Iraqi security officials vow severe response to al-Qaeda over attacks

[Mohammed Sawaf/AFP/Getty Images] A mother in Karbala carries her child, who was injured when a car bomb exploded in al-Nasr neighbourhood.

[Mohammed Sawaf/AFP/Getty Images] A mother in Karbala carries her child, who was injured when a car bomb exploded in al-Nasr neighbourhood.



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Iraqi security officials accused al-Qaeda of carrying out the attacks that killed scores of civilians and security personnel in a number of Iraqi cities on Wednesday (August 25th).

Car bomb attacks in Baghdad, Fallujah, Ramadi, al-Kut, Basra, and Baqubah killed 61 and wounded 195.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence also announced that Iraqi security forces thwarted several other attacks also planned for Wednesday.

"The Iraqi Army managed to kill three suicide bombers before they could reach their goals and prevented three car bombs in Fallujah, Mosul, and Baghdad," said Col. Salih al-Obaidi of the Ministry of Defense. "This is in addition to dismantling five Katyusha rockets that were set to target an Iraqi Army base in Refaat, Diwaniyah province, just minutes before their launch."

Ministry of Defence spokesman Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari said al-Qaeda was attempting to undermine the efforts of security forces by attacking on more than one front.

"The escalation by al-Qaeda is expected and aims to weaken the morale of the Iraqi forces," al-Askari said. "However, Wednesday's attacks will not pass by easily, as there will be severe response by Iraqi forces to kill or arrest those who are responsible for such attacks."

String of attacks hits six Iraqi cities

In northeast Baghdad, 18 civilians and military personnel were killed when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle near a police station in al-Qahira neighbourhood. The explosion took place while policemen were changing shifts in the morning.

The attack also wounded 55 people, most of whom were policemen. The blast caused huge material damage to nearby buildings and burned 32 vehicles, according to Maj. Mohammed Abdul Khalek of Baghdad Operations Command.

In al-Shaljiya area of Baghdad, two civilians were killed and seven others wounded in another car bomb. The vehicle was parked on a busy street when it exploded.

In Wasit province, a suicide bomber driving a Toyota blew himself up near a police station in al-Kut, killing 26 people and wounding 63.

"The chief of police Col. Waleed Sami was among the people who were killed, after he died of wounds sustained during the attack," said Col. Aziz al-Emara, leader of the rapid reaction forces in al-Kut.

In Anbar province, two car bombs killed eight people and wounded 16 others. The explosions targeted Iraqi police and army patrols in Ramadi and Fallujah.

Anbar Police Command spokesperson Maj. Raheem Zebn said a third blast took place before the terrorists could flee the scene of the explosion.

"Because of a failure in the devices, the car exploded before the terrorists left it, and they were killed right away," he said.

In Diyala province, a suicide attack targeted the office of Diyala Governor Abdul Nassir al-Mehdawi, killing three civilians and wounding 17 civilians and members of the security forces. The governor was unharmed.

"The terrorist attack was aimed at breaking the calm and security stability that the province has witnessed for a while," said Lt. Col. Elwan Sobeih of the provincial police. "This is the method of al-Qaeda terrorist organization."

In Karbala, four civilians were killed and 29 others were wounded in a car bomb targeting a police station in al-Nasr neighbourhood, said Capt. Fawzi Abdullah of Karbala Operations Command.

Four civilians and four police officers were wounded in a car bomb near a garage close to al-Ashar police station in Basra.

Security forces call on citizens to help fight terrorism

Alaa al-Taie, a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, urged citizens to co-operate with security forces to prevent more attacks and to bring terrorists to justice.

"Security depends on people's co-operation. We can defeat violence in a short time if everybody unites and cooperates with security forces," he said.

Iraqis can use the hotline (130) to inform security forces about suspicious activities.

"This will prevent death and help provide security for Iraqis," al-Taie said.



    طاهر النجفي


    I don't doubt for a second that the Iraqi judiciary is extremely evenhanded and impartial nor do I doubt that its sole aim is ensuring Iraq's security against any intruder or occupier. Having said that, the Iraqi judiciary takes pleasure in punishing anyone who commits any crime against Iraq and Iraqis, even if the perpetrator is an Iraqi. Yet the ones who commit these acts of terrorism that are taking place in Iraq are mostly al-Qaeda members or members of other terrorist groups. For this reason, it is of the essence to take necessary measures in order to arrest the culprits of terrorist attacks. I'm astonished by those who commit terrorist crimes since they are now on the run and are no place to be found so that the Iraqi police could arrest them. The reason why they've disappeared is they know that falling into captivity is tantamount to meeting their maker. But what caught my attention is that 12 terrorist suspects have turned themselves in to the Iraqi judiciary, which accentuates that terrorists are fearful of the clear decisions made by Iraqi authorities regarding terrorist suspects. These terrorists have employed other gunmen to commit crimes on their behalf, and that is why they turned in themselves. They desire to do away with these filthy terrorist attacks, and thus I believe that they have done a favor to the Iraqi police and saved them a great deal of effort by pleading guilty and surrendering. I'm thankful to these individuals who admitted committing terrorist crimes and I wish that the rest will follow suit so that Iraqi might be free of any terrorist crime since it had enough of them in the past few years.

  • احمد بن ساعد


    As far as I am concerned, the Awakening movement was significant evidence that the cooperation between the government and the citizens is a positive step in getting rid of those evils and thwarting the hopes of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Those evil people wanted to spread control over the country and its wealth, sow chaos and killing among the citizens, and kill as many Iraqis as possible. For this reason, I consider cooperation a national and sacred duty, which is a burden on all Iraqis. Thus, all citizens must cooperate and know that the security forces and the government appreciate it, because it serves the interests of all humanity as well as the country. The cooperation between the security forces and the citizens means the destruction of Al-Qaeda and terrorists. It doesn't give the opportunity to terrorists to move freely, because they are under the control of citizens who will notice any strange movement. All this will restrict Al-Qaeda’s plans in carrying out terrorist operations. Moreover, cooperation will help expose their dens and arrest them. Citizens, for instance, thwarted many planned operations, and the security forces raided them in their dens with the help of citizens before they started the operation.

  • لمياء


    Following the major operations that have been recently implemented by the Iraqi security forces, which are considered the most effective operations on the part of the Iraqi government and the security forces, particularly the decision to control the Iraqi borders with the neighboring countries and to kill many of the terrorists who were intending to carry out terrorist attacks in Iraq, terrorism and the dirty terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda found themselves forced to make mistakes that led them into the hands of the Iraqi security forces, which brought them to justice. The Iraqi security forces implemented many security plans against Al-Qaeda and its elements, which used to enter the Iraqi territories illegally, at the times when the security situation was unstable. These plans succeeded in controlling the Iraqi borders and preventing the terrorists from sneaking into Iraq and carrying out their terrorist operations. In addition, the decrease in the number of the terrorists who enter Iraq goes back to the fact that many people abandoned the terrorist thoughts and withdrew their support for the terrorist organizations. This stance came after the reality of Al-Qaeda and its evil intentions towards Islam and Muslims had been exposed, as well as the fact that it wants to depict Islam as the religion of terrorism and killing. Of course, these sentiments weakened terrorism and prevented the terrorists from entering Iraq.

  • هيثم السمر


    The building of strong and good Iraqi forces is the main reason for the happiness and joy we are experiencing nowadays. These feelings are shared by every Iraqi who feels jealous for his country, because the allied forces have withdrawn from Iraq after being present for more than seven years, since the last war on Iraq. In fact, this historic event confirms that today we possess combat forces that are able to face the national and international challenges. We hope and we are confident that our security forces are able to bear this big responsibility, and that they will prevent the terrorism and violence that have been taking place in Iraq for many years, because of the terrorist groups from al-Qaeda and the members of the criminal militias. In fact, we all salute the Iraqi government and the Ministries of Defense and Internal Affairs for the US withdrawal, which would never have happened if the employees of both ministries had not been completely dedicated for their work and loyal to their country, Iraq. In fact, I want to point out to the importance of the upcoming stage, because nowadays we will be more likely subjected to possible terrorist attacks and foreign interventions from neighboring countries. The latter do not want the well-being of Iraq, and they aim at harming Iraqis by various means. Therefore, the members of our security forces must be more attentive than before, and must make further efforts to preserve security and stability in Iraq. Thus, they will protect the lives of Iraqis, who have been killed by the thousands since the war because of the cowardly terrorism.

  • Hamid


    Terrorist organizations, especially the Al Qaeda, didn't stop their attacks on Iraqis everywhere. They are determined to harm Iraqis everywhere. Today, we see it targeting the military and the police voluntary camps, where hundreds of youth are looking for an honest job opportunity to serve their country and people, and to provide a decent life for their families. What happened a few days ago in one of the voluntary camps in Baghdad is just a new criminal act added to the records of Al Qaeda, which is imprinted with crimes, black memories and shame. In fact, Al Qaeda wants to violate the Iraqis’ dignity and prevent them from working with the State, and this is what urges blind terrorism to target these centers and kill innocent people.