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Shatha shines at Beirut release party

Shatha Hassoun poses at the celebration of her new album "Wajh Thani". [File/Al-Shorfa]

Shatha Hassoun poses at the celebration of her new album "Wajh Thani". [File/Al-Shorfa]



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The most prominent entertainment event last week was Rotana's release party for Shatha Hassoun's first album, "Wajh Thani".

The celebration was held on September 26th at the Mövenpick Hotel in Beirut, and was punctuated with songs from Shatha's new album.

Shatha entered the celebration amid the sound of fireworks launched from the Beirut coast, and was welcomed by loud applause from Lebanese and Gulf personalities as well as a number of friendly faces, such as Spain's Ambassador to Lebanon Juan Carlos Gafo and Rotana officials, led by its chief executive Salem al-Hindi.

The ceremony culminated when Shatha cut her cake, surrounded by composers Wissam al-Amir and Salim Assaf, poet Siham al-Shaashaa, Syrian actress Lilia al-Atrash, and director Jobo Eid.

Shatha's new album has been the top selling album at Virgin stores in Lebanon, Bahrain and Qatar for more than two consecutive weeks, according to a statement from her media office, while the song "Aladdin", which Shatha is preparing to film with director Leila Kanaan, occupied first place on Rotana's Facebook page.

Her song "Meen Ilma Indu Madhi" also occupied first place in the Top 10 programme on al-Rashid Channel.

Ramy Ayach performs in Morocco

Ramy Ayach performed at two concerts at the Villa Blanca Hotel in Morocco on September 28th and 29th. According to a statement issued by his press office, tickets for the two events were sold on the black market for nearly $1,000 after they were completely sold out.

Ramy ended his contract with the company Music is My Life and transferred the management of his work to Ayach Management. This new company will book his concerts in Lebanon and abroad, and will also manage his business and his direct communication with the media.

Nawal al-Zoghbi recently held a concert at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus, and has also begun preparing a set of songs for her new album, which she will sing in both Lebanese and Egyptian dialects. With this album, she collaborates with a number of poets and composers, including Faris Iskandar and Salim Salam.

Zein El Omar held a press conference at Rotana Café in Beirut to release his new album, "Zein 2011".

Composer and opera singer Hiba Kawas will launch her new album "Lianni Ahya" on the evening of October 13th at the National Museum in Beirut.

Wadih El Safi announced during an interview with the Lebanese magazine Al-Chabakah that he is considering sharing his biography with the public in a television series. He said his life is full of secrets, but not all should be shared.

Rola Saad sings Sabah

Rola Saad is preparing to launch her new album, "Rola Sings Sabah", which contains songs by Sabah for children and adults.

Rola performed at a concert at the University of Beirut as part of the open house activities organised by the Office of Student Activities at the university. Rola sang and danced "dabke" with students to her old and new songs.





    What about her daughters?

  • خالد


    There is no doubt that the singer Rami Ayyash represents one of the voices that are admired by the Arab audience in general, in addition to the fact that he is one of the singers who managed to gain popularity in a short period of time. This popularity was supported by his song, “The Cool People” in participation with one of the most famous Egyptian singers. This song was greatly admired by the people. Rami Ayyash enjoys a strong personality and attractiveness, and this appears on the quality of his works. He loves his work so much and he always seeks to develop his performance. In addition, he is humorous and has presence so the people love him. Rami Ayyash also participated in many festivals and this made him special both personally and artistically. Rami Ayyash has a special and unique personality in all aspects, especially his voice, honesty, and directness in his answers that appeared in his few media statements. Furthermore, he is one of the strong Lebanese voices that managed to achieve great artistic and popular success in a short period of time. He headed to Egypt coming from the lands of art and beauty to prove himself and his talent. He offered good words and delicate tunes through which he managed to attract the hearts of the lovers. However, he proved that he still has so much more and that his talent is special and different. The strong voice of Rami Ayyash proved for years to all people that the real singing is still there and that talent is the source of success. He is a simple singer and he seeks behind success persistently. He is optimistic and he did not fear participating with Adawiya in this song because his sole purpose was only to benefit from the experience of Adawiya and he did not exploit the great success and history of this singer. This proves his credibility because only his voice and appeal are the secrets behind his wonderful success. Rami Ayyash provides a wonderful example of the committed artist at the personal and artistic levels. He did not commit the mistakes of the others and he keeps his artistic arena calm and cool, giving full reign to his voice and art to express Rami Ayyash as a singer and a human being. Although he appears in the mass media on very few occasions, unlike some less-talented singers, he is always remembered by his fans. The most important thing is that this singer, who has a beautiful voice, returns to his fans with new songs, so as not to lose some of his popularity as happened with the others.

  • وصيف رعد


    The singer Shatha Hassoun is an Arab artist who manages to fascinate the Iraqi and the Arab audience, thanks to her wonderful vocal capacities, the power of her voice, and her delicate and warm sensibility. All these qualities together have made her a celebrity all over the Arab world. Indeed, song lovers in all the Arab countries are impressed by the prominent singer Shatha Hassoun. This artist showed a great artistic talent at an early age. As early as her childhood years, she dreamed of becoming a star who would perform on theater stages and sing in public in different Arab countries. In fact, she participated in several children’s programs at an early age and she was highly successful. Shatha managed to rank first in all the programs in which she participated, because she has been able to mix the Iraqi and Moroccan singing styles since her early childhood. It is noteworthy that she was brought up in the land of the Maghreb. Nevertheless, she has never forgotten Iraq and Iraqi art. In fact, she is able to perform songs in the Iraqi dialect, which is characterized by warmth and popularity. At the age of nineteen, she participated in the TV show “The Gulf Star,” where she impressed both the jury and the audience, thanks to the great potential of her voice. Unfortunately, she was not lucky enough to achieve her dream then. Several years later, she participated in the great Arab program “Star Academy,” which proved to be very popular. Although she participated in this TV show by accident, she was able to sing several songs, including Iraqi and Arab ones. She was able to win the hearts of fans from all over the Arab world. In fact, she managed to get a large number of votes. Thus, she was able to achieve her dream and become famous in the Arab world.

  • خبير فارس


    In my opinion, Shatha Hassoun’s release of her new album is one more step on her artistic and creative path in the singing art field. It represents a new addition to the work of artist Shatha Hassoun, who has thus added much to her artistic successes through releasing her new album, in which she showed remarkable brilliance through the artistic concert she held in Beirut to celebrate this happy occasion. This event was attended by the greatest Arab artists and many of her fans. She showed with a very wonderful and shining look, the way we have come to expect of her. Her new album has many beautiful songs that show greatness regarding the lyrics and the beautiful music that was met with the welcome of the audience, who was eager in many Arab countries to own copies of the new album of the wonderful artist, Shatha Hassoun. As such, I see that she is under the spotlight again, because she is a sophisticated artist who enriched the Arab singing art with more beautiful songs that increased our admiration of the peace ambassador, Shatha Hassoun. She proves to us that she has a beautiful voice that increases her stardom every day. This particularly showed in the concert that was organized in Lebanon, where the artist Shatha Hassoun released her new album with its many beautiful art works. This concert was one of the most beautiful concerts ever held in Lebanon. The artist, Shatha Hassoun, witnessed further beauty and stardom in this concert, which increased the admiration of her fans. For my part, I congratulate the Iraqi artist, Shatha Hassoun, for releasing her new album, and I hope she will achieve more stardom and artistic successes, God willing.

  • رغد


    Shatha Hassoun was brilliant in her new album release concert in Beirut. Congratulations.

  • ياسر صلاح


    The Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun has released many Iraqi songs. She has a beautiful voice and many songs and clips for which she made music videos. She also recorded many other songs. As such, the Iraqi singer, Shatha Hassoun, has started to continuously shine and succeed, as she is making her way to the top. As such, her brilliance in the concert held in Lebanon, particularly in Beirut, where she presented her new songs and continuous work, made her stand out from among the other female singers. Therefore, the Iraqi singer, Shatha Hassoun, should work harder to achieve success through presenting all that is beautiful and wonderful, and be careful in her choice of lyrics, music and performance. Moreover, she should be consistent in her good choices and she shouldn’t step out of the norm, so that she doesn’t undermine her presence in the singing arena. The concert that was held for her to release her new album is only proof of her success, stardom and excellence in the beautiful field of singing. May the Iraqi singer, Shatha Hassoun, achieve the utmost success to continue presenting new work to compete with the others in the singing arena.

  • معجب


    My brothers, Shatha Hassoun is a shining star. She managed to start her career in show business successfully and decisively. This success and brilliance are not accidental; they are the result of perseverance to present the best. This is what has made Shatha Hassoun the star that all of the Arabic audiences are watching today. As Iraqis, we have to support Shatha and encourage her to continue and go on, because she represents the Iraqi music. Last month she launched her album titled “Wajh Thani,” or “Second Face,” in a ceremony attended by a big audience of the media and public figures. This shows that her fan base is increasing. We hope to see the songs and video clips of this album as soon as possible, because we love Shatha and we are proud that she is an Iraqi.

  • عيسى


    This album has spread and received great and attention from the press and the artistic channels; this is because everyone knows the beautiful songs that Shatha Hassoun presents, as well as her fans all over the Arab world and their very large number. That is why a large party was held for her, which was attended and supported by a large number of the Arab and the Iraqi artists, to announce the launching of her new album from the Beirut of art and culture, and which sponsors all the beautiful demonstrations of art. The beautiful singer Shatha Hassoun appeared in beautiful form at this party, at which the release of Shatha Hassoun’s new album to the market was announced; everyone has heard about this information on various channels and on a lot of programs. The new album of Shatha Hassoun contains a lot of wonderful and beautiful songs in different dialects, including the Iraqi dialect, which has taken the greatest part among the songs presented in the album, as well as her cooperation with the great and wonderful Iraqi artist, Hatem al-Iraqi, who has performed a duet with Shatha Hassoun in one of the songs in this album. I wish continuous luck and blessing to this singer and wonderful human being, who has a kind heart and a calm, beautiful smile and a good sound. Because of this festival, everyone knows who Shatha Hassoun is. She continues to be in contact and to work seriously so as to continue expressing herself in having her own way in art, as well as by entering the world of distinctiveness from all directions. She insists on presenting the most beautiful and the best and the elevated songs, and she does not sing the lower songs that are presented by some singers who call themselves artists. Our greetings to you, the daughter of the two rivers, Shatha Hassoun, and God willing, you will have all the luck and blessings and will always move forward.