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Pascale Machaalani back from maternity leave with new music video

Pascale Machaalani appears in her new video in a comedic role with a new look. [File/Al-Shorfa]

Pascale Machaalani appears in her new video in a comedic role with a new look. [File/Al-Shorfa]



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Singer Pascale Machaalani is back after spending the most precious moments of her life alongside her child on maternity leave. She made her comeback with a music video for the song "You Are Threatening to Divorce Me", which is already airing on television networks.

Machaalani appears in her video with a comedic role and a new look. Wael al-Ashqar wrote the lyrics, with music and mixing by Milhem Abu Shedid. Fadi Haddad directed the video.

Shatha Hassoun heads to Kuwait

Shatha Hassoun is heading to Kuwait to sing at two weddings for a prominent Kuwaiti family, which will take place on the evenings of October 20th and 21st.

She will also hold a press conference in Kuwait City to promote the release of her album "Another Face", which is under the patronage of Sheikh Duaij al-Khalifa al-Subah, who will also attend the press conference.

Hassoun, whose album has been hugely successful, will be filming her song "Aladdin" upon returning from Kuwait. This will be the first collaboration between Hassoun and director Leila Kanaan. "Aladdin", sung in the Iraqi dialect, has dominated the charts.

Fares Karam in love

Fares Karam announced during an interview on Melody FM's programme "Research and Investigation" that he is in love and will announce his intention to wed when the time comes.

He also announced that preparations are under way to release his new album of eight songs. In this album, he collaborated with Wissam al-Amir, Selim Assaf, Marwan Khoury and others. "The album will include a new music genre," he said.

Rula Saad tries her hand at television presenting

Rula Saad is trying a new experience as a television presenter on the programme "The Rula Show", which will air on the al-Hayat satellite channel five times per week.

In the programme, a Lebanese version similar to the famous American television programme "The Oprah Winfrey Show", Rula will host experts and personalities from society, artistic and cultural scenes. The show will begin airing October 15th.

Anwar al-Amir records a new song

After the success of his song "If You Hit a Woman (You're Not a Man)", Anwar al-Amir has returned to the studios to record a new song, "My Past Life".

Marcel Mdawar wrote the lyrics and music, with mixing by Nasser al-Assaad. This song is different from his other songs because it reflects his personal feelings and talks about a love affair that he went through in the past.

'Here Comes the Rain' wins awards in Sweden

The film "Here Comes the Rain" by Lebanese director Bahij Hojeij took home two awards at the Malmö Arab Film Festival, which took place in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

The award for best full-length feature film was presented by a special panel in the first round of the festival. Julia Qassar earned the second award in the category of best actress.

The film was able to collect a total of nine awards, as it participated in several film festivals. Three of those were awarded at the 17th Rabat International Film Festival.

The first was for best director, which it shared with Syrian film "September Rain". The award went to actress Julia Qassar for the Arabi Daghmi award for best actress category. The third award was a press award.

The film also won the Black Pearl award for best full-length feature film from the Arab region at the 4th Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Another award was presented to the film at the 37th Brussels International Independent Film Festival for Hassan Murad in the best actor category as well as the Murex D'Or award for best film.

Bahij Hojeij also won the best director award at the 4th Oran Arab Film Festival.





    The artist Pascale Machaalani is one of the most wonderful Arab female songstresses. She has one of the most beautiful female voices, which succeeded in acquiring the admiration of many fans all over the Arab countries. Those fans follow the work and news of the wonderful beautiful Pascale Machaalani, who has been on maternity leave after God gave her a new baby.

  • لؤي


    We, as fans of the artist Pascale, congratulate her for her new baby. We’re happy from the bottom of our hearts for her. We’re also happy that this great artist is coming back to the world of arts and that she will be back to work after the maternity leave. We’re happy with this return, which will give her great stardom, after the artist Pascale Machaalani came back with an optimistic and eager attitude to come up with new artistic achievements that started to come to the surface, especially after the announced artistic work, at the top of which is her new song “Am Bthadedny,” i.e. “You’re Threatening Me.” This song with met with much success and is considered a blessed and strong comeback for the artist Pascale Machaalani, who is also getting ready to release her new album in a few days. Congratulations are in order, then, for this persistent artist, for her return that coincided with releasing her new songs, which will have a great impact on the hearts of Pascale Machaalani’s fans. We hope she continues in her artistic giving and in achieving stardom once more, and that she will produce songs that continue her successful artistic journey, which has witnessed much stardom for this artist, who has all the qualifications of success and the artistic capabilities she has.

  • صباح حميد


    Pascale Machaalani is back, now that the maternity leave she spent with her baby is over. She will go back to her activities through presenting many songs and concerts. She will record songs and shoot music videos. She will certainly be working with great happiness and will provide all that is beautiful and wonderful. She made her audience and fans used to her presenting all that is beautiful, wonderful and excellent. Also, she has always stood out among her peers. Now, the singing arena is crowded with many female artists and singers who present much work, even after many of them gave birth, such as the artists Nancy, Asala, Shereen, Ahlam, Dana, Amal Hagazy, Dominique, Sereen Abdel Nour, Boshra and many others. As such, may all the mothers and all those who were pregnant and then gave birth be successful. We hope to see good, excellent and successful work that shows communication with the movement of arts and singing on the level of the Arab world where many Arab artists are present. Therefore, we hope the singer Pascale Machaalani will continue with all the work she presented and is still presenting through good and successful choice of music and lyrics, and a beautiful and excellent performance that reflects Pascale Machaalani’s image on the singing arena, which is crowded with Arab female singers who continuously work to achieve success, stardom and excellence.

  • هاشم


    The artist Pascale Machaalani should exert a lot of efforts to make up for all the time during which she was away from the Arab singing scene. She should present what is best and most beautiful and come back to compete with the rest of the female singers without allowing her work to get in her way as a mother. She should balance the two so that there would not be any errors or negligence in any of the two aspects. Certainly, this is important for the remaining female artists and singers, who have children for the first, second or third time. This certainly needs a lot of efforts and continuous work, because some of the female artists have failed in one aspect, either art or motherhood. As such, it is a tiresome and exhausting job. Therefore, there should be balance and correct choices and great work, so that the Lebanese singer Pascale Machaalani could have motherhood and could come back to her stardom in the singing world once more.

  • ماهر


    Pascale Machalani is one of the most beautiful singers, in terms of voice or looks. I love her a lot. I congratulate her on the birth of her new baby. We wish her the best of health and wellbeing. We miss you a lot; you are the prettiest singer. We look forward to new and exceptional art from you in the future. We anxiously wait for that.