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Majida El Roumi to open Moroccan Mawazine Festival

[FILE] Majida El Roumi will perform on July 9th at the Carthage Festival

[FILE] Majida El Roumi will perform on July 9th at the Carthage Festival



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Singers and performers from around the region are in the midst of a busy late spring and summer schedule.

On May 21st, Majida El Roumi kicks off the first evening of the Mawazine Festival in Morocco, after which she returns to Beirut and then heads to Tunisia for another music tour.

Majida, who will also perform a concert on July 9th as part of the Carthage Festival, has not recorded any new song recently, including the work she collaborated on with composer Melhem Barakat.

Arab star Walid Tawfik finished recording a duet with singer Bassima entitled "La Abaat Salamat," with lyrics by Omar Samir Zaki, music by Mohamed Yahya and distribution by Firas Shatila.

Tawfik, who is travelling to Kuwait and Dubai, will release his new album upon his return.

Meanwhile, Assi Al-Hellani was selected by the Egyptian Union in Europe to perform a concert at Albert Hall in London on June 10th. He will be joined by Hama'i and Sherine Wagdy in the concert, the proceeds of which will be used to build a sports stadium in Alexandria.

On May 16th, star Nancy Ajram celebrated her daughter Mila's first birthday, as well as her own. She performed a successful concert at the American University in Cairo after giving another concert in Alexandria.

Nancy recorded a song for her new album "Nifsyatu," with lyrics by Ayman Bahgat Amar, music by Walid Saad and distribution by Tuma. She is also preparing a song called "Asli," with lyrics by Hani Al-Saghir, music by Mahmoud Khiyami and distribution by Tarek Madkour.

Artist Fadel Shaker finished recording songs for his new album, scheduled for release before the summer. He selected music by Walid Saad and lyrics by Ayman Bahgat Amar and Nader Abdullah for several of the songs.

Meanwhile, Haifa Wehbe won the best actress/singer award for her role in the movie "Dukan Shehata," directed by Khaled Youssef. She received the award at the Arab Radio and Television (ART) Oscars ceremony earlier this month.

Artist Darine Hadchiti finished recording the song "Ahla Al-Shabab", with lyrics by Elias Nasser and music by George Karam. She will shoot it as a video clip in the next two weeks. The song is in the Lebanese dialect and reflects the dabka style. "Ahla Al-Shabab" marks Darine's return to this genre.

After an absence, artist Aline Khalaf is preparing a new album which so far includes three Gulf songs. Its release is expected in two months.

For his part, Iraqi singer Kazem El-Saher is returning to the Carthage festivals after an absence of several years, where he will give a concert on July 30th.

Egyptian artist Mustafa Amar, after staying away from music in favour of film, returns to singing. He is putting the final touches on his new album "Hiya," to be released soon by Alam Al-Fan and Mazzika, and in which he collaborates with producer Mohsen Gaber.

The album features 14 songs, including "Layla Min Omri," "Ha Rouh Fiha," "Matashanish" and "Hiya," which was filmed in Spain with a Spanish team headed by international director Daniel Ortiz.

Egyptian singer Marwa is preparing to release a new album to coincide with the New Year's celebrations. In the meantime, she is getting ready to perform a series of concerts in Lebanon this summer.

As for Saudi artist Ali Bin Mohamed, he has released his new album "Habayeb 2010," produced by Rotana. The album features a collection of new works, including "Wasseh Al-Jud," "In Zaalouk" and "Andi w Andek Al-Kheir."



    نسييم علي محمد درويش


    The voice of peace. Madam, whenever I hear your voice, I believe that peace will come to prevail in the world.

  • اويا


    None of the current female artists, with the exception of the great Fairuz and the creative Julia, are up to the level of Majida Al-Rumi, either in voice or in talent, sophistication, high culture and the dominant presence. For this woman, who enjoys tenderness, innocence, high morals and a strong will, all she has to do is simply appear on the stage to overshadow all current artists. She has an awesome presence and high charisma on the stage.

  • شامية


    People’s tastes and opinions are different, but it is shameful for anyone to hate someone else, based on mere feelings or ungrounded claims. The Muslims loved Majiha Al-Roumi even before the Christians did, because she has great and rare human characteristics that may not be found in some Muslims. She also has great taste, culture and respect for other religions, especially Islam. Therefore, she is distinguished from the other singers. Whoever sits with Majida and listens to how she speaks about Islam would be ashamed of himself if he thought ill of her. I call on our Muslim brothers to adhere to good manners we were known for and accept the others. In the end, we are all human beings, and Allah will judge between us on the Day of Judgment. Thank you, Majida Al-Roumi, and I wish you all that is good.

  • Jay


    The artist Majda El Roumi is among the pioneers of her generation of Arab songstresses, as she has succeeded in having an impact on the Arabic artistic scene in a short period, compared to other singers. Majda El Roumi was raised in an artistic family. Her father was a talented composer and musician and composed for many great Arab artists, and his compositions were publicly acclaimed. However, belonging to such an artistic family is not the only reason behind her success; it has helped her in acquiring a musical ear by enjoying the beautiful tunes. This has greatly helped her in her artistic career. In fact, Majda El Roumi is careful about the choice of her songs and only produces work to the level of her aspirations and to the satisfaction of her audience, in terms of lyrics and composition. Besides, she is endowed with a beautiful, soft and strong voice, which has delighted her audience and enabled her to give stunning performances. She has been able to touch the feeling and hearts of her audience and make them long for the best in her. This has made her keener on giving her best and being careful with her choices. She is not among the ones who just want to achieve fame, but she wants to preserve it. This requires additional efforts on the part of the artist. Majda El Roumi is the epitome of refined and distinguished art, which has a great impact on her large Arab audience.

  • فريد سامي


    Majedah Al Roumi is one of the best and most famous artists in the Arab countries; she has fans and audiences from all the Arab countries and she reached the stage of stardom that was not reached by any Lebanese singer, and she is considered the star of the Lebanese singing. She also has many fans and a large audience in Iraq, the country that adores a beautiful voice from any place in the world. Her voice has touched the hearts of everyone who loves singing and beautiful voices. She sings with her soul, and when she sings, you feel that there is no one like her, in addition to the high vocal range she possesses, which can't be found in any other singers. Her high feeling when she performs the love and romantic songs, and her voice, have enabled her to penetrate the hearts of her listeners. She knew the right way and track to take in the world of art, and that was the reason behind her success and the shining of her name till this day. In addition to all these things, she has a strong, confident personality, which distinguishes her from the other Arab singers, and also her selection of the words and melodies of her songs is another significant factor of her success.

  • ساره


    She is a wonderful artist; she sang beautiful romantic songs and poems and she was characterized by her magnificent, mountainous voice. She has a great talent and a strong, beautiful voice; she has performed many difficult songs, especially emotional ones which are hard for any singer to perform, unless he/she has strong voice so that he/she could imitate the voice of Majedah Al Roumi. Majedah Al Roumi sang with passion, and she was very distinguished, and thus created her special atmosphere, where many people enjoy listening to her. Until this day, many of those who love emotional songs only enjoy them in Majedah AL Roumi's voice. She still has the sensitivity in singing and her name is still shining in the singing world for the great songs she has performed. Even in Iraq, her name and songs are still moving from one generation to another; the young people know who Majedah Al Roumi is and her songs are still alive to this day, and her cassettes are available in the markets and studios.

  • ثائر


    There is no artist similar to Majedah Al Roumi in voice and performance, since all the new singers are different in the way they perform their emotional songs. They don’t reach the level of Majedah Al Roumi's performance. Because no one is similar to her and because we lack such a beautiful voice, her name remains shining till today, and I think that her voice and her beautiful songs will remain for generations.

  • أيمن


    Majedah Al Rumi is a singer with a great voice; I wish her all the best.

  • فريد


    Majeda Al-Roumi has a large fan base. She is a real artist, different from modern female artists.

  • احلام


    Majida El Roumi is among the artists who have their own artistic style. This is attributed to her continuous efforts, her choice of lyrics, and her choice of soft and refined composition, which delights the listeners and reaches their soul. This makes her songs immortal and easily remembered by her audience and fans. The success of a song, in addition to having good lyrics and good composition, relies on the voice of the artist; and the artist Majida is endowed with a soft and strong voice, which has increased in strength over time. This artist is among the persevering singers, who not only aspire to achieve fame, but to preserve and promote it.

  • سعدون


    We notice that Majida El Roumi is different from many singers who did not live in the memory of people longer than the period of the popularity of their songs. Their success is fleeting, like a whirlwind which comes and goes quickly, and that no one will remember. She has achieved such a level thanks to her constant efforts, seriousness and professionalism. In fact, she chooses the best lyrics, and the soft tunes have added to her good performance. What has helped her in her career is her belonging to an artistic family; her father is a great musician who has composed for many Arab artists, and his compositions have been well received and have met with great success in the Arab world. Majida El Roumi has not relied on her father; however, she has just benefited from his experience and relied on herself to pave her way in the world of music.

  • سميرة


    I love Majida Al Roumi. “Kalimat" is one of her best songs.

  • samir


    Frankly speaking, I do not like Magda El-Roumi. I feel that she is arrogant and that she hates Muslims.