Fatwa outlaws "terrorism and suicide bombings"

[Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images] Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, founder of the global Minhaj-ul-Quran movement.

[Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images] Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, founder of the global Minhaj-ul-Quran movement.



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Muslim thinker Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri, who heads Minhaj-ul-Quran International, issued a lengthy 600-page fatwa March 2nd in London condemning "terrorism and suicide bombings".

The stance of this Pakistani-born religious scholar regarding al-Qaeda's actions is nothing new. However, this fatwa set him apart from many other Islamist scholars who in the past would only condemn al-Qaeda's actions without specifying – according to their theological viewpoints – the punishments to be meted out to those who carry out bombings and killings whose victims are innocent civilians, even if the latter were not the primary target of these attacks.

In his lengthy fatwa, Sheikh Qadri argued that those who carry out suicide bombings will be punished with hellfire, refuting the fact that suicide bombers will be rewarded with Paradise and its maidens. He said that Islamic teachings categorically reject attacks which kill innocent people, indicating that Islam forbids killing a single innocent person even if the attack in which that person would be killed would also cause the death of dozens of miscreants.

Qadri included in his fatwa the opinions from many important scholars, both modern and ancient, who reject what al-Qaeda and the Taliban consider lawful, and he called them the "kharijites of our time."

Qadri, born in 1951 in Pakistan's Punjab province, received his Ph.D. from Punjab University. The title of his thesis was ''The Islamic Penal System and its Philosophy.'' He has served as a lecturer in Islamic Sciences since 1974 and practised the legal profession from 1976 to 1978 in Pakistan. He was also a legal advisor in the Federal Shariat Court, the Pakistani High Court and a member of the National Committee for Islamic Curriculum at the Pakistani Ministry of Education.

The Pakistani scholar explained his stance in a lengthy interview in the March 5th issue of Al-Sharq al-Awsat, in which he said that even in wars, Islam has proscribed the killing of women, children, the elderly and monks. It even prohibited the killing of animals belonging to the enemy, burning of trees and destroying property, killing farmers or traders and diplomats and ambassadors.

Qadri said, "Look at our deplorable situation today. People are killed inside mosques and on the streets. They are killed while sleeping in their beds. Terrorists bomb marketplaces where women, children and the elderly get killed. There is no justification for this at all. These al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists are smearing the image of Islam by randomly killing innocent people in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, New York, London and Madrid."

He accused the leaders of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, of being the "kharijites of our time".

Undoubtedly, Qadri is aware of the fact that it would be difficult for him to convince all the members of al-Qaeda to change their beliefs, saying that they have been subjected to "brainwashing". However, his main concern is the new generation of Islamist youths who could be attracted to the ideology of al-Qaeda. That is why he wants them to read his fatwa in order to learn about the Qur'anic verses, Prophetic traditions, stories of the Caliphs and the Companions, and the opinions of the scholars in the hope that they would be convinced of the wrongness of al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and all the groups that support them.

Quilliam, an organisation whose members are Islamists who were formerly part of extremist groups, and who are today involved in combating extremist ideologies, said that the fatwa of Sheikh Qadri can be read as "the most comprehensive critique of terrorism committed by Islamists so far."

It pointed to the fact that Qadri's organisation, Minhaj-ul-Quran, "has hundreds of thousands of followers throughout South Asia and in the UK", and that his stance "has set a precedent for other scholars to condemn in a similar fashion the ideas that support terrorism."

A Quilliam spokesperson said in a statement at a press conference in London that "this fatwa could represent a major step towards eradicating Islamic terrorism. The fatwas of religious scholars influenced by the Wahhabi ideology and those of Islamic theoreticians have been the progenitors of terrorism against civilians in recent times. Terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda continue to justify their mass killing based on interpretations of scriptural texts that suit their interests. But fatwas that expose the truth behind these innovations in Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) such as the fatwa of Qadri will send Islamic terrorism to the dust bin of history."

Regardless of Qadri's fatwa and Quilliam's remarks, there is a clear trend within Islamic movements to be critical of al-Qaeda and the Taliban and counter their ideologies. Revisions made by many Islamist scholars and leaders of Islamic movements during the past few years have unanimously condemned random killing and bombing of civilians, regardless of whether the primary targets are soldiers which al-Qaeda and the Taliban describe as infidels or apostates.

A prominent example of these revisions is the one made by the former leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Dr. Fadl ("A Guidance for Jihad Activity in Egypt and the World") and the revisions of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (titled "Corrective Studies in Understanding Jihad, Accountability and the Judgement of People"). Before these two revisions, the Egyptian Islamic Group's revisions were published, and were the most critical of the actions of hard-line Islamic groups – including its own line of action against the Egyptian government – in their fight against "apostate regimes".

In addition to these revisions, prominent scholars and religious leaders have adopted stances which led to similar conclusions. Among these were statements by a prominent Salafi-Jihadist scholar in Morocco, Mohammed al-Fizazi, in jail since 2003, in which he categorically prohibited Muslims from carrying out terrorist acts in European countries.



    مسلم مصرى


    I seek God’s help against them. Who are we to insult or abuse the religious scholars? We should fear God. There is no power except with God the Almighty. Then, we should deliberate for a few seconds and answer the question: “Is it lawful under the religion of God the Almighty to kill the innocents, the elders and the children?” Will we get to the enemies of the religion and our enemies?

  • مسلم


    The Sunnah Hadiths have been misinterpreted by some doubtful Hadiths that no one has heard of before. We all know that these Hadiths have been passed down over many generations, and it is certain that some of them were misinterpreted. However, there are many true Hadiths mentioned in the books that cover all the Hadiths of the Messenger of God. Still, there are religious scholars who rely on doubtful Hadiths rather than the true ones that were certainly said by the Messenger of God. Certainly, this is not acceptable, because the Hadiths of the Prophet bring all good for this nation. These Hadiths are the words of God; that's why we must rely on the true ones among them that have been reported by the companions of the Messenger of God, and that have been recorded in numerous books containing most of the Prophet’s Hadiths.

  • fdv


    How much did you take, O debaucher, for attacking the mujahidin?

  • 321


    May God not bless you nor the people like you.

  • فث


    We seek God’s help against anyone who prohibits Jihad in the cause of God. God will take revenge upon you. I want to ask you a question: can you or any of your children do what those Mujahidin can do?

  • صادق


    The religious scholars have a large influence on Muslims in the face of the terrorizing and takfiri ideologies of al-Qaeda. They succeeded in preventing the spread of al-Qaeda in Muslim countries and barred it from committing massacres, killings, and kidnappings by convincing citizens that these acts are wrong. We should not support them as they are based on killing and that is forbidden by God. Thus, religious scholars have an important role in Iraq, mainly because they are moderate. This was clearly revealed through the firm stance taken by the clergy in Anbar province against terrorism. Indeed, they prevented terrorists from carrying out their terrorist plans against humanity and the Iraqi society. The latter was suffering from the oppression of al-Qaeda members who had devastated Iraq through crime, killing, displacement and the blowing up of the security forces in their houses. Thus, sheikhs and moderate religious scholars have done a great service in defying the ideology of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

  • سجاد


    Everyone knows that after the fall of the former regime, the Iraqi scene is now open to all people. This is why we see that terrorism targeted Iraq in order to have a new front added to that of Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda organization has been able to spread among the popular classes in Iraq, at first by promoting specific ideas, saying that it represented the resistance, that it worked according to the teachings of Islam, and that it wanted to achieve the well-being of Iraqis. In fact, this organization operated under the cloak of religion, and found many fanatical religious scholars who supported its arguments. Thus, this organization succeeded in deceiving ordinary Iraqis, and its members were able to spread on the Iraqi land and recruit many fighters. However, as time went by and years after the recent war on Iraq, the masks have fallen and the real truth of this organization and its claims was revealed. People discovered that Al-Qaeda has nothing to do with religion, through the criminal acts and the killing perpetrated by terrorists, which affected all categories of Iraqi society. Besides, these criminals attacked everyone, violating sanctities and sanctuaries of the Iraqis without fear. No one was spared; even children and women were harmed. The malice and wickedness of these killers became obvious to the Iraqi people which is why we see that this terrorist organization has lost its popularity, which it had achieved by fraud and deception. All Iraqis are now fighting against this organization and its members. They achieved one victory after another, and were able to defeat the blind terrorism which wreaked havoc in the land, and taught terrorists a lesson to set the example for whoever wants to harm Iraq.

  • حميد


    The great stance of Men of Religion against terrorism and its lethal ideology in Iraq is an example to follow all over the world. They were the epitome of fraternity, citizenship although they belong to different religions and doctrines. They played a vital role in rejecting the “takfiri” ideology through their sermons, “Fatwas” in mosques, holy shrines and churches. All of them shared the same objective which is not to follow terrorist plans aiming at separating Iraqis, to cause a civil war and to sow dissension between different religions and doctrines. They claimed that joining terrorism, supporting terrorists in any way, is treason to the country and to religion. Any person who does this becomes a criminal and deserves punishment. Everyone who joins terrorism, although he witnesses terrorists’ criminal acts which target all Iraqis, the institutions of the Iraqi state especially the ones that serve people, has no feeling at all and doesn’t belong to Iraq.

  • محسن


    The first step for every country seeking to protect its citizens from this danger called terrorism is to raise consciousness and culture to identify the threat of terrorism and its ideologies which leads to the deterioration of the society through the despicable acts conducted by the murderer terrorists in that society. It is necessary to face this dangerous ideological wave to stop its spread in the society by all means, to eradicate it once and for all, to keep the country safe from destruction if ever this sick ideology has spread.

  • ثامر


    It’s a very useful site, which fights terrorism and terrorist ideology in a very advanced style.

  • rashed saeed


    what mr. muzammil has written is correct. mr. tahir must answer to to his question? can he?

  • عراقي يكره بن لادن


    In fact, Bin Laden is very brave, and proof of it is that he disappeared in a hole since the beginning of the war, and said that we have to kill civilians, if our aspirations and objectives are to get to what is more noble! In other words, they should slaughter people and disable them, to give the enemy a chance to escape... What brave heroes!!! However, I only have one question and I would like the extremists, who think that the acts of Al-Qaeda are acts of jihad, to answer it: if the Prophet, peace be upon him, were living, would he condone these horrible crimes against thousands of innocents?

  • تحية


    There are many fatwas against the criminal Osama bin Laden. The late Sheikh Abd El-Aziz bin Baz said that Osama bin Laden is one of those who create havoc on earth, follow evil means, and rebel against the guardian. The late Yemeni scholar, Muqbil bin Hadi Al-Wadai, said about him: “I declare my disassociation with bin Laden. His acts are ominous and evil, and he has caused harm to the Ummah.”

  • مصعب الحسني


    The Muslims and the Muslim countries are the most affected by Al Qaeda. To Hell with Osama and those like him. The spreading of Islam cannot be done by violence and the killing of the innocents. It would have been better if bin Laden had used his millions to spread Islam peacefully and for charity to the poor among the Muslims, rather than for killing the innocents.

  • Muzammil


    I want to ask with Dr. Tahirul Qadri what is your stand on the situation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine where thousands of innocent muslims were killed? Can you justify why America captured Iraq and Afghanistan and next is Pakistan?. during the difficult time of Gaza ( still the situation is same)what was your responsibility? Let me inform you that Your Fatwa highly appreicated in the News letter of \"World Jewish Congress\". Go and check their website.Let me adivse you, don\'t prove to yourself as a toy in the hands of Islam\'s enemies.

  • jashi


    Mashallah, thank you Sheikh. Thank you so so so much. MAY ALLAH GRANT HIM AND ALL THOSE INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT THE HIGHEST PLACE IN JANNAH!!!!

  • muslim


    He is the real representative of Islam who is protecting future of Islam in the minds of humanity. Muslim Ummah should thank to Allah for giving this man to present real teaching of Islam. Well Done Islamic Scholar. May you live long

  • zaki


    You are so narrow minded, ppl like you using the quran to justify violence, May Allah guide you...\"What if the killing leads to fitnah...is the verse to applied then?\" You can not take a verse just like that and make it universal...every sitatuation must be dealt with according to its circumstances

  • mumtaz


    A person was insulting Islam and saying that Muslims do not speak out against terrorism and challenged me to prove him wrong. It is a shame that I do not speak the language, because by the title this looks like a promising example. I am not a Muslim, I am a Baha\'i. Nevertheless, I desire to vindicate Islam from the slander promoted against it here in the west, and show people the virtue and wisdom of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad

  • Sami


    Beside all the Sects of Islam ,I mean Sunny ,Sehia Dewabandi Barailwi , Ahle Adis , to be realist i think it is never allowed to kill a person while you even dont know his name or background. Can any scholar can show me such brutal examples as the Taliban or Alqaida is doing. I think money is preferred more then Jihad by Mullas. Jihad is Fardh but there shuould be conditions extracted from sohaba from the life of Prophet Muhammad. can some show in the history of 1400 years of islam slaughter of human beings all though of any religoin , suicide atticking , to kidnap some one for money and then say the money will be used for jihad. there is no concpet of theocracy in islam , islamic scholars are blind to the facts selfesh and working more for their peresonal benfits rather then islam . is there any islamic scholar who himself or his son , brother or any blood relative has been sent to jihad or suicide attacks how scholar he is while he gives the presuios thing like paradise to some else first and stay in this world in luxury cars and banglowes.i am so sorry for them while they themsleves are trying to reach to Islam Abad while sending the poor people,s sons to Jannah in reward of suicide attacks. to cut the matter short Jihad is Fardh in Islam and specially against the present muslim rulers for all most all the followers of kufar rather then Quran. But there shuld be a mushtarka fatwa from all the sholars of the world not in only afghanistan or Pakistan and a world wide plateform . then they should who are with or against them. God may help to Speak Truth.

  • Sathyan


    Before blaiming any Regligion, caste, race or nationalities we should do a survey about the ratio of violance by those sects to their total population. Just some one\'s imagination will not work out here.

  • Mufti Munir


    Readers, Let us rethink ourselves.Islam has blessed us with a soft heart ,strong brain & great valour. Should it be felt that we are leaving a negative impact on the society by justifying the killing of innocents.Remember we are playing into the hands of world powers who have always potrayed Islam as a religon that spread with the sword. If anyone looks closely at the history of Islam ,maximum conversions were due to the message that Islam gives, \"Peace & Right to live for all\".

  • l,i


    This person is nothing, and no one has ever heard of him.

  • Allah ka banda


    Hey Mr. Qadri has been hired by the jews or christians,,,,,,,,Objective of muslim is to impliment the god\'s low in god\'s land..........there is no one to implement the law of humen like marks, lenin, or any one else...democracy is worst policy......every single muslim will be asked at the day of judgement....whether he had put his effort to implement the law of GOD?....there is no fresh air to breath other than Sharia...weak up muslim..see the Qur;an and sunnah....see the Surah Tauba, Surah Fatah and Surah Saff......must read.... and Mr. Qadri needs to read these surah very very carefully.....may Allah give him Rahe rast.

  • 2010-4-17

    God bless you, dear Sheikh. You have spoken the truth... the truth that was missing from many of those who were manipulated and hidden behind the glamorous slogans of jihad and saving the nation and so on...... those who kill innocents in the name of Jihad should know that Allah will look for them and their Day of Judgment will be long.... And those who do wrong will see their fate.

  • جا د


    Have you been inside the hearts of the so-called terrorists, to attribute such lies to them? Haven't you heard the term “friendly fire” in the country where you live, or is this term exclusively theirs, and is it not permissible for us Muslims to use it?

  • 2010-4-15

    May Allah bless you, our revered sheikh, but I also expect you to issue a Fatwa as clear as this one, directed to the Muslim rulers about the situation of Muslims under the current oppression. I would like you to enlighten us about the destiny of Muslims under these governments and what our fate is on the Day of Judgment. I would like for the sheikh to send me this valuable research so I can publish it in Egypt, because I am a researcher.

  • HRS


    All religions in the world preach good things and define what's good & bad in the interest of people and everything in this world. But we human beings fight and kill each other with or with out reasons. We hate each other for no reasons. Dr. Quadri's intentions are in the interest of the mankind. it needs to be taken as an advice in the interest all and shall be respected and followed.

  • sher wazir mirza Aman


    As I know we are all Muslims. Know that those people can never be Muslims. They are doing violence and and taking Islam name. If they kill even Muslims as well how can they be Muslims. Because in my point of view they are totally non Muslims. Thanks and Pray for Allah, may Allah finish this story and forgive us what was happened and Allah give more knowledge and power to him

  • وجدى الغرو


    Responding to the opinions of this hypocrite is prohibited, like beating a dead person. Obviously, this nobody has eyes, but he has a blind heart, and if we investigated his origins, we would find that he comes from the hypocritical and unbelieving Bedouins. If you also searched the CIA records, you would find his name and his salary, in addition to the names of the Arab traitors. Let us clearly state that we are Muslims and we believe in the Book of Allah, not the words of this nobody who follows the Antichrist, namely, America. The Kaaba is our Kiblah (i.e. Mecca is where we face when praying), not the White House, and Allah the Exalted promised to replace this man and his people with powerful people who are compassionate to the Muslims and cruel towards the non-Muslims. These powerful people include Iran, Syria, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban and the Chechen resistance, as well as the slaves of Allah all over the world. The Muslims will eventually win in the Armageddon battle that is now raging between the slaves of Allah and the crusaders, Jews and atheists. As for the martyrdom operations, which are the supreme form of the Jihadi operations, they are not suicide attacks, as the apostates from Islam and the hypocrites call them. You are a nobody and you will be doomed to Hell forever.

  • طلال بيرقدار


    Islam is a religion of love and peace, not killing and bloodshed. Clerics are required to spread the culture of peace and show Western societies the true image of Islam. Fatwas that prohibit bloodshed are the same in all religions. We should not forget that Islam is targeted and suffers from major disagreements among the Muslim sects, which adversely affects the reputation of our religion. Islam is the religion of ease, and not the religion of difficulty and hardships. So, why do we make things difficult? I congratulate Sheikh Al-Qadiri for his Fatwa and I await additional Fatwas, because this is the responsibility of the scholars, and they will be held accountable before Allah for it. Our revered Sheikh is neutral and we appreciate his efforts and neutrality. May Allah bless you. Do not care for those who attack you, because you have done a good job.



    I agree with Molana Tahir ul Qadri. Islam [does] not allow you to kill yourself and other people especially in the mosques and in the schools. Of course, these people will go to hell. And these people have no relation with Islam.

  • الفلوجة


    O Allah, destroy the scholars who support the rulers, empower the striving scholars and lions of monotheism. May Allah bless you, brother Kaaqaa.

  • Asiri


    May Allah ..All muslim scholars should be realistic like Qadri. All those Scholars who do not give this type of Fatwa are real killers of innocents and are destroying true image of Islam. I AM 100% AGREED WITH THIS FATWA BECAUSE ISLAM NOT ALLOWED TO KILL ANY NON MUSLIM SO HOW CAN ISLAM GIVE PERMISSION TO KILL MUSLIMS .May Allah bless Sheikh Al Qadiri.

  • ابو الليث


    I never heard that Sheikh Al-Qaderi acted magnanimously when the Americans occupied Afghanistan. We never heard him calling for Jihad against this occupier who kills children and women by shelling them. The Sheikh cannot criticize his American masters. The Americans have the right to kill as they like; they can shell and displace people and tear down their houses. We never heard the Sheikh calling for Jihad in Iraq. At that time, Bin Laden was not there, but weapons of mass destruction were the main pretext!!!!!!!!! I would like to tell Sheikh Al-Qaderi that al Qaeda fights against America and the Zionist thought in the world. Al Qaeda defends Islam. Moreover, I can say that, had it not been for al Qaeda, Pakistan and its reactor would have fallen into the hands of the USA. Al-Qaderi and his likes act hypocritically to satisfy the rulers by issuing meaningless Fatwas that enabled the Zionists to occupy Palestine, and enabled the Americans and their supporters to occupy and destroy the lands of Islam. This Sheikh should have called for Jihad against this enemy. Jihad is obligatory for everyone in the country that is attacked by the enemy. How come this deviating Sheikh is criticizing them for practicing Jihad?! I thank Allah that He enabled the Mujahidin to cause a lot of losses to their enemies. Were it not for mercenaries like this Sheikh and for traitorous rulers, the Mujahidin would have expelled the infidels a long time ago. However, I am sure that patience will bring victory. Allah is the greatest! Allah says in the Quran, “And to Allah belongs all honor, might and glory, and to the Messenger and believers, but most hypocrites know not."

  • الــقــعــقــاع


    Well, well, where were these religious opinions before? Why didn't they appear but for the Muslim Mujahidin. The brilliant punjabi religious scholar issued his religious opinion from Britain. We do not know what is unseen, but we think he may have been hired to issue such a religion opinion. He did exactly what the Egyptian Mufti Tantawi did when he allowed France to ban the veil. At that time, he said, "It is their right." He repeated it three times. What is the fate of the poor Muslim children, women and old people, in his religious opinion? What are the consequences of this religious opinion on the children and people of Gaza and Palestine, and Iraq and its women? What is the stand of this religious opinion on the raping of Muslim women in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Sudan, Darfur and Somalia? What is the stand of this religious opinion on Jewish people and Cross worshipers? May Allah's curse be on them! How have they been deluded away from the truth? May Allah's curse be on their supporters and followers who call themselves Muslims! Allah alone knows the truth of their Islam. Abi ben Salul, the chief of hypocrites, was living among Muslims. However, he will be in the lowest depth of Hell, because what he reveals for Muslims is different from what he conceals. May Allah protect the two Sheikhs, Ossama ben Laden and his brother, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, as well as all Mujahidin, who are seeking Allah's reward, and [may He] ward off the evils of the Jewish and the Crusaders from Muslims! Amen!

  • Aml


    May Allah bless you, our revered sheikh. However, I expect you to issue a similar fatwa on the Muslim rulers, Muslims’ conditions, and the suppression under which they live. Please let it be as clear as this fatwa and explain in it the fate of Muslims under these governments and our destiny on the Day of Judgment.

  • وليد عمر


    Do you believe in one part of the Scripture and reject the rest? How can you declare that killing innocent people is prohibited, and then refrain from declaring that the Mujahidin have the right to fight the enemies of Allah who invaded the Muslim lands?

  • 2010-3-20

    May Allah bless you and make your knowledge beneficial for Islam. This is the time to show the real image of our true religion to the whole world. These Fatwas confirm that our societies reject violence and terrorism. Such acts only represent a minority, but it has branded all of us as terrorists.

  • Muhammad Akram


    After careful study of this historic fatwa, or religious edict, nobody can deny the powerful arguments contained in the document, which is truly based on references from Quran & Hadith, specially the concept of Khawarej and the prophet\'s advise about them. Every Muslim should sincerely think about the warning by our beloved prophet (SWS). Dr. Qadri has realy proved himself, the true leader of Muslim Ummah, instead of being a leader of any sect. He has presented a true picture of Islam.All muslims should support Islam\'s true message of peace and wash out the garbage of terrorism from Islam\'s face, as mass killing of innocent people in public places is strictly against Islam.




  • 2010-3-13

    How beautiful and clear the truth is! Killing innocent people is undoubtedly prohibited under Sharia. However, we should tell the whole truth. The al-Qaeda ideology has been defeated everywhere, thanks to Allah. But what is really strange is that we have not heard anything about fighting those who invaded the lands of the Muslims... We have not heard Fatwas prohibiting dealing with the invading enemies... We have not heard of any support for the weak and oppressed Muslims... It was never heard that the acts of Americans and Jews, who violate human rights every day, are condemned... Indeed, we have not heard of a number of things... Whoever wants his opinions to be accepted, should be objective, should tell the whole truth, condemn all criminals, and support oppressed people everywhere. May Allah fix our conditions.

  • ibrahim


    May Allah bless Sheikh Al Qadiri. I ask him to send me this research so that I can publish it in Egypt, as I am a researcher in Islamic studies.