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Artists back singing in Egypt

Myriam Fares performed in front of 35,000 fans in Cairo. [File]

Myriam Fares performed in front of 35,000 fans in Cairo. [File]



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The art scene has still not overcome the slump caused by the political upheaval across the Arab world. Although a large number of artists and stars have postponed releasing new material, others are holding concerts or touring outside Lebanon.

Najwa Karam tours North America

Najwa Karam, after postponing the release of her album until an unspecified date, performed at a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the beginning of May.

Karam's performance comes as part of her tour to the United States and Canada, where she is expected to perform in a series of concerts with the singer Milhem Barakat. One of the most prominent concerts that she and Barakat will perform in will be in Salle Deux Park in Montreal, Canada.

Assi al-Halani and Myriam Fares perform concerts in Egypt

Assi al-Halani, in a gesture to support tourism in Egypt, participated in a charitable in support of freedom.

Al-Halani, whose concert was held in early May at the Savoy Hotel in Sharm al-Sheikh and attracted 1,500 spectators, was presented with a shield to honour his support for tourism in Egypt.

Myriam Fares sang for the first time in Cairo since the January 25th revolution in front of an audience of 35,000 at the Zuhoor Club on April 25th. Fares sang for two hours and delighted the audience with some of her best songs. She addressed the audience and said, "Now I am sure that Egypt is doing great" and left the stage, promising to return.

Fares celebrated her birthday twice on May 4th. The first was a surprise party that her band threw for her at her home, presenting her with a portrait as a birthday gift.

The second party was at a French restaurant in the northern Lebanese city of Hasroun, where her family and a close circle of friends attended. She was also surprised with the arrival of the Shahada Brothers from the Music Hall band.

Shatha Hassoun finishing album

Shatha Hassoun is in Dubai putting the final touches on the last song in her latest album, and has been collaborating and working intensively with Arab Gulf singer Ahlam.

Hassoun was a guest recently on Emirates FM Radio for three hours and sang some of her new songs such as "Baghdad, Here We Come". During this interview, she received phone calls from some well-known artists such as Ahlam, Abdullah Rwaishid and Latifa who all expressed their admiration of her beautiful voice.

Wissam al-Amir honoured in Beirut

The Lions-Antilias Fakhr Aldin Club hosted a ceremony mid-April for singer Wissam al-Amir in honour of his outstanding accomplishments as a singer and composer at the Park Royal-Ain Saade Hotel. Many notable personalities were present.

Al-Amir was awarded an honorary lifetime achievement award in appreciation of his superb voice and distinguished songs in addition to his music that that has produced hits in the music world.

Ragheb Alama tours the United States

Ragheb Alama is scheduled to perform a concert in the United States on May 26th. His concert coincides with the international star Shakira's performance in Lebanon.

Regarding this coincidence, Alama said he wishes he were going to be in Lebanon to welcome her to her second home and invite her to dinner.





    I do not think we should give Assi El-Hellani, the famous Lebanese singer, any title or adjective, because I think he is unique and words cannot describe him enough. Even as to the word “artist,” I don’t think it is necessary anymore in our time, because it is being overused to describe anyone working in the field of music or singing. Assi El-Hellani is a creative and professional singer and musician. His voice is unique and he is famous for his artistic and human commitments. He is successful in every sense of the word. He renews and changes his artistic style in show business. He has a great, exceptional career characterized by professionalism and continuity. This is because he has very strong vocal abilities that are totally different from those of other singers. His singing style has given a special status to the Arab song. He loves Lebanon and the Arab world, and he has them in his heart with pride. He is a source of glory to any nation on earth. El-Hellani has a great history in show business. We have to give him the appreciation he deserves.

  • معجب


    Assi al-Hellani is one of the most handsome Lebanese singers. And I am one of his fans because he is capable of wining the audiences’ hearts. In fact, his name is after that of Al-Assi River and the artist Assi al-Rihani. He is from a prominent Lebanese family, he is married to the former Miss Lebanon, Colette, and he has three children. In fact, he has a long history in singing and he has collaborated with many famous songwriters, such as the great poet Nizar Qabbani, who once considered him as his “twin soul,” and many other poets such as Karim Al-Iraqi. I love his songs, my favorite ones are “Ya Maima” and “Omrak Chift Shi Bab Am Yebki.” In fact, he has participated in many festivals in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, and many other countries. Besides, he has won many awards and he is among the great artists, such as Amr Diab and many other celebrities. He has performed many melodies and more than twenty songs, such as “Ya Nakira El-Maarouf,” which has achieved great success. This is in addition to many wonderful video clips that have proved his good taste. In fact, all these successful artistic works have led him to become the star he is. I wish him all the best and I wish that he would be even more successful and that he achieves all his wishes in the singing field.

  • نزار حكيم


    Myriam Fares is one of the most beautiful and talented Lebanese singers. In fact, she has provided a lot of successful artistic works to the world of singing. She started her career in ballet dancing at the age of five years, and then she achieved stardom in singing. She has performed many beautiful songs and she put on many successful “Ramadan shows,” especially during last Ramadan. She is from a prominent family and her father was a pilot. Myriam Fares started singing at the age of twenty, and she has participated in many musical and artistic festivals. She also has many video clips such as “Ana wa Shouq” and “La Tesaalni,” i.e. “Do Not Ask Me.” This is in addition to her participation in many advertising campaigns for the perfume company of a very famous businessman in Egypt and in the Arab world. She has also won many awards, and most of them have been from Egypt. She has also achieved great fame in Russia and America with her song “Anta Al-Hayat,” i.e."You are Life". In fact, she has a lot of hobbies, such as horseback riding, singing, dancing, and car driving, which has caused this singer many accidents, due to her crazy speed. This is in addition to her beauty and fitness. However, unfortunately she has performed disrespectful shows. However, this is due to the current developments and freedoms. Thus, she has been criticized by many artists in the newspapers. However, she hasn’t paid attention to them, and they have been ignored and humiliated. In fact, Myriam Fares has many talents.

  • غسان علي


    Egyptians are a wonderful people and they have a great history. Now they have stood up against the most tyrannical ruler and they have toppled him. And today they have restored all their properties and violated rights. And today they are working on resuming Egyptian art. Thus, they have resumed acting and concerts in Egypt. In fact, this country deserves all the best and success, especially since Egypt has a long history of organizing festivals and concerts that have featured many Arab and foreign artists and celebrities. Today, Egypt wants to regain its prosperity and victory by challenging all the events taking place in the country.

  • حنان


    The Lebanese singer Myriam Fares has a lot of songs and video clips that have been broadcast on TV channels. In fact, she is a strong competitor on the artistic scene and she has a lot of fans. She has also a famous song “Ana wa Shouq.” This is in addition to many other songs. Also, she has visited many Arab and foreign countries. She visited Iraq in order to perform a concert that was attended by many fans. In fact, she has a beautiful body and she performs many kinds of dance, such as ballet and the oriental and Gulf dance. That’s why she is called the “Shakira of the Arab world.” She has also received many awards at many festivals, and she has a lot of followers and fans, thanks to her continuous successful songs that have received Arab people’s admiration. In fact, she has performed and filmed many wonderful songs. This is in addition to her beautiful dancing. In fact, this has helped her to preserve her fitness in order to look attractive on TV channels.

  • سلام


    The singer Assi al-Halani made a glorious and long music career for himself by shooting video clips that portray interesting and nice drama and historical stories. In addition, he is endowed with a fine voice with a distinguished, mighty Lebanese voice, as well as wonderful Mawals. Besides, he has held a lot of festivals, concerts and events and toured many Arab as well as foreign countries. Furthermore, he was distinguished in performing his songs thanks to his unprecedented Lebanese voice. As a matter of fact, I am fond of this Lebanese singer, although he has been absent from the music realm for a long time. Although there are a lot of singers and songstresses in Lebanon, Assi al-Halani is still appreciated by a large audience and by the many followers of his music. In fact, he was very careful in selecting the tunes and lyrics of his songs, in addition to his distinguished performance and good and unique style. As a matter of fact, his songs were distinguished and special in terms of performance; he created song contents out of fiction and then shot them in a nice story. This singer has a good acting style, particularly as the character of the knight who is looking for his beloved after the wars and after fighting against an enemy, and then he wins the heart of his sweetheart. Consequently, his songs are very successful. That is why he has achieved a lot of continuous success throughout his music career and made great achievements.

  • حمدي شاكر


    It is wonderful to resume the musical concerts in Egypt in order to bring hope once again to the Egyptians, to restore the music movement, namely music concerts and festivals, and to look after every nice thing so that Egyptians would feel that normal life has been resumed. Therefore, reviving musical concerts is important, so that the citizens can enjoy Egyptian art, which has always been followed by the Arab audience, especially motivational songs such as national songs. The latter bring hope back to the Egyptians and awakens their patriotism, the reconstruction of Egypt once again, and develop this new and bright situation, God willing.