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Wael Kfoury returns to Rotana

Salem al-Hindi, Wael Kfoury, Elissa, Elias Karam and Fares Karam (left to right) attended the re-signing of a contract between Kfoury and Rotana at Michel Hayak's residence. [File/Al-Shorfa]

Salem al-Hindi, Wael Kfoury, Elissa, Elias Karam and Fares Karam (left to right) attended the re-signing of a contract between Kfoury and Rotana at Michel Hayak's residence. [File/Al-Shorfa]



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After parting ways with Rotana in 2009 singer Wael Kfoury renewed his contract with the company for three years. Michel Hayek, an event organizer, led the two-year negotiations.

The signing ceremony took place between Wael and Salem al-Hindi, the president of Rotana, at Hayek's residence. Elias and Fares Karam also attended the ceremony.

The Rotana contract covers management of Wael's work, the release of three new albums and a major concert scheduled for early spring, when his first album of the year will be launched.

Wael's relationship with Rotana had been tense, as he had lodged several complaints about the company's production policies. He was also reportedly upset in 2009 because he lost the World Music Award to Elissa.

Najwa Karam led one of many attempts at reconciliation between Wael and al-Hindi, but Elissa managed to bring the two together on her birthday in September 2011. The reconciliation efforts led to a contract renewal on January 11th.

In related news, Irwa also signed a three-year contract with Rotana, which includes managing her concerts and producing her albums. Irwa, who gave a special performance at the Yacht Club in Abu Dhabi, is preparing to meet her Emirati fans during the Dubai Nights' Festival this month and will begin choosing songs for her new album.

Nancy Ajram wins second World Music Award

Nancy Ajram, who won the 2008 World Music Award for her album "Bitfakar fi Eih", managed to grab the award a second time in 2011 for her album "Nancy 7".

Melissa Corken, the award's executive director, announced that Nancy won the award because she had the highest sales for her latest album, according to the award company's statistics.

Nancy performed her first concert this year in Milan on January 14th during an Arabic music concert in Italy, the first of its kind.

Lebanese stars prepare video clips

Pascale Machaalani celebrated the christening of her son Eli with her husband, composer Milhem Abu Shadid, during the Feast of the Epiphany. She will soon travel to Paris to choose new designs for her upcoming video clip, which will coincide with the release of one of her singles.

Singer Shatha Hassoun is in deep mourning after her maternal grandmother passed away in Morocco. Rotana recently began airing the video clip for her new song "Minoo Ilee Ma Inda Madhi" from her album "Wajih Thani".

Yasir al-Yassiry directed the clip in their second collaboration after they worked on "Shaghilha". Shatha's new song was filmed on-site between Raas al-Khaima and Dubai. In this clip, Shatha appears in three different looks, including a wedding dress.

Singer Dolly Shaheen celebrated the New Year in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, in her first visit to her paternal grandmother's birthplace. She just finished filming two clips, "Naseeni al-Madhi" and "Rah Lee Rah" for the Lebanese television series "Liqaa".

Amani al-Seweissy attacked in Tunisia

Amany al-Seweissy, the Tunisian singer and star of Star Academy, was attacked two weeks ago inside her car on the road between Tunis and Hamamet. According to a statement that she released, an unidentified person broke her car window, punched her in the face and ran off in full view of pedestrians and the police.

Al-Seweissy is still in shock from this attack because the perpetrator is still at large despite the fact that she filed a formal complaint with the public prosecutor's office.

Myriam Fares extremely popular in Internet searches

Myriam Fares ranked among the most googled personalities in the Middle East and North Africa region according to the Google's annual Zeitgeist report for 2011, which tracks the most searched-for items of the year.

Fares came in second place after the deceased Libyan leader, Moamer Gaddafi, which places her in the number one spot in the art world.





    Wael Kafoury performed many songs, but he did not reach the level or status of other singers, because his works are not a reflection of his skill or success in choosing right and suitable songs. This is why his stardom quickly diminished; his works have completely disappeared from show business. He did not leave any mark or fingerprint behind him that would represent his efforts in presenting successful and distinguished songs, like other performers. So, he has completely disappeared as a singer, which means he failed in singing. He could not get along with the new singing trend, because he is not good enough to perform, whether Lebanese or other kinds of songs, like other singers that sing in different and diverse styles and dialects. They don't just sing in their mother tongue or local dialect, they sing in other Arabic dialects as well.

  • مها سمير


    There are a lot of Arab artists, who began their artistic journeys at a certain time and shone even for a short period of time, but they could not maintain the successes they achieved at a previous time. This is a negative indicator by which we criticize such artists. Among these artists is Wael Kfoury, who showed up in Lebanon in the artistic arena at some time, trying to be one of its shining stars. But I think Wael’s works have not reached a level that we can describe as successful, and he has not reached the same level of some of his peers who entered the Lebanese music arena, reached the peak of fame, and continued on the path of the Arab music arena. For me, I criticize Wael Kfoury and his songs which do not reach an aspiration level. He could not present all that is new to the listener and the Lebanese and Arab followers. I think he has failed in his artistic journey, where he could not achieve success except for almost a minimal percentage. Currently, I do not listen to his songs and I criticize his singing style.

  • اسلام


    Wael Kfoury has not presented a good thing. And he hasn’t reached the required level of the successful Tarab. In fact, many singers have witnessed continuous successes in his era. However, he is a lazy singer and he hasn’t insisted on presenting the good songs. In fact, he has been hidden from the scene because he has been unable to compete with the successful singers who have performed all the best. Thus, Wael Kfoury is among the failed singers in many aspects especially that he does’nt have a beautiful voice. In fact, I don’t like his songs because he is a failed singer in the full sense of the word.

  • كمال ادم


    Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury is one of the outstanding singers who has proven his presence in the music realm and who has got a lot of nice songs which have been appreciated by the Arab audience namely “Ma Waaduak Binujoum Ellail”, “Lail wa Raad wa bark wa Rih”, his duet with Nawal Zughbi “Min Habiby Ana”, “Maaoul Teshti Bab”, “Mayet Fiki”, “Maghroura”, “La Tlawiini Bi Hawaki”, "Rayah Al Jaysh”, “Maktoubik Milyan Doumouh”, “Shubbak Al Hub”, “Kilma Btochrok, “Enti Btelabi Binnar”, “Assad Baytak”, in addition to “Inta Wahdak Habiby”, “Salamat Salamat”, Saalouni”, “Tabki Al Touyour”, “Jan El Hawa”, “Hubbak Athab”, “Bi Hen”, and “Bahebbak Ana Ktir”. He also sang a lot of other songs that appealed to the Arab audience and fans. Wael Kfoury has also participated in a lot of concerts and festivals in addition to being invited to many TV competition programs. In fact, he has been the guest of such programs. Besides, Wael Kfoury has travelled to many countries to perform his best in terms of his wonderful, nice songs. Therefore, he is one of the most distinguished singers and has got a record that is full of music albums and successful songs whether they were national or romantic ones which talk about love and mothers. As a matter of fact, I wish all the success for Wael Kfoury.

  • LOM


    Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury is one of the singers who have proven their merit in the music realm. In fact, he has emerged from among a lot of Arab singers and has had many successful songs that appealed to a lot of his fans and followers. Indeed, Wael Kfoury has been careful in selecting all of his songs which are characterized by a romantic, calm, and nice nature that triggers the feeling of love inside people. Therefore, Wael Kfoury has left a big footprint in the music realm given that he is very careful in selecting lyrics and tunes. In addition, even the way of shooting his music videos attracts the audience and his fans. In reality, he has deserted the music realm for some time in order to pave the way for other new singers. However, he performs some songs from time to time so as not to diappear from the limelight and the music realm in order to preserve his continuous and outstanding performance.

  • جبران خليل


    There are a lot of Arab artists who began their artistic journeys at a certain time and shone even for a short period of time, but could not maintain the successes they achieved at a previous time. This is a negative indicator by which we criticize such artists. Among these artists is Wael Kfoury, who showed up in Lebanon in the artistic arena at some time, trying to be one of its shining stars. But I think Wael’s works have not reached a level that we can describe as successful, and he has not reached the same level as some of his peers who entered the Lebanese music arena, reached the peak of fame, and continued on the path of the Arab music arena. For me, I criticize Wael Kfoury and his songs, which do not reach an aspirational level. He could not present anything new to the listener and the Lebanese and Arab followers. I think he has failed in his artistic journey, where he could not achieve success except for almost a minimal percentage. Currently, I do not listen to his songs and I criticize his singing style.

  • فوزي حمود


    Wael Kafoury is a singing voice that did not fulfill the expectations of the Arabic audience. The rumors surrounding Kafoury are more than the works he produced. This is why I criticize Wael Kafoury, who was not able to improve his artistic level in his singing projects. All of them are focused on one style of singing, without variations or potential for development, like other singers of the same generation. In addition, he does not appear on the singing scene very much; his recent works are limited. This is one of the negative points regarding Wael Kafoury as a singer. Wael Kafoury is busy performing in concerts; he has become much more materialistic than artistic. This is why I direct all kinds of criticism to Wael Kafoury. I criticize many of his singing productions, which are not up to the standard of the Arab viewers.

  • مروان هيام


    I criticize the singer Wael Kfouri for his poor, few works, which severed the links between him and the beautiful singing that he used to present at the beginning of his artistic journey. The new songs of Wael Kfouri during the recent period are very few, and it is known that any singer who disappears for a long period from the singing arena, which attracts many new talented singers and beautiful voices that can present good songs, will be lose his popularity. Hence, if the singer Wael Kfouri continues this poor performance and low production on the Arab arena, his fans will forget him, because the new talents and singers who appear everywhere will attract them. Therefore, our distinguished singer needs to take the necessary measures to keep up with the other singers who appeared on the singing arena after him, and who excelled him by years, because they adapted to the requirements of the new social and artistic reality and the needs of the singing fans. Hence, I wish that the singer Wael Kfouri would return strongly to the singing arena before it is too late and before he loses his stardom and popularity forever. We want him to entertain us with his beautiful songs and distinguished voice, as well as his good choice of words and elegant tunes that appeal to all the people who have sublime artistic feelings in Lebanon and the Arab world.

  • مازن فارس


    I frankly do not love Wael Kafoury and I do not see him as a great artist or that he has achieved the success that other artists or singers from his country or from any Arab country achieved. He does not possess a unique voice as well as he appears, but I see merely ego in all of his songs. I do not remember any of them because they appear and disappear quickly, and his songs are not on the required level. Wael Kafoury and singers like him who call themselves artists are considered to be outsiders to the artistic community. Let us do a quick comparison between Wael Kafoury and Wadi Al-Safi, Wael Kafoury and George, and other real singers. While Wael Kafoury is trying to appear in his songs as a young and handsome man wearing those strange clothes and accessories which he believes to be fashionable, this is not art but this is just a showy display. The real art is the singer’s voice and presenting beautiful songs, which will gain and acquire the satisfaction and admiration of everyone. That is why we see and find that Wael Kafoury is not a great singer so far and it is because he did not offer anything worthy to lead him to stardom.

  • Dr.dro


    Wael Kfouri is one of the Arab singers whom I respect and appreciate for his diverse artistic production that had good influences not only in Lebanon but also throughout the Arab world. After a while, his popularity started declining and his artistic production started deteriorating. Hence, he refrained from introducing new songs contrary to many Arab and Lebanese singers who issue new works from time to time in order to remain under the limelights. As for Wael Kfouri, his few songs and albums affected his popularity in the crowded singing arena. I do not know whether he was distracted by life affairs or preoccupied with more important things other than the gift of singing. Probably, he might have faced harassment or embarrassment at the hands of the audience or some of his colleagues in the field of singing. Therefore, I call on the creative singer Wael Kfouri to return to the music arena in order to entertain us with his new songs and albums, and I encourage him to continue his artistic journey rather than this fluctuating performance that will make people forget him.

  • دودا


    The Lebanese scene has bequeathed us many nice voices, which added a lot to the Arabic music and contributed a great deal to promoting it. It contributed to the advancement of Arab music through bequeathing us many talented singers who have many capacities, potential and vocal capacities. The artist Wael Kfoury is among the great artists, as he is endowed with a beautiful voice. As far as I am concerned, he has left a clear imprint on Arab music, and nowadays he is one of the giants of Arab art and is among the distinguished voices which have achieved success all over the Arab world. The great artist Wael Kfoury is among the outstanding artists. Indeed, he is endowed with vocal capacities which set him apart from the others. We can see that this artist has been marked by his works, which were well-received by the Arab viewer, thanks to their beauty. We all know that all of Wael Kfoury’s songs are beautiful. He works constantly in order to preserve his success, achieved thanks to his nice songs which were well received by the audience. Thus, I think that the Arab audience, whether in Lebanon or in the Arab countries, is fond of artist Wael Kfoury’s works. I consider him one of the artists who excelled in presenting their artistic works and mastered it in a way that mesmerizes the audience. In fact, all his songs are complete at all levels: in terms of lyrics, tunes, performance and shooting. He has also performed many duets with male and female singers. This is one of the characteristics of the artist Wael Kfoury. He has teamed up with the refined singer Nawal Al Zoghbi in his famous song “Man Habibi Ana,” i.e. “Who Is My Lover,” which was one of the finest artistic works in his artistic career.

  • نسرين


    Wael Kfoury is among the finest artists with one of the most beautiful Lebanese voices. In fact, he has been able to establish a solid and large fan base through winning many fans. The latter enjoy his works, which delight the soul. I really admire the artist Wael Kfoury and I admire all his works. The latter add to the Arabic music and serve the interests of the Arab music.

  • جوزيف عاصي


    I do not like Wael Kfouri, because he has failed to offer good songs throughout his artistic career. I do not want to speak much about a person whom I do not love or respect. I even hate him. Dina Hayek has exposed him and divulged all his secrets with Nancy Agram, because she wanted to participate with him in a song, but he refused. She exposed him because he deserves this. He is hateful person and I do not respect him. Furthermore, he does not have a very strong voice and he is only good for singing in the nightclubs or worse. He does not represent the real Lebanese artist. Lebanon is the country of blessings and the home of the arts. Lebanon can never pride itself on having such a senseless person.

  • مصطفى قادر


    Wael is characterized by a romantic and calm personality and he wants to stay away from the limelight. In fact, Wael Kfoury has been called by many titles through some composers such “the Nightingale” and “the perfect one.” And he has been called “the spring of the youth’s heart,” according to one of the Lebanese publications. Besides, his fans have called him the prince and the king of romance. In fact, Wael Kfoury is among the great Lebanese singers who have succeeded in restoring the Lebanese song’s glory. Besides, all the fans from the Atlantic to the Gulf love his romantic songs.

  • جورج


    The voice of the singer Wael Kfouri is one of the most distinguished voices in the Arab world, and this program was a starting point for the good reputation of this singer and the main factor that allowed him to achieve his dream and fame and start his artistic journey. After that, he started the journey of singing. First, he used to sing at parties and concerts, before recording his songs, which achieved great fame. The most important song during this period was the song “I Promised You by the Night’s Stars.” It achieved great popularity on the singing arena and appealed to many people, who considered it a distinguished and romantic song, which are always remembered by the audience in Lebanon and the Arab world. Then, he recorded many songs and issued a number of successful albums that appealed to all fans, because they were popular. After that stage, he recorded many songs that attracted the audience, such as a song titled “Who Is My Lover?” This song achieved great success and became famous in Lebanon. He also presented national Arab songs that show his love for his home.

  • Zakir


    The singer Wael Kfouri is one of the leading Lebanese singers who enjoy beautiful voices and great popularity, not only on the Lebanese arena, but also on the Arab arena. He has fans from the Gulf to the Ocean, and he grew up in one of the most beautiful Lebanese cities, Zahlé city, in a family that was known for its interest in singing and music. This made him a talented boy who has good taste and a unique musical ear, and who has loved singing since his early childhood. His family used to encourage and support him to sing and his father used to teach him how to sing and perform the traditional Arabic songs. When he was a child, he admired the artists Wadee’ Al-Safi and Abd Al-Halim, and they affected him a great deal. The beginning of the artistic journey of the creative signer Wael Kfouri started very early, as he managed to participate in a number of singing programs, especially Singing Studio. The referees admired his voice greatly, because he was singing professionally. He managed to get first place in this program, despite the large number of competitors.

  • ميخائيل


    I respect this great artist who is surrounded by rumors everywhere. In fact, Dina Hayek has said that Wael Kfoury was supposed to sing a duet with her. However, he refused to sing with her. Besides, she has said that she would collaborate with Nancy Ajram. In fact, she doesn’t want to disclose any more things. And I think that the person who respects himself must keep others’ secrets, because whoever digs a pit for his brother may fall into it himself. Today, anyone who speaks about somebody must know that somebody else will speak about him in an ugly way. Will he endure this? I think that the press must not publish the bad news about any artist, because these artists represent the country’s fame. In fact, Lebanon is the mother of art and artists. And Wael Kfoury is a respectable person and he hasn’t lost any advantage. In fact, he has insisted on these advantages and we are proud of this distinguished Arab artist. May God grant him success. And we hope that his new albums will be free of rumors and more beautiful, God Almighty willing.

  • رشدي خوري


    I remember that Wael Kfoury performed a very beautiful duet with Nawal Al Zoghbi, “Min habibi Ana,” i.e. “Who is My Beloved?” In fact, this song has increased his popularity. I’m among his fans and I hope that he will be always the best. Wael Kfoury has been exposed to many rumors. In fact, many people have said that Wael Kfoury loves the Lebanese singer Elissa. And then, it became obvious that this was a rumor. In fact, Wael Kfoury has said that Elissa is just a close friend of his, and that this is not a love for marriage. However, unfortunately some people have worked on tarnishing the artist’s image in front of the people and fans.

  • لؤي منعم


    Wael Kfoury is among the respected singers, thanks to his beautiful songs and video clips. In fact, Wael Kfoury is among the professional artists who have performed authentic and beautiful Lebanese songs. And he has collaborated with many composers and directors. Besides, he has excelled in selecting his lyrics. Thus, Wael Kfoury is among the artists who have a beautiful and powerful voice that can express his delicate feelings. I think that Wael Kfoury is among the artists who can excel in choosing his songs, such as Assi El-Helani, who has a wonderful voice. Besides, he has participated in many festivals and concerts. However, there are many conflicts with the press. This is normal, because the press has worked on criticizing every good artist who has a good reputation. In fact, Lebanese art is authentic and Wael Kfoury has followed this approach in order to present the best. Thus, we would like to congratulate him. And we wish him more progress and success. May God grant the success of all the Lebanese singers, so they can reach an advanced stage of development.

  • كمال حسن


    Wael Kafoury is a star who has put his name and himself at the forefront of Lebanese and Arab artists. He has a vocal potential that could be found only in Wadii Essafi. Wael Kafoury’s fingerprints have been all over Lebanese songs from 1992 when he graduated from the Studio of Art, to 2011 with the song “Give Me the Photos Back.” But to my mind, Wael Kafoury is an exploitative man. The evidence is that he did not bother to release a serious album since the production companies abandoned him and he only release some singles that do not befit his usual artistic level. He did not even bother to film a music video! Instead, he merely used come clips from a few of his concert appearances as his music videos. I just ask, “Why all this avarice?” Why, when he used to work with production companies, did he demand big budgets for the production of his music videos? After he became responsible for the production of his songs, he was only concerned with producing singles. If he respected his audience he would have at least made one respectable music video. But he found another way to attract the press every day, by being seen with Madam Elissa and wearing rings like they wore in those movies of the seventies. As for his lyrics, they are so trite and unoriginal it is as if they belong in an archive.