Residential attacks enrage Iraqis

[Khalil al-Murshidi/AFP/Getty Images] A woman cries as she holds her wounded baby at a Baghdad hospital following seven blasts that rocked the city.

[Khalil al-Murshidi/AFP/Getty Images] A woman cries as she holds her wounded baby at a Baghdad hospital following seven blasts that rocked the city.



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Seven blasts rocked a number of residential neighbourhoods in Baghdad on Tuesday (April 6th), sparking an overwhelming wave of anger among Iraqi citizens against the perpetrators.

According to Gen. Qassim Atta, spokesperson for Baghdad Operations Command, 41 Iraqis were killed and more than 150 were wounded.

"The death toll, however, could rise because there may be victims under the rubble of the residential buildings that collapsed," he added.

"The terrorist attacks carry the fingerprints of al-Qaeda and the Saddam alliance. It is a diabolic, Baathist, takfirist alliance that takes advantage of Iraqis' preoccupation with the political process to carry out these attacks," he added.

"Terrorism and murderers have shown their ugly faces after years of lying slogans and false speeches," said Feras Haidar, 22, a resident of al-Shuala, which was targeted in Tuesday's bombings. "They have taken off the mask of piety and revealed their true face, the face of murder, terrorism, and blood."

"These bombings are only targeting civilians in residential neighbourhoods where only poor people live," Haidar added. "We will not forgive them, and we call on the state to hit them with an iron fist, and we will be with it in its mission to eliminate them."

Lt. Col. Nassir Abdullah of Baghdad Operations Command said the first bombing took place at 9 a.m. at 60th Street in al-Shuala neighbourhood and caused a residential building to collapse. A second bomb exploded shortly afterwards near Qamar bin Hashim in the area of Chkook, also in al-Shuala. That blast caused two residential buildings to fall, one with commercial shops.

According to Abdullah, two more blasts took place less than one hour later. One exploded near the headquarters of Amanat Baghdad in central Baghdad, taking down another residential building. The other blast took place in al-Shurta al-Rabiaa neighbourhood in southern Baghdad, causing another residential building to collapse.

The fifth blast took place near a residential building in al-Amel neighbourhood, also in southern Baghdad. The explosion caused the residential building to collapse, destroyed a number of adjacent houses, and burned cars in the area.

The sixth blast targeted another residential building in al-Ilam neighbourhood in south-western Baghdad, and resulted in the collapse of the building in full.

Car bombs were used in the first six bombings, but the seventh blast came from a sticky bomb that targeted a civilian vehicle in al-Dorra.

"All these attacks were targeting civilians, as there are no security forces near them at all," Abdullah added. "This is what the terrorist groups are doing in an attempt to sow panic among Iraqis."

Meanwhile, Alaa al-Taey, spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, said security forces managed to thwart four similar attacks against civilian targets in Chkook. Security personnel searched the buildings near the scene of the earlier blast in Chkook and managed to seize four containers and explosives that were set to detonate.

"We have positive indications that al-Qaeda is targeting civilians in residential areas and markets after they failed to confront the Iraqi security forces," al-Taey added.

Thamir Hasan, a 43-year-old resident of al-Shuala, was clearly devastated by the explosions.

"I do not know what to say, but you just have to see the body parts of victims under the rubble and blood dripping down from the ceilings of the collapsed buildings," he said.

Hasan owns a store in the area of the attacks. "There are three children who come to buy sweets every morning, but they did not come today. When I asked about them, I found out that they were under the rubble."

"Woe to them, God damn those monstrous, bastard murderers," Hasan said, wiping tears from his eyes. "Even the children were not spared. I will quit my work in the store and join the security forces in order to exact revenge on them."

In other security news, Col. Waleed al-Karkhi of the Iraqi Army's 3rd Division said that Iraqi soldiers risked their lives to prevent a suicide car bomb attack targeting a crowd of citizens west of the capital.

"A Toyota car bomb driven by a suicide bomber and carrying more than 1,000 kilograms of explosives was stopped and the suicide bomber was arrested before he could blow himself up," al-Karkhi said.

"This has been a really heroic operation by Iraqi soldiers," he added.

"Today's bombings prove the theory that terrorism and Iraqis cannot live in one country or one place," said Lamees Fadhil, 29. "We have to be one hand in order to get rid of terrorism and expel it from our country."



    محمد عبد الله


    Al-Qaeda has become specialized in killing innocent persons. It targets old and young persons.

  • محمد الحاوي


    Every terrorist attack claims the lives of many innocent people, who have become the heroes of a series of continued bombing, killing, assassination, suicide vests, as well as kidnappings and targeting innocent people in the streets by shooting them. There are many other crimes committed by terrorists in Iraq.

  • هاني جابر


    Unfortunately, terrorism left a very bad impact on the Iraqis’ and the Iraqi children’s spirits, due to the blasts and the assassinations that were committed. Many Iraqi children were left orphans due to terrorist booby traps which claimed the lives of their fathers or mothers. This negative impact made it hard for these children to forget their experience. In many cases, terrorists used to slaughter men in front of their children, their families and their wives. When a child witnesses such a scene, how much time does it take him to forget it, if ever he could forget? This will have a negative impact on the child’s personality and future. The Iraqi government must look after these orphans, send them to specialized psychological care centers in order to help them forget their experiences, and to avoid their negative repercussions on them. Thus, we will ensure that these children will not be aggressive, and will be free of the culture of violence.

  • ميرزا


    Terrorism and its bunch of adherents have tried to reduce Iraq’s progress and development to the lowest levels, or more precisely, to halt advancement altogether, and to bring Iraq back to the Dark Ages and the age of ignorance, by targeting education in the country, and trying to block it once and for all. We see that this is one of the main objectives of the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The terrorists have tried to disrupt education in Iraq by distributing pamphlets warning school and university students not to attend school or university, and threatening them with death if they defied the orders of this terrorist organization. On another level, we see that the murderers affiliated to the terrorist organization have targeted university professors and school teachers, in order to achieve their objectives of stopping the educational process in Iraq, and subsequently, to deprive a whole generation of their right to an education, and to bring Iraq to the prehistoric age, an age where humans do not have free will, and where they do not have the education and knowledge that can protect them from the evil of these criminals. That was one of their main objectives in Iraq, and they did not relent in trying to carry it out. When they found that the students and the professors would not acquiesce to them by staying away from school and education, they resorted to the most lowly and despicable actions, which is the targeting of schools and the killing of innocent children, as well as the targeting of Iraqi universities and murdering the students and professors without differentiating between them on the basis of religion or sectarian affiliation, which proves that this terrorist organization does not have the support of one group against another. Instead, it targets everyone. Worse, it targets all of Iraq, from north to south, from east from west, without discrimination.

  • كامل


    Osama bin Laden is a tool for murdering innocent people. He claims to be religious, but he is far from being so, because religion is based on cleanliness, and he is unclean, as we have seen in the past, when he would appear in one of his threatening messages which he delivered to the world, and there would be dirt all over him; even his clothes were dirty. He is one of the causes behind the spreading of chaos all over Iraq, and the death of innumerable innocent children, old people and women. He has also ruined the future of many youths, because they have been duped by this organization, and they joined it in the name of religion because of their lack of awareness. Osama bin Laden has caused the death of more than one million people in Iraq in the past years, all of them innocent people. So, what a criminal that person is, who has caused a huge number of people to become widows and widowers, and caused many children to become orphans and deprived them of their father or mother, or both, and ruined their lives. But this is a stupid person, and the day will come when he will be caught, and his head will be stomped on, and he will be humiliated, and eventually he will be doomed to execution in the name of all those innocent people that he caused to die.

  • 2010-5-26

    We call on the Syrian government to behave as required and to be a good neighbor, caring for Iraqis and Iraq. Syria should help to eradicate terrorism in Iraq. We ask Syria to control its borders in order to put an end to the acts of smuggling and infiltration into Iraq. Many pieces of evidence show that terrorists have infiltrated the Syrian borders and smuggled weapons into Iraq.

  • هاشم


    We call on Syria to be a mediator and to help Iraqis to eradicate terrorism. Syria should help Iraq to overcome the ordeal that they have long suffered from. They must be aware that the security of the whole region lies in the security of Iraq and Syria. Once Iraq falls prey to terrorism, terrorists will impose their control over the whole region. All the neighboring countries must control their borders and prevent smuggling and infiltration into Iraq, as the Iraqi army is unable to control its borders, given that it is preoccupied with fighting terrorism.

  • طفاح


    May God take revenge on the terrorists and their supporters. Until the end of days, the Iraqi blood that is being shed daily will be the responsibility of Al-Saud and those who support them among the Arabs and Persia. The hatred that those Iraqis have is only known by God and the Iraqi people. They have turned our country into a daily slaughterhouse for stinking sectarian causes; coupled with this are the supporters of Saddam, who know nothing about life and humanity. The new look of the country and the democratic model terrifies Al-Saud and the Arab governments that are ruled by slaughterers. Some of those governments realize that the stability of Iraq and its construction will contribute to the breaking up of their economies as well as shaking their seats.