hassan, 40, distributed candy to neighbours and the crowd at the square.

"This man killed my husband and my son and destroyed my home so I would not have happiness," she said. "But today, I am very happy. If I were better off economically, I would give away fine food too. Today, I have taken my revenge on the killer of innocents."

Residents of Ramadi also celebrated the news of bin Laden's death.

Ali Hummadi, 41, a trader in the city, said his son was killed in 2006 in an attack for which al-Qaeda claimed credit.

"In my entire life I did not see a criminal like bin Laden who compromised Islam to serve his interests. But now bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda cells will be fragmented," he said. "All of Iraq is happy about this news."



    صالح احمد


    The accursed Al-Qaeda has adopted ideas such as “Blow yourself up and you will go to heaven; you will be invited to have lunch with the Prophet, and you will win your life and the Hereafter,” and “Kill Shiites, worshipers, children and innocent people,” and “Fight the Security and Military Forces.” This is really a backward belief. The accursed Osama bin Laden and his followers promote these ideas that are filthy just like them. May God take revenge on the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda and rid us of them forever.

  • saad


    Osama is a crown on the heads of the infidels.

  • جمعة حسن


    All the insults and curses against the terrorists of the cowardly al-Qaeda and their unclean, cowardly and filthy leader Osama bin Laden are not enough. In fact, he cannot distinguish right from wrong. Indeed, his death represents the greatest happiness for the Muslim Arab Nation in particular, because he has tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims. I personally pray to God to undermine and eradicate them from the earth once and for all. I also pray to God to retaliate for the brave martyrs who were murdered by the cowardly terrorists. I also pray to God day and night to curse terrorism, terrorists and the most dangerous leader, Osama bin Laden. May God damn a thousand times this filthy, despicable person. Finally we have gotten rid of him and his filthy, unclean acts. I pray to God to disgrace him in the Hereafter as He did in this life.

  • العراقي


    May God curse you and all the mad dogs and bastards who are like you and Osama bin Laden, as well as Saddam. You do not know what Al-Qaeda has done to us!! You are the meanest people ever. Al-Qaeda destroyed our houses and killed our people at the hands of mean and ignorant individuals like you. Let Al-Qaeda become active and kill people worldwide, as he suggested. I wish that the administration of the website would deliver his email to the concerned authorities to search for him, because he certainly has links with Al-Qaeda cells.

  • ذياب جعفر


    We became very happy when we heard that the leader of the criminal organization of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, had died. This news has delighted all the peace lovers in the world. In fact, this criminal had caused the suffering of many families, especially since he claimed the lives of their children and attacked their properties. Also, the children were deprived of the love of their fathers, who have been the victims of al-Qaeda’s terrorism. Today, we are very happy with this victory against terrorism. In fact, we have been waiting for this victory for many years. Thus, we became very happy after this great news of Osama bin Laden’s death. Now we will start a new phase, far from these days of evil and darkness. This criminal has gone to Hell forever. And he has gotten his due punishment after his operations of bloodshed against innocent people. Besides, he violated the privacy of innocent people. In fact, he carried out such operations through booby-trapping and systematic killing. He also tried to destroy our country. However, thank God that we have gotten rid of this criminal. And thank God who has saved us from the biggest criminal of the era. Words cannot convey our happiness over the death of Osama bin Laden. Indeed, this is the just punishment of this criminal. This has led to the happiness of all Iraqis who have been the victims of this criminal, due to his terrorist operations that affected all the children who lost their fathers, all the mothers who lost their children, and all the women who lost their husbands. Thus, this is the day of happiness, joy, and victory against these criminals who caused the misery of the innocent. Today, the world has witnessed more peace without this criminal and his despicable acts, which deprived us of achieving happiness for many years. This is due to Osama bin Laden and his followers of al-Qaeda.

  • حميد صابر


    I think that the late criminal Osama bin Laden was the mastermind behind many cowardly terrorist operations that led to many miseries and pain for the Iraqi people. In fact, the Iraqi people have been exposed to a lot of destruction and suffering. Osama bin Laden constructed many criminal plans that caused many crimes targeting Iraq and Iraqis. This led to hundreds of martyrs and injuries. In fact, he reached everything and he tried to spread his poisonous ideas in order to exploit the reckless youth who don’t know the reality of this criminal and of his terrorist organization. He tried through his deviant ways to convince the youth to join his criminal organization. In fact, the effects of Osama bin Laden’s crimes are still in the Iraqis’ minds, because they suffered so much due to his crimes. Thus, many Iraqis still suffer from the psychological destruction due to these terrorist operations against many families that have led to the loss of many children. In fact, this criminal Osama bin Laden executed many criminal plans of the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda. He also caused misery for many widows and orphans and he claimed the lives of many innocent youth. Besides, Osama bin Laden undermined the country’s security and stability, due to these organized operations of killing and bombing that affected all the countries’ service institutions. This made life more difficult, due to this criminality that affected us without interruption. This also increased our daily miseries. In fact, all these miseries are due to this criminal, Osama bin Laden. Thank God we have gotten rid of him and of his crimes forever.

  • امير فاضل


    The members of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization have carried out many operations and plans that have targeted innocent Iraqis. In fact, these sad events taking place in Iraq have been due to these corrupt criminals who have carried out bombing, destruction and suicide operations among the people. This has led to many Iraqi victims due to the killing of people and the violation of their property and their honor. Thus, may God curse these criminals who have spread terrorism, destruction and evil among the people. In fact, these members have exploited the country’s condition in order to sow discord, sectarianism and terror among Iraqis. May God curse these groups of al-Qaeda who have caused Iraqis’ suffering by claiming their children’s lives and displacing them. This has led to the emergence of hatred toward the Islamic religion, because many people have come to think that Islam means terrorism. And they don’t know that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and terrorists. In fact, Islam is a religion of moderation and it forbids the killing of innocent people. Besides, Islam respects human beings of different religions and sects, and it calls for understanding, respect, and love among people.

  • كاظم راضي


    Terrorists are sowing much dissension in Iraq. They are trying to disrupt the unity of compatriots by playing the card of sectarianism in order to ignite a civil war in Iraq. In fact, they have continued such evil attempts by all means in order to achieve their objectives. However, the Iraqis did not stand by passively concerning this dangerous terrorist tide and deviant ideology. It was necessary to face it with a counter ideology that explains the extent of delinquency and danger of terrorism. In this respect, Iraqi religious scholars, belonging to different religions and sects, played an important role by facing the terrorist ideology, using their enlightening ideas and useful directions which they gave for citizens through the religious sermons they used to give. In addition, they tried to clarify the deviant and delinquent ideology which al-Qaeda is trying to convey to simple people in order to affect them and win their support. However, this method is not sufficient to eradicate terrorist ideas once and for all, although it has limited them a lot. Therefore, the security forces must direct painful blows to this decadent organization that has become exposed to all Iraqis. In fact, they resorted to random killing since, according to them, all Iraqis are targets that deserve to be murdered, regardless of their origins, sects or religions. In so doing, they violated all the values and religious beliefs that call for dialogue and peaceful coexistence between different societies in the world.

  • منشد خميس


    Many sons of Iraq celebrated the news of the death of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in all Iraqi provinces. They wanted to express their happiness and delight over this event in different ways. In fact, they have reacted in different ways. For instance, some of them distributed sweets and juice to the neighbors and passersby in the main streets. Some others gave loud shouts of joy and slogans denouncing the inhuman terrorist acts which affected many sons of Iraq. Many Iraqis have considered this event a day of joy for the orphans and widows who have been victimized by terrorist acts in which they lost their fathers and brothers. This day can be also considered a new day of peace.

  • قاصد محمد


    We ask God Almighty to hasten the elimination of al-Qaeda as soon as possible, so that human societies in the whole world can enjoy security and safety. We pray to God to save people from the evils of another al-Qaeda, regardless of their tendencies and forms, in order for people to get rid of terrorism.

  • حمدي جبار


    As an Iraqi citizen who loves his country and wishes it all the best, safety, security and stability, I call on the Iraqi government, at the same time, to be more careful and cautious towards the expected threats of the terrorist al-Qaeda in Iraq, which wants to take revenge for its leader by making a quick response to any entity that may harm the Iraqi society and shed blood as a retaliation for the recent death of the organization’s leader Osama bin Laden. Thus, the security forces in Iraq must make the appropriate plans to face any expected aggression from such terrorist organizations. They should be deprived of any opportunity by taking the highest degree of precaution and avoiding laxity or underestimating the aggression of this criminal organization or paving the way for it to carry out terrorist acts. The latter may have bad repercussions on Iraqis. For instance, al-Qaeda has taken advantage of some gaps to attack Salah Eddin’s provincial government building a few months ago, and the army unit in Diyala. There was also the aggression against the secondary school in Falluja, which claimed the lives of a lot of innocent Iraqi men and women. In fact, the majority of such acts occurred as a result of the negligence and the underestimation of the capabilities of the enemy, which appears every day in a new guise that is different from the previous one. Thus, the security forces must develop a high level of security in order to take control of the course of events in the country. Iraqis must also monitor all the suspicious movements of aliens in their regions. For example, each Iraqi citizen must be a security man who investigates, follows up on and monitors suspicious cases and reports on them to the security forces immediately, so they can conduct investigations and take the required security measures. Indeed, the cooperation between the sons of people and the security forces will enable us to maintain the security of Iraq from acts of retaliation that may be carried out by the criminal al-Qaeda in the country.

  • صادق


    All this is nonsense, because Osama bin Laden died as a martyr, God willing.

  • عبدالحكيم القاضى العبادى


    There are two types of people: All those who have abused the leader of the mujahidin are either mercenaries or they were hired to write this, or they are ignorant people. Do you remember what you said in the past about the martyr Saddam? “Saddam’s hell is better than Bush’s Paradise.” Look beyond your noses do not look as far as your feet reach like animals. I say that especially to the hypocrites and the traitors of the Arabs.