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Islamic Group theorist: al-Qaeda's ideology in a state of decline

[Getty Images] The Islamic Jihad revisions helped convince the perpetrators of the Sharm El-Sheikh attacks in 2005 to renounce violence.

[Getty Images] The Islamic Jihad revisions helped convince the perpetrators of the Sharm El-Sheikh attacks in 2005 to renounce violence.



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The emergence of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa raised questions about the effectiveness of ideological revisions announced by many armed Islamist groups that have renounced violence in recent years.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb are two new organizations that have drawn new young recruits into their ranks in recent years, despite revisions by groups such as the Islamic Group in Egypt and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) that prohibited the use of violence.

Dr. Nageh Ibrahim, the ideological theorist of the Islamic Group in Egypt and a member of its Shura Council, said the revisions have been slow to reach the new generation of al-Qaeda recruits.

Still, Dr. Ibrahim said, the revisions of the Islamic Group – which was the first armed group to publicly renounce violence-- had a profound impact not only in Egypt, but in Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

The Islamist Group was accused of committing a series of terrorist attacks in Egypt and abroad in the 1980s and 1990s. It was among the first to renounce violence and issue ideological revisions in 1997, prompting an angry reaction at the time from al-Qaeda's second in command, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Shorfa, Dr. Ibrahim, who wrote most of his group's revisions, talked about the impact they had in limiting the emergence of new groups and preventing youths from joining terrorist groups.

Al-Shorfa: More than nine years after you announced the ideological revisions, what is your assessment of the impact that this has had on the armed Islamic groups?

Ibrahim: The significance of the Islamic Group’s ideological revisions lies in the fact that it was the first group in the history of armed Islamic movements that announced the revision of its ideologies based on its own decision and initiative, and not in response to requests by some country or government as some people claim. We made mistakes, and we felt that it was our duty to fix what we corrupted.

The idea of making revisions has certainly presented itself to many armed organizations, especially in the 1990s, but there was no precedent that could be followed. This is where the Islamic Group is particularly important compared to the rest of the revisions subsequently made by armed Islamic organizations in the Arab countries.

Al-Shorfa: You are talking about two levels of impact, locally and regionally. Could you elaborate on this?

Ibrahim: Locally, this opened the door for local organizations to make the same courageous decision to revise their ideologies. The first one among them was the Islamic Jihad which made revisions in 2007, led by its theorist, Sheikh Sayyid Imam, known as Dr. Fadl, who is the religious mentor of Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s second-in-command.

The Islamic Group also helped in the revisions made by the so-called "Sinai Group", which carried out bombings in Taba (2004) and Sharm El-Sheikh (2005). Leaders of the Islamic Jihad explained the Islamic jurisprudential arguments found in the books of revisions inside the prisons, leading to their announcement renouncing violence and laying down their arms.

This, in turn, has been instrumental in ending the series of violent acts in Sinai one year after the arrest of the members of the group. This only partially demonstrates the significance and the strategic success of the revisions, which is the drying up of the sources of violent takfiri ideology.

As for the regional impact, it was strong and more effective than anticipated, in that the same experiment was duplicated with armed organizations in Yemen and Morocco, and also in Saudi Arabia where the government implemented the Munasaha rehabilitation programme for Islamists. This programme benefitted extensively from the ideas that came out of the revisions made by the Islamic Group. Last but not least, there is the LIFG announcement of its ideological revisions.

Al-Shorfa: But some are questioning the role that these revisions could have in general in terms of limiting the emergence of new organisations that embrace ideologies similar to those of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

Ibrahim: First of all, it is not easy for any armed Islamic group to revise its ideology, as this is a long and complicated process, involving arduous negotiations and debates within the group that makes these revisions.

For example, compiling the ideological revisions of the Islamic Group in written form took 10 years, because it involved laying down an Islamic jurisprudential and philosophical framework that is able to correct the understanding of Islamic concepts and fatwas that were issued centuries ago, and which are related to various concepts such as the pre-conditions and rulings regarding jihad, governance (al-Hakimiyyah), etc.

As such, it can be said that all the revisions that were made during the recent years, starting with those of the Islamic Group to the LIFG revisions, have resulted in the formation of an extensive knowledge base that can be used to confront al-Qaeda’s ideology or any Islamist ideology that believes in resorting to violence in the forthcoming centuries. Gauging the extent of the impact that the revisions have had on armed Islamic groups will take some time.

Al-Shorfa: What are the indications that show the impact that the ideological revisions had in combating armed Islamic organizations?

Ibrahim: The revisions did have an impact on al-Qaeda organisation, because they struck at the core of its weak ideological construct, which is replete with errors from an Islamic jurisprudential viewpoint. In many instances, this has reduced its effectiveness in recruiting new members.

For example, the Islamic Group's ideological revisions have reached Malaysia and Indonesia in the past few years, and they became widely accepted among Muslim youth there, some of whom were contemplating joining al-Qaeda jihadist movements or other similar organizations that are active in that region.

Also, Western countries such as Australia have begun to adopt the ideas contained in the revisions made by the Islamic Group in order to convince some of the imprisoned Islamist elements to renounce violence.

At the same time, the ideological revisions of the Islamic Jihad, written by Sheikh Fadl, the religious mentor of Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, have had repercussions among the members of al-Qaeda at different levels for quite some time, as these revisions have revealed the major Islamic jurisprudential errors that al-Qaeda has made, especially with regard to the rulings and the pre-conditions of jihad.

Al-Shorfa: What has been the impact of these revisions on the new generations of elements belonging to armed organizations currently active in Iraq, Yemen and North Africa?

Ibrahim: Unfortunately, the revisions' impact on the new generations within al-Qaeda and other organizations is less effective. This is due to the fact that revisions that many Islamic organizations have made contain a critical weakness, which is the lack of communication with society. These revisions have not yet spread among the younger generation, and this is because they have been made quite recently.

Additionally, some Arab governments are still apprehensive of allowing the theorists and the leading figures of these organizations to mingle with the local communities, but this could be just a matter of time before it is resolved.

Al-Shorfa: As a theorist who is an expert in the ideologies of Islamist groups, what is your view regarding the ideological structure of al-Qaeda as it is now?

Ibrahim: Al-Qaeda’s ideology is extremely weak, and it is full of loopholes. The first is that it is a takfiri ideology, and this type of ideology is like a cluster bomb. For instance, the difference of opinion within al-Qaeda has to do with belief and disbelief in Islamic theology.

As for the second weak point, it is the fact that these groups are not involved with calling people to God himself and to embrace Islam. Instead, they are engaged in inviting people to join their organisation, and not everyone, but only zealous youths, so that they can exploit them in fighting, and this duplicity constitutes a major sin in Islam.

The third weak point in al-Qaeda’s ideology has to do with the foundation on which their ideology is based, which is "jihad for the sake of jihad itself".

In Islam, jihad is a means and not an end, and the fact that al-Qaeda has turned jihad into an end in itself is a very dangerous step, because it has tied Islam's existence to waging a perpetual war with non-Muslims or Muslims with whom they differ. By doing so, they have gone against the Islamic rulings pertaining to the pre-conditions and the rulings of jihad.

This is why al-Qaeda is waging war everywhere for the sake of war itself without realizing any particular objective. Their fighting has resulted in the death and humiliation of Muslims in many places around the world, and the blood of these people is on the hands of al-Qaeda. Similarly, their actions have reflected badly on Islamic countries.

The common factor in 90% of the bombings carried out by al-Qaeda is that they target civilians, and by doing so they have killed children, women, old people, monks and farmers. This is a major violation of Islamic principles, which prohibit the killing of these categories of individuals because they are not involved in waging war.

Al-Shorfa: Are you suggesting that al-Qaeda’s ideology is in a state of decline?

Ibrahim: Currently, the ideology embraced by al-Qaeda is going through a period of decline that it has not seen since its foundation. This is due to its multiple theological and strategic errors during the past years. In the 1990s there were no ideological revisions made by armed Islamist groups, so no one was aware of the theological errors in the ideology of al-Qaeda.

However, today al-Qaeda faces a war of ideas of massive proportions, and I believe that it will not be able to win it, which is why it is avoiding it.




    The negative role of the Arab countries against the democratic Iraq is very harmful. Why do they encourage everything that destroys the democratic process, until the West became closer to the Iraqi people than their Arab brothers?

  • الخطاب


    Peace be upon you. Stop attacking the mujahidin! You spared the Jews and Christians, and you keep attacking those heroes. Why was the Mujahid, Osama bin Laden, whom we believe to be so and God knows best, a hero in the 1990’s, when all the people were praising him, even the presidents, and then he became a terrorist just because he turned against the USA? There is no power except with God the Almighty, and seek God’s help against you.

  • سالم ابو زين


    I would like to send a message to all the Muslims in Europe and the USA. They should be ambassadors of Islam, and they should treat the Europeans and Americans with the tolerance of Islam. They should seek the revered and righteous scholars for fatwas and refrain from committing any crime against these peoples, as they have hosted them after they fled the poverty, hunger and persecution in their countries.

  • سمير


    The surrendering and repentance of many members of Al-Qaeda who were working with this dirty organization will greatly affect its popularity. They surrendered because they realized the path of truth, and they gave up working with it because they were not convinced and discovered its real purposes. Therefore, this will lead to the decline and the collapse of Al-Qaeda. Today, we have seen that there are many members in Morocco who have declared their repentance, and they will never go back to working with such a crazy organization. Hence, we will see the same thing in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and all the countries suffering from this organization and the spread of its ideologies among the youth. Those who declared their repentance will have a significant role in advising the youth and keeping them away from the dirty ideologies and the dirty organization.

  • محمدعلى


    Bin Laden has no aspiration except in Afghanistan, and the USA needs to withdraw, so that Obama does not face the same problem that Bush has faced in Iraq.

  • فكر القاعدة


    Through our bitter experience in Iraq with Al-Qaeda, we found that Al-Qaeda is not the least close to Islam, it's not even among the infidels, the heathens and the cannibals. Even instances of its crimes that are committed in the name of Islam were not heard of in history; neither during the era of the Tatars, the Mongols or all the ranks of crimes on earth. They are a group of perverts who believe that if they blow up their dirty bodies amongst the innocent people, they are forgiven and go to paradise, as gifted by their leader Abu-Jahl. May God curse and punish them.

  • 2010-9-5

    Whoever talks badly about Al-Qaeda, its leaders and knights, is accursed until the day of resurrection, unless he repents. So, as for the Al-Qaeda organization, from its top to the lowest level of their leaders are people to be proud off. I wish my people realize that.

  • صادق


    Intolerance is just a point to test faith, the realities of truth, the hidden areas of souls, integrity of the way, and the balance of true thought which discriminates between faith and hypocrisy and separates good people from evil ones. These areas reflect the realities of sincere love to the most honorable and purest man, peace be upon him and his family, God bless them, and his Sunnah, which is pure from the shackles of hatred and fanaticism. Tolerance marks the people of good intentions who are distinguished from people of worldly aims, as it reveals their real affiliations, as they have never sought what is right, but the stupid tribalism, through which they want to achieve their worldly goals and ambitions. Let anyone who sacrifices his eternal life for life in this world be damned.

  • leth


    Al Qaeda will progress in spite of the hatred.

  • الزعبي


    What the Saudi government did to combat terrorism on its territory and to prevent the flow of terrorists to the remaining countries, along with fighting other terrorist sleeper cells spread on its territory, is considered a great job and needs to be recognized by all, because Saudi Arabia declared war against terrorism and against Al Qaeda, this sect which went astray and wants to attack Islam and Muslims. Saudi Arabia has carried out many efforts and spent a lot of money in order to win the war against Al Qaeda. It has also succeeded in reducing the spread of terrorism in the Kingdom. It has also arrested a lot of armed groups who belonged to these organizations. Saudi Arabia has also thwarted many terrorist operations that the killers planned to carry out, and this is considered a victory over terrorism in the area, and has helped a lot to reduce and break the strength of terrorism.

  • 2010-8-25

    Terrorism depended on the lack of awareness and the lies in the dissemination of its absurd ideas to attract simple young people who were swept away by the bright slogans and lured by the money in terrorism’s nets spread in front of them everywhere. So I think that one of the best ways to fight terrorism is by fighting the terrorist thought, and this is exactly what the Syrian director Najdat is doing. He addresses this issue through easy drama, to reach the Arab recipient and to explain to him what terrorism is and the tricky methods it uses in the recruitment of young people and women. These dramatic works show how this organization attracts victims into its dirty grip, and reveals to people how deviant al-Qaeda is, by shedding light on how they recruit women, how they deal with women and how they give women as servants to the so-called princes of al-Qaeda, who practice immorality without shame. I think that many of the bodies have tried to prevent the broadcasting of such series under various pretexts, but they really want to hurt this director and his positive works, because they have exposed terrorism, and because these entities actually support terrorism.

  • GOGO


    Al Qaeda is over, as most of its leaders have been killed or arrested. Thus, it is dying and no longer threatens the Islamic world, since the security forces, and mainly the Iraqi ones, have killed many of al Qaeda’s prominent leaders. Indeed, the Iraqi security forces, together with the friendly US forces, have killed the villain terrorist Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi and many of his assistants in a quality operation. They also killed the dangerous terrorist Abu Omar al Baghdadi and some other leaders. Thus, the terrorist al Qaeda is collapsing and declining, and its operations have become weak, and it is now controlled by the Iraqi security forces.

  • خالد


    The culture of dialogue has become a characteristic of this era. Indeed, it has become the main concern of nations, societies and governments, concern that is reflected in the literatures of ideology, politics, economy, the media and sociology. They range from the dialogue of civilizations to one between the north and the south, the Arab-European dialogue, the Islamic-Christian dialogue, the Islamic-Islamic dialogue, etc.

  • مفيد


    Al Qaeda will be defeated in most Arab and Muslim areas, because it is a deviant ideology based on murder, and because the areas that Al Qaeda wants to rule are inhabited by many Muslims who hate murders and explosions. May Al Qaeda go to hell together with the infidel Osama bin Laden. I wish from the bottom of my heart to find him one day in a cage, to face the court that will sentence him to death, because he not only killed Arabs and Muslims, but he also killed many innocent people all over the world. We all remember the explosion at the American embassy that caused the death of dozens of civilians, the clerks of the embassy, and even the youth of some African Muslim countries where embassies are located. In addition, there were huge numbers killed in the September 11th, which resulted in many widows and many orphans who lost their fathers and mothers. The victims were not soldiers, who could fight either Osama bin Laden or others. In addition, dozens of Muslims were killed in this cowardly act, and the same applies to those innocent people who were killed in Iraq, together with the children; so what are they accused of? May God take revenge on you, Osama bin Laden, and I wish for this during holy Ramadan in order to relieve the Arabs, the Muslims and all of mankind from his crimes.

  • 2010-8-22

    Al Qaeda has no religion, but it wants to harm Islam. It wants to show people that Islam is a religion of terrorism. Therefore, it must be prevented from carrying out such plans. Thus, God has saved his religion and showed everyone that Al Qaeda does not belong to Islam, and everyone is informed. In fact, if it were Islamic, it would never have killed many Muslims all over the world, nor blown up mosques and places of worship, that God declared sacred. This is great evidence that they are not Muslims.

  • قيس الوجداني


    The first reason is the dissolution found in some Arab countries and its societies. This worries the Arab youth of believers and conservatives who want to protect themselves and their families from delinquency and from the globalization spread all over the world. Many young people especially those who are accused of being infidels, have started to think about how to get rid of this phenomenon, which is due to the lack of consciousness and to the Islamic culture imminent among many young people. It is also easy to deceive them and convince them with extremist ideas and to manipulate them like machines. In addition, the foreign intervention of some countries didn't want the Arab world to develop and achieve progress, because they know that there are intellectuals as well as capacities. Therefore, it started to spread the extremist culture. It tried to achieve this through its continuous intervention in the Arab world, together with the spread of Western military equipment on the Arab territory, especially after the change witnessed in the Arab world since the Iraqi war and Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Consequently, many young Arabs have become afraid of the foreign presence, and they have been thinking of a way to expel them from Arab territory. All these situations have contributed to the spread of extremist ideology among the young people in the Arab world in recent years. However, there is still some time to eradicate such ideas and causes among the young Arab Muslims, and to spread consciousness among them, to avoid such destructive thoughts.

  • خالد عبدالرحمن


    I think that Al Qaeda started to invade the Arab youth’s minds, by spreading Islam and claiming that it came to save Islam and implement its teachings. In fact, many young people all over the Muslim and Arab countries were deceived by these ideas, and by Salafism and extremism. But religious scholars have felt the great danger which threatens the Muslim community and took a firm stance against dissension, which aimed to divide the Muslims. As a matter of fact, many religious scholars were killed as a result of the “Fatwas” and advice they have provided to the Muslim and Arab nations, which were the only solutions to eradicate terrorism. Indeed, all that they did affected terrorism and Al Qaeda, and prevented its expansion in the region. Terrorists have carried out many assassinations in many of the Muslim Arab countries, and mainly in Iraq, after the Sunni religious scholars joined with the Shiites to topple this terrorist organization. They used to have a big say, and they influenced Arab societies and especially the youth. Thus, they were subjected to assassinations by the terrorists who wanted to get rid of them, as they have taken a firm stance against terrorism and its crazy ideology.

  • قاضي


    Al Qaeda's preaches a terrorist destructive ideology, based on bloodshed, kidnapping, slaughtering and other methods. These policies were spread in our societies by the terrorist Al Qaeda and its ideology. The latter influenced some Arab youth, but they quickly discovered that it was a lying ideology that speaks on behalf of religion and follows the principle of crime.

  • محمد الملحم


    The Takfiri ideology is backward and anyone adopting it is also retarded. Many have rejected it, especially Muslims, because they mustn't consider others as unbelievers and permit them to be killed. We must fight against these ideas and prevent their spread in the minds of Muslim youths, as they will destroy them. There must also be some clear and direct campaigns against terrorism to face the dangers of its ideologies through cultural meetings, religious scholars, TV and even through internet websites. The Internet, which is used by millions of our young people, is also used by terrorists on some websites that have a tendency toward extremism and terrorist ideologies. They help them publish their articles, which have a great influence on the youth. Therefore, even the Internet must be used for the benefit of our country and to direct a fierce campaign to combat Al Qaeda and its crazy ideologies.

  • حسن علي حسن السعيد


    The Arab youth have come to a new phase and reached a crossroads as a result of the development experienced by some Arab countries, which has led to the spread of extremism. This development in fact resulted in many psychological problems more than physical ones among the youth, which has led them to think of finding a religious trend to follow, instead of the globalization that is spreading nowadays. As a matter of fact, the Arab youth are feeling globalization, which has spread quickly in the Arab world, and have started feeling the difference concerning TV channels, in the widespread malls and on the Internet. At the same time, the Salafi ideology of Al Qaeda has spread among the youth, as a result of the loss they were experiencing in many Arab countries. Al Qaeda has tried to deliver its malicious ideology to the Arab youth in many ways. Indeed, they exploited some TV channels, which caused the spread of the backward ideology, Salafism and Islamism. It also made use of some radios, newspapers and also the Internet. The latter had a great role in spreading extremism and terrorism in our society. Thus, terrorists tried to spread their poisoned ideas among our Muslim Arab youth. Indeed, with the absence of any strong opposition to this organization in the beginning, its members benefited and tried to recruit greater numbers of youth to work with them in this dark area. All the above-mentioned methods helped the spread of extremism and backwardness, together with Takfiri and Salafi ideologies. Nowadays, however, we notice that the spread of these ideologies is significantly decreasing. In fact, religious scholars and some moderate channels have directed many campaigns to combat these ideologies, even if it was a bit late. These campaigns have dealt with many issues and contributed to making many youth give up this ideology before they get involved in criminal and terrorist acts.

  • GRAG


    The Al Qaeda terrorist organization and its crimes, which have reached all the Arab and Muslim countries, haven’t excluded any innocent person, child, elderly person or woman.

  • عمار منير


    Most of those who belong to Al Qaeda in the Arab world and believe in the ideas of this terrorist organization are poor people who wanted to get a job and find a solution to their unemployment. They joined these terrorist organizations and believed in their ideology because they need money, and most of them are jobless. They also suffer from the government’s negligence, which caused them to conspire with the terrorist Al Qaeda in order to change and weaken the government, since it does not give them anything or support them.

  • سلمان


    One of the main reasons behind the spread of extremist thoughts in the Arab world is unemployment, which causes all people to pass their leisure time making bad friends who want to destroy the Arab world though religious extremism. All governments should be mindful of this aspect and provide job opportunities, so the people will become too busy to think about these harmful ideas that are not in the interest of the Arab world. In addition, the majority of the governments abuse their own peoples, which causes the majority of the youth to think about confronting these governments that are hurting its citizens, curtailing their freedoms and making many decisions against the people. Of course, this nourishes the problems between the citizen and the government, and it strengthens the desire of the citizens to participate in terrorist organizations to change this reality, which witnesses a lack of interest on the part of the government and its failure to provide jobs and other things that lead citizens to adopt the sectarian and takfiri ideology. This problem may also occur when the government focuses only on one sect or one component of society, and then neglects the other components. The citizen must be treated as a full citizen, and all citizens should be treated equally. The government should refrain from giving preference to one citizen over another on a sectarian basis or any other basis, because such things undermine the trust between the citizens and the government.

  • Lamou


    We need to know the intellectual danger of the Takfiri terrorism, which has invaded the minds of many simple young people, and the ordinary people who do not have religious knowledge or national awareness that protects them from falling into the traps of the criminal terrorist organizations.

  • محمود مصطفى


    It is the duty of all intellectuals, all clergymen, all civil society organizations and all the mass media to work on combating the terrorist ideology, exposing its falsehood and destroying it with positive, constructive, and meaningful thought. The government should work to supplement the efforts of these support organizations in order to achieve the desired goal, which is bringing down terrorism intellectually and making everyone loathe it, and thus blocking the way before the terrorists, who are trying to recruit new elements to work for those terrorist organizations and groups. Hence, there must be a continuous stance on the part of the clergymen in particular. Likewise, the intellectual confrontation and campaign on terrorism must be relentless, because terrorism is currently experiencing weakness. There is a need for more efforts in order to eliminate it completely and to deprive it of any opportunity to allow those dirty organizations to catch their breath and reorganize their ranks to work again and spread their fanatic, Takfiri and criminal thoughts among the people again. I think that exposing terrorism and uncovering its false reality is one of the most important intellectual programs that must be adopted, in addition to pointing out their crimes against humanity and against innocent people everywhere. We also should highlight the goals of terrorism and the ways in which it spreads, as well as the fake masks it wears to spread these ideas, such as speaking in the name of religion, doctrine, patriotism or Islamic Jihad, in addition to the other methods of deception that they use to lure idiots. Therefore, we must deal with terrorism seriously and avoid negligence in the war of ideas against terrorism, which must be deliberate and intensive in order to eliminate terrorism once and for all.

  • ابتسام


    The bitter truth about Al Qaeda was revealed in the Arab world by the suicide attacks it carried out. Al Qaeda’s options are running out as all the Arab world knows in advance what Al Qaeda will do if ever it takes control over the Arab world. This organization has a background of corruption, killing, looting and kidnapping. As a result, the terrorist Al Qaeda and its evils are becoming known. Indeed, they have killed whoever wants freedom and wants to be liberated from oppressive sectarian ideas. As a result, nobody likes Al Qaeda, which is a loser in the Arab world, as it is far from being Islamist. It only wants to tarnish the image of Islam in front of the world, and this makes most Arab citizens hate Al Qaeda, because it gives an image of Islam as a religion based on terrorism, murder and violence. This is rejected by both Islam and the Islamic code, because Islam is a religion of tolerance, good morals, solidarity and love, and it does not distinguish between religions. Arabs also hate Al Qaeda because it has spread through killing and slaughtering. The best evidence that Al Qaeda is not Islamic and does not even have a religion is the killing of Muslim worshippers or people who are gathered at Iftar or lunch banquets, and the blowing up of children. Is that Islam? As a matter of fact, Al Qaeda does not have supporters in the Arab world, except those with weak souls and who want to terrify people and societies through bombing and killing. The Arab society does not accept Al Qaeda on its soil, and it fights terrorism wherever it exists. Therefore, Al Qaeda has lost and no longer has any supporters in the Arab world.

  • سلمان يحيى العنصره


    Al-Qaeda's ideas are corrupt, abusive and based on terrorism. All people reject them. These ideas are incompatible with the Islamic religion which al-Qaeda claims to follow. Islam’s ideas are pure; they show tolerance and love, not hatred and killing the other, judging him as having a takfiri ideology. Islam is the religion of mercy, compassion and solidarity with the weak. It prohibits killing human beings. Therefore, al-Qaeda wants to spread murder, terrorism and slaughter. They want to harm Iraq and Iraqis through spreading fear and bombing.

  • محسن


    Takfiri and sectarian ideology are the outcome of the spread of extremist ideas in the Arab world and the lack of employment opportunities, which make people think about finding jobs at whatever cost. For instance, a friend may come and tell a person that they must change their situation and find a job and seek religion. He says to him that a Muslim must work and do whatever it takes to support his family. Thus, he convinces him to carry out a terrorist act or something similar. He convinces him that the government does not provide job opportunities or combat unemployment, and thus they must fight the government and the security forces in order to change the government. He gives him some money, and this is one of the causes of the spread of sectarian ideas, which have caused a lot of unemployed people, who are not well guided by their families or good people, to join terrorism. Thus, Arab governments must combat terrorism and provide job opportunities for all people. Governments also carry out many activities that cause the citizens to think about extremist ideas. They need to treat the citizens on the basis of equality and not resort to segregation, sectarianism and racism, and they need to fight terrorist organizations that disseminate their ideas through religion, through intelligence elements and trusted sources.

  • حريثان حاتم


    All countries must combat the phenomenon of terrorism through logical and planned ways. Thus, they must not rely on the military side regardless of the ideological aspect dismissing the threat it poses, because the foundation of terrorism is the sick and devious ideas spread by some radical and extremist elements. The latter found people who listened to them, as there is not enough awareness to protect people from the repercussions of following these destructive ideas promoted by Al Qaeda under the cloak of religion; speeding up its spread. Thus, I think that ideological war against terrorism must be studied, effective and at the required level, in order to reduce the culture of violence, to promote the spirit of love and tolerance, and to encourage the real principles of the Islamic religion, which reject murder, violence and transgression against others. They rely on advice and dialogue with everyone. The war on terrorism should be a comprehensive process by fighting off the poisoned ideology posed by Al Qaeda, and by activating the role of moderate clerics, who should do their duty with strength and perseverance in order to protect people from the threat of terrorism and its dirty ideas that wish good to no one, but aim to achieve the sabotage and complete destruction of all peoples and societies.

  • daman


    The sick ideology of terrorism does not need a great mind to recognize it, especially after the many crimes committed by Al Qaeda, which revealed the reality of its elements and its criminal nature. Thus, I see that the most devious and corrupt terrorist ideas on earth are those which encourage violence and murder, adopt a Takfiri ideology and reject others’ opinion. These ideas are considered dangerous and destructive if they are spread in any society, as they will destabilize and fragment it.

  • يمني وافتخر


    God willing, Al Qaeda will diminish.

  • هامان الصفدي


    Terrorism has spread, and the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda has extended all over the world, and al-Qaeda, as a terrorist organization, has become an inescapable fact. Coincidently, some channels began to declare their support for these criminals, because they, the terrorists, claim they are Islamists, working for the interests of the religion. Some other channels adopted a clear position from the very beginning and declared their hostility toward these terrorist organizations and their criminal acts. What the terrorists did is not the right solution, and they should have searched for solutions other than bombing, assassinating and killing innocent people. When these channels declared their hostility to this organization, the terrorists thought they would dominate them through continuous targeting until they complied with their orders in broadcasting what they want. Terrorists know that the continued hostility of these channels will weaken their position, and make many young people in the Arab communities in particular know the reality of terrorism and adopt an anti-terrorism stand, and thus the terrorists will not be able to influence or deceive them to join this organization. Therefore, the fate of many free and fair channels was to be targeted by these terrorists. The Arab channels have offered many martyrs from among their employees, particularly in countries where there are elements of the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

  • اديب


    Al-Qaeda is now approaching its doom rapidly, after the exposing its rotten ideas that harm the public interests of the peoples and nations and bear hostility to all peoples without exception. So, I see that al-Qaeda's ideas have turned into liabilities that suffer from depression, and are no longer able to lure people like before. That is because at that time its slogans were attractive, and it used to take religion as a cover and deceive simple people, and it succeeded at the beginning of this terrorist movement. But I think that the falsity of al-Qaeda has become clear to everyone, through its dirty crimes against innocents including murder, kidnapping, and torture without respect for any sanctity of religion, morality, traditions or law. Thus, I see that the terrorism and the criminal organization of al-Qaeda, which is the real face of the terrorist groups all over the world, is heading towards a disaster. This is because it has lost many of its supporters who at one time believed that al-Qaeda was working for their benefit and for the benefit of their societies, as a result of the propaganda machine of this organization. This machine was able to control many minds subtly and cunningly, due to the absence of an anti-terrorism and ideology media to fight the spread of this thought among the popular circles in the Arab countries, which suffer from many problems because of the poor performance of the political regimes. The Arab people thought that al-Qaeda would provide the solution to their suffering and would release them from the domination of dictatorial governments in the Arab world, and that it would serve the public interests of the Arab states.

  • ايمن مظفر


    The source of all the problems of the Muslims is mixing religion with politics, and there is no hope of solving our problems except through a new reading of Islam that separates between religion and politics!

  • عبدول


    First, the terrorists found a stronghold for them in some countries that helped them to attack their enemies. Hence, they started as a terrorist organization that worked secretly and was used by some countries to settle accounts with other countries. However, all countries have abandoned terrorism, and the war on terrorism became worldwide, and whoever has links with the terrorists will face as dark of an end as his deeds. Therefore, no one now sides with terrorism, after realizing the dangers of this situation and that whoever supports this organization will be treated mercilessly and will be considered as one of them. Terrorism has been defeated and is heading towards its doom. The end of this organization is very near, and we may hear about the arrest and death of the criminal Osama bin Laden, as happened with Zarqawi, Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi, Abu Ayyoub Al-Masri and the other leaders of this organization. The criminality of this organization included everything, to the extent that they recruited children, raped women and committed other horrible crimes. Is this Islam? Did Islam command this?????!

  • محمد مناور العبادي- صحفي


    I do not think that the ideology of al-Qaeda is seeing its end. On the contrary, it is gaining momentum, as proved by the increasing terrorist operations in Afghanistan, as well as Washington's failure to stop the vicious circle of violence in Iraq, Somalia and Pakistan, in addition to the regional intelligence agencies that support the terrorists logistically. We can reduce the spread of the ideology of al-Qaeda through a basic step ‎represented in the dissemination of democracy, press freedoms, respect for ‎human rights and raising the standard of living of the people of the Muslim and ‎Arab countries, in addition to stopping the intellectual and human ‎persecution ‎against the peoples, achieving justice and equal opportunities, and ‎uprooting corruption.‎ However, this should be accompanied by international efforts to find political solutions to the problem of the Middle East and give peoples the right to self-determination.