Baghdad broadcasts confessions by al-Qaeda terrorists

Baghdad Operations Command televised the confessions of six terrorists on October 10th. [Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images]

Baghdad Operations Command televised the confessions of six terrorists on October 10th. [Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images]



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Baghdad Operations Command presented statements by six suspects on Sunday (October 10th) who confessed to being al-Qaeda members responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks in Baghdad.

Baghdad Operations Command spokesperson Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta said the suspects were responsible for bombings against the Investment Bank in al-Mansour neighbourhood on June 20th, al-Arabiya's office in al-Harethiya neighbourhood on July 26th, al-Rasafa operations command in Bab al-Muazam on September 5th, and the headquarters of AsiaCell in al-Mansour neighbourhood and the National Security office at Eden square in al-Kadhumiya on September 19th.

The suspects also confessed to carrying out attacks against foreign embassies in Baghdad on April 4th, in which 191 people were killed and wounded.

Security forces arrested the six suspects in September:

• Sinan Abd Hammoud al-Janabi, 29, also known as Abu Suhaib, who served as the "emir" of a group involved in car bombs, was arrested in al-Baya area in Baghdad.

• Abdullah Salih Ahmed Fayyadh al-Janabi, 26, who rigged cars to explode, was arrested in al-Jihad neighbourhood.

• Sami Ali Hussain Bati, 18, who served as a member of another car bomb squad, was arrested in Jessir Diyala area.

• Thaer Aziz Watban, 45, who owned a bomb-making workshop, was arrested in Zayouna neighbourhood in Baghdad.

• Sattar Abdullah Nezal al-Zubaidi, 28, supervised car-bomb workshops. He was arrested in the Jessir Diyala area.

• Raheem Hasan Jawad al-Massoudi, 34 owned a shop for rigging cars and was arrested at al-Jihad neighbourhood.

The terrorists reportedly used chemicals sold openly in public Iraqi markets to manufacture the bombs. According to Atta, some of these materials are used in agriculture and animal fertilizers.

In the videotaped confessions, which aired on Iraqi TV, Sinan Abd Hammoud al-Janabi said he personally participated in preparing the suicide attacks against the foreign embassies in Baghdad.

"My role was to connect the electrical circuitry in the car after fitting it with explosives. I would then train the suicide bomber on how to blow up the car when it reached its target," he said.

Abdullah Salih Ahmed Fayadh al-Janabi confessed to helping prepare the explosives used in the suicide attack that targeted al-Arabiya's office in Baghdad.

"I belong to the Islamic State of Iraq that is part of al-Qaeda in Iraq. I worked in the bomb-making division. I planted explosives in a small sedan to target the office of al-Arabiya television channel," al-Janabi said during his confession.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, spokesperson for the Iraqi Ministry of Defence, said that "the confessions have given Iraqi forces security information about terrorist plots that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense will work to thwart in co-operation with other ministries."

Al-Askari said the Ministry of Defence has formed a co-ordination room with the ministries of interior, transport, national security, intelligence, and other ministries and agencies to establish a new comprehensive intelligence plan to thwart terrorist plots.

"This stage is witnessing high co-ordination between the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence," al-Askari said. "This has led to impressive security achievements. There are also major surprises that the security forces will announce in the upcoming period."

Lt. Col. Kareem Raheem of the Iraqi Army's 6th Division told Mawtani that "this cannot be considered an achievement for the Iraqi forces only, but it is also an effort on the part of citizens who provided important information that helped in arresting killers, thwarting attacks, and sparing the blood of innocent people."



    رياض رجب


    Iraq is a peaceful country, and the people of Iraq are kind and do not carry any hostility towards other peoples, but at the same time, they are generous, creative and courageous people who do not tolerate abuse. So we find that the people of Iraq rose up to defend their country, its sanctities and honor in the face of the aggressors, the elements of evil and darkness who follow bin Laden and his rotten organization, which wanted Iraq to be another Afghanistan, ruled by fanatics and the abhorrent sectarianism. But, thanks to God and to the cohesion of the Iraqi people, the courage of the security forces and the support of the people of the Awakening, the brilliant victory was achieved day by day. The losses suffered by al-Qaeda and its affiliates, who want Iraq to fall into the swamp of terrorism, increased one day after another. We now live in a good security situation, thank God. We call upon Him, the Almighty One, to strengthen the resolve of our men and the unity of our brave troops, and to guide their footsteps to achieve a decisive victory over these criminals. May God help you, who defend your honor and your country. May God protect you under His guidance and care. The ultimate victory and the elimination of terrorism in Iraq will come about very soon, God willing.

  • حببيب الدوسي


    The Iraqi government and the Iraqi security forces managed to avoid the negative aspects and deficiencies that were present in the past, through training and military operations of the security forces and the Iraqi army against al-Qaeda. This allowed the security forces to gain more experience and to employ their abilities to fight terrorism everywhere, in addition to the fact that the Iraqi government paid attention to the security of the Iraqi borders with the neighboring countries, which were uncontrolled in the past. It established several border crossing security stations that succeeded in diminishing the number of terrorists who used to enter the Iraqi lands and preventing them from infiltrating the country. All these steps and measures contributed to the current security stability in Iraq. But the Iraqi government is still required to work harder to prevent any terrorist from sneaking into Iraq through the borders and from implementing their criminal plans against the Iraqi citizens. It also must provide the Iraqi border guards with all the necessary and modern equipment, including helicopters, to protect the Iraqi lands and borders and to prevent the intruders who want to destroy Iraq and its people.