Al-Qaeda losing supporters in jihadi groups across Arab world

[MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images] Leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) explain their decision to renounce violence at a press conference in March, 2010.

[MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images] Leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) explain their decision to renounce violence at a press conference in March, 2010.



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In addition to security restrictions that it faces in many countries around the world, al-Qaeda has been facing another significant challenge for years from within the "jihadi" circles it tapped to recruit fighters. The challenge concerns the use of armed violence – and in many cases, indiscriminate violence –to achieve al-Qaeda's goals.

These disagreements are no longer limited to a particular group or country. They have expanded to include a wide mix of "jihadi groups" which have reviewed their ideas and ceased many of their past activities, which al-Qaeda is still carrying out.

The main rift within the circles of the so-called jihadi groups in the Arab world first appeared in the mid to late 1990s.

The Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya (The Islamic Group), which was the largest armed jihadi group in Egypt, surprised the jihadi movement in Egypt and abroad when it announced unilaterally in May 1997 that it would cease all its operations.

Al-Qaeda apparently did not appreciate the announcement that Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya made. The Egyptian Islamic Jihad – which is a smaller "jihadi" faction than Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya and a co-founder of the "International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders" which was announced by Osama Bin Laden in February 1998 in Afghanistan – tried to convince Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya that it is not necessary for it to declare the cessation of fighting against the Egyptian government.

This group, led by Ayman Al-Zawahiri, sent a message to the Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya that what it was doing constituted a "cessation of jihad", and that this is not permissible in Islam because "Jihad has been prescribed until the Last Day".

However, what Al-Gamaa's critics did not understand is that the group had already been convinced of the wrongness of taking up arms in order to overthrow the government, and the wrongness of resorting to violence, and that it had recanted this position based on conviction and not to please the Egyptian government.

It is true that the leaders of Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya were imprisoned, but it is also true that they have been convinced of the wrongness of their taking up arms against the regime without any pressures.

These people, some of whom were the pillars that laid down the framework of the jihadi ideology, which legitimized taking up arms in order to overthrow the "apostate regimes", have reviewed their course of action from the 1980s, and they concluded that their policies have brought about havoc for the members of their group and their supporters, and for Egyptians in general.

They then discovered – as they explained in detail in studies they published– that their legal Islamic justifications for taking up arms and killing contained mistakes that are unacceptable in the Islamic religion. So, they announced their retraction and apologised for what they did and pledged to never resort to violence again.

The revisions of Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya were made in conjunction with other setbacks suffered by jihadis across the Arab world.

In Algeria, violence reached its peak in the second half of the 1990s with the heinous massacres of thousands of citizens.

The actions attributed to the Armed Islamic Group led to the alienation of a large segment of jihadis who were fighting to overthrow the Algerian government under the pretence that it prevented an Islamist party – the Islamic Salvation Front – from assuming power after it annulled the election results in the beginning of 1992.

The jihadis who were displeased with the actions of the extremists in the Armed Islamic Group responded by engaging in secret talks with the government, which resulted in their announcement in the summer of 1997 ending all armed activities. The government responded by issuing a general amnesty to all individuals who would lay down their arms by the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000.

The same agreement was reached in Libya in the 1990s when the security forces of Colonel Gaddafi crushed a rebellion started by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in 1995.

When it was defeated militarily, the LIFG withdrew outside of Libya, and began reviewing the reasons that led to the setback it suffered.

It moved to Afghanistan, where it announced in secret – like the Egyptian Islamic Jihad did previously – the cessation of its operations inside Libya. However, this hiatus did not come out of conviction that resorting to violent action in order to overthrow the government was not the right thing to do. This situation persisted until after the "war on terror" which the United States declared after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

In the aftermath of this, the leaders of the LIFG were finding out that they were falling one by one everywhere in the world, until they finally ended up in Libya's prisons.

There, the same thing happened to them as happened to the leaders of the Egyptian Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya.

The Libyan Islamists began reviewing their ideologies and concluded that they were wrong in taking up arms against the regime. They published jurisprudential revisions under the title "Corrective Studies in Understanding Jihad, Accountability, and the Judgment of the People" in which they laid down the principles that led them to that conclusion. Without naming names they criticised the use of violence against Arab regimes, which al-Qaeda and its affiliates are still advocating.

Before the LIFG published its revisions in 2009, it was preceded by the former emir of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Dr. Fadl, considered the "theoretician of the jihadis", because his books (such as The Essential Guide for Preparation (for Jihad) and The Compendium of the Pursuit of Divine Knowledge) were being taught since the early 1990s in al-Qaeda training camps on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Dr. Fadl, who was handed over to Egypt by Yemen in 2004, was highly critical of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri, who replaced him as the head of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad in 1993.

Sceptics of Dr. Fadl said he was "in captivity" in Egyptian prisons, and could have been forced to make this statement about his positions. However, he refuted this during media appearances and during prison visits where he tried to convince the jihadi prisoners to embrace his revisions that were first published under the title "Document of Right Guidance for Jihad Activity in Egypt and the World."

Between the revisions of Dr. Fadl and the revisions of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, many other Islamist scholars, including salafis, jihadis, ikhwanis have announced similar positions, criticizing what they considered radicalism in al-Qaeda ideology.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq, once led by Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, received a significant share of criticism, as his actions brought the country to the brink of civil war.

Criticism was also directed against al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, which led a series of bombing attacks that caused public outrage and jeopardised national security in a country which took pride in the idea that its application of sharia law provided security to its citizens. Al-Qaeda's actions rocked the Saudis' sense of security.

Saudi authorities responded by launching an intense security campaign against al-Qaeda cells, accompanied by counselling sessions with those arrested in order to convince them to abandon what the government called "misguided ideology".

The influential religious establishment in Saudi Arabia proceeded along the same line and adopted firm positions forbidding even giving financial help to Al-Qaeda.

The actions of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb did not escape criticism, even from within jihadi circles, some of whom went public against the leadership of al-Qaeda and its actions, such as kidnapping for ransom and bombing attacks that kill innocent citizens.

Leading all these critics was Hassan Hattab, former emir of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, which became the al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb in January 2007.

Against this backdrop of revisions, al-Qaeda will sooner or later have to review whether its current policies are truly serving the goals it set for itself, especially given that a wide segment of jihadis who were once allies are today convinced Al-Qaeda has "gone astray".

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    Whoever kills people will face the same end.

  • سعد عبدالحميد


    The despicable, sick insect that affected and polluted the clean bodies, the accursed Osama bin Laden, carried out all kinds of criminality against the Arab and Islamic countries. Thus, I ask all the Iraqis to stand against terrorism and terrorists. And I pray to God to put an end to the Iraqis’ suffering. In fact, these criminals have even destroyed mosques. Thus, may God punish these terrorists who have carried out cowardly and dirty operations. And God knows what Osama bin Laden caused to the Arab and Muslim people. He also destroyed the World Trade Center in the United States of America in order to sow discord among Muslims and Christians, and to expel all the Muslims from foreign countries. The truth will always prevail. However, thank God that these foreign countries know that Osama bin Laden tried to sow discord and increase pressure among Muslims in the whole world.

  • ناظم عبود


    The terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda will go through various stages of weakness and force after these changes. In fact, the death of Osama bin Laden has weakened this organization. However, in the next period it may resume its activities in order to get revenge. Thus, it is possible to witness conflicts among Al-Qaeda’s members and leaders, especially since any number of them want to be the leader of this organization. Thus, Al-Qaeda will witness a stage of defeat, destruction, weakness and disorder, because every member will act as he wants to, especially in carrying out the terrorist operations. Thus, whether they are strong or weak, these members will launch operations of bombing, killing and discord. They will also cause many problems and suffering for the people, particularly in the Islamic countries that have been exposed to serious suffering because of these terrorist groups of Al-Qaeda. In fact, these lands have been an easy target for these groups, who exploit the religious side in order to recruit the youth. This is in order to carry out all their cowardly plans against the innocent. In fact, they have worked on killing people in order to get rid of all those who want to stand against them. Thus, they want to achieve their terrorist plans. However, thanks to God’s help, these groups will be defeated and disappointed. And their end will come very soon, God willing.

  • عابر سبيل


    I swear I feel that the words of this article and comments are full of hypocrisy and adoption of the viewpoints of the infidels in the West. Our Prophet, peace be upon him, was the greatest Mujahid, and he expelled the Jews from Medina, including women and children, when the Jews abused and violated the honor of a single Muslim woman in the market by lifting her clothes while she was unaware. She said: “O my Islam!” and a Muslim immediately helped her and killed the Jew who did this. Then, the Jews killed the Muslim man. Was Muhammad a terrorist or an insane man who wanted to rule the world to kill people as he wished and at any time, according to your malicious allegations regarding the leaders of jihad? I swear they did not leave their homelands for this, but they did so to make the word of God prevail and to defend the honor of the Muslim women, after one of them appealed to the Muslims, after being released from the prisons of the crusading and Zionist USA, to provide her and the other Muslim women with contraceptives, not food or aid, because their wombs were full of illegitimate children. Do not attack the mujahidin or abuse them, so you do not regret it or lose. As for those who disagree with the mujahidin, based on valid religious evidence, we must advise each other as the Prophet, peace be upon him, commanded us to do. The Prophet, peace be upon him, also commanded us to support our brothers, whether they are the oppressed or the oppressors. Supporting the Muslim oppressors here means advising them to stop their aggression. You have to advise the Muslim mujahidin rather than defaming them, unless you do not consider them Muslims. We ask God to forgive us and the Muslims. Amen.

  • وائل نعمة


    I think that we need to re-study and renew religious speech, and the Organization of Islamic Conference should stop such new preachers from issuing fatwas calling for murder and violence by hiding behind Islam, the religion of love, brotherhood and tolerance, and calling with wisdom for good morals; peace be upon you.

  • ابن عائشة رضي الله عنها


    I only ask God to destroy you one after another. You are useless people and your words are worthless. Who is the real opponent of the Americans? Is it you, the people who stay at home? I swear, were it not for the power of God and then the efforts of Al-Qaeda, the Americans would have never left our country. They have left because their losses were severe, and they seek to leave as soon as possible due to the losses that were inflicted upon them by Al-Qaeda. However, you will not realize this blessing until you lose it.

  • صابر ابو حيان


    Many people in many countries are shying away from the idea of continuing to work with Al-Qaeda or cooperating with them. Many young people in the Great Mghreb, for instance, have recently backed away from the idea of continuing to work with Al-Qaeda. They were conscious that this organization was established to kill Muslims and defame the image of Islam in the Western and Arab world. And I think that if this stream of young people abandoning Al-Qaeda continues, it will cause the collapse and destruction of this organization; especially after hearing that their colleagues, who were still working with Al-Qaeda, have been brought to justice and punished. The latter will go back to their lives after being rehabilitated; and this will certainly be an incentive, encouraging the rest of the youth from different nationalities to repent and leave the organization, and to break the barrier of their fear.

  • نادر


    All are considered the same for the Al Qaeda criminal organization, for the sake of achieving their goals and the domination over the Arab and Muslim countries, and turning them into terrorist countries loyal to this organization. From the beginning, it has established a policy based on blood and barbarian attacks that target many innocent people. It also targets the economy and the infrastructures of many Arab and Muslim countries. It has led many systematic campaigns to kill the innocent and rob money from the Arab and Muslim countries, in order to spread fear among the people, after they failed to convince the Arab and Muslim countries to work and deal with them. Therefore, Al Qaeda resorted to this method. Whoever does not support and stand by them is considered a traitor, and it is permissible to kill its innocent citizens and to destroy it with improvised explosive devices and suicide attacks. However, their plot backfired, Al Qaeda has lost the popularity it had gained in the beginning, because the people in the Arab and Muslim countries were misled by the policy and the objectives of this organization, calling on them to follow the principles of religion and the Sunnah. However, after they had carried out numerous crimes, they lost their popularity and support among some Arab youths who were not aware of the crimes of Al Qaeda. As a result, they are rejected, and there is a feeling of resentment in all Arab and Muslim world toward this organization, and they want to fight them everywhere to eradicate them.

  • بن مجرم


    O backward supporters of al-Qaeda, why don't you write rotten ‎comments here? God will torture you with the fire of hell, God willing.‎ ‎ ‎

  • زكريا


    And whoever does not judge by what God has revealed - then it is those who are the disbelievers. Oh God, support the organization of …

  • عبدالعظيم


    Once the Saudi government started feeling the serious threat posed by al-Qaeda and its sick thoughts that have spread in the Saudi society and attracted many Saudis to join this dirty organization, it immediately announced war on terrorism and against this organization. However, the war on terrorism cannot only rely on the military methods, but it must adopt many other methods, including the intellectual approach. That is because terrorism depends to a large extent on spreading its poisonous thoughts among the public, to create a suitable environment in which it can move and act. Therefore, the Saudi government decided to combat the terrorist thought and all those who advocate it on its lands, by prosecuting those who glorify and hail Al-Qaeda, especially the teachers, who have a great responsibility in the upbringing and education of the young generation in any society. The role played by the extremist teachers in Saudi Arabia makes things go dangerously in the wrong direction, because they instill the ideas of terrorism in the children, they praise Al-Qaida, and they justify its criminal acts that target the innocent people everywhere. Of course, this is very dangerous, because it will implant the thoughts of terrorism in those students, who may become terrorists in the future. Therefore, the Saudi government dismissed and removed those teachers from the sector of education, because they posed a real threat to the Saudi society. However, this step must be followed by other steps in the same direction, by preventing the speeches, articles and fatwas that promote terrorism and advocate the radical takfiri ideology among the Saudi society, in order to reduce the danger of terrorism and fight it intellectually, by increasing awareness of it, which exposes terrorism and its criminal acts that target the innocent people everywhere.

  • عمران


    Yes, my brother, Wahhabi ideology is a scourge that we must uproot! It is the cause of the ordeal we are experiencing in Iraq, after having been freed from the great Wahhabist, Saddam Hussein, paid by Saudi Arabia! We used to live together. There was no difference between a Shiite and a Christian until the Wahhabi Hussein Imari stepped into history. The truth is that Saddam Hussein, despite all his defects, was not an agent for Saudi Arabia at all. He wanted to be on good terms with the Kingdom when he signed a non-aggression treaty with King Fahd when he was preparing to invade Kuwait ... the ones who engaged Iraq in sectarian disasters are those who use religion as a means in their political agendas and are now in control of the country ....

  • مصطفى احمد


    The Saudi religious scholars play an influential role in combating the takfiri wave which has invaded the whole world ... Why are all the terrorists associated in one way or another with Saudi Arabia and its school of thought????

  • كاظم


    Religion and the state in the Arab countries should be separated. In fact, if the Islamic law were applied in society, devastation, ignorance and backwardness would prevail, and our Arab countries would become another Afghanistan. There must be a secular Arab stance to resolve this impasse before a disaster happens.

  • يارب أنصر المسلمين على أعداء الاسلام


    Why do we consider Osama bin Laden a terrorist? How do you know? When we say that bin Laden is a terrorist, then will we say that the USA is the dove of peace? Why do you consider bin Laden a killer? Allah knows better. The West, the USA and its followers accuse him of being a terrorist and a murderer, so why do we, the Arab and Muslim nation of peace, judge someone while we do not know his intentions? Allah knows best... Who can say that every crime in the West or the East is organized by bin Laden? Dear brothers, the enemies of Islam are numerous, and we should never judge someone as a killer or otherwise based on the testimonies of the enemies of Islam!!!!!!!

  • 2010-7-16

    Where is Osama bin Laden? May Allah destroy him.

  • بلال


    We need to make further efforts to raise awareness in order to stifle terrorism and its armed groups, by thwarting all its methods with such clear Fatwas. They explain to the common people that terrorism is the enemy of the people and the country, and we should not join it or support it in any way or support its murderous members.

  • فاروق


    Thank you, and I ask Allah to grant us guidance and a good end.

  • شعاع


    The coming together of the Muslim sects and schools of thought through dialogue away from violence is a necessity. After all, we are all Muslims and we have our own perceptions, principles and political systems. However, the other peoples look at us only as Muslims. Unfortunately, the continuation of internal conflicts and disputes means weakness for all of us. Dear brothers, we, the Sunnis, are different from the Shias; however, we all acknowledge the Two Testimonies of Faith: There is none truly worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

  • 2010-7-13

    Al-Qaeda does not need support, as Allaah the Almighty supports it.

  • عبدالكريم


    Al-Qaeda is a widespread cancer; may Allah take revenge on them.

  • فارس


    It is high time we cut off the head of the criminal [offensive], the dirty Osama bin Laden, the son of the organization and its terrorist Takfiri ideology, and its leader in the world. In fact, this [offensive] along with his gang has caused the death of many innocent people in different countries of the world, including officials, women, children, students and teachers. No one was spared from the filthiness of this accursed. His abode, as well as that of any person belonging to Al-Qaeda, the base of dirtiness, is hell, the worse of fates. They will get their due retribution. Osama bin Laden is behind the dissension and fanaticism in this world. Osama bin Laden is the cause of division and intolerance in the whole world. Through his dirty activities, he is trying to sow dissension among Muslim brothers, Muslims and Christians, and whoever is on this earth. He is trying to play this wicked game to impose control on the thoughts of all people, and to support one sect to the detriment of others, to arouse suspicion. I think that this criminal is a [offensive] and wants to set himself up as the Emir of the Muslims and of the countries of the world. However, this will never happen, because the world and its people reject this sick and unbalanced personality, based on the ideology of sabotage, destruction and killing. The fate of this [offensive] and of his followers, who are idiots, who have neither culture nor awareness, is death. The day will come when we will see them on the TV screens, dragged out on the streets of all countries in which they have killed innocent people. Allah willing, the day to get rid of this criminal, of his evil and hatred towards life and people who are better than he is at everything, has approached.

  • بركات الحوامده


    The extremist ideologies represent the most serious threat to societies and countries. Hence, the Saudi religious scholars, aided by the official media outlets, as well as the educational and informational institutions, should work to spread moderation and to encourage people to adopt the correct methodology that Islam promotes. They should urge people to denounce violence and fanaticism, which have nothing to do with religion. They should explain to people how violence and fanaticism divide people and destroy countries. The spread of the extremist ideology provides the terrorists with the proper ground for causing conflicts and troubles among people of the same nation. If the Saudi government adopted this approach and supported it with all of its expertise, mass media and moderate scholars, it would succeed in spreading moderation. Of course, this will not happen overnight; rather, this objective requires continuous efforts to uproot the extremist thoughts that the terrorists and extremist clergymen have enrooted in people’s minds. However, if the Saudi government does not take any action against the extremist clergymen, and allows them to make fatwas as they wish labeling people as infidels, and instigate the citizens and influence them without a deterrent, then violence will increase inside Saudi Arabia, and it will turn into a dangerous source of terrorism in the world. Moderate figures and scholars will not be able to spread the moderation that achieves security and prosperity in the Kingdom, and that improves its relations with all countries, without official support. Spreading moderation requires the support of all the Saudi civil and official organizations and authorities, to guarantee the defeat of the extremist ideology, which spreads more and more with each passing day, due to negligence of the Saudi government in fighting it and promoting moderation in the Kingdom.

  • ابراهيم اكرم الهلال


    Osama bin Laden is a name that searches for fame, like a singer who wants to be everywhere through his fame. However, the singer introduces works that please people and this helps him archive his objectives, whereas the works of Osama bin Laden, which he introduces to attempt to get to the hearts of people, do not appeal to any honorable person in this world. His strategy can be summarized as: Dissent and you will be known. The crimes of bin Laden are unprecedented; no one has ever thought like that. He exploits the youth and persuades them to join his terrorist and Takfiri organization after brainwashing them, using his Jihadi ideas. In fact, this man is not one of the Mujahidin, and Jihad has nothing to do with his thoughts and criminal plans to control the world. He wants to be the ruler of the whole world, to kill and threaten whomever he wishes, and to rape any woman with the leaders of his failing organization; Osama bin Laden is a killing and death machine. I believe that he is insane and obsessed with fame, because this liar’s words contradict his actions. There is no connection between his messages and calls, in which he always reiterates his objectives that appear to favor Islam and Muslims in general, and his actions. He always says that he is fighting the evil and polytheistic powers, but in fact, he kills the innocent Muslims and Christians equally, and targets the women and children with his organization that he tries to spread all over the world. His ultimate aim is to control the world and to carry out destructive acts everywhere in the universe.

  • وديع


    The wide spread and invasion of terrorist ideology should be fought through the media. The media is responsible for spreading positive ideology to counter all the sick terrorist ideology. The media are considered among the effective weapons to reduce the role of terrorism. In fact, through the media, we can expose terrorism and show its reality and threat to the countries and their peoples, to world peace and security as terrorism spares nothing. It is like a machine gun that kills others and tortures them. It only carries the culture of violence, killing and spreading discord among people. In order to fight this sick ideology, the media must play their active role by broadcasting continuous programs dealing with the issue of terrorism and its threat. The media should not spare any effort to convey their noble message; the media have to broadcast conferences talking about terrorism; they should host moderate religious scholars who fight terrorism legitimately and expose the false claims of terrorists to the citizens, claiming that they represent religion through their dirty works. The media devote more attention on broadcasting the positive operations of the Security Forces everywhere, which strike and fight terrorism, to make people aware that terrorism is not free, but it is being tracked down. Terrorism is too weak to triumph. At the same time, the media warn terrorists who are watching these programs about the repercussions of continuing to follow terrorist groups, and they urge them to refrain from their acts and help their governments combat terrorism.

  • حسن


    Terrorism has spread through the world in the last two years, because of the growth of fanaticism and extremism among armed groups that spread their ideologies, using different methods of convincing, and hiding behind a different face in order to twist the facts and attract people’s sympathy, which makes it easier for them to form these terrorist groups. Terrorism is not only about killing innocent people. It is also changing the societies, dispersing their members and increasing the conflicts among different cultures, religions, doctrines and nationalities, by targeting certain group of peoples. Terrorists claim that they are presenting another party to increase the conflict among those parties and reach their target, which is sectarian strife and civil war between the sons of one nation. A good proof of the deeds of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban is all the criminal acts that affect the civilians in Afghanistan, and all the crimes committed in Iraq which are a disgrace for humanity. The Iraqis were happy when the dictatorial system vanished, but that didn't last long and Iraq became a battleground between the government and its services, and all the entities that care for Iraq on one hand, and evil forces, on the other hand, in the form of terrorists and armed groups, under the different names they have taken, who want to destroy Iraq and kill innocents.

  • صالحة


    May the curse of Allah be upon those who embrace terrorism and harbor terrorists! Low people and murderers.

  • 2010-7-1

    My viewpoint is that terrorism and all the challenges faced by the world because of it, need to be dealt with in a practical and serious manner by all countries that wish to eliminate this microbial element in the community, which aims at the destruction and the corruption of the whole world. We do know that every country in the world has an anti-terrorism apparatus, that fights terrorists by following and arresting them. These bodies have intelligence agents employed to work close to or inside this organization, to get the desired information. Therefore, if the terrorism-fighting bodies of all the countries collaborated with each other, there would be a confidential exchange of information, which everyone needs, so that everyone can know the terrorists' movements and thoughts, and whether they plan to target a certain place or location in a certain country. Information that any anti-terrorism apparatus in another country must be provided regarding the dangerous threats of a target country, so that they can stop their movement and thinking before they attack or bomb any place in the world. The exchange of intelligence will increase the accuracy level of dealing with terrorists. It is true that this information is important and dangerous, and it cannot be shared with an outside source. It should be limited within the scope of those who work in the field of eliminating terrorism. So, we need to activate this aspect and hold agreements between countries that each government must completely collaborate and provide other governments with information. In other words, there must be mutual collaboration between countries and their competent entities specialized in eliminating terrorism.

  • 2010-7-1

    Al-Qaeda is criminal.

  • فله


    This is the real Islam.

  • فاخر


    Terrorists have lost everything. One of the most important losses is the loss of the support of the remaining Jihad movements and groups, due to many reasons. Those Jihad movements have a different approach from Al-Qaeda and its criminal ideology. While those Jihad movements give up weapons and turn to political movements once they achieve their target, Al-Qaeda conducts attacks without any justification, killing children, women and innocent people. Therefore, those groups stopped supporting Al-Qaeda. From the outset, they were deceived by the objectives of Al-Qaeda. They thought that they could reach concrete achievements together, but they realized that these were only illusions, based upon havoc, destruction and killing.

  • بنان


    God be with you, men!

  • فخر


    Al-Qaeda has lost its former influence and the role it used to play in Iraq and has turned into marginal terrorist groups which are incapable of protecting themselves from being tracked down by Iraqis. So they can no longer harm Iraqis. In fact, Al-Qaeda has lost many ingredients for its success and continuity in Iraq. It has lost all the popular support it gained during its emergence in Iraq because all the masks which it used to put on have fallen down. Al-Qaeda used to move in the name of religion to deceive the Iraqis and win their sympathy, it claimed that it aims to serve the Iraqis, that it was combating the foreign forces and spreading the teachings of Islam, and other lies that deceived some Iraqis. However, its members' operations against Iraq and the Iraqis unveiled the truth of their terrorist organization, as they targeted Iraqis from different classes and sects. This despicable organization aims to tear apart the unity of Iraqi society, sow sectarianism among the Iraqis and kill them, using booby-trapped cars and improvised explosive devices, and by targeting schools and markets. Thus, the image with which Al-Qaeda tried to deceive the Iraqis has fallen down. This is also thanks to the improvement of the capacities of the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi people in general. Indeed, the unity and cooperation between the Iraqi people and their government made all the Iraqis, whether they are civilians or military, old or young, track down Al-Qaeda terrorists. The latter became unable to find any hideout and started to get caught by the security forces, one after the other, especially their mastermind leaders, who plan criminal operations against the Iraqi people. All these factors turned Al-Qaeda from an organization capable of threatening the security of Iraq to dismantled groups that can be referred to as marginal and which have no impact on Iraq and its future, as they are doomed to be eradicated by the brave Iraqis.

  • سحر


    Al-Qaeda had spread in Iraq, but years later, it has lost its popularity, because it is wrong and based on murder and destruction.

  • كاظم


    Terrorism is a devious thought that comes from minds of stone, that target the human being and do not respect his sanctities. This thought wants to spread in societies and communities, depending on sly and mean methods that fit with what influences these societies. So we see terrorists who are dressed up as religious men, trying to win the sympathy of the people with this approach and the ideas they spread. Also, they use the separating approach, by playing the chord of sectarianism and segregation based on violence, extremism and fighting among members of the same society, on the basis of color, religion, sect or nationality. This dangerous thought must be resisted by a confronting thought that opposes it in approach and attitude. Moreover, governments should spread a sound awareness alerting against the terrorist thought, and work on revealing the true image of terrorism through seminars and general conferences, and by using the good media that reveals the truth of terrorism and its methods in gaining sympathy in societies and for recruiting new fighters. We have noticed that terrorism in different countries in which its members have spread, has led to many disasters and problems for these communities as it targets all the country’s service organizations, military staff and civilians alike. It uses the ugliest ways for killing, including car bombs, planting explosive devices in the streets for killing innocent people, in addition to explosives belts and grenades. Tourists also use the tactic of assassination, direct targeting of persons, in addition to kidnapping and blackmailing people, robbing banks and killing women and children. Despite all this, we still find people who support the acts of terrorists and find justifications rejected by both mind and logic because those were influenced by the terrorist ideas that brainwash them, making them follow the leaders of terrorism in all the crimes they commit against innocent people.

  • العماري


    The international community should stand hand in hand to destroy terrorism, since terrorism and its ideas are not limited to a certain country or society; rather, they target all countries and societies in the world. Also, the governments should enact special laws to combat terrorism, in addition to the cooperation of these countries through their intelligence agencies to abolish the spread of terrorism and to facilitate the mission of arresting the terrorist leaders and terrorist networks. Moreover, Arab governments in particular should work on fighting fanatical and extremist ideas that some religious scholars or politicians spread, as they give terrorism the chance to get in and spread the fire of war and segregation between members of the same community. One of the main goals terrorism aims to achieve is dividing nations and their people in general and on an internal level and dragging them into ethnic and sectarian struggles because this gives them the chance to go deeper into these communities, to work on destroying their economies and drag them towards the gutter, and to kill and terrify people in these societies. Therefore, terrorism must be combated with thought and weapons simultaneously, as it is a great danger that must be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  • الشيخ يوسف


    Terrorism resembles an illness which needs to be diagnosed by a doctor to find out its causes, so as to be able to give the proper medication to eliminate the disease. The most important causes of the spread of terrorism is the backwardness of the society, due to the ignorance and illiteracy that have spread over the last decades, and the increase in unemployment and the number of those who need money to provide a living for their families, as well as extremism and militancy in the religions and sects, and the promotion by some hard-line clerics of the ideas of sectarianism that greatly benefit terrorism. These are some of the many reasons which greatly helped the spread and penetration of terrorism into the Iraqi society. If we want terrorism to be defeated forever, the Iraqi government must consider these reasons to help the efforts made by the Iraqi security forces to eliminate terrorism. We must hinder these terrorists by clarifying the real threat of terrorism and its extremist ideology, and its objectives aimed to hurt Iraq, and by spreading the principle of tolerance and fraternity between the circles of the Iraqi people, through the elimination of all militants who promoted the ideas of sectarianism, which provide a good ground for the terrorists to move on. The Iraqi government must work very seriously to provide services for the people of Iraq and to eliminate unemployment, which has increased recently, as this contributes greatly to defining the work and activities of terrorists, who are trying to seek out those who suffer financial hardship for being jobless and unable to provide a living. In conjunction with the government's effort in these areas, the security forces' efforts must be developed and concerted to eliminate and defeat terrorism from the Iraqi territory forever.

  • سعد قطب


    Terrorism is not the issue of one country; it is an issue of all countries, big and small, in all their nations and people, as it is a threat to the security and safety of the world as a whole. That is why efforts must be joined and there must be an exchange of information at the highest levels among all countries of the world and their security forces and intelligence, in order to get rid of any terrorist and arrest him in any country where he is hiding. This cooperation is the only solution to tackle terrorism and eradicate it. All countries have to give up supporting terrorism and really stand against it with true intentions of eradicating it. We do not want officials from any states to appear on TV and curse terrorists, while they support these terrorist organizations secretly, in order to implement their plans and their own agenda in the other countries. We all know that terrorism follows the one who pays the most. The best example is Iran, which backs terrorism in a significant and blatant way. Everyone knows that Iran works hand in hand with Al-Qaeda, in order to help it in its attacks against America and its troops and this is what prevents the eradication of terrorism, as there are people who support it. It is not reasonable that any state having problems with another resorts to using terrorists as a pressure card to change its policy. Terrorism should be put aside and conflicting parties have to sit on a table and discuss the issues between them with one another.

  • مهدي عيسى


    Al-Qaeda has remained alone in the arena, and its eradication has become easy. This is an opportunity for the Arab States and Iraq to eliminate this organization quickly, before it regains its power. They should take advantage of the fact that many of the Arab movements' organizations and members have abandoned Al-Qaeda.

  • مهدي احمد


    The terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda has lost the support of many Arab jihadist organizations in some Arab countries which work secretly for several reasons. They were loyal to Al-Qaeda, but this is because the leaders in Al-Qaeda do not respect the leaders of these groups. In fact, Al-Qaeda leaders feel that they are the strongest and want to hold sway over the rest of the organizations and movements operating in the name of jihad. Also, these organizations were deceived by the objectives of terrorism under the cloak of Jihad. They kill and target innocent people in the Arab and Muslim countries. That is why many Arab jihadist organizations have declared that they are not related to Al-Qaeda and have nothing to do with it.

  • أخدري


    Global terrorism committed by groups of armed criminals is at the top of the problems which face all the governments and international regimes, because it targets all the countries in the world; it aims to destabilize international peace and security and to ignite wars and conflicts between countries and among countrymen. Terrorists do not hesitate to conduct any possible despicable operation in order to achieve their dirty ends. Thus, it has become necessary for all the countries in the world to join forces to avert this imminent danger and to unite international intelligence and even military efforts to rescue any country contaminated by terrorism. The eradication of terrorist movements in any country in the world must be considered a triumph of the international will and the triumph of every country in the world. Countries around the world have to work on draining the sources of terrorism and imposing restrictions on it in order to destabilize the terrorist organizations’ supply of financial funding, which ensures their durability, and to destroy their ability to obtain weapons and recruit members so that we can eradicate terrorism worldwide once and for all and prohibit its spread in any country. Countries around the world must set the eradication of terrorism as a strategic objective and they must fight this dangerous terrorist ideology by holding international conferences to put their framework in place in order to eradicate the despicable terrorist ideology, to prevent its spread within communities, and to identify terrorists’ methods in spreading that ideology. Countries must combat terrorist ideology and focus on the role of the global media, which must devote its efforts in this area to totally hindering terrorists from seizing any chance or loophole they can find that allows them moving and delving into communities and nations.

  • محي الدين


    Al-Qaeda is in real mayhem and it does not have an objective or a real message emanating from the enlightened minds of its terrorists which led them to doing acts that have made them more isolated and alone. At the beginning of its presence on Iraqi soil, Al-Qaeda made use of all the techniques of deception and manipulation towards the Iraqi citizens, and targeted the needy class and the criminals who have a criminal record in their past, in order to recruit them to work for this organization. They tempted people with money and threatened them in order to achieve their objectives, also we must not forget that Al-Qaeda came to Iraq under the cloak of religion. It claimed to work in the service of Islam and to help the Iraqi people. It said that it wanted to perform work in "Jihad" and fight the foreign forces in Iraq, it claimed to be at the Iraqi's service and that helped them succeed in deceiving a lot of people, because Al-Qaeda relied on considerable and well-studied intellectual deception in order to reach its objective and to have supporters and followers in Iraq, thus facilitating its criminal mission and the movement of its elements among the people. However, all these lies and masks have fallen, and the reality of Al-Qaeda and its criminality have been revealed, due to their terrorist operations against innocent Iraqi people. They were ruthless operations, with killing, bombing of various types of explosives, mutilations of Iraqi corpses, violation of the religious sanctuaries and aggression against Iraqi religious scholars. Al-Qaeda members even tried to spread sectarianism among the Iraqi people and spark a civil war. As a result of these acts, Al-Qaeda has become a pariah on the land of Iraq and rejected by all Iraqis. Even stupid people no longer trust its members and are no longer deceived by their claiming that they want to help Iraqis now that their criminal acts, which claimed the lives of many victims and injured many, have been revealed. Thus, there is no one to sympathize with Al-Qaeda or to be deceived by their tricks. On the contrary, all Iraqis oppose Al-Qaeda each one in his own way.

  • عبدالكريم ميرزا


    All Jihad groups and movements in the Arab countries have stopped supporting Al-Qaeda by sending trained members to join it and take part in its activities or either training Al-Qaeda elements or provide them with financial support. That's because they have discovered the reality of terrorism, which festers in the mind of every terrorist element of Al-Qaeda. In fact, when this organization was formed, it received a lot of support after declaring that it was an Islamic organization coming to the support of the Islamic nation; however, in reality it is a terrorist organization consisting of gangs which kill, steal, rape and cause the death of hundreds of innocents every day in several countries. It has plans and an external agenda aimed at the defamation of Islam. Thus, these groups have realized the activities of Al-Qaeda and come to know its reality, and then decided to abandon it, because they do not want to distort religion. Jihad is a good attribute of religion, not as portrayed by Al-Qaeda members, who have aroused animosity and hatred towards Islam. They have made many of those who have no idea about Islam believe that every Muslim is a dangerous terrorist and must be avoided. That is why all these movements have suspended all their dealings with Al-Qaeda organization, and have declared that it is a terrorist organization that has nothing to do with Jihad.

  • فراس


    Perhaps the way terrorists think is one of the strange ways of thinking, because they explode themselves in order to kill innocent people, who are not to blame for any misdeed and with that type of savagery. The best question that is raised, though, is how those terrorists managed to convince suicide bombers to detonate their bodies and souls in order to kill others. However these criminals succeed in doing so and in committing their crimes; sometimes they have been caught by security forces and their operations have been aborted. Despite the existence of checkpoints at various roadblocks and all of the government's efforts to control those suicide bombers, the latter succeed in escaping from the security controls and checkpoints and carry out their missions. Perhaps the main reason behind this is the failure of the security detecting devices purchased by the Ministry of the Interior to detect explosives, and because of the high traffic caused by the checkpoints. Sometimes due to to number of checkpoints, soldiers are sloppy in their checking tasks and don't search everyone accurately to reveal if anyone holds such explosives or not. This might be due to the fact that these soldiers wanted to reduce traffic congestion caused by checkpoints that may also increase the chances of carrying out a successful suicide bombing attempt amidst innocent people. In addition ordinary civilians are always complaining from waiting in the queue and want to pass the checkpoints quickly this makes some soldiers panic, and gives a chance for suicide bombers to infiltrate checkpoints and move ahead to carry out the suicide bombing mission and kill innocent Iraqi civilians.

  • عبدالحكيم محمد


    The religion of Islam does not allow viciously targeting and victimizing innocent human beings. It is based on the principles of mercy, justice and forgiveness. Whoever promotes different ideas and principles is far removed from the essence of the true meaning of Islam, and should not be trusted. The message should be spread by moderate scholars who are responsible for explaining better the forgiving nature of religion. Also, there is the role of the non-governmental organizations that focus on the matters of women, to spread this type of culture, through meetings and seminars aimed at raising the awareness of women, letting them know that they are human beings, forgiving by nature, and that they should not be killing tools manipulated by terrorists and hurt their own citizens because terrorists do not wish Iraqis well nor wishes them to enjoy the blessings of the religion they claim to defend.