Al-Qaeda in Iraq dictates men's clothing choices

An Iraqi man tries on a leather jacket at a shop in central Baghdad. Al-Qaeda has been threatening men and women for wearing clothes it considers un-Islamic. [Sabah Arar/AFP]

An Iraqi man tries on a leather jacket at a shop in central Baghdad. Al-Qaeda has been threatening men and women for wearing clothes it considers un-Islamic. [Sabah Arar/AFP]



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Rifaat Hussein, a resident of al-Jura village in al-Tharthar sub-district, south of Samarra, sported a grey shirt which he said he had been forced to leave stored inside a chest for a year.

"I could not wear it because of threats by al-Qaeda gunmen who were in control of the village," the 22-year-old told Mawtani, standing confidently with his colleagues.

The gunmen warned village residents that "anyone wearing what they described as irreligious clothes, such as neckties and ordinary shirts imprinted with words in English or images of international celebrities" would be punished, he said.

Last week joint Iraqi army, police and counter-terrorism forces drove al-Qaeda from the village and its surrounding areas, arresting 21 gunmen and seizing about 1,000 kilogrammes of explosives.

Life under al-Qaeda's rule

There were dark days in the village when al-Qaeda was in control, said al-Jura mukhtar Abdul Raheem al-Hassany.

"Al-Qaeda members would disappear during the day, and appear at night to terrorise residents by giving out printed statements containing death threats to anyone who might violate their instructions," he said.

"The list of instructions would start with a ban on enlistment in the Iraqi security forces, or co-operating with them, and extends to include not only the imposition of the hijab on women, but also a threat to men for wearing clothes they considered un-Islamic," al-Hassany said.

"According to their instructions, trousers, shirts and neckties are Western traditions that are inappropriate to imitate," he said. "They also banned us from wearing T-shirts with prints, images or words in English, or even names of world-renowned celebrities and artists," he said.

Al-Qaeda members would whip those caught defying their instructions on what to wear in public, al-Hassany added.

At first the group had concerned itself with proscribing the types of clothing women should wear, al-Tharthar mayor Ibrahim Ali al-Abbasi told Mawtani.

But al-Qaeda's fanaticism in applying its extremist ideology extended to imposing a dress code on men, he said.

"This shows that this group was not satisfied with endless bloodletting and murder, but went further than that by banning the simplest freedoms," al-Abbasi said.

"One night, they blew up a shop for modern men's outerwear, to wipe out what they described as a source of decadence forbidden by Islam," he added.

Restrictions extended to children's games

Banning individual freedoms under false religious slogans even extended to children's games, al-Abbasi said.

"Security forces found printed leaflets the armed group was preparing to distribute in various areas of al-Tharthar warning parents against buying PlayStations for their children," he said.

The leaflets also carried threats "of targeting children's primary schools if they did not separate the boys from the girls", he added.

Four gunmen now in detention are facing seven charges of "setting on fire the clothes of a teenager while he was wearing them, causing third-degree burns which disfigured the upper part of his body", Capt. Adel al-Jubury of the Samarra police told Mawtani.

"They had stopped his car on the highway on the pretext he was wearing un-Islamic clothes," he said, adding that the group considered dressing this way an act of sedition.

Area residents "were never more overjoyed than on that day when they saw military vehicles carrying the members of that group, handcuffed and blindfolded, after they had spread death and destruction and restricted people's freedoms", al-Jubury said.



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    Did it reach the limit of controlling the people and telling them what to wear? Does Islam mean terrorizing the people? I swear by God that this is unfair and prohibited.

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    I want somebody to explain to me, what religion justifies what they are doing, what justifies the attack on the freedom of Muslims? If you are harsh and heartless, those around you will rebel. Shame.

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    Are you watching the events in Ramadi and other places such as Basra, Najaf, and Baghdad, the capital? Know that the issue is not the problem of Al-Qaeda but the problem of politicians controlling things. Iraq’s tribes are flags that your history speaks about. The Iraqi people are not terroristic people, we are one and the same, Sunni = Shiite. Times passed can tell you that we are the Iraq of devotion and dignity.

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    That’s how all Islamic groups want to control. But there is a simple disparity over the methods of implementation and prohibition.

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      No, dear Anwar. What you said is unpatriotic.

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    All honorable and decent Iraqis must expel and kill those cowards, who claim that they defend Islam, while they are swindlers. Islam has nothing to do with those backward people. Believe me, those mercenaries are supported by the sectarian Gulf States and they know nothing other than dividing and killing the Iraqis. Kill those cowards! May God protect Iraq and its people.

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    This is their normal behavior, and you can imagine what might happen if they ruled the world other than bloodshed. Islam came as a mercy to all people rather than as a curse.

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      Saudi Arabia is the spearhead.

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    We thank the security forces and ask the inhabitants to cooperate more and more with the security forces.

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    I call for a popular revolution against the new division.

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    Food, good works to help the poor and infirm and employment should be more of a priority for followers of the true God than nonsense like choice of clothing.